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Give the Gift of Purpose The season of giving has arrived—how will you share it with those closest to you? Giving to others creates meaning and purpose in life. This joy is magnified when the gift is infused with the unmatched benefits of Young Living essential oils. As you turn the pages of this catalog, think about those who mean the most to you and how their lives can be enriched by the featured gifts. Give the gift of purpose this season—to loved ones and yourself—through Young Living products!

SCENTS OF THE SEASON Use these five uplifting oils to experience a stronger spiritual connection, improved energy levels, and deeper relaxation. Contains 5-ml bottles of sacred frankincense, Christmas Spirit™, peppermint, orange, and ocotea essential oils. ITEM NO. 4786 Whsl. $85.00 · Retail $111.84 · PV 85

“This kit is a great way to welcome the season and is good to have on hand for those relatives who need a little help getting in the Christmas spirit!”

Sherry LaMarche, 2

Platinum Distributor



Spread Joy with Roll-on Collections DEEP RELIEF AND STRESS AWAY Two of our most popular roll-ons, Deep Relief ™ and Stress Away™, have been combined for the first time into one collection. Relaxation has never been so convenient. ITEM NO. 4783 Whsl. $38.00 · Retail $50.00 · PV 38

BREATHE AGAIN AND VALOR Need a quick boost? Our Breathe Again ™ and Valor ® roll-ons will leave you invigorated and refreshed—no matter where the day takes you. ITEM NO. 4785 Whsl. $35.00 · Retail $46.05 · PV 35

DEEP RELIEF AND TRANQUIL Use Deep Relief and Tranquil ™ roll-ons and let your worries roll away. These blends work together to promote a sense of calm and inner peace. ITEM NO. 4784 Whsl. $38.00 · Retail $50.00 · PV 38

Free Tr a n q u i l r o l l-o n

Buy any two Roll-on Collections and get a free Tranquil. These kits make a perfect gift, and when you buy two, you get a bonus roll-on. Keep this one for yourself! 5

Meaningful Gifts in Tiny Packages Essential Oil Mini Collections feature some of Young Living’s most popular oils. Choose a collection to fit the needs of everyone you know, whether they need extra energy, mental clarity, or a natural boost.


WINTER’S PURITY ESSENTIAL OIL MINI COLLECTION This collection is a safe, natural way to protect your family and to neutralize odors. Includes 5-ml bottles of Thieves®, Purification®, and R.C.™ essential oil blends. ITEM NO. 4780 Whsl. $27.75 · Retail $36.51 · PV 27.75

Free 1 0-p a c k

HEARTH AND HOME ESSENTIAL OIL MINI COLLECTION This collection creates an uplifting and inviting atmosphere of happiness and harmony in the home. Includes 5-ml bottles of lavender, Joy™, and Citrus Fresh™ essential oils.

SOOTHING SOLACE ESSENTIAL OIL MINI COLLECTION Use this collection to provide comfort and relief during the hectic holiday season. Includes 5-ml bottles of wintergreen, dorado azul, and balsam fir essential oils.

ITEM NO. 4781 Whsl. $28.75 · Retail $37.83 · PV 28.75

ITEM NO. 4782 Whsl. $43.75 · Retail $57.57 · PV 43.75

Buy any two Essential Oil Mini Collections and get a free 10-pack of Roller Fitments, which is an easy way to apply your favorite Young Living essential oils when you are on the go.


Buy an Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser and receive a free Essential Oil Diffuser (well, jet, and nebulizer). Now you can have the fantastic scents of Young Living throughout your home this holiday season.




Relaxation is in the Air Share the aromatherapy benefits of essential oils with a Young Living diffuser.

ARIA ULTRASONIC DIFFUSER Young Living’s Aria™ diffuser features the latest in ultrasonic technology, producing a relaxing mist that fills your home with the power of essential oils. The Aria comes complete with a matching, multi-function remote control. Includes 5-ml peppermint and orange essential oils as a limited time, holiday special. ITEM NO. 4524 Whsl. $225.00 · Retail $296.05 · PV 112.50

HOME DIFFUSER Young Living’s Home Diffuser is a natural alternative to synthetic air fresheners. Includes 5-ml peppermint and orange essential oils as a limited-time, holiday special. ITEM NO. 4468 Whsl. $75.00 · Retail $98.68 · PV 37.50

THERAPRO PREMIUM DIFFUSER Young Living’s TheraPro™ diffuser offers the ultimate therapeutic experience. Simply attach a bottle of essential oil and let the TheraPro spread its benefits throughout the room. Includes 15-ml Thieves® essential oil blend. ITEM NO. 4495 Whsl. $150.00 · Retail $197.37 · PV 75


Celebrate the Spirit of the Season

ESSENCE OF THE SEASON Catch the true spirit of the season with this best-selling holiday collection. Essence of the Season ™ features powerful oils and resins that are spiritually uplifting. Contains 5-ml bottles of frankincense, myrrh, and Christmas Spirit ™ essential oils, plus frankincense and myrrh resin. ITEM NO. 3118 Whsl. $69.75 · Retail $91.78 · PV 69.75


RESIN BURNER This beautiful resin burner deepens your meditation and invites a sacred atmosphere. Just add a small amount of your favorite resin and let its essence drift over you. Includes a complimentary bag of frankincense resin. ITEM NO. 4880 Whsl. $32.75 · Retail $43.09 · PV 16.38

“Burning frankincense resin after dinner helps us relax, unwind, and de-stress from the day. We sleep deeper and awake so much more relaxed!”

