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ESSENTIAL EDGE NEWS Volume 4.7 July 2014

The Royal Return

WE FEEL GREATLY blessed and are thrilled for the spectacular success of our 20th-anniversary International Grand Convention. Looking back at our simple beginnings and seeing what we have now become is a mixture of humility and rejoicing. It has been the most amazing journey of discovery, adventure, and determination. Everyone on the corporate side, together with thousands of members, has been greatly rewarded for being part of this joyous event. The memories of where we started and the vision of where we are going create a feeling of gratitude and a fire of anticipation for what lies ahead. Now is the time to hold onto the tail of the comet as we go into warp speed! At one time we thought we were introducing too many products, but we didn’t know what to leave out because they are all so timely. Enjoy them as you experiment to discover the benefits for you and your family—and remember to let us in on your discoveries. This is a great time of wellness and abundance for Young Living, and we are thrilled for your success in so many ways. Go forward and build your business; you will touch the lives of thousands more who will join with us to express joy and thanksgiving to our Creator for what He has given us to share with the world. We love you all and appreciate your great support. To all of you who made the sacrifice to be with us to celebrate our 20 years of growing together, we ask that you take the excitement you felt and what you learned home with you to those anxiously waiting to hear your stories and all the news. We look forward to being together again and sharing in the excitement of all of your success. Sincerely, Gary and Mary Young

The following is from an interview with Gary in France in June 2014:

A Perilous Past

TWENTY YEARS AGO we saw things changing in the true lavender fields in France. I watched it closely then, and it wasn’t long after when lavender started dying off. When I went back to France in 1985, ’87, ’88, ’89, and ’91, when I started working with Jean-Noël, I kept taking seed back home and planting it. In 1991 I started expanding my fields until I had enough true lavender to plant 45 acres at the St. Maries farm from 1992-94. As I went back to France over the years, we watched the lavender slowly die out. We watched the farmers working and working to get it back and to find out why this was happening. Part of it was an unknown virus that came through the region. Also, some of the fields developed a fungus, which I believe had something to do with the weakened immunity of the plants after years and years of growing and being fertilized. The lavender just wasn’t resistant to some of the bugs and fungus any longer. A severe, extended drought also took its toll.

An Exciting New Beginning

What is so exciting is that I talked to Jean-Noël several years ago and said that I had a feeling that maybe one day St. Maries lavender would reestablish lavender back in France and create a rebirthing of true lavender. As we talked about it, there were some laughs; but three years ago, I brought seed back to France from the St. Maries farm. We decided

What is really amazing is that this is the only time I’ve seen true lavender with such a life force in it. Nobody can believe it. The true lavender that Gary brought with him from St. Maries hasn’t grown here for over 15 years. It disappeared, but the way it looks now is very promising.

to experiment and just see what it would do. So we planted it in the nursery and started growing starts. Two years ago, we moved the lavender from the nursery and planted it in the field. What’s amazing to me is that this lavender originally came from France, and then we brought it back after 20 years in the U.S. and reestablished it. And, now, our lavender field was in full bloom 10 days before any other lavender in all of Provence. Benoît Cassan, president of the French Lavender Growers Association, said, “This St. Maries lavender looks exactly like our true lavender fields did 50 years ago.” This really brought a lump up in my throat. It’s beautiful and magnificent true

– Jean-Noël Landel

lavender. It’s coming in multiple colors from white to deep, deep purple. It’s lush with a lot of stems and heavy flowers on them. You just couldn’t ask for a more beautiful true lavender than what’s here now. The other part that thrills me is that this lavender will produce seed. Jean-Noël and Jean-Marie will gather seed and start propagating new starts for next year to reestablish a strong immunity within the plants. This is so exciting! France has given so much to me, and I feel honored and humbled that I can give back to France after all these years. It’s a real joy. We are excited! Come and be part of this amazing Young Living true lavender farm in France—the largest true lavender farm in the world today!

A Field Full of Melissa FROM JUNE 9–12, the Young Living farm team planted 120,000 melissa plants at the St. Maries farm! During the next few weeks, an additional 100,000 melissa plants will be put in the ground, making 15 flourishing acres of beautiful melissa. These plants will be ready for our members to harvest in 2–3 years!


Founder’s Message

In 2011, D. Gary Young, with the help of Jean-Noël Landel, Benoît Cassan, and Jean-Marie Blanc, bridged two continents and three decades in a realization of the beginning of an audacious undertaking: bringing a thriving, healthy Lavandula angustifolia—true lavender—from St. Maries, Idaho, back to its origin at the Young Living Lavender Farm in the Simiane Valley in southern France to save lavender in the region.

