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Volume 4.7 July 2014

The Royal Return

Founder’s Message WE FEEL GREATLY blessed and are thrilled for the spectacular success of our 20th-anniversary International Grand Convention. Looking back at our simple beginnings and seeing what we have now become is a mixture of humility and rejoicing. It has been the most amazing journey of discovery, adventure, and determination. Everyone on the corporate side, together with thousands of members, has been greatly rewarded for being part of this joyous event. The memories of where we started and the vision of where we are going create a feeling of gratitude and a fire of anticipation for what lies ahead. Now is the time to hold onto the tail of the comet as we go into warp speed! At one time we thought we were introducing too many products, but we didn’t know what to leave out because they are all so timely. Enjoy them as you experiment to discover the benefits for you and your family—and remember to let us in on your discoveries. This is a great time of wellness and abundance for Young Living, and we are thrilled for your success in so many ways. Go forward and build your business; you will touch the lives of thousands more who will join with us to express joy and thanksgiving to our Creator for what He has given us to share with the world. We love you all and appreciate your great support. To all of you who made the sacrifice to be with us to celebrate our 20 years of growing together, we ask that you take the excitement you felt and what you learned home with you to those anxiously waiting to hear your stories and all the news. We look forward to being together again and sharing in the excitement of all of your success. Sincerely, Gary and Mary Young

In 2011 D. Gary Young, with the help of Jean-Noël Landel, Benoît Cassan, and Jean-Marie Blanc, bridged two continents and three decades in a realization of the beginning of an audacious undertaking: bringing a thriving, healthy Lavandula angustifolia— true lavender—from St. Maries, Idaho, back to its origin at the Young Living Lavender Farm in the Simiane Valley in southern France to save lavender in the region. The following is from an interview with Gary in France in June 2014:

What is really amazing is that this is the

A Perilous Past only time I’ve seen true lavender with such TWENTY YEARS AGO we saw things changing in the true a life force in it. Nobody can believe it. lavender fields in France. I watched it closely then, and it wasn’t long after when lavender started dying off. The true lavender that Gary brought with When I went back to France in 1985, ’87, ’88, ’89, and ’91, him from St. Maries hasn’t grown here for when I started working with Jean-Noël, I kept taking seed over 15 years. It disappeared, but the way back home and planting it. In 1991 I started expanding my fields until I had enough true lavender to plant 45 acres at it looks now is very promising. the St. Maries farm from 1992-94. – Jean-Noël Landel As I went back to France over the years, we watched the lavender slowly die out. We watched the farmers working and working to get it back and to find out why this was happening. Part of it was an unknown virus that came through the region. Also, some of the fields developed a fungus, which I believe had something to do with the weakened immunity of the plants after years and years of growing and being fertilized. The lavender just wasn’t resistant to some of the bugs and fungus any longer. A severe, extended drought also took its toll. An Exciting New Beginning What is so exciting is that I talked to Jean-Noël several years ago and said that I had a feeling that maybe one day St. Maries lavender would reestablish lavender back in France and create a rebirthing of true lavender. As we talked about it, there were some laughs; but three years ago, Gary leased the French lavender farm in 1993. I brought seed back to France from the St. Maries farm. We decided to experiment and just see what it would do. So we planted it in the nursery and started growing starts. Two years ago, we moved the lavender from the nursery and planted it in the field. What’s amazing to me is that this lavender originally came from France, and then we brought it back after 20 years in the U.S. and reestablished it. And, now, our lavender field was in full bloom 10 days before any other lavender in all of Provence. Benoît Cassan, president of the French Lavender Growers Association, said, “This St. Maries lavender looks exactly like our true lavender fields did 50 years ago.” This really brought a lump up in my throat. It’s beautiful and magnificent true lavender. It’s coming in multiple colors from white to deep, deep purple. It’s lush with a lot of stems and heavy flowers on them. You just couldn’t ask for a more beautiful true lavender than what’s here now. The other part that thrills me is that this lavender will produce seed. Jean-Noël and Jean-Marie will gather seed and start propagating new starts for next year to reestablish a strong immunity within the plants. This is so exciting! France has given so much to me, and I feel honored and humbled that I can give back to France after all these years. It’s a real joy. We are excited! Come and be part of this amazing Young Living true lavender farm in France—the largest true lavender farm in the world today!

A Field Full of Melissa

FROM JUNE 9–12, the Young Living farm team planted 120,000 melissa plants at the St. Maries farm! During the next few weeks, an additional 100,000 melissa plants will be put in the ground, making 15 flourishing acres of beautiful melissa. These plants will be ready for our members to harvest in 2–3 years! The Essential Edge

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Experience What’s New From Young Living

Build Your Dream Essential Oil Blend This year marks two decades of Young Living setting the standard for quality, purity, and effectiveness in the essential oils industry. To celebrate this landmark achievement, Young Living Founder and CEO D. Gary Young has formulated Build Your Dream™ essential oil blend. This unique and powerful commemorative blend includes significant oils that highlight Young Living’s 20-year journey of helping individuals discover profound and lasting transformations, improve their health, and change lives around the world! Build Your Dream contains Blue Lotus, a rare and unique oil not found in any other Young Living blends; additionally, seven more oils in this very special blend are distilled from plants at Young Living farms. To order your Build Your Dream essential oil blend (Item No. 4834) today, please visit

Gary’s True Grit Einkorn Pancake and Waffle Mix

Gary’s True Grit Einkorn Spaghetti

Gary’s True Grit™ Einkorn Pancake and Waffle Mix combines ancient einkorn wheat and other healthful grains with a special blend of ground legumes, added for a concentrated source of protein and fiber, making this a delicious and nutritious meal that will be enjoyed by the entire family. Einkorn is the original “staff-of-life” grain, known as the oldest variety of wheat, which dates back to the beginning of time. Einkorn’s natural genetic code and low gluten levels make it a superior choice because of its compatibility with the human body when compared to the modern, hybrid wheat of today. Because einkorn is low in gluten and easy to digest, it also allows for better absorption of nutrients. Get your Gary’s True Grit Einkorn Pancake and Waffle Mix (Item No. 5300) today at

Gary’s True Grit™ Einkorn Spaghetti is made from ancient einkorn wheat that brings a nutritious, unhybridized meal right to your table. This unbleached, low-gluten einkorn spaghetti is non-GMO and is high in protein, vitamin A, and carotene. The wheat is grown on site at Young Living farms in Utah and France and is the healthiest alternative to modern wheat that is available. Order Gary’s True Grit Einkorn Spaghetti (Item No. 5301) today at

Gary Young: A Somalian Adventure This is the finale of the adventure series highlighting real events from Gary’s frankincense exploration in Somalia, written by Gary himself.



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The Essential Edge

Young Living Essential Oils Thanksgiving Point Business Park 3125 Executive Parkway, Lehi, UT 84043

Unlocking the Ancient Silo

In 1990, Gary started looking for the ancient wheat and discovered that it was hard to find. Seeing occasional small fields in Hunza Land and Turkey, the search eventually led him to the Jordan River Valley in 1999, where he found einkorn. A few years later, Gary and his farming partner, Jean-Noël Landel, were talking about einkorn, and Jean-Noël told Gary he had einkorn seeds and wanted to plant them on the Young Living farm in France. This is how it all began. Soon, the co-op farmers were growing it and drastically increasing its production, making it possible to one day release einkorn to Young Living Einkorn growing beautifully at the Young Living farm in Mona, Utah. members. It has been five years since Young Living started growing einkorn on the farm in France. Two years ago, test patches were also started at the Young Living farm in Mona, Utah. In 2013, the first successful small harvest of einkorn was celebrated. This year, more than 35 acres of einkorn are growing on the farm in Utah.

Ancient Einkorn TodAy’s sTAff of LifE

D. GARY YOUNG’S NEW BOOK! A man’s journey of discovery to find the “staff of life” and unlock the health secrets of ancient einkorn.

Hybrid Grains, GMos, and Chemicals yoUnG

Gary Young is a man with extraordinary vision. He grew up in a four-room log cabin with his parents and five siblings, with no . running water or electricity. During the winter they chopped ice from the creek and hauled it with a sleigh and team of horses to the cabin to be melted in a bucket on the stove. They milked every morning and night, regardless of the brutal, freezing winter weather. There were no presents for Christmas or birthday celebrations because there wasn’t any money. They fixed old, broken-down equipment, wore ragged hand-me-downs, and lived in deplorable poverty. Gary knew that he wanted something better. He was not going to live as an adult the way he lived growing up, so he left home at 17 with his horse and headed for Canada to forge his dream out of the wilderness in northern British Columbia. He was living his dream until a debilitating logging accident shattered that dream and left him confined to a wheelchair for life, according to the prognosis. After three suicide attempts, he became obsessed with finding God’s healing medicines. It took him 13 years to walk again without assistance, not without pain, however, but with a knowing that the impossible was possible for anyone who believed. While in school, he opened a clinic to conduct research on degenerative disease. In 1982, he was introduced to the world of essential oils, which became a life-long passion. He developed application techniques and discovered all kinds of uses for these precious oils. Gary often thought of his mother and her unresolved problems, never-ending pain, and need for more drugs. He traveled the world to conduct research and to study the oldest people living, wanting to discover their secrets of longevity. It was on this path that he became intrigued with wheat—the bread that his mother couldn’t eat. The wheat he found in Hunza Land in 1995 was not like the wheat he had harvested as a boy. The stock was long, almost stringy, with thin, flat, symmetrical kernels with a lot of hair and grew very tall. What happened to the original, ancient wheat? Why do so many people suffer with gluten intolerance and celiac disease? The answers to his mother’s sickness began to emerge. Gary first grew einkorn in France and then in Utah and began developing his own einkorn recipes. Today, his company, Young Living Essential Oils, offers pure, whole-grain Einkorn Pancake and Waffle Mix and Einkorn Spaghetti. Individuals not wanting to eat food made from traditional wheat flour can be confident in eating the ancient, non-hybrid einkorn. Gary shares his research and knowledge through education and in the books he writes, and his essential oil formulas and food supplements have blessed thousands of people around the globe.

