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WINTER 2010 Theme: Four Bhavanas

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“Reflecting on Reflections” by Vaibhav 2 “The Jain Secret” by Vruddhi 3

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Jain Recipes of the 4





YJA Convention 2010 5


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“Business Bhavanas” by Dinkar 7 Shital’s Education 8


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Welcome Message Retreats! Service events! Jatras! Garbas! Are we missing anything that YJA has to offer this spring/summer? Oh yah, the YJA Convention 2010 in New Jersey!!! Fasten your seat belt because YJA has a slate of religious, social, and service events lined up for you. Co-chairs are fans of FAQs so we'll provide you some helpful tips :-)

Naman Jain

1. How do I stay in touch with YJA events? A. Many ways! (YJA website) and http:// (YJA Fan Page). Also, e-mail To call someone, dial the YJA hotline 24/7 at (213) 863-4831 and someone will answer. You'll never be out of touch! 2. How do I know if there is a YJA event in my region? A. There is. YJA covers the entire United States and Canada. We have events from Miami to Boston to Fresno. You might have to travel a bit, but YJA is there for you. Who knows? The next YJA event might be in your backyard! Use the above information to stay in touch.

Shardule Shah

3. What's the news about the YJA Convention? A. Go to to find out the latest. The 9th Biennial YJA Convention is happening on July 2-5 at the Hyatt Regency in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Themed 'Inspire. Connect. Do the Jain Thing.' and sponsored by the Cherry Hill Jain Sangh, the YJA Board and Cherry Hill Convention Committee (CHCC) are working around-the-clock to make this year's convention the best ever! We have a tremendous slate of activities planned just for you! From first-time attendees to convention veterans, this is the event for you. We have dynamic speakers, unique activities, mind-blowing social programming, and of course, top-notch hospitality. Registration is now open at $275. This includes three nights at the luxurious Hyatt, all meals, and all programming. Bring your friends! Register before March 15th to save $50 on registration fees! 4. I want to help with convention planning? A. Great!!! E-mail telling us about yourself and your interests and we'll direct you to one of our fun and hardworking committees. We are looking for any and all volunteers between the ages of 14 - 29!!

Tejas Kadia

5. Can I join the YJA Board? A. Absolutely! Elections are in August 2010 and we are looking for all qualified candidates that are at least high school seniors. The age of the board ranges this year from 17-27, so we are truly a diverse board devoted to furthering Jainism in North America. E-mail for more information and visit for available positions! Thanks for checking in and enjoy the Winter issue of Young Minds! See you in July at the convention or earlier at another YJA event!

Mayha Parikh


-YJA and CHCC Co-Chairs Naman Jain, Shardule Shah, Tejas Kadia, and Mayha Parikh E-mail: Phone: (213) 863-4831 Websites: and


Reflecting on Reflections By Vaibhav Ajmera (Floral Park, NY) There are four bhävanäs (inner reflections) that are meant to positively support and uphold the 5 Maha vratas (nonviolence, no stealing, no lying, non-attachment, celibacy) of Jainism. These core vows seem difficult on their own but when tackled using the four bhävanäs, they become a lot easier to observe. Think of it as getting up from bed to drink water when your legs are broken. It seems extremely difficult, but then you see the crutches lying next to your bed. Think of these bhävanäs as those crutches, only meant to help you take your first steps towards achieving your end goal of salvation. Growing up, we are always told what not to do, but very rarely are our Jain principles taught to us in an empowering and positive manner. These bhävanäs are meant to do that exact thing on all levels: physical, mental, and verbal. They tell us all the positive things we need to bring into our lives. If we cultivate: -Maitri bhävanä, we develop a friendship with all living things around us and we understand our interconnectedness with them. By truly understanding this we exercise non-violence to the letter and show compassion for all life forms. We are able to control our anger more effectively and exemplify forgiveness and forbearance. -Pramod bhävanä, we move forward in life with joy and respect for others even when we come across disagreement. We appraise each


