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Dear friends, We are back with another exciting issue of your very own Young Nation. It is summer and your vacations must have also started. Enjoy the vacations with your Young Nation. This week we bring to you interesting stories and wonderful new activities that will keep you busy throughout the week. We present to you third edition of our special report on the Lahore Museum. Learn about the amazing facts about our planet Earth. Keep on writing to us for feedback and also contribute stories and poems. Best wishes edi

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Reading for a Better Mind Coverstory

By Ayesha Siddiqui

“Reading, like no other medium, can transform your life in a flash, and you never know which book, at which time in your life, might be the one that rocks your world and inspires you to grow in ways you never thought possible.” Burke Hedges Newspaper, magazines, books, comic books, blogs are the benevolent objects of reading, from

Young Nation-June 9, 2012

which people can learn, be inspired or educated. This is the one side of reading while on the other side majority of us especially youngsters don’t prefer to read books. Many books have now been transformed into movies like the Twilight se-


ries by Stephanie Meyer and J.K. Rowling’s Harry Porter. Undoubtedly, they have earned much from movies, however, people have obliterated how book is propitious for every person?? Let’s remind them of some advantages of reading: Language Daily reading habit of newspaper, books and maga-

zines will improve your vocabulary and grammar. You will get acquainted with new words, how to use them, sentence structure and spellings. Besides that, if you are a slow reader then you can easily discern the difference in your language after adapting a reading habit on daily basis. Writing An eminent writer Khalid Rahman once answered: “Good writers’ reads a lot, if you read anything, your writing would improve so always choose good books and writers because their writing reflects in your write ups.” This is true, reading regularly will enhance your writing ability and you can learn from great writers about making your write ups more interesting and impressive. Knowledge & Information There is no end to knowledge and leaning, while some one who has knowledge can win many hearts. For instance, if you have enough information, you can clear all the knowledge based test, win people’s hearts, can easily participate in spelling competitions. Moreover, you will Young Nation-June 9, 2012

be more aware of what is happening in your surroundings and the world. In-depth Understanding: Only a regular reader can understand the depth of a written line or read between the lines. He who reads can better understand quotes by a thinker or intellectual. So dear readers, television might be a good time pass and provides information, but it limits your imagination like Dr. Nisar Ahmed Zuberi said: “Heavy TV viewing effects your imagination because when you


read books, you imagine everything that is described in writing but when you watch television; your imagination is reduced as you can view the whole scene.” Research suggests that reading helps in the formation of identity, as people can find characters that are like them and affirm that they are not alone. They can also help them define what kind of person they want to be. So, it is the time to say no to reading and enjoys whatever you read.

Jokes • Man to miser: Why do you always remove the batteries from the clock and keep them outside? Miser: I want to extend the battery life, hence I put them in the clock only when I want to see the time. • Man 1: After buying this new hearing aid, I am able to hear something two blocks away. Man 2: Cool, how much did it cost? Man 1: The time is three past ten. • What is the best way to speak to a monster? From a long way

Ania”. Amy: “Bow Wow Wow Miss”

away! • How did the farmer fix his jeans? With a cabbage patch! • Lady 1: My son is very well behaved. Lady 2: How can you say that? Wasn’t he arrested and imprisoned for 5 years. Lady 1: Yes, but he got out after 2 years for good behaviour inside the jail. • A woman went to the Doctor and said “When I looked in the mirror this morning, I saw my hair was frizzy, my skin wrinkly, my eyes bloodshot – what is wrong with me?” The Doctor replied “Well the good news is that your eyesight is fine”. • Wife to her husband: Wake up. Some thieves have broken into our house. I think they are now eating the food I made last night. Husband: Oh! Let’s better call the ambulance then. • Teacher: “Ania, what do you call the outside of a tree?” Student: “No idea miss” Teacher told angrily: “Bark,

Young Nation-June 9, 2012


• Employee: I got to have salary increment. Three other companies are after me. Boss: Really? Which are the three companies? Employee: The electric company, the telephone company and the gas company. • There are 5 cats on a couch. One jumped off. How many were left? Answer: NONE, they were all copy cats! • A cop pulls a young guy over: “Hello officer” said the smart aleck kid. “Young man did you see that stop sign?” asked the cop. Boy: “Yup, but I didn’t see you!” • TEACHER: In this box, I have a 10-foot snake. SAMMY: You can’t fool me, Teacher... snakes don’t have feet. • Q: Why couldn’t the skeleton go to the dance? A: He had no body to go with!