Rediscovering Ancient Nutrition

Ancient einkorn: todAy’s stAff of Life

GETTING TO NAIROBI took five flights and four days of frustration and anticipation. The planes were unreliable and the schedule tenuous. When we walked into the airport in Bosaso, gunfire was heard and my guards whisked me quickly to safety. It seems that five terrorists were after a would-be American hostage. Hostages bring a good ransom, especially for anyone of prominence. That couldn’t be me—I’m just an ol’ cowboy from the mountains, so I wasn’t too worried. One terrorist was killed and the others ran. I was escorted to the plane, and off we flew to Erigavo and from there on to Mogadishu, the capitol and last stop before leaving Somalia. I was grateful when that flight Somalian security guards escorting Gary (top); took off and thought I was finally free Gary spending time with Somalian schoolchildren; frereana resin. when we landed in Nairobi, Kenya. As we deplaned, it seemed that all the foreigners were being detained for some particular formality. When I discovered that they were demanding a certain vaccination, which cost $200, before being allowed into the country, I felt a rage inside. However, I managed to stay calm; and when it was my turn to be vaccinated, I refused. I handed the lady my passport and was told to go to the next room for the vaccination. Again, I refused. I was told that I could not enter Kenya without this vaccination; and if I refused, I could go to jail. I told the officer that I would rather go to jail. She said I would miss my flight. I told her I didn’t care. She then asked me why I refused. I gave her an ear ouT THe auTHor full that she had probably never heard before. She almost acted a littlea bafraid of my threats to call the U.S. Embassy or the U.N., or maybe it was just because of my defiant attitude. Our eye contact was intense for about 15 seconds, and then she just handed me back my passport and said, “You may go.” What an experience! I did miss my flight and had to reschedule for the following morning, but I didn’t care. It gave me the opportunity to get a good night’s rest, which I hadn’t had since I landed in Somalia. The Hilton wasn’t all that bad, and I knew I would be able to write while flying the next day. As the wheels lifted off, I felt a sense of freedom—the freedom of really going home. This kind of adventure comes once in a lifetime; and although my discoveries are priceless, I don’t know if I need another adventure like this one. I believe that God led my path and was now bringing me home safely to get ready for whatever lies ahead. How grateful I am.

YOUNG LIVING IS about to make things right again in the world of wheat. After nearly 25 years of research and discovery, D. Gary Young has found and is growing at two Young Living farms the ancient, naturally structured wheat known as einkorn. As far as Young Living is concerned, gone are the days of hybridized wheat, which has led to the emergence of new diseases and undiagnosed symptoms in people throughout the world. Since 1970, when Dr. Norman Borlaug was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for his discovery in wheat hybridization for the purpose of creating higher yields and saving farmers time and money, wheat has been modified to the point where the body no longer recognizes it as a true digestive food. Today’s wheat contains 42 chromosomes; in contrast, einkorn contains 14 chromosomes, making it easier for the body to digest and absorb nutrients. Einkorn is also low in gluten and high in protein, vitamin A, and carotene.


TruTH or ConsequenCes

D. Gary younG

Now available at and

Young Living Recognition For May 2014


Cherie Ross (USA) Debra Raybern (USA) Frances Fuller (SGP) Gregg & Carol Johnson (USA) Jeremiah & Monique McLean (USA) Kathryn J Farmer (USA) Marcella Vonn Harting (USA) Max & Karen Hopkins (USA) Michael & Connie McDanel (USA) Scott & Brenda Schuler (USA) Vicki Opfer (USA)

CROWN DIAMONDS Adam Thomas Green (CAN) Alyssa & Troy Francis (USA) Diane Mora (USA) Jeanmarie Hepworth (USA) Lindsay Moreno (USA) Teri Secrest (USA)


Aditya Nowotny (DEU) Alan & Linda Simpson (AUS) Anna-Maya Powell (USA) April Pointer (USA) Aromaakademie Churfuerst Hanzal Og (AUT) Artemis (AUS) Barbara Ochsenhofer (AUT) Carla & Bill Green (CAN) Carol & Ben Howden (CAN) Catherine Rott (USA) Christa & Jason Smith (USA) Claudia Dosamantes (USA) Courtney Critz (USA) Crystal D Burchfield (USA) Danette Goodyear (USA) Darren & Sera Johnson (USA) David & Teresa Gingles (USA) Dietfried Wruss (AUT) Dr Sabina Devita (CAN) Eldon & Nancy Knittle (USA) Evangeline & Thomas Reed (USA) Gailann Greene (USA) James Niederland (USA) Janie & Jay Leek (USA) Jeffrey Lewis (USA) JFZ Enterprises Inc (PAN) Jihan Thomas (USA) Jill Young (USA) Joanne Kan (HKG) Judy De La Rosa (USA) Kathy & Chip Kouwe (USA) Kelli & Les Wright (USA) Mary Hardy (USA) Mary Starr Carter (USA) Melissa Koehler (USA) Melissa Marie Poepping (USA) Nancy Sanderson (USA) Nicole Barczak (USA) Patricia Gwee Mun Ee (SGP) Prakama Hauser & Id:Love (AUT) Rainbow Forever Trust (USA) Rory & Heidi Ross (CAN) Sharnael Wolverton (USA) Shauna Dastrup (USA) Sherry Lamarche (USA) Solutions For Health (USA) Sonya Swan (USA) Star Moree (USA)


Aleena Leah Simpson (AUS) Amanda & Gabriel Uribe (USA) Callie Shepherd (USA) Carol Yeh-Garner (USA) Chuwen Huang (SGP) Corinne & Gordon Devries (USA) Debbie Erickson (USA) Jessica Petty (USA) Karen Vavrick (USA) Kimberly Nelson (USA) Maria & Lavinius Ana (USA) Patricia & Steven Spears (USA) Sandi Weldon & Kyler Boudreau (USA) Stacey & Steve Kimbrell (USA)


Amanda Louise Friedl (USA) Courtney Scruggs (USA) Cynthia Nicole Haggerton (USA) Dawn Hampton (USA) Fazlina Mansor (SGP) Jane & Merle Kuennen (USA) Jayesh Parekh (SGP) Jeanette & Kevin MacLeod (CAN) Jessica Jacobs (USA) Jill Ashley Wade (USA) Joy & Clint Ballard (USA) Keely & Daniel McCary (USA) Kendra Cogburn Barnes (USA) Keri Duckett (USA)

Kimberly Dojonovic (USA) Kristin Olson (USA) Leah Friedman (USA) Lisa Cox (USA) Lorenzo & Jennifer Dunford (USA) Lori Gasca (USA) Luana Navarro (SGP) Marilyn Kay Norfleet (USA) Megan Trombly (USA) Michelle Davis (USA) Reymond Kartawinata Hartono (SGP) Rhonda Adrian (CAN) Rob & Ann Hovey (USA) Sarine Rajagukguk (SGP) Shamala Tan (SGP) Shannon Hudgens (USA) Stephanie & Bradley Holdcroft (USA) Stephanie Moram (CAN) Ting Wan (HKG)


Abu Bakar Tasha (SGP) Adam & Amanda Lukes (USA) Aimee Leigh Procise (USA) Alicia Ceballos (USA) Alyssa Michelle Rodas (USA) Amanda Nicole Offrey (USA) Amanda Spenst (CAN) Amy Holmes (USA) Amy McAllister (USA) Amy & Alcides Quispe (USA) Andrea Huber (USA) Andrea Makela (USA) Andrea Toman (CAN) Angie Schultz (CAN) Anne Claire Persinger (USA) Anne Quiner (USA) Arne Boehm (DEU) Bee Bee Yeong (MYS) Besheen Baker (USA) Brandy Lanning (USA) Brenda Hess (USA) Bridget Ann Harthcock (USA) Cara Lee Stewart (USA) Carey Kamber (USA) Carmen R Fernandez Goldman (USA) Carol Elizabeth Guentherman (USA) Cheryl Parsons Larson (USA) Christa Sage Marie (USA) Christine E Davis (USA) Christine Miller Beltran (USA) Cindy Mak (HKG) Clair Boone (USA) Connie Graden (USA) Courtney Sheri Collins (USA) Craig & Pamela Carpenter (CAN) Crystal Lynn Barnett (USA) Cynthia Lengefeld (USA) Danielle Smith (USA) Deb Lynn Nicholson (USA) Deedee O’Neal (USA) Delinne Renee Thompson (USA) Desiray D Nelson (USA)

Diana L Miller (USA) Donna Cappon (USA) Donna Florimonte (USA) Dr Lisa Grossman (USA) Elizabeth James (USA) Elizabeth Whicker (USA) Ellisa J & Gregory De Rosa (USA) Emilee S Scruggs (USA) Erin Rodgers (USA) Ethan Lee Erway (USA) Franziska Redomske (SGP) Genevieve Pazdan (USA) Gina Marie Califano (USA) Gudrun Ingolfsdottir (ISL) Haeley Noelle Batman (USA) Hairiah Bte Mahmot (SGP) Haley Lynn Winter (CAN) Hanna Nicole Branch (USA) Hawa Ahmad (SGP) Heather King (USA) Heather Renee Lalone (USA) Heather Anne Molchanoff (USA) Heather Zachary (USA) Helena Ketilsdóttir (ISL) Henrietta M McElwee (USA) Ingrida Knueppel (USA) Jacqueline Jeanine Paquette (USA) Jana Kitts (USA) Jane Gilcrease (USA) Jane K Hill (USA) Janelle Marie Irving (USA) Jen Feltz (USA) Jenifer Marie Parris (USA) Jenifer Villhauer (USA) Jenna Fossum (USA) Jennelle Bartlett (USA) Jennifer Forino (USA) Jennifer Gilcrease (USA) Jennifer Qua Sonnenberg (USA) Jennifer Sims (USA) Jennifer Williams (USA) Jennifer Wise (USA) Jerry Till (USA) Joan McLean (USA) Joanne Sanford (USA) Jody Lynn Williams (USA) John CT & Janet Irene Meyer (USA) Joni Wunderlich (USA) Ju’Dee Kelly (USA) Juan Alberto Arevalo (MEX) Judy Jehn (USA) Julie Elizabeth Hanneman (USA) Karen B Cronk (CAN) Karen & Jonathan Nelson (USA) Kathy Lynn Kellogg (USA) Kayla Lain (USA) Kelly Michelle Anderson-Block (USA) Kelly Ann Iacobellis (USA) Kelsey Christenson (USA) Kim Keenan (USA) Kimberly Poncelet (CAN) Kimberly Rader (USA) Kimberly Anne Slagle (USA)

