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Early morning rush. Little league games. Work deadlines. Social events. They can all be tough to balance; but you wouldn’t trade your busy, fulfilling lifestyle for anything. Whatever it is that keeps you moving, be sure to stay supported and motivated with powerful, essential oil-infused products for every part of your day.

As the World Leader in Essential Oils®, we are proud to offer dozens of high-quality essential oil products that can easily fit into a purse, backpack, or pocket and head out the door with you. Created with diligent care through our proprietary Seed to Seal® process, these superior solutions can power your passions.

Our state-of-the-art production process brings you the purest oils on Earth. We call it SEED TO SEAL®

It's not a slogan–it's our calling.

WEEKDAY WARRIOR Need a lift at the office? Between a packed meeting schedule and your next deadline, it’s hard to find a moment to catch your breath. With a swipe of our Stress Away™ essential oil roll-on, you have a convenient solution for finding the calm and confidence to hit your due dates or get creative on that big project. You just may surprise yourself!


Stress Away™ is a unique, light blend of Vanilla, Lime, Copaiba, and other pure essential oils with a relaxing, soothing aroma. Apply to shoulders and neck or inhale directly to help keep you calm.

P E R FEC TLY F I T Whether you stay active on the basketball court, in Pilates class, on the hiking trail, or at the gym, you can be a well-oiled machine with two roll-ons perfect for your workout bag: Breathe Again™ and Deep Relief™. Our take-anywhere essential oil roll-ons can be game changers.


Breathe Again™ Roll-On combines four varieties of Eucalyptus essential oils, including Eucalyptus Blue, which is grown and distilled at the Young Living farm in Ecuador. Inhale directly or apply to chest and neck to enjoy its cool, invigorating aroma.


Deep Relief™ Roll-On uses Peppermint, Wintergreen, and other essential oils for a supporting, easy-to-use, must-have blend. Roll onto desired areas after a workout and enjoy the comforting sensation.

JUST RELAX Relaxing and getting away from it all is not just nice—it’s essential for lasting well-being. Creating harmony in your life starts with balancing work and relaxation, so don’t neglect taking quiet moments to unwind. Make the most of your me-time with portable essential oil roll-ons that you can enjoy at the park, on the beach, or wherever you go to recharge your batteries.


Tranquil™ Roll-On combines the comforting aromas of Lavender, Cedarwood, and Roman Chamomile into a blend that is easy to apply and even easier to love. Just inhale deeply or roll onto your wrists and neck for an instant vacation.


RutaVaLa™ Roll-On utilizes a proprietary blend of Ruta, Lavender, and Valerian essential oils, making it a powerful force for calm. Roll it onto your wrists, temples, and neck to find your moment of essential enlightenment.

NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL Keeping up with a packed schedule doesn’t have to mean looking rushed. Make your balancing act seem effortless with all-natural lip gloss/fragrance combinations that will keep your look fresh all day long, without synthetic ingredients. Our L’Briante™ line of lip gloss pairs two distinctive beauty products in a convenient, single package: an essential oil roll-on scent and a perfect shade of lip gloss that are interchangeable for a total of nine different combinations. Natural, customizable, portable, beautiful— L’Briante is a multitasker, just like you.


L’Briante™ Red/Amoressence pairs a bold red gloss with a feminine floral essential oil aroma for an alluring night-on-the-town combo that will turn heads.


The understated nude color of L’Briante™ Neutral/Winter, combined with the woodsy aroma and floral top notes of its essential oil roll-on scent, makes this pair a sophisticated pocketbook must-have.


Pairing a sweet pink color with a playful citrus essential oil aroma, the L’Briante™ Pink/Summer pair is perfect for highlighting your adventurous side. Remember to take it on your next road trip.


Diffusers aren’t just for the desktop or countertop anymore—our ultrasonic USB Orb™ Diffuser is as mobile and hardworking as you are. Specially designed to be spill proof, to fit in a car’s cup holder, and to use versatile USB power, the USB Orb Diffuser works intermittently or continuously for up to 4.5 hours of aromatherapy bliss. The highly portable USB Orb Diffuser is the ideal diffusion solution for day care centers, classrooms, travel, and more.

USB DIFFUSER New! Item No. 5223 Black, Item No. 5224 White, Item No. 5225 Pink, Item No. 5226 Purple

If you’re working at your laptop all day long, you might need a little essential oil boost to keep up with your projects. Infuse your workday with the refreshing aromas of pure essential oils the easy way with a diffuser so compact it fits right in your pocket. Our USB Diffuser plugs into the USB port of any computer and diffuses your favorite essential oils at 10-, 30-, or 60-second intervals without water. It’s also perfect to use in USB car or wall adapters. Available in black, pink, purple, and white, our most travel-friendly diffuser is as convenient as it gets.

ESSE N TI A LforPtheO Guru RTAonB ItheLTGoY Ever been caught without your favorite oils, wishing that essential oil rescue wasn’t miles away at home? Or have you wished your favorite oil was easier to use on the go? Our easy travel solutions allow you to bring your must-haves along for every moment of your day—wherever it takes you.


Item No. 4578

Roller Fitments transform many of your favorite essential oils and blends into easy-to-use roll-ons with patented AromaGlide™ advanced roller fitment technology. Simply remove the oil dropper from the original bottle, pop in the AromaGlide fitment, and you’re good to go, go, go.

30-OIL CASE New!

Item No. 5279

The 30-Oil Case allows you to easily transport and store a collection of up to 30 essential oils and blends. Made of sturdy foam and with a cushioning foam insert, the protective 30-Oil Case keeps your collection trip-ready.

10-OIL CASE New!

Item No. 5280 Green, Item No.

5281 Blue, Item No. 5282 Fuchsia

The 10-Oil Case bears our logo, comes in three beautiful colors, and allows you to take your top 10 favorites along with you in a purse or backpack. Keep your oils safe and on hand whenever you need them the most.

BE TTER S HAR I N G on the Road Sometimes space in your backpack, purse, computer bag, or luggage is at an absolute premium; but you don’t have to choose between bringing your phone charger or the essential oils you can’t do without. Our Essential Oil Sample Packets are small, slim, tough, and available in affordable 10-packs. So not only can you take our most popular essential oils and blends on the road, you can also share them wherever you go. Essential Oil Sample Packets are available in 10-packs of: • Lavender

• Peace & Calming®

• Lemon

• Peppermint

• Thieves


• Purification®

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We take the stewardship of our planet seriously. Our state-of-the-art production process brings you the purest oils on Earth.

We call it ®

It's not a slogan–it's our calling.

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