SOME GREAT PEOPLE… By Zarnab Altaf Some great people come and go, To make this world stand on its toe They lead us, Treading on great paths They keep us From worlds great wraths, They take us out From the shadows of darkness, They teach us through The rules of smartness, So that we can conquer this world, With the zeal of knowledge, And quest of perseverance, And to rule this entire world With unrippled diligence, Quite true it is the know, Some great people come and go, To makes this world stand on its toe, ________________ ALL MY LIFE By Asma Iftikhar All my life, In day and night, I try to collect the words To express my love; But the page remains white; And all words seems quite, With a question in their eyes How can you write? In respect of her dignity! Ah! How hollow, withered and pail Are all these words Which I express for your spring like love No, word is able to hold the burden of pain; Which you bear; to bring me in this world No word of pain is so strong; To express the pain of a

Young Nation-June 9, 2012

sleepless night, Which you spent thousands to keep me alive No, heart is able to suck the pain of life But that is only yours Which provide shelter in the rain of agonies And In turmoil’s When I deposited all my pains In your heart’s bank, The purity of your prayers Touches the skies And God always blessed me For which I do not deserve. All words of thanks, Are unable to say thanks, For this Shadow of Allah Oh! My mother How lucky I am. Even, if I live hundred years On this earth, I can’t give you anything How unlucky I am But My heart always said, A little prayer for you To God, Who loves me, More than seventy mothers, Oh God! My Gracious God Give her a life long, with health and happiness And gives her eternity; in this world and here after. Amen--Ama, All my life, In day and night, I pray and, I will always pray. With the words, and prayers Which you taught me ________________ CHILDHOOD By Zarnab Altaf When I was a child, A little bit wild, But a character quite mild,


With that chubby face find a beautiful smile, A non-stop chatterbox all the while, Feasting oneself as a sumptuous diet, One chocolate cache in a single bite, Collecting those hisses on the flushed cheeks With the laughter and fun on their peaks ________________ LE PAST By Ali Raza In the past I was sad and found all that is corny, To be magical and amazing like a butterfly forming Staying up at night, how i would cry as if mourning. (morning) Broken and crushed like a China doll that had fallen Thought maybe this was destiny and if I won I’d rest in peace If I lost though, pointless like a punctured trampoline That’s actually, exactly, what happened and it’s sad to me I was blind like the three mice in the stories, I needed bravery like the lion with Dorothy At rock bottom was my self esteem, Like Sponge Bob and that bus ride It needed to rise, like Simba by that monkey At the beginning of his life So I decided to write, and with these futile rhymes I’d be my own therapist, and no longer wish to die.

KingBeard Grisly Story time

A great king of a land far away had a very beautiful daughter, but so haughty and conceited, that none of the princes who came to ask for her hand in marriage was good enough for her. All she ever did was make fun of them. Once the king held a great feast and invited all her suitors. They all sat in a row, ranged according to their rank. When the princess came in, as she passed by them, she had something spiteful to say to each one. The first was too fat: ‘He’s as round as a tub,’ she said. The next was too tall: ‘What a maypole!’ she said. The next was too short: ‘What a dumpling!’ she said. She had some joke to crack about every one. But she laughed most of all at a good king: ‘Look at him, his beard is like an old mop; he shall be called Grisly-beard.’ So the king

Young Nation-June 9, 2012

got the nickname. But the old king was very angry when he saw how badly she treated all his guests. He vowed that, willing or unwilling, she would marry the first man that came to the door. Two days later a travelling fiddler came by the castle. He began to play and begged for money. When the king heard him, he told the guards to bring him in. When he had sung before the king and princess, he begged for a gift. The king said, ‘You have sung so well that I will give you my daughter to take as your wife.’ The princess begged and prayed; but the king would not listen. Before the day was over she was married to the fiddler and left the castle with him. Soon they came to a great wood. ‘Pray,’ she said, ‘whose is this wood?’ ‘It belongs to King Grisly-


beard,’ he answered; ‘had you taken him, all would have been yours.’ ‘Ah! Unlucky wretch that I am!’ she sighed; ‘would that I had married King Grisly-beard!’ Then they came to a great city. ‘Whose is this noble city?’ she said. ‘It belongs to King Grisly-beard; had you taken him, it would all have been yours.’ ‘Ah! wretch that I am!’ she sighed; ‘why did I not marry King Grisly-beard?’ Angered the fiddler said, ‘Why should you wish for another husband, am I not good enough for you?’ At last they came to a small cottage. ‘What a paltry place!’ she said; ‘to whom does that little dirty hole belong?’ The fiddler said, ‘That is your and my house, where we are to live.’ ‘Where are your servants?’ she

