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Energize your holidays with the Give the Gift of

Transformation The power to transform people’s lives— including our own—resides in all of us. Positive change can take many forms: increased wellness, purpose, abundance, and vitality are all results of powerful, lasting transformations.

New NingXia

Looking for a delicious, natural pick-me-up during the busy holiday season? NingXia Red® is now infused with seven times more essential oils to energize, fortify, and revitalize body and spirit.

This holiday season give the gift of transformation. Give the gift of Young Living.

Ningxia red 2 PK. - two 750 ml ITEM NO. 3042

Whsl. $67.00 / Retail $88.16 / PV 67

Ningxia red 4 PK. - four 750 ml ITEM NO. 3044

Whsl. $120.00 / Retail $157.89 / PV 120

Also available in 6 PK. and 8 PK.



Ningxia red Singles 2 fl. oz. 30 Ct. ITEM NO. 3525

Whsl. $79.75 / Retail $104.93 / PV 79.75

Also available in 60 CT. and 90 CT.

NXR Combo Pack NingXia Red 2 pk. ITEM NO. 4710 2

NingXia Red Singles 30 ct.

Whsl. $139.75 / Retail $183.88 / PV 137.75

Surprise Them with

Transformational Products Lime 15 ml

Hinoki 5 ml

With its invigorating and energizing citrus aroma, lime is a great way to start achieving your New Year’s goals.

Hinoki’s rich, lemon-like scent is a powerful way to increase your spiritual awareness during the busy holiday season. ITEM NO. 3073 Whsl. $24.75 / Retail $32.57 PV 24.75

ITEM NO. 3074 Whsl. $10.50 / Retail $13.82 PV 10.50

OmegaGize3 The new OmegaGize3™ combines the power of essential oils with three core daily supplements (omega-3 fatty acids, CoQ10, and vitamin D3) in one convenient capsule. Supporting your brain, heart, eye, and joint health has never been easier. ITEM NO. 3097 Whsl. $58.75 / Retail $77.30 PV 58.75 4

Evergreen Essence 15 ml

Sacred Angel 15 ml

Evergreen Essence is an exclusive blend from our St. Maries, Idaho, farm that combines the invigorating scents of pine, cedar, and spruce to give you a cheerful holiday pick-me-up.

Sacred Angel™ is a limited edition blend of myrrh, ylang ylang, and other pure essential oils that can help align positive energies and provide powerful spiritual grounding this holiday season.

ITEM NO. 3353 Whsl. $21.75 / Retail $28.62 / PV 21.75

ITEM NO. 4744 Whsl. $49.75 / Retail $65.46 / PV 49.75


Transform Yourself with

New Slique Products

Young Living’s newly expanded line of Slique™ products makes maintaining a healthy weight easier—and more delicious—than ever before!

Slique collection Help control excessive holiday eating with the revolutionary and convenient Slique Slim Caps and Slique Gum. Easy to take with you and share, this collection will help you achieve and maintain your healthy weightmanagement goals. Includes one box of Slique Slim Caps and one 3-pack of Slique Gum, plus a holiday gift bag.

ITEM NO. 4874 Whsl. $99.75 Retail $131.25 PV 99.75

Slique gift collection Featuring the new Slique Essence essential oil blend and delicious Slique Ocotea Oolong Cacao Tea, this collection makes a healthy weight-management regimen attainable and enjoyable. Make sure this holiday is a Slique one! Includes one box of Slique Tea, one 15 ml bottle of Slique Essence, and one 25-pack of lemon honey sweetening sticks, plus a holiday gift bag.

ITEM NO. 4875 Whsl. $39.75 Retail $52.30 PV 39.75


25 pack of lemon honey stir sticks with Slique Gift Collection only

Share the Power of Essential Oils with Holiday Mini Kits


Healthy Home Mini Kit

Relaxation Mini Kit

Transform your home into a healthy haven with this mini kit that contains three powerful oils to promote a healthy immune system. Includes 5-ml bottles of Thieves®, Purification®, and R.C.™ and a holiday gift box.