other’s noble intentions and ideas and allow for a stronger and more effective step forward in life’s daily undertakings. As an added bonus, we corrode ego, arrogance, and jealousy while embodying humility and open-mindedness. -Karunä bhävanä, we always show compassion to others and see others’ misfortunes or distress as an opportunity to reach out and help. We feel their anguish and we treat and support them as we would our own close friends and family. As a result, we develop a unique perspective that allows us see the world through the lens of a more charitable heart. -Mädhyastha bhävanä, we derive neutrality and equanimity in life. We try our best in showing the right path to our friends and family, but we also need to step back to let them “open the door.” Sometimes things don’t go a certain way, whether it’s in a relationship or in our careers, and instead of being overwhelmed with anger and disappointment, it’s important to understand that we gave it our best. By reflecting on this bhävanä, we are able to stay uninvolved at a point of neutrality keeping bad karma away while hoping for the best. As householders, we can easily practice these four bhävanäs on a daily basis. They allow for a spiritual step forward into achieving inner peace and detaching ourselves from bad karma. These bhävanäs, or reflections, allow us to uplift our souls in surprising ways and in all facets of life so we can practice our religion with purity and sincerity. As the New Year roles in, let us all pledge to add this to our list of resolutions.


The Jain Secret

By Vruddhi Choksy (Fairborn, OH) We all want to be happy and successful in life. The long formula for success is a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck. However, what if there was an easy button to prosperity? Well, guess what? There is! You just have to believe in it. Now you will not need any luck, nor will you need to work as hard. I learned the secret of success and happiness just a month ago and now sharing it with you. So make sure you read on.

your tax return, then you may not get the full benefit of it. However, if you donate with the purest intention of helping someone and without expecting any kind of benefit in return, then you will receive the most benefit. Our actions, words, and thoughts, once created, always stay in the universe. They never get destroyed and always come back to either reward or haunt us. Remember that behavior is an additive act. The act of unconditional love is also an addiction. One good deed done by you can turn into good deeds done by millions.

Does all this sound like things you have Practice unconditional maitri and success heard before? Of course! Jainism is based will follow you wherever you go. Maitri is one on the theory of karma and we know it very of the four compassionate or auxiliary well already. Therefore, this is not really a Bhavanas, meaning friendship, amity, or love. secret. At least, not anymore. So what’s the You have to practice maitri unconditionally point? Well, the point is that we have to put with everyone in order for it to work its our knowledge into action and remember magic. Unconditionally means without that all actions have consequences. Practice conditions, you should not have even the unconditional maitri with all living things slightest expectation of anything in return for without expecting anything in return. I hope being nice and generous. Therefore that all who read this article would try this for unconditional maitri is to love someone at least 21 days. See it for yourself if this regardless of one's actions or beliefs. When secret works or not. You will definitely reap you help others with pure heart, good the benefits of the all the good deeds that intentions, and without any expectations, you do. And when you have succeeded in life then you will be rewarded graciously by because of this, then do remember to share nature. This is exactly what the theory of some of that fortune with me. Karma is all about. As they say, “what goes around, comes around.” The theory of Karma does not only apply to our actions, but it applies to our words and thoughts as well. You may donate a lot every year, but if you donate to only get the tax deduction on



Jain Recipes of the Month

This issue: Vegetarian Three Course Meal Submitted by Salonee Shah and Nita Shah

Healthy Jain Pasta Salad! 1) Saute broccoli, zucchini, squash and any other vegetable of your choice, in olive oil with italian seasoning 2) Boil bowtie or spiral pasta 3) Make italian dressing [based on 4 servings of pasta] • Mix 1/4 cup olive oil, 1 tablespoon red wine vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/2 teaspoon black pepper and 1/2 teaspoon italian seasoning in a separate bowl 4) Mix everything together and leave in the fridge for an hour before eating 5) Sprinkle parmesan cheese on top and enjoy!

