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Share the Magic 2017 HOLIDAY CATALOGUE


HOLIDAY TRADITIONS START HERE It’s the most magical time of year. A time of peace, joy and hope. A time to gather with those who matter most, share time-honoured traditions and start new ones. This holiday season, as stockings are filled, cookies baked and carols sung, may your home be filled with laughter, your heart be filled with love and may you be reminded of the greatest joy of all – family. To help you show the ones you love how much they mean to you, we’ve put together a few Young Living favourites and new gift ideas, to make your season even brighter. We hope that this holiday gift guide inspires you to keep family traditions alive as you share the wonder and joy of the season while counting your blessings for the people surrounding your tree – not simply the items beneath it.


THE HOLIDAY COUNTDOWN IS ON MAKE EVERY DAY A DELIGHTFUL SURPRISE WITH A TRADITIONAL ADVENT CALENDAR Counting down the days of Advent in anticipation of a special day has long been a holiday tradition for the ages. A tradition born in Germany, advent calendars come in many forms, from paper calendar windows to wooden boxes and fabric bags. Not only is the calendar a countdown to the holiday season, it’s a great reminder of the true meaning and the significance of this special time of year.

YOUNG LIVING ADVENT CALENDAR IT E M N O . 2 3 3 8 5 | WH SL . $336. 00 | RETAIL $442. 11 | P V 250. 00 Celebrate in true Young Living fashion with an Advent Calendar featuring 25 unique and wonderful surprises. This Advent Calendar offers a wonderful opportunity to experiment with a Young Living product every day during this magical season. Surprises include Young Living favourites and new products which have never been seen before. Experience the holidays with the anticipation and excitement of a child. Start a traditional countdown and make every day memorable this holiday season. THIS SET INCLUDES:

25 numbered fabric bags, 25 Young Living surprises, cotton cord, fabric case


WITH FRESHNESS All hearts come home for the holidays. Ensure your home is a festive and fresh haven for entertaining family and friends. A clean and inviting home speaks to the heart of those who enter.

FESTIVE & FRESH COLLECTION ITEM NO. 19829 WHSL. $33.25 | RETAIL $43.75 | PV 22.00 As you welcome guests during the most wonderful time of year, use the Festive & Fresh Collection to create a naturally clean and healthy environment for holiday gatherings. Whether you’re hosting a funfilled night with the neighbours or gathering the family for a traditional feast, the Festive & Fresh Collection will unite the ones who matter most in an atmosphere of joy and harmony. THIS SET INCLUDES:

Thieves ÂŽ Household Cleaner, 14.4 oz, Thieves Spray Bottle


SPRUCE UP YOUR TREE SET ITEM N O. 23647 | WH SL . $38. 25 | RETAIL $50. 33 | P V 2 3 .7 5 This holiday season, whether your tree is real or artificial, let the fragrant aroma of spruce fill the air by tucking rattan sticks infused with Black Spruce oil, inside your tree’s branches. The Spruce Up Your Tree Set will enhance the scent of your tree and add an enticing burst of freshness to any room. Place the oil-infused sticks on a shelf, on a window ledge or behind a curtain for a festive ambiance when you entertain this season, or offer the Spruce Up Your Tree set as a hostess gift. Just as tree trimming is a cherished family tradition, the Spruce Up Your Tree Gift Set is more meaningful when shared. THIS SET INCLUDES:

Northern Lights Black Spruce 5 ml, Rattan Fragrance Sticks in a glass bottle




TRADITIONAL HOLIDAY FEAST Food has always brought families and friends together. Conversations flow at the dinner table, laughter and love fill a home when a cooked meal is enjoyed and everyone partakes in the celebration. This holiday season, when you’re making traditional recipes like ham, sweet potatoes, turkey and all the trimmings, add a little sweet and savoury goodness to the meal with Young Living Plus oils.

COCONUT LIME SUGAR COOKIES Give a traditional recipe a fresh twist • • • • • • • • • •

3 cups all-purpose flour 1 tsp baking powder 1 tsp baking soda ¼ tsp salt 1 cup butter, softened 2 eggs 1 ½ cups granulated sugar 1 tsp vanilla 3 drops Lime+ essential oil ½ cup toasted coconut (optional)

DIRECTIONS Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Using a mixer, beat butter and sugar until smooth and fluffy. Then, beat in eggs, vanilla, and Lime + essential oil. In a separate bowl, whisk flour, salt, baking soda, and baking powder. Mix in the toasted coconut, if you are using it. One cup at a time, carefully add the dry ingredients to the wet. Roll rounded cookies in a bit of extra granulated sugar, and then carefully drop onto parchment paper-covered cookie sheets and bake for 8-10 minutes, until lightly browned. Let baked cookies sit on the cookie sheet for a minute or two and then move to wire cooling racks.

