December 2015

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Young Jains of America

December 2015

Young Minds December 2015

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Jai Jinendra! Thank you for reading the December 2015 issue of Young Minds! While going through our articles and pictures, you will see that YJA has spent the past month promoting the Jain way of life by encouraging acts of kindness. Through Navkar Jaaps and service events, we have showed our love and support for the well-being of all living souls. During this holiday season, we hope all of you too can take some valuable time to give back to your community! Your YJA Executive Board has also been hard at work to foster and strengthen local youth groups. In January, we will publicly introduce our first group of YJA-affiliated college chapters. Throughout the rest of the winter and early spring, we will host retreats in all six regions of the United States. By organizing such meaningful events and projects, we hope to build the excitement for the 2016 YJA Convention, which will take place in Los Angeles from July 1st to the 4th! On behalf of the YJA Executive Board, we thank our Board of Trustees, the JAINA Executive Committee, and the many volunteers who helped make 2015 a very memorable year. Now, let's get excited for 2016! Sincerely, Sunny Dharod & Puja Savla 2015-2016 YJA Executive Board Co-Chairs

National Dinner Recap p.10-11