Carol Schirr,

Gold Distributor


Energize Holiday Celebrations with the Gift of NingXia Red

NINGXIA RED NUTRITION PACK This potent combination of NingXia Red® and Longevity™ Softgels provides a daily energy and antioxidant boost. Fortify and replenish your body and mind while addressing the damaging effects of aging, diet, and the environment.

NINGXIA RED COOLER SLEEVE Spark conversations and keep your favorite superfruit blend nicely chilled in this attractive, branded tote. ITEM NO. 4793 Whsl. $10.00 · Retail $13.16

ITEM NO. 4791 Whsl. $60.00 · Retail $78.95 · PV 60

“NingXia Red is an absolute staple in our home. I just love knowing that I am boosting my immune system while giving my body extra energy at the same time!”

Maureen Quigley, 12

Gold Distributor



Sip Your Way to a Slimmer You Young Living’s new Slique Tea is a delicious, slimming beverage, formulated to help you obtain your individual weight goals when combined with a healthy lifestyle. Unique, natural ingredients make Slique Tea the perfect complement to your weight-management program.

SLIQUE TEA COLLECTION Arriving just in time for the holidays, this exotic blend of natural ingredients is rich in antioxidants. Slique Tea blends Ecuadorian ocotea leaf and cacao sourced by D. Gary Young with jade oolong tea leaves, proprietary vanilla essential oil, and Arabian Omani frankincense. The result is a weight-management tea unlike any other, and a delightfully delicious way to sip your way to a slimmer you. Comes with a set of two mugs in a gift box. ITEM NO. 4792 Whsl. $37.50 · Retail $49.34 · PV 37.50

“I cannot live without this tea! The combination of ocotea, vanilla essential oil, and frankincense has transformed my mind and body and amplified my energy beyond my expectations.”

Marc Schreuder,

Director of Product Development 15

Pamper and Protect Your Loved Ones THIEVES COLLECTION This special collection includes Thieves® Waterless Hand Purifier for convenient, on-the-go purification; Thieves Foaming Hand Soap to provide a gentle alternative to chemical soaps; and Thieves Spray, which purifies and protects every surface in your home or office. ITEM NO. 4787 Whsl. $28.00 · Retail $36.84 · PV 28

LAVENDER MINT SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER This unique blend of gentle lavender and invigorating mint is suitable for all hair types and blends the benefits of pure lavender, peppermint, and spearmint essential oils with all-natural vitamins, botanical extracts, and silk protein. Includes a wooden comb. ITEM NO. 4788121 Whsl. $35.00 · Retail $46.05 · PV 35

COPAIBA VANILLA SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER This soothing combination of pure vanilla and copaiba essential oils provides hydration to dry and damaged hair. All-natural vitamins, botanical extracts, and silk protein combine with essential oils for a truly indulgent experience. Includes a wooden comb. ITEM NO. 4789121 Whsl. $40.00 · Retail $52.63 · PV 40



Give Something to Smile About LIP BALM TRIO This lip balm trio includes three essential oil-infused balms that will moisturize and protect your lips this season. Use Grapefruit Lip Balm to refresh lips and seal in moisture, Cinnamint Lip Balm to nourish and protect dry lips, and Lavender Lip Balm to repair and soothe dry, chapped lips. 18

ITEM NO. 4790 Whsl. $10.00 路 Retail $13.16 路 PV 10

ROLL-ON WALLET Sharing and carrying your favorite Young Living roll-ons is simple with this stylishly embroidered wallet. ITEM NO. 4794 Whsl. $18.50 · Retail $24.34

GLASS WATER BOTTLE This unique, branded water bottle allows you to demonstrate your passion for Young Living wherever you go. Perfect for carrying your favorite essential-oil infused beverages. ITEM NO. 4795 Whsl. $17.00 · Retail $22.37

CERAMIC DIFFUSER NECKLACES Beautiful and functional, these necklaces slowly diffuse your favorite oil throughout the day—a convenient way to experience oils everywhere life takes you! Introduce someone to the benefits of Young Living essential oils with these dual-purpose pendants. ITEM NO. 4830 Brown Whsl. $17.00 · Retail $22.37 ITEM NO. 4831 Blue Whsl. $17.00 · Retail $22.37



ROLLER FITMENTS Turn any Young Living essential oil bottle into a convenient, portable roll-on. Simply remove the bottle’s standard orifice, snap on the new fitment, and enjoy easy application of all of your favorite essential oils! ITEM NO. 4568 10-pack Whsl. $9.75 · Retail $12.83

“I am never without my YL lip balms. I keep one by my desk, night table, and carry two in my purse. They are definitely my most essential lip moisturizer!”

Sandy Morris,

Gold Distributor 19

HOW TO ORDER Giving the gift of purpose this season could not be simpler! Order your favorite Young Living products by:


Calling our Customer Care Department at


Customer Care Department hours:

Monday–Friday 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. MT Saturday 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. MT



Get 10% off Progessence Plus™ serum October 1–December 31. This popular product promotes hormonal balance, which will help you to stay calm and healthy during this sometimes-stressful season.

NOTE: These products will be available from October 1, 2011, to December 31, 2011, or while supplies last.

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Seasonal Essentials 2011 Holiday Catalog-US  

Seasonal Essentials 2011 Holiday Catalog The season of giving has arrived. Giving to others created meaning and purpose in life. This joy is...

Seasonal Essentials 2011 Holiday Catalog-US  

Seasonal Essentials 2011 Holiday Catalog The season of giving has arrived. Giving to others created meaning and purpose in life. This joy is...