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Volume 3.9 September 2013


Founder’s Message THE SILVER RETREAT is one of my absolute favorite events of the year! I love being back “home” in northern Idaho and especially at the St. Maries farm. Being able to spend a few days every year with rising Young Living leaders in this beautiful environment is really exciting. During our three days together, we laughed, learned, worked, and even cried. We were renewed and energized as we spent a day at the farm. The next day we floated the Spokane River with 25 rafts of distributors splashing water. Swinging from the trees on the river’s edge like Tarzan and making a big splash into the water was fun for all, whether jumping or just watching. I love the thrill and the personal growth that comes from experiencing adventures together like white-water rafting! After dinner at the park, we parted with heart-felt hugs and good-byes until next time. It was a most rewarding time! The Silver Retreat is the event every new distributor should be aiming for. Make a goal to join us next year. It will be worth the hard work you do to get there, as you will be filled with memories you will never forget. Young Living has a great program to help you achieve Silver called Silver in Six, that is, becoming a Silver in six months. Contact your upline leaders to discuss how you can make this program work for you. Becoming a Silver is an accomplishment everyone can achieve! To help you accomplish even more of your Young Living goals, we have just started an exciting Drive to Win promotion for North American distributors as an additional incentive to share Young Living. Winners will be filled with the aloha spirit during a free or partially paid vacation in Hawaii! Also, work to win a Mercedes-Benz or cash! Share Young Living with everyone you meet, so you can participate in this great experience.

The unforgettable weekend of leadership, adventure!

NORTHERN IDAHO—THE genesis of Young Living—sets a perfect background for the annual Young Living Silver Retreat. It is, after all, at this event that the newest Young Living leaders—those who most recently have established their journey toward wellness, purpose, and abundance—are celebrated. From the beautiful Coeur d’Alene Resort that is nestled around the stunning mountain lake, traveling farther south to the magnificent St. Maries farm, and then experiencing the thrilling Spokane River, the Silver Retreat exemplifies Young Living. “This has been amazing!” said Silver Beverly McClendon. “Young Living is an amazing company. It’s such a pleasure to be with other leaders, to share experiences with other leaders, and to feel the love from everyone. It is one of the most amazing journeys I have been on.” Following an entertaining welcome reception and evening inside the luxurious resort, the participants rode along the tree-lined hillsides to spend a day getting to know the roots of Young Living at the peaceful and inspiring St. Maries farm. Being able to see the Seed to Seal® process in action and to learn about world-class distillation practices from Gary Young is an exclusive opportunity for Young Living distributors. Sara Wallace, who is now a Gold distributor, explained that spending a day at the farm was not just the highlight of the retreat but also a highlight she will remember for the rest of her life. “Being at the farm is an amazing experience on a lot of different levels,” she said. “Getting to work next to other people who are passionate about oils and Young Living, to be part of the energy of the farm, and living the Seed to Seal process is just amazing! I wouldn’t have traded it for the world.” Of course, the Silver Retreat just wouldn’t be the Silver Retreat without a white-water rafting adventure. In true Young Living style, distributors worked together to brave

EVERYONE NEEDS to have this experience for themselves. They need to have it for themselves and then INSPIRE OTHERS TO GET HERE!” –Sharon Wild, Australia

the rapids and cold on an exhilarating ride down the Spokane River. It was a perfect exclamation point to a great event. “Attending the Silver Retreat has been a fulfillment of a dream for me,” Silver Stacey Hall revealed. “There’s absolutely no reason on earth that everyone striving for Silver can’t be here next year. Make a commitment and do it; this is all worth it!” The Essential Edge

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From the 2013 International Grand Convention