Yummy Pesto Pasta! To make the pesto: 1) Blend 1 cup of pine nuts, 1 cup of basil, 1/2 cup of olive oil, 1 teaspoon of salt and 1/2 cup parmesan cheese 2) Mix with pasta of your choice 3) Top with parmesan cheese and enjoy!

Delicious Eggless Chocolate Cake! Ingredients: 2 cups sugar 3 cups flour 2 tsp baking soda 1 tsp salt 1/2 cup cocoa 3/4 cup oil 1 tsp vanilla 2 tsp vinegar 2 cups cold water 1) Sift all dry ingredients into a mixing bowl. 2) Add liquids in order given. 3) Pour cold water over all. Mix thoroughly. 4) Pour into a greased and floured 9 x 13 inch cake pan 5) Bake at 350 degrees for thirty five to forty minutes.


YOUNG JAINS OF AMERICA Our mission is to be recognized as a national and international umbrella Jain youth organization for establishing a network to share Jain heritage, religion, and philosophy.

Cherry Hill Jain Sangh Sponsors YJA National Convention 2010 Inspire. Connect. Do the Jain Thing.

The 9th Biennial YJA National Convention 2010 will revolutionize the experience for its attendees. This July, nearly 800 young Jains will gather to experience YJA 2010: Inspire. Connect. Do the Jain Thing. We hope that young Jains are inspired by the sessions they attend and the speakers they meet. We hope that they will connect with other youth and make lifelong friendships. Most importantly, we aim to motivate all to follow Jain principles and to embrace the Jain Way of Life (JWOL). What: The 9th Biennial YJA National Convention 2010 Who: Young Jains between the ages of 14 and 29 When: July 2 – 5, 2010


Where: The Hyatt Regency in New Brunswick, NJ How: A team of youth from the Cherry Hill Convention Committee (CHCC) and Young Jains of America Executive Board is organizing this experience that will last a lifetime, with support from the YJA Extended Network and Federation of Jain Associations in North America (JAINA). Why: To provide Jain youth the opportunity to engage in spiritual, networking, and social activities. On top of enriching dharmic discussions, the convention offers unique social events from a range of activities that involve art (music, dance and drawing competition) to a night of memories (formal dinner and dance). The result is a large network of Jain youth built to carry our tradition to the next generation.

Frequently Asked Questions Q. How old do I have to be to attend the Convention? A. Convention participants must be between the ages of 14-29 at the time of the Convention to attend. Q. How many people are expected to attend the Convention? A. Nearly 800 youth from across North America and around the world are expected to attend the 9th Biennial YJA Convention.

HOW TO CONTRIBUTE! 1. Parent Volunteering Opportunities - Support our youth by volunteering for one-four days from July 2 - 5, 2010. Bring friends and join in on the fun! Contact to volunteer in one of the following areas today: • Security: Direct youth to proper locations during the convention, monitor halls, assist with crowd control • Hospitality: Prepare snacks, chai, bhel, and other tasty treats for youth • Registration: Support registration by checking-in attendees and providing identification badges, wristbands, and souvenir bags • Meals: Prepare meals for youth that have dietary or allergy restrictions, and prepare meals for dignitaries. • General: Assist in areas where immediate help is needed

Q. When does Registration begin? A. Registration will be live in early February. Please visit for more information. Q. How much does registration cost? A. Until March 15th, registration is $275. This includes three nights at the elegant Hyatt New Brunswick, all meals, programming and transportation to and from Newark airport. For JNF participants, there is a separate $40 registration fee because of exclusive events and special guest lecturers. After March 15, basic registration increases to $325. Please note that this is the same rate as YJA 2008 in Chicago. Q. What type of sessions are planned for this year's convention? A. We will cover topics such as culture, knowledge, global impact, leadership, spiritual development, and community contributions through discussions, panels, debates and interactive sessions. Q. What categories can I register for? A. High School; College (Years 1-3); College (Year 4 and above); JNF (ages 22-29). Those in College Year 4 and above may choose to register for either the college or JNF track. Q. What are activities unique to YJA 2010? A. How does Jain Iron Chef sound? How about a Jain art competition? Also, we are in the process of adding a off-site community service aspect to the convention. On a different angle, looking to be treated like kings/queens? Watch out for nighttime room service. We're looking to revolutionize the convention experience in every way. Stay tuned!