Tip: Swap Lemon+ and Lime+ essential oil for Lemon cookies!

SAVOURY DELIGHTS I T E M N O . 2 3 1 5 2 | W HS L . $ 5 7 . 2 5 | RETAIL $75. 33 | P V 37. 25 The Savoury Delights Set makes it easy to infuse your side dishes or main course with enticing flavours. This gift set is a beautiful way for family members to come together, enhancing recipes handed down from one generation to the next, or to experiment with new recipes and start new traditions. Savour the season and the moments where you can spend time with the ones you love, making recipes and lifetime memories. THIS SET INCLUDES:

Basil+ 5 ml, Oregano+ 5ml, Black Pepper+ 5 ml, Young Living green apron with slots to hold seven essential oils for cooking


SWEET DELIGHTS I T E M N O . 2 3 1 5 7 | W HS L . $ 3 6 . 5 0 | RETAIL $48. 03 | P V 20. 50 Chocolate Santas and candy canes may be a welcome addition to a child’s stocking, but nothing compares to home-baked goodies from the heart. Holiday baking is a wonderful way to spend time with loved ones and experiment with new recipes. This holiday season, while visions of sugarplums dance in their heads, offer traditional Sweet Delights beneath the tree. This set is the perfect recipe for family fun. THIS SET INCLUDES:

Lemon+ 5 ml, Lime+ 5 ml, Spearmint+ 5 ml, Young Living purple apron with slots to hold seven essential oils for cooking



THIS MAGICAL SEASON When Jack Frost has been nipping at your nose, cozy up by the fire and enjoy a cup of traditional holiday warmth. Whether you’ve been out sledding, building a snowman, carolling or decorating the tree, there is nothing like the comfort and joy that comes with curling up with a hot beverage in hand during the holidays.


RISE & SHINE CERAMIC MUG COLLECTION ITEM NO. 23153 | WHSL. $10.35 | RETAIL $13.62 | PV 5.40 While festive music plays and the fire rustles as you catch the twinkle of tree lights, the best seat in the house to watch the snow falling softly outside, is by the fire with the ones you love. Indulge in the comfort and warmth of the season and let the meaning of the holidays touch your soul. Count your blessings this season and raise a cup in gratitude. Cheers! THIS SET INCLUDES:

Orange+ 5 ml, Young Living holiday mug



SPREADING JOY IN YOUR COMMUNITY The holidays are a time for acts of kindness, honoured traditions, spreading good cheer and showing your friends how much they mean to you. This year, focus on what truly matters – peace on earth and goodwill towards our fellow man. The spirit of friendship is the true gift this holiday season.

NINGXIA NEIGHBOUR GIFTS SET ITEM NO. 23640 | WHSL. $132.00 | RETAIL $173.68 | PV 95.75 Let your neighbours experience Young Living products for themselves. Wrap NingXia Red® sachets and sample bottles of Spearmint and Lemon oils in each gift bag and offer your best wishes for good health in a holiday package they’ll appreciate. The NingXia Neighbour Gifts Set includes everything you need to create ten joyful holiday gifts for friends in your community. ‘Tis the season for sharing! THIS SET INCLUDES:

30 NingXia Red ® Sachets, 20 sample bottles, Spearmint 5 ml, Lemon 15 ml, 10 clear gift bags, 5 “Making Spirits Bright” gift tags, 5 “Cheers to you” gift tags, 10 “Fresh from the Fields” gift tags, white Young Living ribbon 14


MAKE HOLIDAY SHOPPING A BREEZE REUSABLE HOLIDAY TOTE BAG IT EM N O . 2 32 39 | W HS L . $ 8 . 0 0 | R E TAIL $ 1 0 . 5 3 | P V 0 When your Young Living holiday gifts have been purchased and wrapped, but you still need to dash out to the stores, ease the burden of carrying multiple bags and grab the Reusable Holiday Tote Bag instead. This durable 15” Canvas tote bag features our favourite slogan “Oils in one hand, confidence in the other.” It’s the perfect companion for carrying holiday treasures home. With yuletide music playing, bells ringing on street corners and shops dressed in true holiday style, there’s something magical with the holidays in the air.

STEAL A KISS BENEATH THE MISTLETOE Treat yourself and the people you love to smoother, softer, more kissable lips. Give the gift of lovable lips with a hydrating lip balm collection that is sure to receive rave reviews from the recipient.