Essential Edge News

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Rediscovering Ancient Nutrition Young Living is about to make things right again in the world of wheat. After nearly 25 years of research and discovery, D. Gary Young has found and is growing at two Young Living farms the ancient, naturally structured wheat known as einkorn. As far as Young Living is concerned, gone are the days of hybridized wheat, which has led to the emergence of new diseases and undiagnosed symptoms in people throughout the world. Since 1970, when Dr. Norman Borlaug was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for his discovery in wheat hybridization for the purpose of creating higher yields and saving farmers time and money, wheat has been modified to the point where the body no longer recognizes it as a true digestive food. Today’s wheat contains 42 chromosomes; in contrast, einkorn contains 14 chromosomes, making it easier for the body to digest and absorb nutrients. Einkorn is also low in gluten and high in protein, vitamin A, and carotene.

Gary Young: A Somalian Adventure This is the finale of the adventure series highlighting real events from Gary’s frankincense exploration in Somalia, written by Gary himself. Top: Somalian security guards escorting Gary. Bottom, left: Gary spending time with Somalian schoolchildren. Bottom, right: Frereana resin.

Unlocking the Ancient Silo

In 1990, Gary started looking for the ancient wheat and discovered that it was hard to find. Seeing occasional small fields in Hunza Land and Turkey, the search eventually led him to the Jordan River Valley in 1999, where he found einkorn. A few years later, Gary and his farmEinkorn growing beautifully at the ing partner, Jean-Noël Landel, were Young Living farm in Mona, Utah. talking about einkorn, and Jean-Noël told Gary he had einkorn seeds and wanted to plant them on the Young Living farm in France. This is how it all began. Soon, the co-op farmers were growing it and drastically increasing its production, making it possible to one day release einkorn to Young Living members. It has been five years since Young Living started growing einkorn on the farm in France. Two years ago, test patches were also started at the Young Living farm

A Grand Milestone for Young Living

YOUNG LIVING, THE World Leader in Essential Oils®, officially surpassed the 1,000 employee milestone this month. The company plans to continue adding additional jobs at its global headquarters in Lehi, Utah, and 12 International offices, as well as expanding its global farms to meet growing demand for its products.

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“This is a great milestone, which underscores the amazing growth we are experiencing as a company. This growth is exciting because it means more and more people are enjoying the benefits of Young Living’s unmatched products,” said Young Living’s Chief Operating Officer, Travis Ogden. “More than 20 years ago, our founder Gary Young envisioned taking these products to the world, and that continues to be realized more every day.” Young Living’s diverse employee talent—from the scientists working in the state-ofthe-art research labs to the expertly skilled farmers on seven botanical farms around the world—is a vital part of Young Living’s proprietary Seed to Seal® process, which ensures that the highest quality standards are used from the seeds planted to the sealed product. In addition to the 1,025 company jobs provided, Young Living offers more than 530,000 active members around the world the opportunity to build a Young Living business and provide an income for their families through its generous compensation plan. “It may help pay the mortgage payment this month or provide piano lessons for their kids,” said Young Living’s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Jared Turner. “Whatever the reason, I have witnessed the Young Living business opportunity make a significant impact in the lives of those who embrace it—not to mention, they have a lot of fun doing it!” Essential Edge News

GETTING TO NAIROBI took five flights and four days of frustration and anticipation. The planes were unreliable and the schedule tenuous. When we walked into the airport in Bosaso, gunfire was heard and my guards whisked me quickly to safety. It seems that five terrorists were after a would-be American hostage. Hostages bring a good ransom, especially for anyone of prominence. That couldn’t be me—I’m just an ol’ cowboy from the mountains, so I wasn’t too worried. One terrorist was killed and the others ran. I was escorted to the plane, and off we flew to Erigavo and from there on to Mogadishu, the capitol and last stop before leaving Somalia. I was grateful when that flight took off and thought I was finally free when we landed in Nairobi, Kenya. As we deplaned, it seemed that all the foreigners were being detained for some particular formality. When I discovered that they were demanding a certain vaccination, which cost $200, before being allowed into the country, I felt a rage inside. However, I managed to stay calm; and when it was my turn to be vaccinated, I refused. I handed the lady my passport and was told to go to the next room for the vaccination. Again, I refused. I was told that I could not enter Kenya without this vaccination; and if I refused, I could go to jail. I told the officer that I would rather go to jail. She said I would miss my flight. I told her I didn’t care. She then asked me why I refused. I gave her an ear full that she had probably never heard before. She almost acted a little afraid of my threats to call the U.S. Embassy or the U.N., or maybe it was just because of my defiant attitude. Our eye contact was intense for about 15 seconds, and then she just handed me back my passport and said, “You may go.” What an experience! I did miss my flight and had to reschedule for the following morning, but I didn’t care. It gave me the opportunity to get a good night’s rest, which I hadn’t had since I landed in Somalia. The Hilton wasn’t all that bad, and I knew I would be able to write while flying the next day. As the wheels lifted off, I felt a sense of freedom—the freedom of really going home. This kind of adventure comes once in a lifetime; and although my discoveries are priceless, I don’t know if I need another adventure like this one. I believe that God led my path and was now bringing me home safely to get ready for whatever lies ahead. How grateful I am.