The Relaxation Mini Kit is an ideal way to be grounded during the busy holiday season. Includes 5-ml bottles of Idaho blue spruce, Peace & Calming®, and Sacred Mountain™ and a holiday gift box.

ITEM NO. 4780 Whsl. $28.75 / Retail $37.83 PV 28.75

ITEM NO. 4871 Whsl. $42.75 / Retail $56.25 PV 42.75

Item packaging may differ from what is pictured.

The Spirit of the Season Mini Kit Embrace the spirit of holidays past and present with this specially selected trio of balancing oils. Includes 5-ml bottles of The Gift™, balsam fir, and orange and a holiday gift box. ITEM NO. 4872 Whsl. $59.75 / Retail $78.62 PV 59.75


Age Refining Technology Beauty Products

New A·R·T® skin care products combine the soothing properties of the exotic orchid with the revitalizing power of essential oils.

A·R·T Gift Collection Give the gift of refined beauty. Offering the synergistic, skinenhancing benefits of orchids and select essential oils, the A·R·T Beauty Masque™ and Renewal Serum™ are unique and effective additions to every woman’s skin-care regimen. Includes one box of A•R•T Beauty Masques and one bottle of A•R•T Renewal Serum, plus a holiday organza gift bag.


ITEM NO. 4876

Whsl. $150.00 / Retail $197.37 / PV 150


Portable, Powerful, and

Perfect Gifts

Lip Balm Collection Trust your lips to this trio of essential oil-infused lip balms for moisture and protection this holiday season. Includes nourishing Cinnamint Lip Balm, refreshing Grapefruit Lip Balm, and soothing Lavender Lip Balm. Includes one Cinnamint Lip Balm, one Grapefruit Lip Balm, and one Lavender Lip Balm in a holiday gift box.

ITEM NO. 4790 Whsl. $10.00 / Retail $13.16 / PV 10

Holiday Comfort Collection Featuring three of our most popular and powerful roll-ons, Deep Relief™, Stress Away™, and Breathe Again™, this collection helps you escape to find relief and comfort—no matter where your holiday travels take you. Patent pending. Includes one Deep Relief™, one Stress Away™, and one Breathe Again™. Includes a holiday gift box.

ITEM NO. 4873 Whsl. $55.00 / Retail $72.37 / PV 55


Transform Your Home into a

Spa Getaway

Vitassage™ Vitassage is a first-of-its-kind product that combines the benefits of any three of your favorite essential oils with a comforting massage. The revolutionary Vitassage is the perfect gift for any essential oil lover. Patents pending. ITEM NO. 4625

Whsl. $69.00 / Retail $85.50 / PV 69

Home Diffuser With a beautiful design and enhanced performance, Young Living’s new Home Diffuser is an ideal way to infuse the air in your home or office with the benefits of essential oils. Patents pending. As a limited time holiday special, all home diffuser orders will include a complimentary 5 ml bottle of Spruce and 5 ml bottle of Christmas Spirit.

ITEM NO. 4589


Whsl. $75.00 / Retail $98.68 / PV 37.50


Enjoy the

Spirit of the Season

Essence of the Season Experience a new level of spirituality with the perennial favorite Essence of the Season™ collection. Includes 5-ml bottles of frankincense, myrrh, and Christmas Spirit™ essential oils, plus frankincense and myrrh resin. ITEM NO. 3118 Whsl. $69.75 / Retail $91.78 / PV 69.75

Resin Burner This beautiful burner invites a sacred atmosphere into your home every time you use it. Includes a complimentary bag of frankincense resin.

ITEM NO. 4880 Whsl. $32.75 / Retail $43.09 / PV 16.38



Something to Smile About Kids Gift Collection Avoid the harmful effects of chemical dyes, colors, and flavors with the all-natural ingredients in the new KidScents® Slique™ Toothpaste and MightyVites™. Formulated with a blend of nature’s essential oils, these tasty products are sure to bring a smile to parents and children alike. Includes one KidScents® Slique™ Toothpaste, one KidScents MightyVites™ one toothbrush, and five animals, plus a holiday gift box.

