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MESSAGE Dear Young Living member, Happy New Year and I hope you are having a wonderful beginning of the Rooster year! What better way to kick start the new year by expressing my gratitude to all of you? Firstly, thank you for being part of Young Living’s mission of bringing essential oils into every home in the world. Together, we have successfully penetrated into 2016 and experienced a growth spurts despite all the obstacles. We truly appreciate all the time & effort you have spent in your Young Living business and congratulations on all your achievements in 2016! Time flies and we are now into our 3rd year of operations in Malaysia. It has never been easy setting up a new market but we tried our best to overcome the challenges along the way. It was not a smooth sailing journey but with your support, we managed to overcome it. There is still a long way to go for us to seek improvements each day and make things better for you, regardless in the area of products, facilities or the service & support that we provide. Today, we are one of the market leader in essential oils with more than 30,000 members in Malaysia. With great gratitude, we would like to thank you for your trust and confidence in the company, products and for contributing to where we are today. In 2017, we will be taking a step further by expanding our product offerings in Malaysia as well as continuing to improve our service and support level to help you grow your business. We seek your understanding and support in this journey of making things possible. So let’s work together, hand-in-hand towards greater heights, changing one life at a time! Thank you for being part of Young Living. Warmest regards, JenNee Ooi Country Manager Young Living Malaysia


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Get to know your Malaysia team Members Benefits & Why Join ER and Longevity


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2017 International Grand C o n v e n t i o n - F u l l f i l l Yo u r Destiny


2017 Quarterly Events



T he E sse ntia l Rew ar ds Pr ogr am


Loyalty Program Kno w m o re a bout our Essent i al Re wa rds Lo yal t y Pr ogr am


Leadership Re co g nitio n Progr am - Eli t e Expre ss


H a l l o f Fa m e Ge t to kno w o ur D i amond L e a d e rs!


Recognition Retreats C e l e brating Yo ur S uc c ess


Incentive Program 20 17 SE A Ta iw an Vac at i on C hal l e ng e 20 17 SE A Ta iw an Vac at i on C hal l e ng e - Mi ni Challenge



Tr ain in g - W hat ’s n e w in 20 17 ? S u ppo r t in g y o u r b u s in e s s


YL Malaysia Corporate Philanthropy Giv in g b ac k - E s s e n c e o f Ho pe

Get to know your


JenNee Ooi

Jeya Sankar

Michelle Low

Evelyn Kurup

Country Manager

Finance & Operation Director

Sales & Marketing Manager

Member Services Team Lead


Jiang May

Kay Yen

Nadzirah Roslan

Product Executive

Marketing Communications Executive

Regulatory Compliance Officer


Fauziah Shariff


Finance Lead

Senior Finance Executive


MEMBER SERVICES TEAM Leadership Support & Email

Lilis Suryani

Loretta Kwek

Sheela Nair

Member Services Specialist

Member Services Specialist

Member Services Specialist

Will Call

Berry Loh

Choy Ling


Eric Ow

Member Services Specialist

Member Services Specialist

Member Services Specialist

Member Services Specialist

Julia Poi


Zack Chong

Member Services Specialist

Member Services Specialist

Member Services Specialist

Call Centre



Bryant How

Edwin Tham

Member Services Specialist

Member Services Specialist

Member Services Specialist


Riana Sarini

Member Services Specialist

Member Services Specialist



Trisha Kam


Operation Lead

Inventory Executive

Operation Assistant


Mohd Noor


Operation Assistant

Operation Assistant

Operation Assistant

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YOUNG LIVING? Have you ever wanted to truly own your time and your life? What if going to work every day was exciting and enjoyable, and you no longer had to wonder how you were going to pay the bills? Young Living’s generous compensation plan gives you the power to take control of your future and build a business that will change your life forever. Being a Young Living distributor goes beyond simply building a thriving business. You will also enjoy extensive networking opportunities, exclusive hands-on experiences and a strong sense of community. Some of the unique benefits includes: Generous Compensation

Wholesale Pricing

Young Living offers an industry-leading compensation plan with generous commissions and bonuses.