2. Sponsorship Donor: $51-101 § Recognition of donation in the YJA 2010 souvenir booklet and on YJA Website Contributor: $151-$251 § 1/8 (business card size) page advertisement in the souvenir booklet § Same level of recognition as Donor level sponsor Sponsor: $501 § 1/4 page advertisement in the souvenir booklet § Same level of recognition as Donor level sponsor Bronze Sponsor: $751 § 1/2 page advertisement in the souvenir booklet § Souvenir bag will all gifts from the convention Silver Sponsor: $1,251 § 3/4 page advertisement in the souvenir booklet § Same recognition as Bronze level sponsor Gold Sponsor: $2,501 § Full page color advertisement in the souvenir booklet § Official YJA 2010 Convention banner Please make checks payable to “Young Jains of America” and mail to: 20 Coolidge Street Norwood, MA 02062

CONVENTION COMMITTEE + YJA EXECUTIVE BOARD Chairpersons Naman Jain Shardule Shah Mayha Parikh Tejas Kadia

Committee Chairs Finance/Fundraising Ajay Dagli Dhaval Shah


Hospitality Sonia Shah Prerak Adhuria

JNF Vruddhi Choksy Apurvi Mehta

Registration Nirav Bhavsar Sumeet Bhandari Nirav Patadia

Social Programming Priyanka Jain Sumeet Bhandari Suhani Shah

Programming Shital Shah Priyanka Arun Shah Ami Maru

Security Paras Shah Nikhil Bumb

Souvenirs Arti Shah Riddhi Jhaveri

Public Relations Salonee Shah Sneha Parikh

Site Priyanka P. Shah Prachi Shah

Members-at-Large Apurva Patel Sheenika Shah Jay Bhankaria Rushabh Jhaveri


Business Bhavanas

by Dinkar Jain ( It is important for us to realize that the 4 bhavanas are not only great ideals for individuals, but also for businesses. I will mention a few ways in which these bhavanas intertwine with good business strategy. Maitri. •Business partnerships. Friendly relations between companies and actors in an industry can unlock mutual gains. •Business partnerships with governments. Trusting relationships between businesses and governments are also important as businesses act as important agents for economic progress, infrastructure development, and other state functions. • Both big and small. Relationships matter regardless of whether you’re a small or large company. When you’re small, good relationships with other actors in the industry can be a key to economic success. For large companies, relationships with suppliers, customers, employees and other entities are extremely important for brand image and public capital. Pramod. • Company culture and cohesion. Genuine appreciation and respect for employees, colleagues, and leaders, are essential in any company for employees to rally behind a common vision, to collectively overcome obstacles, and to learn and grow from each other. • Competitive reality check. Companies that are cognizant and admiring of their competition are more likely to come up with products and services that will be able to compete effectively in the marketplace. Karuna. • Innovative ideas. Many ideas of great products and services are born out of compassion. Many businesses today are operating in developing countries and serving poor people. Microfinance is an important example among many. • Corporate social responsibility. The feeling of compassion and concern for a community is important in instilling a sense of social responsibility in business protagonists. Great examples of socially conscious businesses such as Roshan in Afghanistan and Grameen in Bangladesh have shown how critical this can be for the development and progress of entire nation states. Madhyastha. • Rational decision making. Most businesses require taking on of risk and encountering unforeseen obstacles or circumstances. Successful businesses are able to steer their strategy in difficult times by making rational, forward-looking decisions which would be difficult if emotional involvement in the task would color one’s business judgment. • Focus. Businesses have to operate in environments where they can only influence aspects of the local community. For example, Infosys is reputed for being a squeaky clean enterprise with zero tolerance for any form of corruption. However, Infosys as a company cannot solve India’s corruption problem, and neither should it. Doing what it can to address particular social issues while remaining focused on its operations is essential for its growth and sustainability. I have attempted to start a conversation about bringing Jain values to the realm of professional and business conduct as I believe the world can benefit greatly if this were to happen. I would love to hear from our readers how they have applied these bhavanas to various professional and other situations to develop this theme further.