Koh Zhi Yong (SGP) Lara Anne Wallick (USA) Laura Jean Moening (USA) Laura Nelson (USA) Lee Kim Kam (MYS) Lee Yen Anderson (USA) Leigh C Brown (USA) Leong Swee Chin (SGP) Lesa Fronabarger (USA) Linda Engelun & John Mistek (USA) Lindsay Belden (USA) Lindsey Marks (USA) Lisa Alleson (USA) Lisa A McLean (CAN) Lisa & Mark Pallen (CAN) Liz Payne (USA) M & A Wruss (AUT) M Sue Poole (USA) Malgorzata Konik (USA) Margot McKinley (CAN) Maria Kanchan (HKG) Mary Salentine (USA) Matthew Niederland (USA) Mei Hwa Teo (SGP) Melanie Lynn Clayton (USA) Melissa Lynn Brockman (USA) Melissa Peterson (USA) Meredith Ann Dunn (USA) Michelle Kiefer (USA) Mikel Porter (USA) Mindy Fladeland (CAN) Mindy Wright (USA) Nancy Deluca (USA) Nicki Kristine Ham (USA) Nicki Henne (USA) Nicole Cockburn (USA) Nymphean Tzu Hsin Yip (HKG) Ondrea D Schenck (USA) Pam Linville (USA) Pamela Louise Stuewer (USA) Paula Esposito (USA) Paula Suzanne Lepore (HKG) Peggy Rutledge (USA) Rachel Holland (USA) Randy McKay (CAN) Rick & Michelle Bowman (USA) Rita Teo Siok Gek & Henry Pang Kim Leong (SGP) Robin Elizabeth Osteen (USA) Robin Mark Phillips (USA) Sadie Anderson (USA) Salim Linda (SGP) Sandy Ann Donohue (USA) Sarah & Jacob Adamo (USA) Sarah & Charlie Barnes (USA) Sarah Ann Newquist (USA) Sarah Li-Chiang (AUS) Sarah Steele Moody (USA) Savannah S Consiglio (USA) Shaina Brianne Dunn (USA) Shelby Paulk (USA) Shelly A Snyder (USA) Sherise Kaye (AUS)

Shi Siew Yin (MYS) Siti Nurhidah Sariff (SGP) Siti Syariati Binte Sulaiman (SGP) Sn Jo Johannsdottir (GBR) Sofia G Hohnholt (USA) Stacy Cerget (USA) Stacy Mandania (USA) Stephanie E Anderson (USA) Stephanie Rector (USA) Stephanie & Scott Tyler (USA) Susanna So (HKG) Tamara Skiba (USA) Tania Theresa Kuswandi (SGP) Terri Obert (USA) Tessa Addleman (USA) Tessa Whitaker (USA) Tetsuya & Miyuki Kazumi (JPN) Tiffaney Primeau (USA) Timothy Boston (USA) Toh Chui Hong (SGP) Tracy Ann Paxson (USA) Trisha Dierkhising (USA) Trudy Blanche Chahley (CAN) Valerie Ann Brady (USA) Washed By The Water (USA) Welcome Relief Massage Therapy (USA) Bold = Newly Qualified = Silver in Six Countries Australia (AUS) Austria (AUT) Canada (CAN) Costa Rica CRI) Cayman Islands (CYM) Germany (DEU) Ecuador (ECU) Hong Kong (HKG) Iceland (ICE) Japan (JPN)

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For a complete listing of Young Living leaders, see the online version of The Essential Edge at

A Grand Milestone for Young Living YOUNG LIVING, THE World Leader in Essential Oils®, officially surpassed the 1,000 employee milestone this month. The company plans to continue adding additional jobs at its global headquarters in Lehi, Utah, and 12 International offices, as well as expanding its global farms to meet growing demand for its products. “This is a great milestone, which underscores the amazing growth we are experiencing as a company. This growth is exciting because it means more and more people are enjoying the benefits of Young Living’s unmatched products,” said Young Living’s Chief Operating Officer, Travis Ogden. “More than 20 years ago, our founder Gary Young envisioned taking these products to the

world, and that continues to be realized more every day.” Young Living’s diverse employee talent—from the scientists working in the state-of-the-art research labs to the expertly skilled farmers on seven botanical farms around the world—is a vital part of Young Living’s proprietary Seed to Seal® process, which ensures that the highest quality standards are used from the seeds planted to the sealed product. In addition to the 1,025 company jobs provided, Young Living offers more than 530,000 active members around the world the opportunity to build a Young Living business and provide an income for their families through its generous compensation plan. “It may help pay the mortgage payment this month or provide piano lessons for their kids,” said Young Living’s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Jared Turner. “Whatever the reason, I have witnessed the Young Living business opportunity make a significant impact in the lives of those who embrace it—not to mention, they have a lot of fun doing it!” The Essential Edge

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EVERYONE WHO IS part of Young Living understands the importance and magnificence of Mother Nature and the earth. In fact, our relationship with our planet is supreme in what we do; she is our best business partner. Because the earth has given and continues to give so much to us, especially at Young Living, we strive daily to give back to her by taking care of her and minimizing our footprint. Through our reforestation projects in Idaho and our green practices at every farm, we live in harmony with nature. Now, in recent years, we’ve taken that practice to our offices and warehouse. For our sustainability efforts in 2013, Young Living recently received the Recycling Achievement Award from Interwest Paper, Inc. and The Pro Recycling Group. During that year, we recycled more than 88 tons of cardboard and 96 tons of paper—literally a sphinx worth of recycled materials! Through May 2014, more than 35 tons of cardboard and 8 tons of paper have been recycled. In addition to cardboard and paper, Young Living recycles any metal and glass material that cannot be reused. “We share the commitment of Gary and Mary Young to the environment,” said Ron Harris, Young Living VP of Supply Chain and Operations. “We embrace programs that are sustainable and seek the greenest materials available. “We work in a company that not only provides the best products for our personal well-being but also carries the same level of commitment to the earth from which these amazing products are produced.”

Sustainability In Action

B popu ack by lar de mand !

Young Living Sunblock by Stacey Vann


5 oz. of V-6™ oil 1/2 oz. beeswax pellets 4 oz. distilled water 2 tbsp. powdered zinc oxide 1 tsp. Sulfurzyme® 10 drops Purification® 5 drops Lavender 5 drops Frankincense 5 drops Carrot Seed oil

DIRECTIONS Using a double boiler, add V-6 oil and beeswax pellets to the small boiler in boiling water. Remove the oil and pellets from heat when the pellets are melted and add them to distilled water. Use a hand mixer to mix ingredients until the cream is smooth and thick. Add zinc, Sulfurzyme, and essential oils to the cream. Pour into dispensing bottle.

Sweetened Abundance YOUNG LIVING IS driving the good cause of abundance in so many ways. A Kenyan woman prepping coconut meat From the wondrous health benefits of for oil production. our essential oils to promoting financial prosperity through our compensation plan, the World Leader in Essential Oils® lights the pathway to real, all-around success. However, we can’t do it alone. Abundance is a team effort, and every so often we discover a company that is just as committed to doing good as we are. For the past two years, we’ve partnered with Global Goods, a company based in Highland, Utah, for our coconut oil needs. You’re asking yourself, “Huh? Coconut oil production in Utah? I’ve been to that mountainous desert state and have seen snow-capped peaks dotted with pines, oaks, and cedars, but I have not seen coconut trees.” Before you Google Utah’s coconut oil production history, which, admittedly, is nonexistent, realize that this is what makes Global Goods unique. They’re Utah based but they’re a global company, building communities worldwide and going and helping wherever help is needed. Specific to coconut oil, they employ native workers in Kenya and the Philippines to harvest and produce the oil, thus creating jobs and income in those countries. In a transcendent circle of influence, proceeds from the sale of coconut oil and other products go directly to helping build homes, schools, and hospitals, as well as to cover costs for eye surgeries. At the end of last year, Global Goods organized more than 100 volunteers, put business on hold, and headed to the Philippines to help with disaster relief after a historically devastating storm. Global Goods ended up having a record year and is seeing record Global Goods building desks with chairs in Kenya months in 2014. Karma is grand. for the school kids. During our almost two-year partnership, the coconut oil Young Living has purchased from Global Goods has had a profound impact on villages spread across the world, including the Dominican Republic and Mexico. Brian Oaks, Global Goods founder and CEO, is energized by the cause of spreading blessings. “We see a need and do our best to fill that need,” he said. “We have created jobs in many areas, and in some cases they have income for the first time ever. So just by buying our coconut oil, Young Living is helping the villagers in those areas.” It’s a true win-win-win—a rarity in business today, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Young Living’s World News CANADA

The summer season finally arrived in June, and momentum in Canada is at a boiling point, too, as some of our Canadian members finished the Road to Convention promotion in the top 20! These winners include Amanda D. Martin, Mandy R. Griffith, Jill Frederickson, Crystal Dean, and Lisa Marie Vick. Congratulations to these hard-working members! In June we had the opportunity to have Royal Crown Diamond Debra Raybern come to Calgary for a Diamond Express meeting. She shared her wealth of knowledge and experience about Young Living, including how to build a successful Young Living business.


It has been an eventful time for South East Asia with the opening of the new Singapore office at the Bugis Junction Towers, which is twice the size of the previous office. The office opening was immediately followed with our exciting week in Salt Lake City. About 100 delegates traveled to the International Grand Convention this year! The winners of the Sky High Rewards Challenge will be traveling to France this month for a special tour of the Young Living farm and other beautiful parts of southern France. page 4

The Essential Edge


The first half of the year has been highly successful for Young Living Australia. Rapid growth, including record sales and member signups, occurred month after month. New and upcoming leaders are passionate and enthusiastic as they continue to share Young Living. We hope to see this positive momentum carry on for the remaining year.


