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Dear friends, How are you all? You must be preparing for your exams before the summer vacations. Devote most of your time to the studies. This week Omer Iftikar has discussed about choosing the right do read our cover story section to get some help regarding what you want to be. Also learn the secrets of black holes. Take care, edi

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job. Keep up the good work. Regards, Sana Waqar, Sacred Heart Convent, Lahore.

Dear edi, I hope you are fine by the grace of Allah. This is my first letter to your magazine and I hope you’ll publish it. I like the poet’s corner very much. I am amazed by such good poetry. The story time is awesome and it increases my vocabulary also. Your magazine is doing a great

Dear edi, How are you and your team? I am sending you a letter after a long time. Your magazine is going great. I love it. But you should add more interesting stories and do publish nice posters. Your fan Maira Imtiaz Rawalpindi Hello Edi, How are you? I hope you are fine. I am writing for the first time to any magazine. I

am very excited. I love your magazine. Please increase the number of some pages and then your magazine will be super. Please publish my message in your magazine. Your biggest fan Maheen Ashraf Army Public School, Attock Hi edi, Thanks for publishing my first letter. I would like to request you to start some contests; I will like to participate in them. I have loads of stuff to send but my F.Sc. exams are only a month away. I m preparing for them. Pray for me. Your big fan, Uzair Asim

Quotes Remember sadness is always temporary. This, too, shall pass. Chuck T. Falcon Even if happiness forgets you a little bit, never completely forget about it. Jacques Prévert The only place where dreams are impossible is in your own mind. Emalie Promise me you will always remember – You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think Christopher Robin to Pooh Young Nation-May 14, 2011


Stars By Mariam Usman At night everything is bright and shinny in the sky because it has billions of stars up high the travellers travel in their light to keep away from fright God has made them so beautiful and bright that they please our senses and sight when we see them in the sky at night they look like bright tiny lights. My father’s boss By Salman Shahid My father’s boss is smart like a super computer. He is rich like a descendant of Bill Gates, Russia is like an ant compared to his large house, A house so large that all of his many BMWs lfit in it. Oh, how I admire him! Struggle on daily bases

Young Nation-May 14, 2011

By Mahnoor Naseer People no more care Their hearts are filled with fear Just fighting for their survival Making everyone is their rival A struggle on daily bases Unfamiliar voice and faces Nobody cares any more Whether rich or poor We have turned completely heartless But some amongst us are totally fearless They continue to voice their concerns peacefully And finish off the flood of negativity Showing signs of diligence They are in every part of the province Some still believe that good days will come soon Wishing for the well-being of Pakistan on every full moon People with sense of sorrow And desire of a better tomorrow They are not the silent witness They are the first ones to


confess That Pakistan still has its strength By standing in hot sun all day Waiting for someone to listen to what they say The peaceful citizen who care enough to protest Not caring to catch their breath and rest They fight for the right Their points of views are good and bright They know that the truth is never questioned They know that some hearts are poisoned They fight for the right of state They want to change the fate Of Pakistan Or this country will become like Afghanistan Some try to push them back But its cowardliness that they lack That’s the spirit that I want to see Pakistan to be Not a country but a family

right The


Cover Story

By Muhammad Omar Iftikhar

The complete he moment students com their Intermediate/A levels, they start thinking about the career path they intend to choose. For some it’s an easy decision for

they can become a doctor or an engineer just because many of their elders in the family have the same profession. But for some, who want to follow their

Young Nation-May 14, 2011


own path, it’s a matter of planning and understanding their potential that makes the difference. There are many students who want to pursue a profession which is not easily acceptable in our society, such as becoming a copy writer, a sketch artist, an interior designer or maybe an aeronautical engineer. Life presents them various hurdles but if they set out a direction and focus on their path, they would certainly achieve success. In this article we will discuss some of the key points which must be taken into con-

then a career in finance could be a viable one. In the same way, if you are peoples’ person and have good communications skills, are extrovert and social, then a career in public relations would work wonders for you. You know what best suits you and where you would be able to work with ease and comfort.

Values first

sideration by all those aspiring students who want to make it big in life.

Assess your options While choosing the right career, surveying your options is perhaps the most important step. You should make a list of all those career choices which suits your personality or the ones you are inclined towards. For instance, if you are creative and like to play with words then you can work as a copy writer in an advertising agency. If you are good with numbers and have strong analytical skills,

Young Nation-May 14, 2011

It is also important that one chooses a profession which doesn’t conflict with his/her values. We all give importance to different values. Some consider gaining experience more important than leadership, while others give prestige more value over monetary benefits. When making a career choice, you should underline all those values which are dear to you, the ones which you cannot compromise at any cost. For instance, some people want to spend their weekends with their family and friends and would not opt for a profession or a job in which they have to work on weekends. Even if the pay is good, they would choose another company with a slightly lower pay just because in the latter case they get a weekend off. In the same way, some people work to gain experience so for them working in any company to gain valuable insights about the corporate environment is more valuable than working in a blue-chip company for higher monetary rewards.