Gary Young: Increase Intensity of Thoughts

WHERE ELSE EXCEPT for Young Living can you take a hands-on approach to self-development using the world’s best essential oils while being taught from one of the world’s leading essential oil experts? That’s exactly what D. Gary Young’s convention workshop was: an insight into self-evaluation, self-discovery, and self-progression. “You need to increase the intensity of your thoughts if you want anything to happen,” said Gary. “The ability to control our thoughts is the power all of us hold, but you have to actively manifest those thoughts.” Using five different essential oil blends, distributors participated in a master class designed to help them move forward in life with an unbreakable confidence in themselves and optimism for the future. “Put your energy into positive thinking and use positivity to make life happen,” explained Gary. “Life is based on structure, belief, and behavior patterns. One of the most successful behavioral patterns you can develop is to serve in honesty through selfless giving and by always giving more than you get.” Using Young Living’s Acceptance™ oil blend, distributors were admonished to honestly accept where they currently are in life, because, according to Gary, “you must accept who you are before you can move beyond that person and change.” A main focus of the workshop was identifying the intensity of emotions and, if negative, working intently on overcoming them. “Wake up to who you can be,” said Gary encouragingly. “Let go of those things that no longer serve you in a positive way. Learn to fly higher. Change your altitude by changing your attitude.”

“WAKE UP to who you can be...learn to fly higher.”

Marcella Vonn Harting: Mining Diamonds

FOR MORE THAN two decades, Marcella Vonn Harting has been living and breathing Young Living every day. It isn’t just a lifestyle, it’s her life—actually, it’s her family’s life. You see, the Hartings get success, and they make it happen every day with Young Living. “You are wired for survival,” she said during the 2013 International Grand Convention. “What if the motivation for having success at Young Living was your survival? How would that change the way you do Young Living?” The way to do Young Living is exactly the way this Royal Crown Diamond has been doing it for so many years. For Marcella, it’s not about the huge financial incentive and potential; it’s about the value of helping people by finding solutions to their problems. “The more you can help others is the only way to grow your business,” she said. “Be the one people value by showing them they’re valued. Success isn’t about you; it’s about serving and being of service to others by helping them answer the question: What is the problem that isn’t getting answered in your life?” The way to be of service, Marcella says, is to constantly be working. When you work with others, you are able to create change in their lives, and you create change in your own life through not only the opportunity you have created but also by the respect you’ve earned. “You have everything you need to mine Diamonds. Don’t go looking elsewhere,” she said. “Success may not look like success at first. Like an actual diamond, people just need some polishing to become Young Living Diamonds. Just make sure the people that you’re polishing are high-quality people, because the quality of the people you associate with will determine your Young Living destiny. “Young Living needs you more than at any time before,” continued Marcella. “Step up and be a leader!”

“Young Living needs you more than at any time before. STEP UP AND BE A LEADER!”

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The Essential Edge


A number of wonderful products will soon be available from Young Living Europe for the first time!

‘20’s Casino Night a Roaring Success!

MORE THAN 700 Young Living distributors joined the D. Gary Young Foundation (DGYF) for the Roaring ‘20’s Casino Night event held in Salt Lake City during the International Grand Convention. This extraordinary fundraiser lived up to the hype and delivered a smashing success! For one evening the flapper generation was alive and jumpin’, jivin’, and wailin’ on the dance floor in their jazzy dresses and sultry suits to tunes of a big band. The DGYF knows how hard Young Living distributors work every day. To be able to treat them to this festive party for a great cause was wonderful. As Don Clair, director of the DGYF, looked over the audience from backstage, he noticed at one time that not a single person was at the dinner tables! Every person was joining in the fun on the dance floor or at the casino tables. Thanks to each of you for the contributions you made to help the foundation build a high school for the Young Living Academy in Ecuador. Thank you, also, for the generosity of so many who are helping with Jacob’s Team, which now has 106 new members! Thank you to all of our new child sponsors—every child at the Young Living Academy is now sponsored! When the total receipts are in and we have the numbers finalized, we’ll be sharing the totals from the fundraiser with our newsletter subscribers on our website and on our Facebook page. If you have not yet subscribed, do so today and “Like” us on Facebook! Thanks again for all of your generosity and for making the Roaring ‘20’s Casino Night an event to remember!

Sign Up Now for the New Beauty School!