Before the International Grand Convention, Royal Crown Diamond Frances Fuller toured three cities in Japan in early June. Frances provided product seminars focused on brain revitalization and healing and body rejuvenation using Young Living products. She also presented a seminar on how to best share Young Living’s products and opportunity. Frances also conducted a special meeting for Japanese members, giving them a road map to becoming Diamond leaders. As for the International Grand Convention, more than 100 Japanese members attended the event! The week in Salt Lake City fused them even closer to the foundation of Young Living and helped them believe they can live their dreams.


This month we have the pleasure of welcoming members from across Europe and Asia to our Lavender Harvest in Simianela-Rotonde, France, for a wonderful three weeks of experience and education. Keep up to date with everything happening at the harvests on the Young Living Provence Facebook page by visiting YoungLivingProvence. Make sure you “Like” us and leave a comment; we love hearing from you! Young Living Europe is also extremely excited to announce the official countdown to GO UK and our 2014 European convention! On September 20, we’ll be in London for a fantastic day of hands-on education, new products, and great presentations. Visit for more details and to take advantage of our early booking offer. We hope to see you in September!

Upcoming Global Events Raindrop Training July 19 San Antonio, TX

Nature’s Remedies July 12 Des Moines, IA

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Janice Weger (USA) Jatset (USA) Jaynelle Ashley Leek (USA) Jaynette Barnes (USA) Jean Ann & Sidney Dukes (USA) Jean Struzyk (USA) Jeanette & Gabriel S Castelino (USA) Jeanna Dawn Lichtenberger (USA) Jenn Staib (USA) Jennifer & Christopher Basselin (USA) Jennifer Goulet (USA) Jennifer Jo Spanier (USA) Jennifer Sy Lim (MYS) Jennifer Webster (USA) Jenny Cook (USA) Jesama Mullen (USA) Jessica L Bailey (USA) Jessica Marie Dietrich (USA) Jessica Duran (USA) Jessica Porter (USA) Jodi L McKenna (USA) John Maeder (USA) Joshua E Lee (USA) Joshua Neufeld (CAN) Josie Jones (USA) Julie Ann Behling (USA) Julie Chertow (USA) Julie Inman (USA) Julie Senum (USA) Karen Trevors (CAN) Karen Van Schenck (USA) Karen Wasylyshen (CAN) Kathaleen May (USA) Katherine Nanninga (CAN) Kathleen Bailey (USA) Kathleen Scott (USA) Kathryn Susan Faso (USA) Kathy Anderson (USA) Kathy Denson (USA) Kathy M Nutter (USA) Kathy Spohn (USA) Kelly D Bromelkamp (USA) Kevin & Andrea Wilson (USA) Kiannaa T Leighland (USA) Kim Choo Pang (SGP) Kim Edwards (USA) Kimberly A Mahr (USA) Kortni Kay Harting (USA) Krista Ann Babeck (USA) Kristen Reed (USA) Kristi Mangan (USA) Kristina Jones (USA) Laura Bostrom (USA) Laura Michele Karowsky (USA) Laura Rice Ownby (USA) Laura Smith (CAN) Laura Weaver (USA) Lauren Bretz (USA) Lauren Dow (USA) Laurie Ann & Jeffrey Powell (USA) Leah Espy (USA) Leah Riki Tait (CAN) Leah Rockwell (USA) Leanne K Rafferty (USA) Leigh Ann Boone (USA) Lidia & Mircea Oprean (USA) Linda & Greg Kilpela (USA) Linda Smith (USA) Lindsay Irwin (CAN) Lisa & Gilbert Booher (USA) Lisa & Chris Taylor (USA) Living Well Now (USA) Lois Y Loyek (CAN) Lori Boyle (USA) Lori Gordon (USA) Making Waves Inc (USA) Marge Ross (USA) Maria Jones (AUS) Maria Schasteen (AUT) Marie Louise Bartsch (DEU) Marie Kneeland (USA) Mariko Yokoyama (JPN) Marilee Tolen (USA) Marilyn Louise York (USA) Markus Poellendorfer (AUT) Martz Consulting (USA) Mary Jane Journey (USA) Mary E Mangus & Edward E Weber (USA) Mary Ann Wallace (USA) Maura Marie McDanel (USA) Maureen Quigley (USA) Megan Baldwin (CAN) Meghan Dymock (USA) Melodie Kantner (USA) Merrill & Linda Dastrup (USA) Michelle & Wesley Bekkala (USA) Michelle M Skoczek (USA) Miho Usuda (JPN) Mollie Cargill (USA) Molly Bridges (USA) Monica Goldberg (USA)

For May 2014

Montie Heitzeberg (USA) Myles G McDanel (USA) Nancy Chaney (USA) Nancy Flowers (USA) Nancy Stalboerger (USA) Nandini Susan Weitzman & Charney Weitzman (USA) Natausha Wright (USA) Natsuko Ijima (JPN) Naturally Healthy (CAN) New Age Concepts LLC (USA) Niccole Rae Perez (USA) Nicole L Stevenson (CAN) Nora Rough (HKG) Ocean Spa Pool (NZL) Owen & Beverly Krupp (USA) Pamela Jo Edwards (CAN) Pamela L Hunter (USA) Pamela A Meeker (USA) Pamela Smieja (USA) Patricia Fleischer (USA) Patricia Morris (USA) Pau Lin Ma (MYS) Paula Peterson (USA) Pauline & Robin Hall (AUS) Pauline Neuhuber (AUT) Peggy Carey (USA) Peggy De’Armond (USA) Penny Torres (USA) Poh Linda Siok Lin (SGP) Rachelle Neveau (USA) Randy Beck (USA) Randyl & Kendra Murrell (USA) Red Gear Vertriebs Gmbh (AUT) Rhonda & Frank Favano (USA) Roberto Barth (DEU) Robyn & Randall Murrah (USA) Rocio Hansen-Holm Otero (PER) Ronald J Muhn (USA) Royal Transformation LLC (USA) Ruth S Egli DBA Hints For Health (USA) Sandra L Morris (USA) Sarah Hardisty (USA) Sarah Elizabeth Kessler (USA) Sarah Leann Lee (USA) Scott Godown (USA) Seidy Vanessa Morales (CRI) Settsu Derma Shine Ltd (USA) Shannan Rice (USA) Shannon Lynn Williams (USA) Shari Salisbury (USA) Sharon & Mark Koehn (USA) Sharon & Andrew Wild (AUS) Shawna & Kevin Cale (USA) Sheena Ling Shi Jia (SGP) Shelley Zerr (CAN) Shellie Garrett (USA) Sherma Cundall (USA) Shizuka & Akihiro Yano (JPN) Sie Hun Sim (MYS) Simpler Times Health Inc (USA) Solorzano Enterprises DBA Healing Hands (USA) Sophie Ann M Aoki (USA) Stacey Kristn Cole & Scott Miller (USA) Stacie Danae Hartzler (USA) Stacie Malkus (USA) Stacy Green Smith (USA) Stacy & Tom Tiegs (USA) Stephanie Choo (SGP) Sunshyne & Greg Goodfellow (USA) Susan E Richardson (USA) Susan Hall (USA) Susan Heid (USA) Susan Pottish & Scott Anderson (USA) Susan Walker (USA) Susanne Thomaschuetz (AUT) Suzanne Vanover (USA) Tammy Walton (USA) Terry Quigley (USA) Theresa Wright (USA) Tim Burns (USA) Tim Neal & Diane Marie Dillingham (USA) Toh Sue Hwa (SGP) Tom B & Patricia M Lee (USA) Tomoyuki Kawamura (JPN) Tracy Griffiths (USA) Trina D Glines (USA) Trina Leigh Thornburg (USA) Unity Kuntz (CAN) Ursula Szypryt (USA) Vallorie Judd (USA) Vanessa Romero (USA) Verna M Hopkins (USA) Vibrant Balance (CAN) Vicki Rabe (USA) Virginia Ann Tornatore (USA) Vitaform Ab (SWE) Vitality Consulting Inc (USA) Wendy Renee Mercure (USA)

West Health Ministry (USA) Wholistic By All Means Inc (USA) Yang I Fung (HKG) Yanni Tan (SGP) Yardley Inn & Spa LLC (USA) Yonie Yohaini Bonawi (SGP) Your Health Naturally (AUT) Yu Kay Lee (HKG) Zuraida Bte Neti (SGP)


4 Fun LLC A Drop Of Life Essential Oils LLC (USA) A Healing Soul (USA) Aaron Deruvo (USA) Aaron Hess (AUS) Abhisar Laza (CZE) Active Games & Training Inc (AUS) Adam Krassny (USA) Adeline Enochs (USA) Adrianne Ban (USA) Advance Chiropractic (USA) Alanna Noel Hawn (USA) Alchemystery School Of Science (USA) Alice Jeannette Long (USA) Alice S Coyle (USA) Allisen Consulting Ltd (CAN) Allison R Hopkins (USA) Allison Mehlhorn (USA) Allison Petrick (USA) Allison Sonnier (USA) Alpha Connection Inc (USA) Alpha-Dynamia Mgmt Trust (USA) Always Entertaining (USA) Alyssa & Jon Lee (USA) Alyssa Walters (USA) Amanda Ayers (USA) Amanda Calfee (USA) Amanda Gregory Leigh (USA) Amanda & Greg Howden (CAN) Amanda Kelly (USA) Amanda Medek (USA) Amanda Snader (USA) Amanda Solak (USA) Amber Cross (USA) Amber Nicole Harrison (USA) Amber & Jeff Johannes (USA) Amber Ulmer (USA) Amie Hayes Dockery (USA) Amie Nicole Wozniak (USA) Amy B Bacheller (USA) Amy Bale (USA) Amy Charice Bland (USA) Amy Boothe Green (USA) Amy Busby (USA) Amy Cannon (USA) Amy E Hagg (USA) Amy & Peter Minke (USA) Amy Myers McDurham (USA) Amy Ileen Russell (USA) Amy M Siltala (USA) Amy Rena’e Sapetko (USA) Andi Johnson (USA) Andrea Boldt DBA Sacred Heart Healing (USA) Andrea Colquhoun (CAN) Andrea Johanson (USA) Andrea Kaplan (USA) Andrea Sernick (CAN) Andreas Malinic (DEU) Andrew Robert Roise (USA) Aneta & Joseph Koscielniak (USA) Angela Anderson (CAN) Angela Daddabbo (USA) Angela Christine Jones (USA) Angela Peltier (USA) Angela Schroeder (USA) Angela Seagren (USA) Angela & Brock Vaughters (USA) Angelika Teket (AUT) Angie Breitkreitz (CAN) Angie Connally (USA) Angie Dowdell (USA) Angie Renae Lauderbaugh (USA) Anita Hand (USA) Ann Q Donovan CN LLC (USA) Ann M Espeland (USA) Ann Fancy (USA) Ann G Holden (USA) Ann Williams (USA) Anna Bruehwasser (AUT) Annalisa Jordahl (USA) Anne E Cameron (USA) Anne Godina (USA) Anne Wright (USA) Annette Queyquep (USA) Anni Dayan (USA) Annie Nicole Sawatzky (USA) Annthea Matheson (AUS) Anointing Touch (USA) Anthony Stewart (USA) Anwar Noraisha Binte Mohammad (SGP) Ardell & Marian Hoff (USA) Ariel Lange (USA) Arlene Anisman (CAN) Aromaschule Knotzer Kg (AUT) Arthur Pine (USA) Arthur’s Aromatherapy Inc (USA) Ashleah Lynn Dumdei (USA) Ashley & Timothy Baird (USA) Ashley Michele Compton (USA) Ashley F Franks (USA) Ashley R Washington (USA) Ashley Rae & Steven Jacobson (USA) Aspirations LLC (USA)