Save 24% off retail pricing on Young Living products and save even more money with exclusive specials and promotions every month.

Essential Rewards

Exclusive Experiences

As a distributor, you are eligible to enrol in the Essential Rewards programme and earn as much as 25% of each order in Essential Rewards points.

Participate in unique events such as the Global Leadership Cruise and our annual International Grand Convention, and experience our Seed to SealÂŽ process first-hand at farm harvests and plantings.



Enjoy a close-knit community of support. In addition to your sponsor, the entire Young Living family is ready to assist and encourage you in your journey.

Young Living provides ongoing health education opportunities through conventions, seminars and newsletters to keep you informed and assist you in your wellness progress.

Recognition As you expand your organization and advance toward the prestigious rank of Royal Crown Diamond, you will enjoy special recognition for your accomplishments and leadership!


THE ESSENTIAL REWARDS PROGRAM Ensure that you always have your favourite Young Living products on hand with the convenience of Essential Rewards, where products are shipped hassle free from our door to yours! Available exclusively to Young Living Independent Distributors.






Enjoy the convenience of an automatic monthly order. Just set up your order and kick back as your favourite products are

All Essential Rewards orders qualify for reduced shipping costs. Members pay RM5.00 less normal shipping fees.

Essential Rewards members who are also Independent Distributors can access exclusive income opportunities. The Rising Star Team Bonus is just one way Essential Rewards members can access additional cash rewards.

shipped right to your doorstep.


LOYALTY PROGRAM Get rewarded with gifts and products points for orders placed in your first year of Essential Rewards.

Orange 15ml

AromaEase 5ml

R.C. 15ml

Earn a FREE GIFT after 3 months of consecutive orders.

Earn a FREE GIFT after 6 months of consecutive orders.

Earn a FREE GIFT after 9 months of consecutive orders.

Loyalty Blend Earn an exclusive LOYALTY BLEND after 12 months of consecutive orders.

* YL Malaysia will have the right to replace any loyalty program gifts should the product(s) be unavailable with similar value product(s).

Loyalty Blend created annually Earn Gary’s exclusive LOYALTY BLEND for every 12 consecutive months of ER orders placed after first year.


Leadership - Recognition Program


Elite Express offers rewards to high-performing leaders who reach Executive, Silver, Gold and Platinum within specific timeframes. A bonus reward track is available for those who go from Star to Platinum in 20 months or fewer! This progam offers big rewards for hard work. With rewards totaling a retail value of USD $9,474*, there’s no better way for members to accelerate their dreams and their paths to leadership! * Approximate value. Actual value may vary based on region For more details, visit:

EXECUTIVE IN 3 (EI3) • Prequalifying Rank: Star • Qualification Period: Three calendar months from first-time qualification as Star • Maintenance: Maintain Star or Senior Star rank during each of the three qualfying months • Reward: Seed to Seal® collection, featuring an Aria™ Diffuser and 5ml Peppermint, Idaho Blue Spruce, and Ylang Ylang essential oils; Young Living-branded padfolio. Retail Value: $424 USD*


SILVER IN 6 (SI6) • Prequalifying Rank: Executive • Qualification Period: Six calendar months from first-time qualification as Executive • Maintenance: Maintain Executive rank during each of the six qualifying months • Reward: Exclusive collection of 30 15ml essential oils, FitBit Charge HR. Retail Value: $1,650 USD*

GOLD IN 6 (GI6) • Prequalifying Rank: Silver • Qualification Period: Six calendar months from first-time qualification as Silver • Maintenance: Maintain Silver rank during each of the six qualifying months • Reward: Year’s supply of NingXia Red®, Thieves® collection, including 2-pack of Thieves Laundry Soap, 3-pack of Thieves Foaming Hand Soap, 2 32-oz. Thieves Foaming Hand Soap Refill, 2 64-oz. Thieves Household Cleaner, 2 15ml Thieves essential oil blend; Gold iPad Mini. Retail Value: $1,835 USD*