Shital’s Educational Corner

By Shital Shah, YJA Director of Education (Chicago, IL) Topic: 4 Bhavanas or Reflections Reflection- May seem like a simple word, but is actually quite powerful and meaningful. Reflection is defined as some act of long consideration and self reflection. The most common time of reflection is probably during New Years. Often times, we reflect back upon the past year and think of new goals and resolutions for the upcoming year. Although this time of reflection comes once a year, this act should be an ongoing mindset in our daily life. In Jainism, there are certain reflections that we can try to implement in our own daily life and set each day as a new beginning with new goals and new reflections. This simple act of reflection helps minimize our karmas and helps bring positivity in our mind and in our surroundings. Although there are 12 bhavnas or reflections, there are 4 additional or auxiliary bhavnas that one can implement on a daily basis. The four bhavnas are: friendship (Maitri), appreciation (Pramod), compassion (Karuna), and neutrality (Madhyastha).

but it should be a goal to be friendly and at least wish well for each person both mentally and physically. The last day of Paryushana is the symbol of forgiveness as we say Micchami Dukhadam to each person, especially our enemies. Instead, take each day as a reflection and think only good thoughts about each person.

The second bhavna or reflection is appreciation or Pramod Bhavna. We grew up in a good and stable family, which is a true blessing. When looking at the hungry children growing up in the streets of poverty, it truly is an eye opener to see how lucky we are to have this human life. We should appreciate our life. Often times, we get tangled in our daily stress, problems, or selfish desires, but when looking at the big picture, we are actually quite lucky compared to most others. Additionally, when we hear about the success of others or our friends, how often are we truly happy for that person? Instead, does the thought of jealousy ever come across our minds? Of course, it is human nature to feel jealous, but it is also one of the most destructive feelings to have as well. It Whether we are in school or in our can not only hurt professional life, we are constantly meeting feelings of others, new people and forming various friendships. It but can break friendships and ultimately is part of human nature to not get along with destroy oneself. Instead, reflect each day with every single person or things may happen that happiness and love for each other. Truly think may break a friendship. Although one may go how lucky we are to have this life and through these struggles, it is important to keep appreciate not only our own life but also the the friendship intact and avoid becoming people who have impacted us. Our family and enemies. The formation of an enemy can be friends do have an impact on each of us and quite dangerous and can only bring negative make up the person that we are today. Thus, thoughts. Lord Mahävira once said, "We must we can only be happy for the success of others be friends to all living beings.” This can be and truly appreciate each person for the impact translated as having good thoughts and speech they have on one’s own life. to each and every person will only create a positive mindset. Of course, you do not have to The third bhavna of compassion or be best friends with every person you meet, Karuna Bhavna is an underlying reflection of



our actions. We basically have two choices: lead each action with a compassionate and helpful thought or lead each action with a harmful and negative thought. The key towards a successful path in life is compassion. It can not only lead one in the right direction, but bring happiness, forgiveness, and patience. The very last reflection is to remain neutral or following the Madhyastha Bhavna. How often do we get disappointed if a situation is not in our favor? During this moment, we often get overcome with anger, unhappiness, and disappointment and seem to find a source of blame or reasoning. On the contrary, when a happy or successful moment is achieved, how many times do we take the time to be thankful and blessed. Instead of becoming overwhelmed with every emotion, during every situation, one should think that they tried the best as they could and should remain neutral instead of becoming too involved in one direction or the other. By following this form of reflection, we are giving our mind mental peace as well as achieving equanimity and will help reduce most of our passions. One famous Jain stavan that was written by Gurudev Chitrabhanuji is called Maitri Bhavna. This song is the symbol of friendship that is sung by Jains across the world.