The Essential Edge

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Young Living Leaders

For May 2014


continued from page 5 Astrid Peinsitt (AUT) Atsuko Kusuda (JPN) Audra M Oldroyd (USA) Audra Petersen (USA) Audrey Boatman (USA) Audrey Whitesides (USA) Azure Campbell (CAN) B Diane Laffoon (USA) Babette Anderson (USA) Barb Morse (USA) Barbara Adler (USA) Barbara Ann Marie & Robert Dale Allen (CAN) Barbara Anne Fox (USA) Barbara Borgeld (USA) Barbara H Champion (USA) Barbara H Fett (USA) Barbara Jacobs Tyre (USA) Barbara Jeanne Meehan-Newton & Cecil Newton (USA) Barbara Mazurowski (AUT) Barbara Lynn Smith (USA) Barby Jean Murdock (USA) Barneveld Family Chiropractic (USA) Barringer Enterprises LLC (USA) Basil & Clove LLC (USA) Be Well On Earth Inc (USA) Beata Stachura (USA) Becca Rose Grabinski (USA) Becky Maninga (USA) Becky Mitchell (USA) Becky Lynn Olson (USA) Becky Webb (USA) Berthilde Nigl (AUT) Beth Bryan (USA) Beth Hedstrom (USA) Bethany Brown (USA) Betti’s Kunst Eck (AUT) Betty Kainz (USA) Bev & Keith Haselhorst (USA) Bev Kolesar (USA) Bever Revocable Living Trust (USA) Beverly Paulson (USA) Billie Reeves (USA) Birgit Mk Fuller (SWE) Birgit Skott (DEU) Blaize & Lindsey Clark (CAN) Blanca Depaul (USA) Bob Morrow (USA) Bobbi L Decker (USA) Bobbie & Brian Rice (USA) Bodil Anderson (SWE) Bonita Blakeman (USA) Bonita Shear/Shear Magic (USA) Bonnie Jenness (USA) Bonnie S Zagar (USA) Brad A Michels (USA) Brandon W & Hollie N Kantner (USA) Bre Chang (USA) Brenda Basler (USA) Brenda Stevens (USA) Brenda Varela (USA) Brennis Colletti (USA) Brian B Shaw (CAN) Bridge Of Love Australia P/L (AUS) Brieanne Chapman (CAN) Britney J Fisher (CAN) Brittany Ostebo (USA) Brittney Rae Greene (USA) Bryna Boisvert (CAN) Buchanan Living Trust (USA) Caitlin A Wandling (USA) Callie Herron (USA) Calvin & Kay Norris (USA) Camille & Brent Seever (USA) Camp Health LLC (USA) Candice N Wojcik (USA) Carissa Renee’ Williams (USA) Carla Cohen (USA) Carman Boley (USA) Carmen Tsuda De Nishida (PER) Carol Chladek (USA) Carol B Hicks (USA) Carol Hudson (USA) Carol Small (USA) Caroline Boudreau (USA) Carrie Hoener (USA) Carrie Parr (USA) Carrie C Raab (USA) Carrie L Shrock (USA) Cascade Life (USA) Casey Conrad (USA) Cassie Jorgensen (CAN) Castle Essentials LLC (USA) Catherine Kuhn (AUS) Catherine Ryan Harvey (USA) Catherine M Tryon (USA) Cathy Eaton (USA) Cayci Maree Oliver (USA) Celeste Freeman (USA) Cesar Augusto Guillen Carreño (PER) Charissa Tiffany Chessall (CAN) Charity Bostrom (USA) Charlene Tan Yan Jun (SGP) Charlotte Elizabeth Grogan (USA) Charlotte Guffin (USA) Chasity Dougan (CAN) Chelsea Lynn Tudor (USA) Cherie Tseng (SGP) Cheryl Esterbrooks (USA) Cheryl Rn Laures (USA) Cheryl & Ralph Reiter (USA) Chin Foong Teng (MYS) Choon Thai Cheong (MYS) Chris Mcgregor (USA) Christa & Trevor Duevel (USA) Christian Bell (USA) Christian Health Care (USA)

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Christie Welch (USA) Christin & Jim Pivero (USA) Christina Anderson (USA) Christina Heinis (USA) Christina & Bryan Kimmel (USA) Christine L Champagne (CAN) Christine Huber (AUT) Christine McArdle-Oquendo (USA) Christine Sauseng (AUT) Christopher Lee Michael Latimer (USA) Christy Nicole Davidson (USA) Chun Juna Poh Siok (SGP) Ciana Eileen Keller (USA) Cie Heath Lael (USA) Cindy B Bernat (USA) Cindy & Josiah Campbell (USA) Cindy R Langford (USA) Cindy & Robert Stelten (USA) Claire & Paul Haywood (AUS) Claire & Peter Roise (USA) Clara Cordonnier (USA) Claren & Steven Sjoberg (USA) Clarinda Olenslager DBA Natural Family Living LLC (USA) Clark & Melissa Miller (USA) Claudia & Daniel Burdick (USA) CNS (USA) Cole Anders Edwards (USA) Colleen Voytko (USA) Collette King (HKG) Colter Zane Chapman (USA) Complete Health & Harmony Pty Ltd (AUS) Connie Willits (USA) Cool Cuts Pet Grooming (USA) Cornelia Trimmel (AUT) Craig Aramaki (USA) Cristen Hammel (USA) Cristina Reyna Wanger (USA) Crystal Hoskins (USA) Crystal M Sewell (USA) Crystal Young (CAN) Cyndi Ann Roddam (USA) Cynthia Haas (USA) Cynthia Henrich (USA) Cynthia Lee (USA) Cynthia & Jeffrey Phillips (USA) Cynthia Renusch (USA) Cynthia Shankman (USA) Cynthia Wiggins (USA) D Michelle Mullenix (USA) Daelynn Nicole Romo (USA) Dagmar Schamboeck (AUT) Dale Wright (USA) Damaris Pfeiffer-Böhme (DEU) Dana & Scott Bailey (USA) Dana M Christisen (USA) Dana Hartstein (USA) Dana Horton Hughling (USA) Dana Ripepe (USA) Danae Nei (USA) Danelle Dawn Johnson (USA) Daniel & Kathryn Kingsbury (USA) Darla & Shannon Boen (USA) Darren & Jennifer Wanner (CAN) David Easterbrooks (USA) David Ammon Frye (USA) David & Elaine Von Pein (AUS) Dawn C Gillman (USA) Dayang Zarr Marissa (MYS) Deanna Fuyin Koh (SGP) Deanna D Hamilton (USA) Deanne Tharp (USA) Deb Frank (USA) Debbie Amy (USA) Debbie Hill (USA) Debbie Wagner (USA) Deborah A Kucharski DC (USA) Deborah Deloris McClure (USA) Deborah J Twomey (USA) Debra Huber (USA) Debra Patrice Lahtinen (USA) Debra Reis (USA) Debra Rose Minkler (USA) Debrah Morrison (USA) Dee Havins (USA) Deleese Pryor (USA) Dell Mara & Joe Lovell (USA) Denice Erway (USA) Denise & Patrick Cassano (USA) Denise Dunleavy (USA) Denise Easthon (USA) Denise Page (USA) Dennis Dale & Elizabeth Ross Pockrus (USA) Denver Nutrition LLC (USA) Dev Khalsa (CAN) Dhruva Lance-Tu Poder Esencial (MEX) Diana & Darrell Odegard (USA) Diana Ewald (USA) Diana Rosenburg (USA) Diane & Ken Kahler (USA) Discover The Cause LLC (USA) Dita Ebrova (CZE) Diversified Services Inc (USA) Dixie Shaff (USA) Dominique Beer (USA) Donald Toomim (USA) Donna Carlsen (USA) Donna J Hinders DC (USA) Donna M & Gus Jackson (CAN) Donna Lynn Kay (USA) Donna L Kern (USA) Donna Tan (SGP) Dorothy Barrett (USA) Double Edge Systems (CRI) Dowin Lee Lian Leng (SGP)