PLATINUM IN 5 (PI5) • Prequalifying Rank: Gold • Qualification Period: Five calendar months from first-time qualification as Gold • Maitenance: Maintain Gold rank during each of the five qualifying months • Reward: Premier Aroma collection; diffuser collection, including AromaLux™, DewDrop™, USB, Rainstone™, and Dino Land™ diffusers; Tumi briefcase. Retail Value: $4,265 USD*

BONUS: ELITE 20 (E20) • Prequalifying Rank: Star • Qualification Period: 20 months from first-time qualification as Star • Maintenance: Must qualify for all four reward tracks within 20 months to qualify • Reward: 1,000 Essential Rewards points and free registration for the International Grand Convention. Retail Value: $1,230 USD*


Leadership - Hall of Fame


Becoming a Young Living Diamond leader isn’t a simple journey, and our Diamonds reach their level of success by facing unique leadership challenges time and again, proving their rare ability to become greater than they were before - greater leaders, greater educators, greater philanthropists, and greater examples to their teams. Our Diamond leaders shine brightly as examples of service and total dedication to improving lives through the benefits of Young Living.

Annie Chan

Jennifer Lim


Darreck Chen

Fee Boey

Munirah Hanim

Wan Normajidah & Tuan Alimin

Celebrating Your Success

RECOGNITION RETREATS Every year, our newly ranked-up leaders are invited to go on a retreat at one of our renown Young Living farm or popular travel destination. Find out how you can qualify and join thousands of others on an educational and fun-filled trip!



14 -17 September 2017 Salt Lake City and Mona, Utah

1 - 5 August 2017 Spokane, Washington, and St. Maries, Idaho

Qualification: Any Silver member who has qualified as a Silver for three (3) consecutive months between 1 May 2016 - 30 April 2017 and has not previously attended a Silver Retreat.

Qualification: Any Gold member who has qualified as a Gold for three (3) consecutive months between 1 May 2016 - 30 April 2017 and has not previously attended a Gold Retreat.



Qualification: Any Platinum member who has qualified as a Platinum for three (3) consecutive months between 1 July 2016 - 30 June 2017 and has not previously attended a Platinum Retreat. Qualified Platinums are invited to attend one time with all expenses paid for themselves and one (1) guest.

Qualification: Any Diamond (Diamond, Crown Diamond and Royal Crown Diamond) members who has qualified as a Diamond or above for three (3) consecutive months between 1 February 2016 - 31 January 2017. New Diamonds are invited to attend one time with all expenses paid for themselves and one (1) qualified guest.

14 -19 November 2017 Guayaquil, Ecuador

3 - 10 May 2017 Australia

Platinum Retreat 2016

To know more, logon to:

Silver Retreat 2016


2017 SEA Taiwan Vacation Challenge


Regardless of your rank or the size of your team, you can complete for one of the 100 slots to win! This unforgettable event is our way of showing appreciation for the hard work of our members. There is no buy-in for this challenge, so the only way is to share Young Living with everyone! AMAZING PRIZES: 1ST TO 100TH PLACE First 100 winners will win a 4D3N Taiwan Vacation Package for one (1) including airfaire and hotel accommodation.