cried. ‘What do we want with servants?’ he said; ‘you must do for yourself. Now make the fire, and put on water to cook my supper, for I am very tired.’ But the princess knew nothing of making fires and cooking, and the fiddler was forced to help her. When they had eaten a very scanty meal they went to bed; but the fiddler called her up very early in the morning to clean the house. They lived like that for two days. When they had eaten up all there was in the cottage, the man said, ‘Wife, we can’t go on, spending money and earning nothing. You must learn to weave baskets.’ So he went out, cut willows, and brought them home, and she began to weave; but it made her fingers very sore. ‘I see this work won’t do,’ he said, ‘try and spin; perhaps you will do that well.’ So she sat down and tried to spin; but the threads cut her tender fingers until the blood ran. ‘See now,’ said the fiddler, ‘you are good for nothing. What a bargain I have got! But, I’ll try and set up a trade in pots and pans, and you shall stand in the market and sell them.’ ‘Alas!’ she sighed, ‘if any of my father’s court should pass by and see me standing in the market, how they will laugh at me!’ But her husband did not care about that. At first the trade went well Young Nation-June 9, 2012

because many people, seeing such a beautiful woman, went to buy her wares forgetting to take them. They lived on this as long as it lasted and then her husband bought a fresh lot of pots and pans, and she sat herself down with it in a corner of the market. Soon a drunken soldier came by and rode his horse against her stall, which broke all her goods into a thousand pieces. Crying, she ran home and told everything to the fiddler. ‘Who would have thought you would have been so silly,’ he said, ‘as to put an earthenware stall in the corner, where everybody passes? I see you are not fit for this sort of work, so I have been to the king’s palace, and asked if they want a kitchen-maid; and they say they will take you, there you will have plenty to eat.’ So the princess became a kitchen-maid and was allowed to carry home some of the left overs. She had not been there long before she heard that the king’s eldest son was going to get married. She went to one of the windows and looked out. Everything was ready in all the pomp and brightness. Seeing it, she grieved bitterly for the pride and folly that had brought her so low. All of a sudden, as she was leaving with her basket of meats, in came the king’s son


in his golden clothes. When he saw such a beautiful woman at the door, he took her by the hand and said she should be his partner in the dance. She trembled with fear because she saw that it was King Grislybeard, who was making fun of her. However, he kept hold of her, and led her into the hall. As she entered, the cover of the basket came off, and the meats in it fell out. Everybody laughed and jeered at her and she was so ashamed that she wished she were a thousand feet deep in the earth. She sprang over to the door so that she could run away but on the steps King Grisly-beard overtook her, brought her back and said: ‘Fear me not! I am the fiddler who has lived with you in the hut. I brought you there because I truly loved you. I have done all this only to cure you of your silly pride. Now it is all over: you have learnt wisdom, and it is time to hold our marriage feast.’ Then the chamberlains came and brought her the most beautiful robes. Her father and his whole court were already there, and they welcomed her home. Joy was in every face and every heart.




MUSEUM By Hooria Meer & Saima Quddoos


Part -III

With its many collections the Lahore Museum is a very good place to learn about the region’s history in its original form. Following is the detail about some of the galleries which offer a glimpse into the region’s diversity. lithic period from Soan valley. Large stone jar of that era is also there probably used for holding water and grain that was used in the home. • ARMOUR GALLERY



Indus gallery contains different types of historic objects from Harappa (1800 B.C2500 B.C) and Amri (3300 B.C to 3600 B.C). Amri is a harappan site located in south of Mohenjo Daro on HyderabadDadu road. Amri culture is attributed to Amri archeological sites in Sindh and Balochistan

Young Nation-June 9, 2012

provinces of Pakistan. Those pre-historic objects include bronze objects, terra cotta cones, sling balls, shell objects, Indus seals, terra cotta beads and human figures and perforated pottery. Artefacts from Kot Diji (3200 B.C-2500 B.C), Cholistan and Mehrgarh, Balochistan are also placed in the gallery including stone tools of Neo-