ITEM NO. 4877 Whsl. $29.75 / Retail $39.14 / PV 29.75

Also includes a free toothbrush and toy animals!


Help Them

Look & Feel Their Best Men’s and Women’s Polos These great-fitting polo shirts make a professional and powerful statement every time you wear them.


Women’s Polos Whsl. $50 / Retail $65.79 / PV 0

Men’s Polos Whsl. $50 / Retail $65.79 / PV 0

ITEM NO. 4848XS ITEM NO. 4848S ITEM NO. 4848M ITEM NO. 4848L ITEM NO. 4848XL ITEM NO. 48482L ITEM NO. 48483L

ITEM NO. 4846S ITEM NO. 4846M ITEM NO. 4846L ITEM NO. 4846XL ITEM NO. 48462L ITEM NO. 48463L


Men’s and Women’s Jackets Stylish and comfortable, this Young Living branded jacket keeps you warm as the temperature drops.

Men’s Jacket Whsl. $65 / Retail $85.53 / PV 0

Women’s Jacket Whsl. $65 / Retail $85.53 / PV 0

ITEM NO. 4852S ITEM NO. 4852M ITEM NO. 4852L ITEM NO. 4852XL ITEM NO. 484522L

ITEM NO. 4853S ITEM NO. 4853M ITEM NO. 4853L ITEM NO. 4853XL ITEM NO. 484532L





Young Living Apron

Young Living Messenger Bag

This stylish apron holds eight 15-ml bottles of essential oils. The ideal blend of form and functionality, this apron is a must-have for any massage therapist, Raindrop® enthusiast, or anyone else who works or cooks with oils.

Perfect as a carry-on for flights or for toting products to your next meeting, this bag is a stylish way to share Young Living’s message of transformation with everyone you meet.

ITEM NO. 4860 Whsl. $15.00 / Retail $19.74 / PV 0

ITEM NO. 4703

Whsl. $45 / Retail $59.21 / PV 0

ITEM NO. 4702

Whsl. $45 / Retail $59.21 / PV 0

Essential Oil Carrying case This beautiful carrier provides a convenient way to take your favorite essential oils everywhere you go. ITEM NO. 4705

Whsl. $12.00 / Retail $15.79 / PV 0

ITEM NO. 4706

Whsl. $12.00 / Retail $15.79 / PV 0

Pen Collection (10 pk) Send the right message every time you write! Ten of these elegant Young Living branded pens come in a holiday gift box— the perfect gift for new prospects. ITEM NO. 4879

Whsl. $10 / Retail $13.16 / PV 0

stainless steel Water Bottle This sleek, durable stainless steel bottle allows you to safely add essential oils to flavor water. ITEM NO. 4878

Whsl. $14.00 / Retail $18.42 / PV 0

Ceramic Diffuser Necklace Combining the elegance of jewelry with the benefits of essential oils, this necklace is specially designed to slowly diffuse your favorite essential oils. ITEM NO. 4831

Whsl. $18.00 / Retail $23.68 /PV 0

Essential Oil-Infused Bath Beads Soothe away holiday stress while rejuvenating your skin. Filled with our pure lavender essential oil and fractionated coconut oil, one of these beads in your bath will create a relaxing and comforting escape. (Bath beads will be available for purchase October 31.) Includes 15 beads in a holiday box. ITEM NO 4715 22

Whsl. $10.00 / Retail $13.16 / PV 0

How to Order Giving beautiful, transformational gifts is quick and easy: • • Customer Care Department at 1-800-371-3515 Customer Care Department hours: Monday – Friday 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., MST Saturday – 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., MST

Experience the New NingXia Red Free introductory meetings featuring the new NingXia Red are coming to a city near you! Visit to learn more.

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Seasonal Essentials 2012 Holiday Catalog-US  

Title: Seasonal Essentials 2012 Holiday Catalog-US Give the Gift of Transformation. The power to transform people’s lives-including our won...

Seasonal Essentials 2012 Holiday Catalog-US  

Title: Seasonal Essentials 2012 Holiday Catalog-US Give the Gift of Transformation. The power to transform people’s lives-including our won...

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