EARN POINTS IN 3 SIMPLE WAYS: You must earn a minimum of 10,000 points during the promotion period to qualify for the 2017 Road to Sucess Challenge. Only the 100 highest total point earners will win this prize. Earn points through:



• Personally enroll a new distributor 1. With either a Basic or Basic Plus Starter Kit, with a minimum 100 PV Standard Order; OR enroll a new distributor with a minimum 100PV Essential Rewards order. - 100 points 2. With a Premium Starter Kit on Standard Order; OR enroll a new distributor with a minimum 350 PV Essential Rewards order. - 150 points


• Your personally enrolled new distributor (enrolled during promotion period), maintains an Essential Rewards order with at least 100 PV each month. If a member cancels Essential Rewards order or skips a month for any reason, you will no longer earn maintenance points for this category. - 200 points/month



1. Personally reactivate anyone in your oganization who has not made a purchase of 50 PV or more in at least 12 consecutive months with at least a 100 PV order. - 150 points



• Increasing Organization Group Volume (“OGV”) over the base* 1) Earn 50 Points for every 500 OGV increase, to earn a maximum of 1,000 points per month during the promotion period. Starting base is determined by total OGV as of December 31, 2016. OGV base may vary depending on returns / exchanges. OGV base will reset each month Member’s OGV increases.

* For Example, if base OGV is 6,000 on December 31, 2016 and the Member increases to 7,000 OGV on January 31, 2017, the Member’s new OGV base will be 7,000. However, if base OGV is 6,000 on December 31, 2016, and the Member OGV decreases to 5,000 on January 31, 2017, the Member’s OGV base will remain at 6,000 for the following month and must increase to over 6,000 OGV to earn points. The first base will be set on December 31, 2016, and will be updated on the last day of each month.

MINI CHALLENGES Are you all geared up for our Road to Success: SEA Taiwan Vacation Challenge? To make it more exciting, we have added in monthly mini challenges to make it more rewarding for you when you participate in thr Taiwan Vacation Challenge. Go for these mini challenges to help you qualify for the Taiwan trip and earn bonus gift along the way! We have a total of three (3) iPad Mini 32GB (worth RM1,699 each) and three (3) GoPro Hero 5 Black cameras (worth RM1,979 each) to giveaway during the promotion period. There will be a total of 6 monthly mini challenge from January 2017 - June 2017.

To know more, logon to YL Malaysia website:


Remember our upcoming


We have a series of exciting events lined up for 2017, please take note of these dates! • Q1 SEA Tour with Dr. Sabina DeVita

Date: 20 February 2017 (Penang) 21 February 2017 (Kota Kinabalu) 23 February 2017 (Kuala Lumpur) Venue: Penang - Hotel Jen, Pangkor Room, Level 3 Kota Kinabalu - The Pacific Sutera Hotel, Ballroom 3, Level 2 Kuala Lumpur - Aloft Hotel, Ballroom A, Level 2 • Q2 SEA Tour with Dr. Olivier Wenker

Date: 15 May 2017 (Kuala Lumpur) • 2017 International Grand Convention

Date: 13 - 17 June 2017 Venue: Salt Lake City, USA • Q3 SEA Tour: Beauty School by Dr. Luba Vozarova

Date: 29 July 2017 (Kuala Lumpur) • Young Living Malaysia 3rd Anniversary Celebration

Date: 14 October 2017 (Kuala Lumpur) • Q4 SEA Tour with Dr. Lindsey Elmore

Date: 14 October 2017 (Kuala Lumpur)


2017 International Grand


The 2017 “Fulfill Your Destiny” International Grand Convention is slated to be the most inspiring and immersive in Young Living history. Our members are some of the most incredible individuals in the world, and together they represent an unstoppable force that stands for wellness, friendship and positivity. We’re getting ready for the 2017 International Grand Convention and we can’t wait to update you on all the exciting things coming your way!

