August 2015

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Young Jains of America

August 2015

Young Minds August 2015

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Jai Jinendra!

Although the New Year officially starts in January, as a student, the summer marks a more significant turn in my life: a change in age, grade, and even location. The middle of summer is also highlighted by my attendance at YJA or JAINA. As an annual event, I often think back and reflect on my previous convention experiences. If I even tried to put into words the impact these events have had on my life, you all would be reading for pages. Nonetheless, I will say that I have made bonds that will last a lifetime, and discoveries that will continue to make me a better person and a better Jain. To everyone who helped organize and run JAINA, thank you. Your time, effort, and dedication resulted in the joy of 3,500 attendees. The theme of this issue is “Peering Back and Veering Forward.� A collection of retreat recaps and JAINA reflections along with personal essays on issues many of us have dealt with in the past or will encounter in the near future. Take a moment and think of the ways your Sangh, YJA, JAINA, and your family and friends have shaped you, and how you hope to spread that knowledge to your fellow Jains. I hope you enjoy reading the work of your peers and find insight into your own journey with Jainism. Warm wishes, Saejal Chatter Director of Publications

Southeast Retreat Recap: p.6