WHAT COULD POSSIBLY enhance an early November weekend enveloped in the beauty of Utah’s breathtaking Wasatch mountains? Only one thing: being pampered with the best and latest beauty products from the world leader in essential oils! Join Young Living’s expert skin-care panel for the new and improved Beauty School at the stunning Zermatt Resort in the Swiss-themed town of Midway, Utah, November 8-9. With exceptional, updated curriculum and access to the newest Young Living products, you will enjoy hands-on training, in-depth instruction, and spa-like treatments that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and beautiful. Included with your registration will be a Beauty School Kit filled with Young Living skin-care products and Jeunesse, the exclusive essential oil blend that is available only during Beauty School! You will want to have this kit! For a truly great value, be sure to take advantage of early-bird pricing by registering before October 1. Tickets to the event are limited and go fast, so register now! To learn more about this fantastic weekend getaway and to register, visit (Available in English language only)

October 2013 PROMOTIONS

Spend 195PV and receive a PanAway 15ml! PanAway

is a proprietary blend

Clove is a sweet yet spicy fragrance

Peppermint is one of our most

of four essential oils designed to

that is stimulating and revitalising. It is highly valued for its immune-

the oldest oils used by man. It has a


enhancing features and its principal

strong, clean, fresh and minty aroma

constituent, eugenol, is used in the

and is regarded for its versatility.

Gary Young created this popular

dental industry. Clove has the highest

soothe tired muscles after strenuous

blend after a severe injury to his leg.

popular single oils and also one of

ORAC value of all tested substances.

It combines the comforting properties of helichrysum, wintergreen, clove, to revitalise fatigued muscles and enhance overall well-being. Helichrysum has a fresh, earthy,

herbaceous scent that lifts the spirit. It is also commonly called Everlasting or Immortelle. Wintergreen has a sweet, minty

scent and contains the same active ingredient as birch - methyl salicylate. It can be beneficial in massage for soothing head tension and muscles


* Due to rebrand transition product labels may vary.

and peppermint. It can be used

Longevity Capsules

Longevity™ softgels are a potent, proprietary blend of fat-soluble antioxidants. Enriched with the pure essential oils thyme, orange, and now frankincense. Longevity Capsules Code: 328908 Discounted pricing: Whsl. £19.35



after exercising.

For all current promotions and terms and conditions please visit:

Recognition for July 2013 Congratulations to the following distributors on their recent leadership rank advancements:


2013 PAN



please visit: for more information

New Rank

Last Month Rank

Antje Lüdemann Gold Silver Wege Zur Lebenskraft Angelis Silver Executive Drop Of Balance Silver Distributor Frank Nadrag Executive Senior Star Sieglinde Ohr Executive Distributor Aigner Power-Products Senior Star Star Marie Louise Bartsch Senior Star Star Annerose Biele Senior Star Star Coaching & Mediation Senior Star Star Sarka Dominova Senior Star Distributor Naturheilpraxis Hp Psych El-Cherkeh Senior Star Star Edeltraud Haischberger Senior Star Star Kristina Margarete Heiland Senior Star Star Elisabeth Hoelzl Senior Star Star Sergiy Karyakin Senior Star Star Elisabeth Klettner Senior Star Star Kurbad Töste Senior Star Star Fiona Rose-Johan Macdonaldsenior Star Star Manuela Mühlbacher E.u. Senior Star Distributor Renacc Senior Star Star Mari Carmen Buzon Sanchez Senior Star Star Alexandra Schatz Senior Star Star Isabella Maria Siegl Senior Star Distributor Samuel Stoebis Senior Star Star Andrea Stöbis Senior Star Star Simone UnterwegerEbenbichler Senior Star Star Eva Vesela Senior Star Star Maria Weihs Senior Star Star

The Essential Edge

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Young Living’s World News JAPAN

Young Living Japan moved to the brand-new office on the 32nd floor within the same building. The office size has doubled, the working space is wide open, and views from the 32nd floor are awesome! The main conference room is called “St. Maries,” and the other conference room is called “Chamomile.” In addition to the conference rooms, there is open space with a large table and chairs, optimal for open discussion by staff members. The new office is designed to be a pleasant working environment. The new office had an opening ceremony at the end of July, which was attended by Young Living distributors and business partners.