Event Date

14 June - 17 June 2017


Early Bird Ticket : USD $189 (valid until 31 January 2017) Regular Ticket: USD $229 (from 1 February - 28 April 2017)

Event Venue

Salt Palace & Rice Eccles Stadium. 100 S W Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101 USA

Registration Link

Logon to:


2017 Quarterly


Q1 SEA TOUR : DR. SABINA DEVITA • 20 February 2017 (Monday) - Penang Hotel Jen - Pangkor Room, Level 3 • 21 February 2017 (Tuesday) - Kota Kinabalu The Pacific Sutera Hotel, Ballroom 3, Level 2 • 23 February 2017 (Thursday) - Kuala Lumpur Aloft Hotel - Ballroom A, Level 2 * Event starts at 7:00p.m. until 9:30p.m. Dr. Sabina M. DeVita, is the founder of the DeVita Wellness Institute of Living and Learning as well as the Institute of Energy Wellness Studies. She has been in private practice for close to 30 years as an eclectic psychotherapist - psychologist, registered nutritionist, doctor of natural medicine and specialized Kinesiology’s. Dr. DeVita has been personally trained by visionary, bio-physicist Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, inventor of the Kirlian technology. She founded the only Canadian federally approved school that teaches a full program in aromatic sciences with Young Living essential oils giving students a recognized accreditation as an Integrated Aromatic Sciences Practitioner. Dr. DeVita is an established author of 5 books, incorporating YL essential oils in each of her publications, including one for facial care, her “Saving Face” book. She has also written books on emotional care and electromagnetic pollution.

Q2 SEA TOUR : DR. OLIVIER WENKER Date : 15 May 2017 (Monday) - Kuala Lumpur Time: 7:00p.m. - 9:30p.m. Venue : Aloft Hotel Prof. Wenker is passionately involved in educating patients and the public to better understand the connections between lifestyle choices and health. Dr. Wenker is active in the field of anti-aging medicine, the use of nutritional products for general health, and doping-free performance enhancement. Dr. Wenker started his career as a physician in Switzerland in 1985. He is triple European board certified in anesthesiology, critical care medicine and emergency/disaster medicine as well as American board certified in Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine and holds the titles of Professor and Adjunct Professor at The University of Texas. Dr. Wenker served many years as emergency physician on board of rescue helicopters. He worked as a trauma field physician, rescue diver, disaster lead physician, and as chief of a medical team for special police forces.


2017 Quarterly


Q3 SEA TOUR : BEAUTY SCHOOL BY DR. LUBA VOZAROVA Date : 29 July 2017 (Saturday) - Kuala Lumpur Time: 10:00a.m. - 6:00p.m. Venue : TBA

With 15+ years of network marketing and product development experience, Luba Vozar brings a wealth of education and expertise as Young Living’s sr. personal-care portfolio manager. Specializing in market analysis, product positioning, cutting-edge sourcing, branding, and international registration, Luba has successfully helped bring hundreds of natural, safe, and healthful products from concept to market in over 14 different countries. Luba has earned a double master’s and PhD degrees in Russian literature, social studies, and philosophy and is fluent in Czech, Slovak, German, English, and Russian. Along with her many published articles and papers, Luba is also a distinguished speaker, who has had and continues to have the opportunity to present to large audiences all over the world.

Q4 SEA TOUR : DR. LINDSEY ELMORE Date : 14 October 2017 (Saturday) - Kuala Lumpur Time: TBA Venue : TBA Dr. Lindsey Elmore is the Director of Global Education and Health Sciences for Young Living Essential Oils. She brings with her a distinguished background in pharmaceutics, which includes an undergraduate degree in chemistry from the University of Alabama Birmingham and a doctorate in pharmacy from the University of California San Francisco. Additionally, Dr. Elmore chairs Young Living’s Scientific Advisory Committee and Veterinary Advisory Committee. Among her many research interests, she is fascinated with natural products, food as treatment for chronic disaster, and integrative therapies.



TRAINING We are always happy to welcome anyone who is interested to learn about essential oils. Bring your friends and family along to these training sessions and they can experience the beauty of essential oils. For those who are new to the Young Living family, we have informative classes every week to Ignite, Accelerate and Empower your Young Living journey.