Another interesting section of this historical museum is The Arms and Artillery. Arms and armor have been a vital part of virtually all cultures for thousands of years, pivotal not only in conquest and defense, but also in court pageantry and ceremonial events. Throughout time the best armor and weapons have represented the highest artistic and technical capabilities of the society and period in which they were made, forming a unique aspect of both art history and material culture. The armor gallery of Lahore Museum has a very good collection of ancient/ antique weapons. The arrows and bows, the knives, daggers, swords, guns and pistols from early British period are of great interest. Right after entering this war section, there is great re-

gal bronze sculpture of Queen Victoria wearing Honiton lace apron. Queen Victoria (18191910) was queen of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. She was proclaimed Empress of India in 1876. This bronze statue of Queen Victoria was first displayed in Charing Cross (Faisal Chowk) Lahore under the marble canopy. But later it was shifted to the Lahore Museum in 1974. Also the centre of attention for the people in this gallery is the statues of George V and Edward VII. There is also a comprehensive collection of arms and armor in the particular gallery of the museum. LERY



Swat valley is so beautified with traditional dresses including embroidered Choli (shirt)

Young Nation-June 9, 2012


and shalwar, musical instrument like Tabla and traditional art and craft of Swat valley including terra cotta specimens. The Central Museum’s collection of traditional silver jewelry is especially notable, with objects from the TransIndus territory. Inside the Swat gallery there is “Fabrics Gallery” consisting statues of multicultural, multi-professional and multi-religious people. For example we can find the statues of Muslims offering prayers, dancing Karishna, army officer, Pathan, hawkers etc. Terra cotta fruits and vegetables of 19th and 20th century are also placed there. Specimens of Punjabi and Sindhi clothes and also the work of stamps belonging to 17th and 18th century are displayed.

Did you know? Fact file • Giant Pythons can kill & eat leopards. • Electric eels can sting a person or kill fish & frogs with electric shocks. • Brazilian frogs hold enough poison to kill 225 mice. • A box jelly fish can sting a person to death in less than five minutes. • Some cone shells kill large fish with their poisonous dart. • A bite from the cantil’s poisonous fangs can kill a person. (Cantil; a type of a snake) • A vampire bat drinks about four teaspoonfuls of blood a day. • The roar of a male lion at night can be heard 2 miles away. • Some pitcher plants eat mice, frogs and even scorpions. • A Venus flytrap takes about 8-20 days to eat an insect. • The blood pressure of a giraffe is the highest in comparison to every animal species. • Flash the color orange in front of a zebra and it will not be able to see it. So, be careful not to paint a wall orange where zebras wander! • You can lead a cow up the stairs, but not down the stairs. • The dumbest dog is the Afghan hound, while the smartest breeds are the Jack Russell Terrier and Scottish Border collie. • A rat can survive longer than a camel without water. • A giant squid’s eyes are the largest amongst animal species measuring up to 40 cm (16 inches) in diameter. • Sharks are very healthy, as they are immune to all known diseases. • Some bird species, mainly the flightless birds, only have a lower eyelid. • Insects and fish have no eyelids. Hardened lens protect their eyes. • The spine-tailed swift is the fastest bird, flying at the speed of 170 km/h. • The Frigate is the second fastest bird, flying at a maximum speed of 150 km/h. • Squirrels accidentally plant millions of trees, as they bury their nuts and forget where they are.

Young Nation-June

9, 2012


Pr o j e c t Flowers are all in bloom this summer season, showing their bright sunny petals. So we’ve decided to add to the summer celebration by recycling a few aluminum cans into some adorable flower planters. These are fun to make and are great to give as presents to loved ones.


Aluminum can Drill or hammer and nail Sponge brush Decoupage glue Tissue paper Soil and flower to plant


Step 1: Drill 4-5 holes into the bottom side of your aluminum can to give your planter some good drainage. You can use a drill or a hammer and nail. If the aluminum is a little pokey after you drill the holes, hammer down the sharp points.



Step 2: Measure and cut out your tissue paper to go around the can. Allow the tissue paper to overlap by 1/4” around the can and about 1/2” above the can to fold inside.

Step 3: Using your sponge brush, add decoupage cream to your can for the glue.



Step 4: Add your tissue paper on top of the can and press, making sure to get it in all the grooves of the can. Be careful not to rub the tissue paper too much or it will tear from being wet with glue. Also glue down the extra area of tissue paper at the top, folding it over and gluing it down. Let it dry completely.

Step 5: Now add a coat of decoupage to the outside of the can, over the tissue paper, to help seal it there. Let this dry completely. Step 6: Once your tissue paper can is dry, it’s ready for some soil and a flower plant. You can also add a little ribbon or ric-rac for some flare. Have fun celebrating this summer with flowers!

Young Nation-June 9, 2012




Young Nation-June

9, 2012


Young Nation-June

9, 2012



Artist’s Corner

M Hunzala Malik

Zaina Khalid

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Young Nation-June

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