Discover yourself There is a misconception pre-


vailing in our part of the world that one should always work in the field of his/her studies. If a person has done Masters in English Literature then it is perceived that he/she would become a teacher. The world is full of possibilities and we are the ones who limit our possibilities. A Masters in English Literature can work as a teacher, becomes a sub-editor/editor of a publication, can become an entrepreneur by starting his/ her own English learning centre and can even become an author. It’s all about discovering your own self and your capabilities. Once you are attuned with what you want to do in life, then your journey of life is full of possibilities.

You make your own path People in our society have a deadly habit of comparing themselves with others. If you want to succeed then you should bear in mind that everyone is different; we all have different perceptions about life, have a different personality and our goals and objectives differ as well. You should never match yourself with others because of our different strengths and weaknesses. You may be good in public speaking but not a good computer animator. You should always focus on your strengths and should make your own path towards success rather than following what others have been doing. I hope these pointers would help you identify the career of your choosing. Have a happy journey through life!

The adventures of Blackjack the dog


By Zabreen Hasan

Mina, Mehdi and I were having a quiet snooze in the bar of the car, while Mom drove and Dad looked out of the car window at the old market going by. Of course, one of my ears was open, as it always is when I’m with the family because my biggest duty is to protect them. So I heard Dad when he said, “Oh, it’s so sad.” I was beginning to understand Human, you see. Then Mom said, “It’s terrible, terrible the way they treat them.” My interest was aroused. I opened my eyes, eased myself out from where Mina was sleeping with her head on my neck, and put

Young Nation-May 14, 2011

my paws on the window. What I saw chilled me. There was a man on the street, in long, flowing robes, with a funny little drum in his hand that he was playing. With his other hand he held a rope, at the other end of which was – a creature! A living, breathing animal! The poor little thing had to dance every time the man played the drum, and if he didn’t, the man would yank the rope. The poor little animal, tied to it by the neck, would start dancing again. I was horrified.


I whined, twisted around, whined again, then started barking. “What’s the matter. Boy?” asked Dad. I barked again, then scrabbled at the door. Oh, the things I have to do to

make them understand me, because they can’t speak Dog! “I think he wants to get out of the car,” said Mom. She stopped the car and opened the door. I rushed out, barking at the top of my voice. The man and the little creature turned around, startled. I stood there, looking at the man and growling. The little creature shrank back, obviously terrified. “It’s okay!” I said. “I’m trying to set you free!” The little guy looked at me, then looked at the man, then at me again. Of course, all this took about five seconds, and Mom and Dad were just getting out of the car when I jumped at the man, barking madly. “Aaaaaaaaaaarrrggghhh!” said the man. “HELP!!!” I grabbed his robe and started twisted it this way and that, growling all the time, then letting go and barking, then latching on again. Ha. He must been scared! “Blackjack! Come off! Stop!” For once, I didn’t listen to Mom. “STOP!!!” cried Dad. I still didn’t listen. They tried to drag me off the man, but I so angry I wouldn’t let go. How dare he do this to the little animal?! “What are you DOING?!” yelled Mom. Then Mehdi, bless him, understood. “He’s angry because this guy’s mak-

ing the monkey work for him! Dad grabbed my collar and forcibly dragged me off the man. He was annoyed. “Blackjack, this is not the way to solve anything!” he said. I crouched by him, still growling. When I looked up, Mina was holding the monkey and Mehdi was patting him. “Mon, Dad, can we buy him?” he said. “Look, he’s been beaten! He has bruises on his face, and there’s a big cut on his arm.” Mom looked at the monkey, and when she turned to the man she looked really angry. “You have no right to mistreat an animal,” she said. “Yes,” said Dad. “We’d like to buy him and take care of him. Will you sell him?” Now the man looked crafty. “Yes, I will,” he said. “Give me five thousand rupees!” Dad negotiated with him, and paid him. “And in future,” he said, “get a job. Work. Don’t make a poor little animal beg for you!” We all got in the car, the monkey on Mina’s lap. We drove off. “Poor little thing,” said Mina, cuddling him. “You’ve been beaten, and I don’t think that man gave you enough to eat, either. Well, now you have five people who’re going to take care of you, and give you lots and

Young Nation-May 14, 2011


lots of love!” And so our family grew bigger by one.

Rhesus monkey facts •Rhesus monkeys have brown or grey fur, with pink faces where there is no fur; •They live for about 25 years; •They live in Pakistan, northern India, Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, Afghanistan, southern China, and some neighboring areas.