In this level, there are a few basic things you will get to learn to help you get started to a more enjoyable time experiencing Young Living products. Learn about the uniqueness of Young Living, our global Seed to Seal® process and how Young Living essential oils can be used to support overall well-being.



Level 2 classes focus a lot on product knowledge and learning to use. Young Living products to optimize your overall well-being, and to enhance your home and surroundings. From these classes, you will be able to fully equip yourself with shareable product knowledge that will help you improve your life and that of others. Level 2 classes offer business-building and leadership talks from the region’s top leaders that will help you grow your Young Living business.



Infusing education with a little bit of fun, Level 3 classes are conducted in workshop style for you to learn and experience practical and/or hands-on application of various techniques to incorporate Young Living products in your lifestyle or your methods of sharing. The workshops available include, Raindrop Technique, Massage Technique, Beauty & Skincare Workshop, DIY Recipes, Fitness Session and a whole lot more!

WHAT’S NEW IN 2017? 1) Exclusive training sessions conducted in the evening by corporate trainer. This provide an opportunity for members who are unable to attend the trainings during the day to join the classes. 2) Featured topic of the month to highlight certain special classes to members so that you will not miss out on them. 3) New events alerts on YL Malaysia Facebook page & e-newsletter so that you will keep yourself up-to-date. 4) A new screen which displays the queue number calling at our Will Call has been installed. With this new installation, you can make full use of your waiting time by attending training sessions while waiting for your queue number to be called.


Supporting your


TRADE SHOW & WORKSHOP SUPPORT As part of Young Living’s commitment to share true vitality and spread Young Living’s message of wellness across the world, Young Living Members are encouraged to participate in related trade shows and events to help others reach their wellness goals by discovering the benefits of Young Living products. Young Living Malaysia office will be glad to support Members in their participation in these events by providing banners, support materials and accommodating product consignment requests depending on availability.

Request for Trade Show & Workshop Support Guidelines: 1) Download the following form from Virtual Office > Member Resources: (1) Workshop or Trade & Event Support Sponsorship & Consignment Request Form (ii)Post-Event Report Form 2) To facilitate support request for your event, submit the Trade Show or Workshop Support Request Form at least 2 weeks prior to event commencement. Late submissions cannot be guaranteed support. 3) Upon completion of event, member will be given 5 days to complete and submit the Post-Event Report Form via email to

The Management reserves the right to approve / disapprove requests based on the relevance of the event, alignment with the Company’s missions and objectives, and number of requests received at a given time. Please contact Marketing Team at for any further clarifications.


Giving back through


ESSENCE OF HOPE - is a Young Living Malaysia’s initiative to give back to the local community. We will be reaching out to the less fortunate and underprivileged communities, especially to young children to provide them with basic necessities, education resources and introduce them to nature’s gift of wellness and harmony. We believe in and support the Young Living Foundation’s goal to see children and families provided with the right resources and necessary opportunities that will change their lives. In 2017, Young Living Malaysia will be working alongside with charity partners to identify local communities in need for support and reach out to them. Look out for more details in our upcoming e-newsletter on how you can be part of this meaningful project and touch someone’s life.

“To know even one life has breathed easier because of you have lived. This is to have succeeded.” Ralph Waldo Emerson


Young Living is a purpose-driven company. Our founder, D. Gary Young once said,

“I never create a product for profit, I do it for a purpose.�

Young Living Founder, D. Gary Young2 3

WORLD LEADER in ESSENTI AL OI L S ® We take the stewardship of our planet seriously. Our state-of-the-art production process brings you the purest oils on Earth.

We call it ®

It's not a slogan-it's our calling.

GF & L1, Tower 7 Avenue 3, Bangsar South, No.8, Jalan Kerinchi, 59200 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.


Young Living Malaysia 2017 Handbook  

Know more about Young Living Malaysia team and what we have planned for the year!

Young Living Malaysia 2017 Handbook  

Know more about Young Living Malaysia team and what we have planned for the year!