D. GARY YOUNG’S NEW BOOK! A man’s journey of discovery to find the “staff of life” and unlock the health secrets of ancient einkorn. Now available at and

Young Living Leaders Hall of Fame ROYAL CROWN DIAMOND Fuller Life (SG) DIAMOND Patricia Gwee (SG) Tan Kai Hiang (SG)

Bold = Newly Qualified


Bonawi, Cherie (SG) Chuwen Huang (SG) Claudia Hofmaier (SG) Fee Boey & Nigel Penderigh (MY) Khairul Ariffin (SG) Charlene Tan Yan Jun (SG) Chin Foong Teng (MY) Chua Hong Ling (SG) Constance Marie Aw (SG) Cynthia Teo (SG) Daniel Tze Hui Tan (SG) Fazlina Mansor (SG) Faith Teo/ Teo Choun Hwee (SG) Foong Pooi Yee (MY) Huang Hsin Keen Geene (SG)

Ho Chee Hong (SG) Jihan Saleh Kinnear/Ong (SG) The Light Goes On (SG) Tseng, Cherie (SG)


Jennifer Sy Lim (MY) Linda Siok Lin Poh (SG) Luana Navarro (SG) Jayesh Parekh (SG) Ma Pau Lin (MY) Magdalene Matilda (SG) Noorsaadah Noordin/ Roslan Sarpin (SG) Ow Leonard/Mardiana (SG) Pang Kim Choo (SG) Reymond Hartono (INDO)

Sarine Rajagukguk (SG) Shamala Tan (SG) Sheena Ling (SG) Sie Hun Sim (MY) Soh Ai Choo Helena (MY) Stephanie Choo (SG) Toh Sue Hwa (SG) Yanni Tan (SG) Yoon Yung Chen (MY) Yvonne Zee (SG) Zuraida Bte Neti (SG)

SILVER Hawa Ahmad (SG) Hwee Boon Koh (SG) Hwei Leng Pang (MY) Jessie Neo (SG) Jia Ang Ying (MY) Joliene Bridget Chen (SG) Juak Lai Teo (SG) Juna Poh Siok Chun (SG) Kam Lee Kim (MY) Kam, Shaun (SG) Khong, Heng Weng (SG) Kiew Cha Moi (SG) Kirupanithi Pooranavelu (MY) Koh Zhi Yong (SG) Kok Wai Hoi (MY) Kui Ai Ngoh (SG) Kun Yam Thong Temple (MY) Laila Bte Mohd Kapi (SG) Latifah Bte Daud (SG) Lee Hock Seng (SG) Lee Hock Soon (SG) Lee Lian Leng Dowin (SG) Lee, Pauline Miin Jiun (SG) Lee San Chang (MY) Lee Siang Chang (SG) Lee Wai Ching (SG) Leng, Ng Seow (SG) Leong Swee Chin (SG) Leung, Pak Hin Anthony (SG) Leung Peggun Hoi Cheuk (SG) Lew, Ee Wen (SG) Lim, Chiu Lian (SG) Lim Jean Keng Khoon (SG) Lim Mei Chun (SG) Lim Poh Tin (SG) Lim Seok Buay Helena (SG) Linda Poh (SG) Ling Ai Teng (MY)