YOU’RE THE BALM COLLECTION IT E M N O . 2 3 3 8 7 | WH SL . $16. 75 | RETAIL $22. 04 | P V 11. 25 The You’re the Balm Collection contains three scrumptious lip balms – Cinnamint™, Lavender and Grapefruit. Each with their own unique blend of essential oils and other nourishing botanicals, these hydrating lip balms seal in moisture so lips look and feel their best. Be mistletoe-ready and discover the You’re the Balm Collection! THIS SET INCLUDES:

Cinnamint™ Lip Balm, Lavender Lip Balm, Grapefruit Lip Balm, “You’re the Balm” zippered pouch


TUCK THE GIFT OF NATURAL HEALTH INTO EVERY STOCKING In many households, stocking stuffers are even more anticipated than actual presents. It’s the thrill of surprise for the recipient and the joy of giving that makes this cherished tradition so special. Give a gift from the heart this holiday season – slip a Young Living purse pack inside every stocking.



EVERYDAY ESSENTIALS PURSE PACK ITEM NO. 23383 | WHSL. $43.75 | RETAIL $57.57 | PV 25.25 There’s nothing like the anticipation of a special surprise tucked inside your stocking. Imagine the look of delight on the faces of your family members when they empty their stockings to reveal the ultimate stocking stuffer–this wonderful purse pack featuring Lavender to ensure all is calm this season, along with Peppermint and Lemon oils to make spirits bright. THIS SET INCLUDES:


Lavender 5 ml, Peppermint 5 ml, Lemon 5 ml, trendy zippered white case, handy informational cards featuring practical oil usage tips, two empty roller bottles for your own blend

NATURALLY HEALTHY PURSE PACK I TEM N O. 23384 | WH SL . $56. 00 | RETAIL $73. 68 | P V 3 4 .7 5 The Naturally Healthy Purse Pack offers someone you love three famous Young Living oils (DiGize™, Thieves® and R.C.™) to help them support natural health. It’s great for travelling and carrying to the gym, yoga class, school or the office. With the Naturally Healthy Purse Pack in their stockings, your family can enjoy the magic and wonder of the holiday season year-round. Stock up and start stuffing! THIS SET INCLUDES:

Young Living Thieves ® 5 ml, DiGize™ 5 ml, R.C.™ 5 ml, trendy zippered gray case, handy informational cards featuring practical oil usage tips, two empty roller bottles for your own blend creations


START A NEW TRADITION OF WELLNESS Start a new tradition to be the best you can be. As the year wanes, we become focused on not only giving thanks for what we have but also on setting goals for who we can become. It’s time for a fresh start of taking care of you.


SOFT AS SNOW SPA HEADBAND IT EM NO . 23 23 8 | W HS L . $ 7 . 2 0 | R E TAIL $ 9 . 4 7 | P V 0 The Soft as Snow Spa Headband makes a wonderful gift to pamper yourself and is also a great stocking stuffer. Plush and soft, this gorgeous headband entices you to do less and enjoy more. Pair it with a favourite Young Living essential oil, Orange Blossom Facial Wash or the ART™ Skin Care System and you have an instant gift set for a family member, friend or neighbour. 23

TREASURE THE SEASON Ease the spirit, soothe the soul and take time to pamper yourself inside and out this holiday season. Start a new tradition of keeping up with your wellness routine and take time to indulge your senses and skin with peaceful essential oils.

SPIRIT OF THE SEASON COLLECTION ITEM NO. 23158 WHSL. $19.85 | RETAIL $26.12 | PV 9.25 This Spirit of the Season Collection contains Christmas Spirit™ essential oil blend, which taps into the happiness, joy and comfort associated with the holiday season. It also includes a stylish Ceramic Diffuser Necklace which allows you to share your holiday spirit with others. The stylish Ceramic Diffuser Necklace makes a fragrant addition to your holiday wardrobe. You can also hang it from the tree or inside your car to surround yourself with an enticing blend of Orange, Cinnamon Bark and Black Spruce. THIS SET INCLUDES:

Christmas Spirit™ 5 ml, Young Living ceramic diffuser necklace


YOUNG LIVING NATURAL BOOST BAR I T E M NO . 2 3 3 8 6 | W HS L . $ 8 6 . 2 5 | R E TAIL $113. 49 | P V 63. 25 Give yourself a boost with the Young Living Natural Boost Bar–an essential oil collection of all natural “boosts” to keep at your fingertips. For an energy boost, there’s Peppermint with its fresh and uplifting aroma. For a boost of confidence, choose Valor™. For clarity, Vetiver stimulates the senses and keeps you grounded. Whether you diffuse, inhale or apply topically, this Young Living Natural Boost Bar is an essential you’ll want for yourself as well as those you love. It makes a great holiday gift for men or women and is perfect to keep you going through the mad holiday rush. THIS SET INCLUDES:

Peppermint 5 ml, Valor™ 5 ml, Vetiver 5 ml, Wooden oil holder to keep your oils together and at the ready


To order, visit or call 1.855.429. 2616 All items in this catalogue are available through December 2017 or while supplies last.

Our innovative Seed to Seal ® quality program and its three pillars – Sourcing, Science and Standard – create pristine and effective products without compromise.

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