The Essential Edge

Duane F Wallace (USA) Dumasi Marisina Magdalena Samosir (SGP) Eating In The Raw LLC (USA) Ed & Jo Ann McConnell (USA) Edward & Kathleen Behling (USA) Edward Geiger (USA) Edyta Greniuk (USA) EJC Advantage LLC (USA) Elaine & Ron McConnell (USA) Elaine Prince (USA) Elaine Turczynski (USA) Elisabeth Matzner (AUT) Elisha Juarez (USA) Elissa Gandakusuma (SGP) Elizabeth Allen (USA) Elizabeth Bienas (USA) Elizabeth Marie De Las Casas (USA) Elizabeth L Gohl (USA) Elizabeth A Laliberte (USA) Elizabeth Lock (CAN) Elizabeth A Skala (USA) Elizabeth & Stephen Walker (USA) Elizabeth Wall (USA) Elizabeth Williams (USA) Elke Wollschon (MYS) Ellen M Bianchi (USA) Ellen Lorraine Cummings (USA) Ellen Farley (USA) Ellen R Vanderveer (USA) Emanuela Carp (USA) Emil Fiore (USA) Emilia L Savolainen (CAN) Emily Allison (USA) Emily Anderson (USA) Emily Laurel (USA) Emily Lourcey (USA) Emily Todd (USA) Emma Martin (USA) Emmanuel Redding (USA) Eric Green (CAN) Erica Sison-Buenaventura (USA) Erika Janelle Carouthers (USA) Erika K Peterson (USA) Erin Ellwanger (USA) Erin Herdina (USA) Erin Poirier (CAN) Essential Chi (AUS) Essential Enterprises (USA) Essential Health & Healing LLC (USA) Essential Living Consultants (USA) Essential Oil Goddess (AUS) Essential Oils For Us (USA) Eva Ringhofer (AUT) Eva Stern (GBR) Evariny Andriana (SGP) Evonne Maxwell (USA) Ewe Hin Lim (MYS) Explorer Trust (USA) Eyglo Johannesdottir (ISL) Fallon Barnett (USA) Faye Marquez (USA) Fieldstone Hill Design (USA) Florian Falkner (AUT) Floyd Brown (CAN) Foo Siow Huei (SGP) Fragrant Farms & Kelly Gaisford (USA) Franchesca Marie Fraire (USA) Franci L Florey (USA) Fredia Nelms (USA) Fresh Green Media LLC (USA) Fumio Kurimoto (JPN) Furlong Properties LLC (USA) Gabriela Ortiz Monasterio (USA) Gabriele Horvat (AUT) Gail Pochylko (CAN) Gail Nancy Shantz (CAN) Gail Renee Toci (USA) Gallagher Wellness Centre (USA) Gary Strauss (USA) Gay Nell York (USA) Genoveva G Castano DBA Eva Franklin (USA) Gidgett Oliver (CAN) Girija & Hal Tropp (AUS) Glen & Colette Mccoy (USA) Global Spirit Records (AUS) Goldie Braquet (USA) Gorgeous & Home (AUS) Grace Therapeutics LLC (USA) Greg & Donna Gaston (USA) Greg Hitter (USA) Gretchen King (HKG) Guat Kin Wong (MYS) Guy King (CAN) Gwendolyn J Pitts (USA) Hafiz Alsree & Sharifah Samira Salim Alhadi (SGP) Han Yen Chong (MYS) Hand Over Heals Therapy & Spa (USA) Hands In Harmony Inc (USA) Hanna Russo (USA) Hannah & Blaine Crews (USA) Hannah Kopkie (USA) Happy Moments (AUS) Harvest Rock Enterprises LLC (USA) Hasso Wittboldt-Mueller (USA) Hazel Holland Bowen Therapy (AUS) HD Wellness LLC (USA) Healing Feelings Inc (USA) Health & Awareness Learning Center (USA) Health Restoration (USA) Health Solution Mission Inc (USA) Healthy Images LLC (USA) Healthy In Healthy Out (USA)

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Jessica Opfer (USA) Jessica Tappan (USA) Jessie Neo Chiu Giam (SGP) Jihan Saleh Kinnear/Ong Kok Loon (SGP) Jill Blocksom (CAN) Jill Frederickson (CAN) Jill Klasen (USA) Jill Lindstrom (USA) Jill Ann & Gregg David Neahring (USA) Jill Schnabel (USA) Jim Batteiger (USA) Jim Lynn (USA) Jinji Thompson (USA) Joann Breen & Zachary Young (USA) Joann Lucido (USA) Joanna & Ian Hasselman (USA) Joanna Leigh Stewart (USA) Joanne & Gary Giesbrecht (CAN) Jodene Lynn Sekura (CAN) Jodi Funk (USA) Jodi Parker (USA) Jodi Rodawn Widhalm (USA) Jodie Rae Vickers (USA) Johanna Christina Zieffle (CAN) Johanne Liboiron (CAN) John W Martin (USA) John Stoian (USA) John Sullivan (CAN) John Tubbs (USA) John H & Bev Wiens (CAN) Jolynn Motto (USA) Jonathan Howard Kuntze (CAN) Joni Jaeger Reed (USA) Josefa Koenig (AUT) Josefa Rodriguez Reyes (MEX) Josh & Candice McKenzie (CAN) Joshua Greenwald & Sherrie Lied (USA) Joy Herchenhahn Barth (USA) Joy Malone (USA) Joyce C Akin (USA) Joyce Christian (USA) Joyce A Peraaho (USA) Joyce & Randy Polatis (USA) Joyce & Kurt Swanson (USA) Joyce Rana’ Weidt-Shasteen (USA) Joyous Living (USA) Jr Roessl (USA) Juak Lai Teo (SGP) Juan Conza Machaca (PER) Judi Gephart (USA) Judith Yarrow-Lawn (USA) Judy Hennessy (USA) Judy Keith (USA) Judy Loveda Rowden (CAN) Judy Mueller Johnson (USA) Judy O’Neil (USA) Julia Baird (USA) Julia Tara Lund (USA) Julianne McElroy (USA) Julie & Brad Brooks (USA) Julie Hartman (USA) Julie Ann Hosman (USA) Julie & Paul Loxtercamp (USA) Julie Sharp (USA) Justine Bernadette Wagner (USA) Jvona Jambon (USA) K & M Nursing Registry Corp (USA) Kah-Mei Smith (CAN) Kaitlyn A Atkins (USA) Kamber D’Aun Dancy (USA) Kami Lyn Bear (USA) Kara Stephenson (USA) Karen C Abbott (USA) Karen Duewel (USA) Karen Green (USA) Karen Hanna (CAN) Karen McArthur (CAN) Karen Thompson (USA) Karey Hoelzel (USA) Kari Othoudt (USA) Kari E Spelbring (USA) Karmen Wolverton (USA) Kasey Laughlin (USA) Kasi Westfahl (USA) Katelyn Creech (USA) Katherine Fritz (USA) Katherine Harris (USA) Katherine Susanna Kan (HKG) Katherine Krupka (USA) Katherine Larson (USA) Katherine Ann Michener (USA) Katherine Subramanian (USA) Katherine Timmes Short (USA) Kathleen J Adams (USA) Kathleen Aragon (USA) Kathleen J Beckman (USA) Kathleen Donahue Brown (USA) Kathleen Ellis (USA) Kathleen & Matthew Harvey (USA) Kathryn Caywood (USA) Kathryn Anne Kessler (USA) Kathryn Patterson (USA) Kathryn Ritchie (USA) Kathryn B Schutte (USA) Kathryn Sebade (USA) Kathy & Carl Bengtson (USA) Kathy Jo Higgins (USA) Katie & Jesse Bryant (USA) Katie Elizabeth Ganger (USA) Katie Guy (USA) Katie & Brian Larsen (USA) Katie McDowell (USA) Katie Anne McLane (USA) Katrina Harrison (CAN) Katrina Stidd (USA)

Kay Graves (USA) Kayla Howard (USA) Keith & Liz Haley (CAN) Kelley & Arnold Beck (USA) Kelli E Nelson (USA) Kellie Anderson (USA) Kelly Frank (USA) Kelly Lephart (USA) Kelly & Steven Proctor (USA) Kelly Rice Hall (USA) Kelly Timberlake (USA) Kelsi Jean Meldrum (USA) Ken Alanen (USA) Kendra Alberts (USA) Kendra Meschke DBA Therapeutic Kneads (USA) Kenneth Gardner (USA) Kenneth & Melodie Kelsey (USA) Kenney Yang (HKG) Kent J Herndon (USA) Kerry Brooks (USA) Ketti & Joseph Eddy (USA) Kevin & Sarah Jones (USA) Khairul Ariffin (SGP) Kim Buesing (USA) Kim Latimer (USA) Kim Thomson (AUS) Kimberley Anne Santoriello (USA) Kimberly Bernstein (USA) Kimberly & Matthew Butler (USA) Kimberly & Bryan Evans (USA) Kimmi Denise McCarrell (USA) Kinue Sekiya (JPN) Kirsten Van Havere (CAN) Kirstin A Burton (USA) Kirupanithi Pooranavelu (MYS) Kiyomi Sugiyama (JPN) KK Smith Trust (USA) KLS Life Concepts LLC (USA) Kodiak Ranch (USA) Koji Okuno (JPN) Kok Wai Hoi (MYS) Koleen Oconnor (USA) Komitor DBA Healing Touch For Animals (USA) Koo Kin Hing (MCU) Kozue Nasu (JPN) Krista D Davidson (USA) Kristen Daschke (USA) Kristen Demaree (USA) Kristen Elaine Petri (USA) Kristen Pruitt Taylor (USA) Kristin Brooks (USA) Kristin Browne (USA) Kristin Elizabeth Jensen (USA) Kristin & David Liabraaten (USA) Kristin Patterson (USA) Kristina Grace Zittle (USA) Kristy Rogan & Randall Rogers (USA) Kröger Nina (DEU) Krysta Wiegers (USA) Krystal Kelley (USA) Krystal Sue Kolar (USA) Kuo Chuan Daniel Liew Kian Yuen, David/ Loke (SGP) Kyla Covington Abercrombie (USA) Kyle A Green (CAN) Kyle Mitchell Flint (USA) La Dolce Vita Ltd (CAN) Lai Chan Ho (SGP) Larkin Busby (USA) Larry & Joanne Haley (CAN) Larry & Pat Potter (USA) Larry D Zeeryp (USA) Laura Ann Franks (USA) Laura Legere (USA) Laura K Murrell (USA) Lauren P Ayres (USA) Lauren K Johanson (USA) Lauren Marrow (USA) Lauren Grace Vinsant (USA) Laurie Schaeffer (USA) Lauriel Axtell-Smedley (USA) Laveda Malu LLC (USA) Lawrence J Harris (USA) Leah Minogue (USA) Leah Zanin (CAN) Lee Hock Seng (SGP) Lee Hock Soon (SGP) Lee Karcher (USA) Lee McLellan (AUS) Lee San Chang (MYS) Lee-Ellen Cox (USA) Leeann Howard (USA) Leighann Villines (USA) Leslie Boyd (USA) Leslie MacLardy (USA) Letra L Bixby (USA) Lexcon Management Trust (USA) Life Rhythms Inc (USA) Life Unlimited LLC (USA) Lil Shop Of Oils LLC (USA) Lilian Guegoglanian Fontoura (MEX) Lilja Oddsdottir (ISL) Linda Budde (USA) Linda B Carvalho (USA) Linda Gaare (USA) Linda L Hoffman (USA) Linda Lee Deaton (USA) Linda McCamon (USA) Linda & Bernard Robinett (USA) Linda Simon (USA) Linda Sullivan (USA) Linsey Cunningham (USA) Lisa & Robert Grieve (CAN) Lisa & Curtis Malecha (USA) Lisa M Davis (USA) Lisa Distin (USA)