Maitri Bhavana Maitri Bhavanu Pavitra Zaranu, Muj Haiya Ma Vahya Kare, Shubh Thao Aa Sakal Vishvanu, Evi Bhavana Nitya Rahe. Gunathi Bharela Gunijana Dekhi, Haiyu Maru Nrutya Kare, A Santo Na Charan Kamal Ma, Muj Jivan No Ardhaya Rahe. Din Krur Ne Dharma Vihona, Dekhi Dilma Dard Rahe, Karuna Bhini Ankho Mathi, Ashruno Shubh Shrot Vahe. Marg Bhulela Jivan Pathik Ne, Marg Chindhava Ubho Rahu, Kare Upexa A Marag Ni, To Ye Samata Chitt Dharu. Chitrabhanuni Dharma Bhavana, Haiye Sau Manav Lave, Ver Zer Na Paap Taji Ne, Mangal Geeto Sau Gave. May the sacred stream of amity Flow forever in my heart. May the universe prosper, Such is my cherished desire. May my heart sing with ecstasy At the sight of the virtuous. May my life be An offering at their feet. May my heart bleed at the sight of The wretched, the cruel, the irreligious. May tears of compassion Flow from my eyes. May I always be there to show the path To the pathless wanderers of life. Yet if they should not hearken to me, May I bide in patience. May the spirit of goodwill Enter all our hearts. May we all sing in chorus The immortal song of human concord.



Regional Updates

Latest news from our many regions!




Do you have a Facebook? Want to get updates on YJA-related activities in YOUR region? Join these Facebook groups! Mid Atlantic: group.php?gid=134368451508 Midwest: group.php?gid=220473044159 Northeast: group.php?gid=2374692263 West: gid=75085160190 South: gid=45423252053 Southeast: group.php?gid=50222388582





Fourth Annual YJA Poconos Retreat! February 13 - 15, 2010 South Sterling, PA

TRANSPORTATION: Provided from BOSTON, CHERRY HILL, and NEW YORK CITY COST: $145 until January 31st REGISTRATION: Register NOW! INFORMATION: AGENDA: Dharmic activities, networking, and fun in the snow!

Sponsored by: Young Jains of America (YJA) 11



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First Annual Midwest Retreat The First Annual YJA Midwest Retreat was held on January 8 - 10, 2010 in Lake Geneva, WI. Twenty-eight people attended this wonderful event from across the Midwest and took part in activities including skiing, Jain educational sessions, and an Iron Chef cooking competition. The youth were inspired by deep dharmic sessions on rating yourself as you follow the Jain Way of Life, Going Green by helping the environment daily, and meditation/ yoga. See below for pictures! Next Event: We are currently planning a weekend camping retreat in the Midwest in May. Look out for more details coming soon! We are looking for additional leaders to step to help organize this camping trip. Contact or call Apurva Patel at (614) 216-8378 for more details.