Lise Gay Parapak (INDO) Lobation, Teresa (SG) Loh, Mandy (SG) Loh, Wendy (SG) Low, William (SG) Lum, Kwai Hoi (SG) Marinee Yuprapan (INDO) Marissa Abang (MY) Marissa Loh (SG) Mei Hwa Teo (SG) Melissa Zecha (MY) Michelle Kugan (MY) Mohamed Nasruddin Bin Roslan (SG) Nana Lim Hwee Yong (SG) Nasrullah Amin (SG) Norlizah Ali/ Noor Azhar Parnen (SG) Ng Geok Siang (MY) Ng Wei Suan (MY) Nora, Neo Chiu Lian (SG) Noraisha Binte Mohammad Anwar (SG) Norasyikin Binte Roslan (SG) Norizan Roslan (SG) Nyit Kiew Leong (MY) Omay M George (MY) Pian Pian Lim (MY) Png Bee, Nee (SG) Quek Chee Nam (MY) Raja Rahmah Raja Idris (SG) Ratna Mishra (SG) Rimba, Yanti (SG) Rita Teo Siok Gek / Henry Pang Kim Leong (SG) Rivina Gianchand (SG) Rozitta Ramli (MY) Salim Linda (SG) Serene Seah (SG) Shahida Binte Johari (SG) Sheryl Arun Murthy (SG)

Shi Siew Yin (MY) Shiqin Jamie Wong (SG) Sia Jia Yen Linda (MY) Sim Chong Yan (SG) Simon Ng (SG) Siti Nurhidah Sariff (SG) Siti Shyamira Binte Abdul Samat/ Mohammad Shahid (SG) Siti Syariati Binte Sulaiman (SG) Soh Fiona May Leng (SG) Sok Ha Ho (MY) Soon Chew Lian (SG) Sri Mulyadi (SG) Sum Tong Ng (SG) Susan Toh (SG) Tai Mui How (SG) Tan Hwee San (SG) Tan Seow Teng (SG) Tan Suan Bee (MY) Tan, Yoong Haw (SG) Tania Kuswandi (SG) Teo Ai Lin Grace (SG) Teo Sek Jen (SG) Thia Woon Ling (SG) Ting Tai Yen (MY) Toh Chui Hong (SG) Vi, Tracy (SG) Vivisha Doshi (SG) Wong Chuo Ding (SG) Wong Guat Kin (MY) Wong Siew Yen (MY) Yeong Bee Bee (MY) Yoon Yung Chen (MY) Yurita Pohan (SG) Zhang, Yuyin (SG)


Abu Bakar Tasha (SG) Alsree Hafiz & Sharifah Samira Salim Alhadi (SG) Bee Hoon Eng (MY) Boh Yimin Tania (SG) Boon Ling Choy (MY) Chai Chee Ong (MY) Chan, Chin Yee (MY) Chan, Siew Sin (SG) Chandrasekar, Swetha (SG) Chia Puay Hoon (SG) Chin Pamela Sze-Juen (MY) Chong Han Yen (MY) Choon Thai Cheong (MY) Christina Wan Huey San (SG) Chua, Bee Cheng Phyllis (SG) David Liew Kian Yuen (SG) Deanna Koh (SG) Donna Lim (SG) Donna Tan (SG) Dumasi Samosir (INDO) Eleen Tong Yan Ngoh (SG) Elissa Gandakusuma (SG) Elke Wollschon (MY) Evariny Andriana (SG) Ewe Hin Lim (MY) Fannon, Robert (SG) Florence Ho (SG) Foo Siow Huei (SG) Francis Poon Ngo Lai & Quek Sze Puay (SG) Franziska Redomske (SG) Gan Kuew Lin (MY) Goh Boon Theng (SG) Goh, Janice Pei Pei (SG) Hairiah Bte Mahmot (SG) Hamir, Sharifah Amirah (SG) Hartono, Leo (SG)

Essential Edge News

Young Living’s World News CANADA

The summer season finally arrived in June, and momentum in Canada is at a boiling point, too, as some of our Canadian members finished the Road to Convention promotion in the top 20! These winners include Amanda D. Martin, Mandy R. Griffith, Jill Frederickson, Crystal Dean, and Lisa Marie Vick. Congratulations to these hard-working members! In June we had the opportunity to have Royal Crown Diamond Debra Raybern come to Calgary for a Diamond Express meeting. She shared her wealth of knowledge and experience about Young Living, including how to build a successful Young Living business.


It has been an eventful time for South East Asia with the opening of the new

Singapore office at the Bugis Junction Towers, which is twice the size of the previous office. The office opening was immediately followed with our exciting week in Salt Lake City. About 100 delegates traveled to the International Grand Convention this year! The winners of the Sky High Rewards Challenge will be traveling to France this month for a special tour of the Young Living farm and other beautiful parts of southern France.