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For May 2014


continued from page 6 Lisa Friedland (USA) Lisa Fyfe (USA) Lisa Goodner (USA) Lisa Hite (USA) Lisa Nissen (USA) Lisa M Smith (USA) Lisa Thompson (USA) Lisa Towner (USA) Lisa Weinhold (USA) Living Dynamics Pty Ltd (AUS) Living Free Health Solutions LLC (USA) Loh Marissa (SGP) Lola M Crouch (USA) Lollipop Lane DBA Cheryl A Meier (USA) Lona J Kile (USA) Lora Sasiela (USA) Lori Ann Denn (USA) Lori Fornea (USA) Lori L Murphy (USA) Lori McMaster (USA) Lori Stull (USA) Loriahn Harden (USA) Lorna & Monty Marsolf (USA) Louise Dietzel (USA) Lucey Harley (USA) Lucy & Christian Ovrebo-Welker (USA) Lynda Burkhart (USA) Lynda F Robinson (USA) Lynn Cox (USA) Lynn Marie Cox (USA) Lynn Groom (USA) Lynn Young (USA) Madge & Eddy Johnson (USA) Magaly Franciela Madrid Villarreal (MEX) Malaika Namara (USA) Malia K Coleman (USA) Mandy R Griffith (CAN) Marci & Brian Blasi (USA) Marci Sawilowsky (USA) Mardi Hart (USA) Maree Anne Holzheimer (AUS) Margaret & Glenn Jackson (USA) Margaret Krum (USA) Margaret Rossi (AUS) Margarete De Gaston (USA) Margret Nadrag (AUT) Mari Kathryn Handley (USA) Mari King Sheffield (USA) Maria Ecklbauer (AUT) Maria Eugenia Bambaren (PER) Maria G Jimenez (USA) Maria Kageaki (DEU) Maria R Malec (USA) Maria Reischl (AUT) Marianne Daily (USA) Marie Gunther (USA) Marie T Koepke (USA) Mariella Scheutz (AUT) Marilyn J Solomon (USA) Marina Kirpichnikov (AUS) Marinee Yuprapan (SGP) Mario Dilorenzo (USA) Mario Starace (USA) Marion R Baxter (USA) Marissa Marsh (USA) Mark Chisholm (USA) Mark Damian Seng Chai Song (AUS) Mark Gregary McCaskill (USA) Mark McCoy Fulcher (USA) Mark & Tracy Tjapkes (USA) Marlene Eshleman (USA) Marlo Noël Bontempo (USA) Marlo Yoshimoto (USA) Marnie Heintz (CAN) Martha A Wertz (USA) Martienne Freeth (AUS) Martina Fancovicova (SVK) Marty Houck (USA) Mary Betterman (USA) Mary S Clendenin (USA) Mary Dornfeld (USA) Mary Finestead (USA) Mary J Grass (USA) Mary Halstead (USA) Mary P Jensen (USA) Mary Kane (USA) Mary G Moore (USA) Mary Schabel & Paul Schulz (USA) Mary Schofield (CAN) Mary Ann Stoltzfus (USA) Mary Jane Wright (USA) Mason Binns (USA) Massagepraxis Werner (AUT) Mathilde Helm (DEU) Maurice Gahagan & Claire A McAdams (USA) Maylia & Jude Trahan (USA) McClendon Group Inc (USA)

Megan Christine Schmidt (USA) Melanie Johnson (CAN) Melanie Schlutow (USA) Melanie R Simmons (USA) Melanie G Yancey (USA) Melinda & Scott Ackerson (USA) Melinda Jo Haak (USA) Melinda Elaine Preston (USA) Melissa & Robbie Blaske (USA) Melissa Boice (USA) Melissa Brown (USA) Melissa & Benjamin Butterbaugh (USA) Melissa Haro (USA) Melissa Kaufmann (USA) Melissa Lawrence (USA) Melissa Martin (USA) Melissa Mason (USA) Melissa Robinson (USA) Melissa Russo DBA Yoga Massage & Bodyworks (USA) Melissa & Ervin Stoltzfus (USA) Melody Strite (USA) Melvin & Gaye Adams (USA) Menkit Prince (AUS) Meredith Tina Rose (USA) Micaela Kageaki (DEU) Michael Basilicato (USA) Michael Nokken & Jennifer Carnes (USA) Michael Mason (AUS) Michaela Culpepper (USA) Michaela Liskova (CZE) Michal Haswell (AUS) Michele Edgson (CAN) Michele Foley (USA) Michele Larue (USA) Michelle Marie Batliner (USA) Michelle Bensch (USA) Michelle Serina Chan (HKG) Michelle L Lake (USA) Michelle R Owen (USA) Michelle L Powell (USA) Michelle Sauer (USA) Michelle Sharon Leroy (CAN) Michelle Shawn-Blodgett Kantor (USA) Michelle Vadnais (USA) Michelle Wich (USA) Michiko Hayashi (JPN) Millennial Health Services (USA) Millie Kay Drum (USA) Milo Beaver (USA) Miltpowersports LLC (USA) Mindy Gail Mesneak (USA) Mindy Nguyen (USA) Miriam & Stuart Breezee (USA) Missy Albritton (USA) Miyuki Kitamura (JPN) Mollie Beam (USA) Mollie Erin Moses (USA) Molly & Zachary Steadmon (USA) Molly Denise Abrigg (USA) Monika Kurowska (USA) Morgan Prigge (USA) MPower Foods (USA) Mui How Tai (SGP) Myles & Nancy Harston (USA) Nadine Powell (USA) Nancy Anderson (USA) Nancy J & John R Arden (USA) Nancy Louise Barnhill (CAN) Nancy Lynn Call (USA) Nancy Gouch (USA) Nancy Greer (USA) Nancy J Halterman & Gerry L Halterman (USA) Nancy Hillukka (USA) Nancy Louise Jones (USA) Nancy Kay Rizzo (USA) Nancy Lee Bell (USA) Nancy Saar (USA) Nasrullah Amin (SGP) Nathan E Groff (USA) Natural Beauty Therapy (AUS) Natural Concepts (AUT) Nature’s Sunbright LLC (USA) Natures Concepts (AUS) Naturheilpraxis (DEU) Neoma F & Lester G Flaming (USA) Newstart Health Supplies (AUS) Ng Wei Suan (MYS) Nicolaas Vankessel & Debra Godding (CAN) Nicole Carrillo (USA) Nicole & Paul Geisinger (USA) Nicole Imes (USA) Nicole & Phillip Schumaker (USA) Nida G Gonzales & Manuel H Chan (USA) Nikki Benedix (USA)

Nisa Fiin (USA) NM Essentials LLC (USA) Noel Cunnington (AUS) Noorsaadah Noordin/Roslan Sarpin (SGP) Norlizah Ali & Noor Azhar Parnen (SGP) Norma Constanza Mateus C (CRI) Norma & Shiro Matsuoka (USA) Nutrition & You (AUS) Olga Lay (PER) Olof Liljestrom (SWE) Oma & Sylvia Jo Reeves (USA) OPB Consulting (USA) Optimal Health Essentials LLC (USA) Options For Health (USA) Orangeo Wendy Wong (HKG) Ow Leonard & Mardiana Ismail (SGP) Page L Kidd (USA) Pamela Sze-Juen Chin (MYS) Pamela A Heyen (USA) Pamela Mang (USA) Pamela Anne McGuckin (USA) Pamela Rich (USA) Pamela K Walker (USA) Pamila & David Bigler (CAN) Papa & Nana’s Farm LLC (USA) Parapak Lise Gay (SGP) Parelli Natural Horsemanship (USA) Pat Jenkins (CAN) Patricia Bart (USA) Patricia Curtis (USA) Patricia Ann McMaster (USA) Patricia Donna Morales (USA) Patricia Marie Yantes (USA) Patrick W & Veronica Ruland (USA) Patty Anne Da’Cunha (USA) Paul Baehren (DEU) Paulette D Nitschke (USA) Pc Northstar Chiropractic (USA) Peggun Hoi Cheuk Leung (SGP) Peggy Miranda (USA) Penny L Cosner (USA) Peterson Hockenberry Enterprises (USA) Petra Jäggi (CHE) Phillips Health International (USA) Phyllis & Robert Franks (USA) Pine River Health Products (USA) Poh Tin Lim (SGP) Priscilla Hervey (USA) Priyam Ahuja (USA) Puay Hoon Chia (SGP) Quality Management LLC (USA) Quartus Foundation Inc (USA) Quin & Shand Stringham (USA) Rachael Marie Davis (USA) Rachel Mary Cornell (USA) Rachel Curtin (USA) Rachel & Curtis Eastin (USA) Rachel Holley (USA) Rachel Laney (USA) Rachel & Dane Lipovec (USA) Rachel Marilyn Tschida (USA) Rachel Zachary (USA) Rachelle Ellis (USA) Rachelle Houle (USA) Radiant Life Training LLC (USA) Rae Farmer (USA) Raja Rahmah Raja Idris (SGP) Randi J Midgley (USA) Rapha Enterprises Pc (USA) Raquelle F Stear (USA) Ratna Mishra (SGP) Raymond Miller & Laura Hepburn (USA) Rayna Gangi (USA) Real World Health (USA) Rebecca Suzanne Fangmann (USA) Rebecca L Frye (USA) Rebecca Howden (CAN) Rebecca Preston (USA) Rebecca A Sutton (USA) Rebeccah Steele (GBR) Rebekah Noel Dove (USA) Reflexology By Catherin (USA) Regenera Studio Dayal (CZE) Regional Marketing LLC (USA) Reneè & Ht Neighbors (USA) Renee Thorfinnson (USA) Renee Yeo (USA) Rex Leroy Cramer Jr (USA) Rick & Ann Richardson (USA) Rie & Mitsutaka Kubo (JPN) Riko Oomori (JPN) Rita Hamilton (USA) Rivergum Natural Therapies (AUS) Rivina Gianchand (SGP) Rob J Morris (USA) Robert Darcangelis (USA) Robin M Maiocca (USA) Robin Montague (USA)