YJA National Dinner By Sumeet Bhandari (Phoenix, AZ)

November 20th, 2009 is one of the days in the history of YJA which will be remembered for the launch of the very first nationwide event: YJA National Dinner. Hundreds of young Jains gathered to share a great vegetarian meal in all vegetarian/vegan restaurants on the same day, at the same time, at 13 locations across North America. It was an epic event which will pave as a stepping stone to other such future YJA national events. Overall, it was a great event (the pictures say it all!) A great round of applause should be given to all the hosts of 13 cities for helping this done. Special mentions to non-board hosts – Chintan Dholakia (New York), Monique Shah (Austin), Sejal Shah (Atlanta), Pathik Shah (Washington D.C.) and Sonia Ghelani (Dallas). We proudly announce – Philadelphia as the coolest Dinner of the 1st YJA National Dinner 2009. (The picture speaks for itself!). The Philadelphia Dinner wins it for being really cool for all its participation, enthusiasm and creativity to make it an all fun event. They have set a great example on how future National Dinners should be conducted. The outright winner for the Coolest Kid Attendee is also from Philadelphia, Anand Shah. (Check the picture it is super cool!). Congrats Mr. Anand Shah, we hope to see you more in upcoming YJA events. Credit should also go to the Philadelphia hosts Priyanka P. Shah (YJA Board – Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator) and Shardule Shah (YJA Board – Co-Chair). Coming Soon (very soon!) will be YJA International Dinner, which will be the official promotional event for the Best YJA Convention 2010. Lots of goodies to be won and a surprise prize too. And also get set for some good programming and obviously some delicious food as always! And you know this - “Wherever You Live, You Can’t Miss This” Sumeet Bhandari Director of Project Development

How Many Young Jains Can You Pack Into A Car? Apparently 17+ at the Philadelphia Dinner!

Anand Shah - Coolest Kid Competition Winner 14


YJA National Dinner Dallas, TX

Los Angeles, CA

New York, NY Washington, D.C.

Columbus, OH San Jose, CA



YJA National Dinner Phoenix, AZ

Miami, FL

Boston, MA

Chicago, IL


Please Make a Contribution to YJA Today to Pass Jain Principles and Practice onto the Next Generation of Youth! Jai Jinendra! The Executive Board for the Young Jains of America (YJA) plans to be very active in bringing Jain principles to all youth across the country. We would like to take this opportunity to briefly discuss our current projects and how they will make a difference to the YJA community. •

National Swadhyay hosted by a group of scholars to raise awareness about Jain Principles and ideals and address youth problems, difficulties, and concerns.

Website Reconstruction to develop a professional website for Jain youth and create a forum to share Jain principles.

Regional Retreats from the East to West Coasts to instill a sense of religious and cultural pride among Jain youth.

Relay for Life, Habitat for Humanity, and volunteering at soup kitchens to allow youth to participate in charitable community activities.

National Dinners in Jain communities to encourage youth to both develop new friendships among Jain youth and strengthen current relationships within local Jain youth groups.

The Ninth Biennial 2010 Convention to provide a means for 800 Jain youth to gather and share their experiences with each other.

With the support of donors like you, YJA has grown to be the largest Jain Youth Organization in the World. For the YJA Executive Board, this an honor to be a part of a group that motivates and inspires countless lives. Please consider supporting our efforts with a personal contribution to YJA today. A contribution of any amount will provide tremendous support to instill a sense of among youth about their Jain heritage. The ultimate goal of the YJA Executive Board is to prepare today's Jain youth to become tomorrow's Jain leaders. Not only do we appreciate your donations, but the fundraising team would like to hear from you! Please e-mail with your comments, suggestions, or recommendations for improvement by YJA. If you have any questions regarding Young Minds, please e-mail Jai Jinendra and Michhami Dukkadam. Thank you for your wonderful contribution. Best Regards, Ajay D. Dagli

Director of Fundraising

Phone: (248) 275-3252


YOUNG JAINS OF AMERICA CONTRIBUTION FORM You can make a contribution by credit or debit card at Full Name: __________________________________________________________________ Company Name (Optional): ____________________________________________________ Address: _______________________________ City: ____________ ST: ____ Zip: ________ Daytime Phone: (______)______________ Evening Phone: (______)_______________ Email Address: _______________________________________

Please make your check payable to Young Jains of America and mail it to: Young Jains of America c/o Naman Jain 20 Coolidge Street Norwood, MA 02062

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