If you want to find out more about the rhesus monkey, visit our website at

Young Nation-April 30, 2011


Young Nation-April 30, 2011


By Saher Saqlain It was a bright sunny day. As per the routine, everyone was in hurry. Kids were running to their schools, people to their offices and so on. Everyone is so busy in the hustle bustle of life that they all have forgotten to enjoy the beauty of the nature. Traffic on roads has become a mess. Noise level has increased with loud horns of buses, traffic noise, woofer system and people screaming. Even if anyone tried to listen anything one couldn’t. In the meanwhile a coal titmouse named Chirpy flew above the busy road, singing a beautiful morning song but suddenly he realized that no one is listening to his beautiful voice. This made him sad. He got disappointed and flew to a nearby tree. He remembered the bygone time when people enjoyed listening to his melodious voice and started crying. He shouted “Hello! can anyone hear me?” Suddenly a voice came “The traffic is too loud; it snubbed your voice”. He looked up and saw a sparrow. He replied “How can I sing in a loud voice it can create a problem for me?” The bird said “Well dear! This is a loud city; you have to sing louder if you want to be heard.” Chirpy looked at the bird and asked him who was he? She replied that her name was Opera and she was a song sparrow. Chirpy asked her what she was

doing there. She told him that she lived here with her family and is now used to this traffic noise. “What are you doing here?” Opera asked. He replied “I love flying from one place to another and singing is my passion. I feel happy when I sing for people and they enjoy it.” Opera replied, “I hate humans because they have polluted the environment with the noise. They don’t care for us”. “I found it strange that people here don’t give an ear to the sounds of nature. They don’t

Young Nation-May 14, 2011


seem to enjoy our melodies and can bear the rickshaws rattling sounds and the shrill honking, which is so disturbing for our ears.” said Chirpy. “This noise pollution could wipe us out” Opera replied. Chirpy took a deep breath and said “It was nice talking to you Opera but I have a feeling that if I stay here longer I’ll lose my voice which is a gift of God to me, as humans have lost it. I think I will look for a quieter city where people like to listen my songs.” And then flew away.

By Sumera Khalique

In our childhood we love to read fairy tales .These stories has fantasy world. In this fantastical world characters exist like king, queen, prince, princess, ghost, animals and puppets etc. After reading these fairy tales we wish, what if we can see beautiful Cinderalla, charming prince and beautiful coach in present world?. On April 29, 2011 fairy tale becomes the reality, when royal family of England announce the wedding of the Prince William and Kate Middelton which now called Catherine Middelton. The Royal family tree of England is pretty large. It starts from the George Fredrick (1865-1936) King of the United Kingdom then it comes to one of his sons Albert Fredrick Arthur George (18951952) known as “The Duke of Windsor”, he married to lady Elizabeth Bowes Lyon and they had two daughters Margerat and Elizabeth II who succeeded him as Queen Elizabeth II. Prince William is the grandson of the Queen Elizabeth II, son of the Prince Charles and late Princess Diana. Prince William marries to comely commoner Kate Middelton, he makes the common girl a princess now they both known as “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge”. Millions of people watch the Royal Wedding in Hyde Park of London and millions of people watch it on T.V at their homes. All the people enjoyed the wedding. It was fun to watch this dream wedding and people love every single minute of it. The Catherine Middelton story is akin to Cinderalla story. Certainly princess has no step sisters who tried to snatch the prince from Cinderalla. She has loving prince, loving family and beautiful crown on her head. Watchers, he marries her and leaves the cheering people in beautiful coach. May they live happy ever after.

Young Nation-May 14, 2011






Young Nation-May 14, 2011


According to Encarta for Kids,Black holes are some of the strangest things in space. A black hole sucks in anything that gets near it. Nothing can escape from a black hole—not even light. BLACK HOLES ARE STRONG Nothing escapes from a black hole because its gravity is so strong. Gravity is a force that pulls one thing to another. Gravity is the force that holds you down on Earth. When you jump up, Earth’s gravity pulls you right back down. Earth’s gravity also makes the Moon orbit (go around) Earth. Matter is packed very tightly in some things and loosely in others. The matter that makes up an iron ball is packed much tighter than the matter that makes up a bag of feathers. A scientist would say that an iron ball is much denser than a bag of feathers. A black hole is denser than anything you could imagine. A black hole could have a million times more stuff than our Sun. All of this stuff would be packed into an area smaller than a city. The force of gravity from so much stuff packed into such a small area is awesome. WHERE DO BLACK HOLES COME FROM? Astronomers and physicists think black holes come from dying stars. A dying star burns out and stops shining. All the stuff that makes up the star starts falling in on itself. The star gets denser and denser. If the star is big enough and has enough matter, it could get dense enough to become a black hole. STUDYING BLACK HOLES No one has really seen a black hole. You cannot see black holes because they do not give off any kind of light. Physicists used math to predict that black holes exist. Astronomers look for signs of black holes. Astronomers study powerful rays coming from stars in deep space. The stars seem to be orbiting black holes. Astronomers think that black holes are sucking gas from the stars, and this makes the stars give off X rays. Galaxies are enormous groups of stars. Astronomers think that most galaxies have huge black holes at their centers. The Hubble Space Telescope took pictures of a disk of hot gases at the center of our own Milky Way Galaxy. Astronomers think this disk is going around an enormous black hole right in the center of our galaxy. Complied by Usman Waqar

Young Nation-May 14, 2011


Young Nation-May 14,2011


Young Nation-May 14,2011


Young Nation-May 14 ,2011


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