Robin Pfotenhauer (USA) Robin J Vollmar (USA) Robingayle & Charles Egbert (USA) Rochelle Schweiger-Price (USA) Roger & Judy Beenken (USA) Ron Phythian (AUS) Ronda Stickel (USA) Roots Of Integrity (USA) Rosemarie Schoenenberger (USA) Rosemary Crescitelli (USA) Rosemary Hyde (USA) Rosita Martinez (USA) Roswita Heitmann (DEU) Rough Edges (USA) Roxanne Mae Hawkins (USA) Roxanne Norcia (USA) Rudolf Pieknik (DEU) Rudy Hunter (USA) Russell Webb (USA) Ruth & Robert Dec (USA) Ruth Ann Eaton (USA) Ruth Forstner (AUT) Ruth Pirrie (USA) S E Consulting LLC (USA) Sabine E Barnett (USA) Sabra Ballerstein (USA) Sachiko Fukumoto (JPN) Sadie & Todd Armstreet (USA) Sally & Clinton Vansickle (USA) Salvatore Devita (CAN) Samantha Marie Tiegs (USA) Samantha Nienow (USA) Sandra Bolognia (USA) Sandra Brown & Terry Brown (USA) Sandra Kay Steelman (USA) Sandra Sutter (USA) Sandy Wieber (USA) Sara Brazis (USA) Sara Hatch (USA) Sara Mills (USA) Sara Nadin (AUS) Sarah Falk (USA) Sarah Herring (USA) Sarah Montagna DBA Center For Healthy Living (USA) Sarah Taylor (USA) Sarah A Wick (USA) Scc Yogaschulen EV Berlin (DEU) Scc Yogaschulen EV Hamburg (DEU) Scents-Able Living LLC (USA) Scott Lindgren (USA) Selena & Douglas Tate (USA) Seok Buay Helena Lim (SGP) Serene Seah (SGP) Shana Evans DBA Cornerstone Holistic Health (USA) Shana Walker (USA) Shane Sanderson (USA) Shane Tilston (USA) Sharee Danielle Patten (USA) Sharon Kay Daniel (USA) Sharon Manor (USA) Sharon Neal (AUS) Sharon Niskanen (USA) Sharon Raybern (USA) Sharon & Bill Rhodes (USA) Sharon Ann Williams (USA) Shauna Leah Block (CAN) Shawna Steinwand (CAN) Sheena’s Natural Therapies (AUS) Sheila & Robert Sherman (USA) Sheila Chase (USA) Shelby Lynne Nowak (USA) Shelley Burkett (USA) Shelley & Kelly O’Hara (USA) Shelley Vollmar (USA) Shelly M Pierson (USA) Sheree & Michael Tovey (USA) Sherri Steel (USA) Sherri Vonlobstein (USA) Sherry Grodecki (CAN) Sherry Morrow (USA) Sherry Taylor (USA) Sheryl Arun Murthy (SGP) Sheryl Tallentire (NZL) Shirley Chase (USA) Sia Jia Yen Linda (MYS) Siegfried Deutsch (AUT) Simon & Jelyn Chew Ng (SGP) Simone Sarine Harari (USA) Siti Shyamira Binte Abdul Samat & Mohammad Shahid (SGP) Slawomir Mirecki (USA) Sok Ha Ho (MYS) Sonja Chandler (USA) Soon Chew Lian (SGP) Soren Healthy International (USA) Spa Therapies & Training (AUS) Spaulding Family Chiropractic & Wellness (USA) Spirit Filled Healing (USA)

Spiritheart At Work (USA) Stacey A Rubenstein & Charles Hall (USA) Stacey & Matthew Vann (USA) Stacy Morris (USA) Stacy Lynn Peterson (USA) Stacy Anne Steinberg (USA) Stanlee Palmisano (USA) Stefanie Salvotti (USA) Stephanie Chatten (USA) Stephanie Lee Loewen (USA) Stephanie Lynn Troyer (USA) Stephanie Suzanne Hixon (USA) Stephen Blake (USA) Stephen Ethier (USA) Stephen Pfleger & Deb McGregor (USA) Steve & Kerryn Martin (AUS) Steven & Lourdes Schiller (USA) Sue Ellen Heath (USA) Sue & Ross Olmos (USA) Sue Schutt (USA) Suet Man Ng (HKG) Summer Kristen Davis (USA) Summer Leann Little (USA) Sun-Marlan Company (USA) Superfoods Distributors Inc (USA) Susan Dvm Albright (USA) Susan Bird (USA) Susan Dolan (USA) Susan Gray (USA) Susan C Johnson (USA) Susan Ledet Quality Physical Therapy & Wellness (USA) Susan McEntyre (USA) Susan R Powers (USA) Susan Riggens (USA) Susan M Saetre (USA) Susan Toh (SGP) Susan Weiley (USA) Susie Lou Cross (USA) Suzanne Marie Cekalla (USA) Suzanne Gossett (USA) Suzanne M Griffin (USA) Sweet Miracles (USA) Sylvia Haendiges (USA) Sylvia E Petker (CAN) Tage Fruth (USA) Tai Yen Ting (MYS) Tama Jackson (USA) Tamara Gibbs (USA) Tammie Barlow (USA) Tammy L & Tom Boley (USA) Tammy L Bradford (USA) Tammy Lynn Elliott (CAN) Tammy & Bernard Schack (USA) Tanja Luchscheider (AUT) Tanya Johnson (CAN) Tara Jo Trine (USA) Tarika Lea (USA) Teah Tracy (USA) Tena Renee Sprenger (USA) Teo Sek Jen (SGP) Teodomiro Barros (PER) Tera Holderman (USA) Teresa Anne Holt (USA) Teri Clyde (USA) Teri Ann Ringham (USA) Terri Forseth (USA) Terri Oberto (USA) Terri Philpot (USA) Terry Croad (USA) Terry Schwartz (USA) Terry Tillaart (CAN) Thania Webb (USA) The Anchor Group (USA) The Daniel Standard (USA) The Health Doctors (USA) The Lotus Foundation (USA) The Phoenix Rising (USA) The Touch Inc (USA) Theresa & Christopher Lalim (USA) Theresa Legarie (USA) Theresa Sarin (USA) Theresa & Thomas Woolley (USA) Thomas R Lott (USA) Tibia Inc (USA) Tiffany & Marty Harbert (USA) Tiffany Faith McDonald (USA) Tiffany Danielle Prestley (USA) Tina Andrews (USA) Tina Serra (USA) Todd & Kristen Johnson (USA) Tomohiko Kojima (JPN) Tonya Dahl (CAN) Tonya Tecola Tanner (USA) Tori Herndon (USA) Tori R Mitzel (USA) Torie Morris (USA) Tracey M Daniel (USA) Tracey Lynn Twa (CAN)

Tracy Dawn Giles (USA) Tracy Lipskey (USA) Tracy Longanecker (USA) Tracy Sellers (USA) Tracy Van Epps Connell The Balanced Touch (USA) Tranquil Touch Massage (USA) Tresa Kay Ewerdt (USA) Trish Montague (USA) Trisha Belknap (USA) Trylon Research Inc (CAN) Tsuneo Tsukamoto (JPN) Tsutomu & Machiko Nakazawa (JPN) Ulrike Hauser (AUT) Ultimate Health Integration (USA) Ultimate Rejuvenation (USA) Upright Health & Wellness Inc (USA) Urban Zen Foundation (USA) Ursula Bellgardt (DEU) Valerie Mesa (USA) Vanessa Trevors (CAN) Vasthi & Albert Galindo (USA) Vaughn Calcutt (USA) Vera Smith (USA) Verel & Arlene Moore (USA) Veronica & Ronald Frierdich (USA) Veronika Auer (AUT) Vibrant Choices (AUS) Vicki Burg (USA) Vicki Lynn Delaney (USA) Vicki Hartman (USA) Vicki & Ronald Hellmann (USA) Vicki L Vincent-Beaman (USA) Vicki-Lynne Jost (CAN) Victoria Leigh Rieger (USA) Vikas Jain (USA) Violet Chappell (CAN) Virginia Bitner (USA) Virginia Cibenko (USA) Vital Und Gesundheitszentrum Lydia Pohl (DEU) Vivisha Tushar Doshi (SGP) Vornehm Iulia Pfa (ROU) Wai Ching Lee (SGP) Wanda Butler (USA) Wege Zur Lebenskraft Angelis (AUT) Weils To Wellness LLC (USA) Wendy & Reynold Musikov (CAN) Wendy Goodman (USA) Wendy Kay Tome (USA) Wendy Mason (USA) Wendy Sue Nesseth (CAN) Wenker Family Partnership (USA) Werner & Tanja Traupmann (AUT) Werner Bigiel (DEU) Wesley M Proctor (USA) Weston Dastrup (USA) Wheatland Holding Company (USA) William & Joann Cook (USA) William H Jowell (USA) William M & June N Mendrin Trust Of 2009 (USA) Winfield & Bertta Moore (USA) Winnie Chan (HKG) Wioletta Polanowska (USA) Wong Chuo Ding (MYS) Wong Ying Cheung Yu (HKG) Yang Yiu Bon Christopher (HKG) Yimin Tania Boh (SGP) Yoko Suzuki (JPN) Yoon Yung Chen (MYS) Yoshiko Takeuchi (JPN) Yue Lok Lee (HKG) Yuka Uyama (JPN) Yukiko Ito (JPN) Yuko Aoki (JPN) Yuko Tada (JPN) Yurita Pohan (SGP) Yvonne & Steve Thornton & Tribe (AUS) Yvonne Fulciniti (USA) Yvonne Zee (SGP)

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