Nine new Young Living Silver leaders from Singapore and Malaysia had a great and inspiring time with Gary and other Young Living executives at the Silver Retreat in August. They came back home sharing what they learned, their experiences, and their motivation to support the World Peace Caravan. This month the region is putting special focus on building leaders! The much-anticipated South East Asia Leadership Seminar in Phuket, Thailand, is happening September 12-15. The event will include special guests Crown Diamond Michael McDanel and VP of International Jared Turner. Michael McDanel will also conduct leadership meetings in Malaysia on September 16 and in Singapore the next day.


Young Living Canada is continuing to expand and add great youthful leadership to the market. We recently had more than 20 new Canadian Silvers attend the Silver Retreat in August. A great sign of the growth of the Canadian market will also be shown on this year’s Global Leadership Cruise, as there will be more Canadians this year than ever before. The Canadian office is seeing continued awareness from local people in the Calgary, Alberta, region and is becoming busier each month since opening. The office has a small training room that can hold up to 50 people. It is being used more frequently, as members are finding success holding events there. The Alberta region is thankful for a recent training held by Crown Diamond Debra Raybern. This meeting had more than 240 people in attendance, with great information and advice given to the young leadership in the market.

Young Living Australia recently held a three-day Leadership Retreat in the Hinterland of the Gold Coast, which continued the International Grand Convention theme, “Believe.” The purpose of this retreat was to ensure that we are serving our customers, people, and business in the best possible manner across all target markets. New systems and programs were also presented with positive responses from excited leaders.

COME SHARE IN D. Gary Young’s passion to promote peace around the world by joining the World Peace Caravan. Gary’s vision is to bring together people of varied ethnicities and religions, who will unite along the original Frankincense Trail, journeying together in a cultural experience unlike any before. We will travel by camel, horse, donkey, or foot by day and gather around campfires at night for one cause, one purpose, and one outcome: a living demonstration of peace. Enjoy fascinating sights; meet interesting, wonderful people; and learn about exotic customs and cultures as you experience life on a real caravan. Departing from Petra, Jordan, on March 27, 2014, this event boasts options for everyone! Travelers can experience just one day or, for the more adventurous, the entire 17-day journey from Petra, Jordan, to Jerusalem, Israel. This amazing journey will also include a World Health and Peace Conference to be held at the King Hussein Bin El Talal Conference Center on the Dead Sea, April 5-7. International speakers, peace advocates, and health professionals from around the world will educate and enlighten participants during this special event. Mark your calendars for this unforgettable and unique opportunity to experience this ancient and historically important region of the world. For more information or to register, please visit


WORLD PEACE Help support the World Peace Caravan! Visit now for more information. The Essential Edge

Europe is thrilled by the continuous passion of our distributors! Both our traditional markets and several new countries are showing immense growth and fantastic sponsoring activity. August was all about the Global Leadership Cruise, as yet again Austrian Diamond Dietfried Wruss won the cruise point contest! We are looking forward to hearing from him and the other participants who enjoyed the wild beauty of Alaska and learned much during the exciting training sessions. Our next big event, which everybody is looking forward to, is the Pan European Convention in Vienna on September 21. Attendees will experience an extensive product expo, brilliant guest speakers, and much more! There will also be special cultural activities in order to celebrate Austria—the warm-hearted host nation of this event.

Fall Harvest Festival September 14 Mona, UT

Discovering Nature’s Remedies September 21 Flint, MI

Raindrop Technique September 21 Calgary, AB, CAN October 5 Brookfield, WI

Introductory Meetings September 23 Naperville, IL September 24 Kingsport, TN September 25 Pensacola, FL September 26 Baton Rouge, LA


The Peace Caravan!

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Upcoming Global Events

Europe 30 Oil Collection

COMING SOON! Essential Oil Singles: Bergamot Cedarwood Clove Cypress Fennel Frankincense Grapefruit Lavender Lemon Lemongrass Melaleuca Alternifolia Orange Peppermint Thyme Wintergreen

Essential Oil Blends: Aroma Siez Citrus Fresh Di-Gize Endoflex Highest Potential Joy PanAway Peace & Calming Purification Raven RC Release Thieves® Valor® White Angelica



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