The first half of the year has been highly successful for Young Living Australia. Rapid growth, including record sales and member signups, occurred month after month. New and upcoming leaders are passionate and enthusiastic as they continue to share Young Living. We hope

Sweetened Abundance YOUNG LIVING IS driving the good cause of abundance in so many ways. From the wondrous health benefits of our essential oils to promoting financial prosperity through our compensation plan, the World Leader in Essential Oils® lights the pathway to real, allaround success.

to see this positive momentum carry on for the remaining year.


Before the International Grand Convention, Royal Crown Diamond Frances Fuller toured three cities in Japan in early June. Frances provided product seminars focused on brain revitalization and healing and body rejuvenation using Young Living products. She also presented a seminar on how to best share Young Living’s products and opportunity. Frances also conducted a special meeting for Japanese members, giving them a road map to becoming Diamond leaders. As for the International Grand Convention, more than 100 Japanese members attended the event! The week in Salt Lake City fused them even closer to the foundation of Young Living and helped them believe they can live their dreams.

A Kenyan woman prepping coconut meat for oil production.

Sustainability In Action EVERYONE WHO IS part of Young Living understands the importance and magnificence of Mother Nature and the earth. In fact, our relationship with our planet is supreme in what we do; she is our best business partner. Because the earth has given and continues to give so much to us, especially at Young Living, we strive daily to give back to her by taking care of her and minimizing our footprint. Through our reforestation projects in Idaho and our green practices at every farm, we live in harmony with nature. Now, in recent years, we’ve taken that practice to our offices and warehouse. For our sustainability efforts in 2013, Young Living recently received the Recycling Achievement Award from Interwest Paper, Inc. and The Pro Recycling Group. During that year, we recycled more than 88 tons of cardboard and 96 tons of paper—literally a sphinx worth of recycled materials! Through May 2014, more than 35 tons of cardboard and 8 tons of paper have been recycled. In addition to cardboard and paper, Young Living recycles any metal and glass material that cannot be reused. “We share the commitment of Gary and Mary Young to the environment,” said Ron Harris, Young Living VP of Supply Chain and Operations. “We embrace programs that are sustainable and seek the greenest materials available. “We work in a company that not only provides the best products for our personal well-being but also carries the same level of commitment to the earth from which these amazing products are produced.”


For more details, log on to .sg

Essential Edge News

This month we have the pleasure of welcoming members from across Europe and Asia to our Lavender Harvest in Simiane-la-Rotonde, France, for a wonderful three weeks of experience and education. Keep up to date with everything happening at the harvests on the Young Living Provence Facebook page by visiting Make sure you “Like” us and leave a comment; we love hearing from you! Young Living Europe is also extremely excited to announce the official countdown to GO UK and our 2014 European convention! On September 20, we’ll be in London for a fantastic day of handson education, new products, and great presentations. Visit for more details and to take advantage of our early booking offer. We hope to see you in September!

than 100 volunteers, put business on hold, and headed to the Philippines to help with disaster relief after a historically devastating storm. Global Goods ended up having a record year and is seeing record months in 2014. Karma is grand. During our almost two-year partnership, the coconut oil Young Living has purchased from Global Goods has had a profound impact on villages spread across the world, including the Dominican Republic and Mexico. Brian Oaks, Global Goods founder and CEO, is energized by the cause of spreading blessings. “We see a need and do our best to fill that need,” he said. “We have created jobs in many areas, and in some cases they have income for the first time ever. So just

However, we can’t do it alone. Abundance is a team effort, and every so often we discover a company that is just as committed to doing good as we are. For the past two years, we’ve partnered with Global Goods, a company based in Highland, Utah, for our coconut oil needs. You’re asking yourself, “Huh? Coconut oil production in Utah? I’ve been to that mountainous desert state and have seen snow-capped peaks dotted with pines, oaks, and cedars, but I have not seen coconut trees.” Before you Google Utah’s coconut oil production history, which, admittedly, is non-existent, realize that this is what makes Global Goods unique. They’re Utah based but they’re a global company, building communities worldwide and going and helping wherever help is Global Goods building desks with chairs in Kenya needed. Specific to coconut oil, they employ native workers in Kenya and for the school kids. the Philippines to harvest and produce the oil, thus creating jobs and income in those countries. In a transcendent circle of influence, proceeds from the sale of coconut oil and other products go directly to helping build homes, schools, and hospitals, as well as to cover costs for eye surgeries. At the end of last year, Global Goods organized more

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Essential Edge News

Singapore July 2014 Issue

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