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Recent Growth Quickens Young Living’s Global Commitment Founder’s Message

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Distributors and visitors celebrate during the grand opening ceremonies in Singapore. International growth has been a consistent trend for Young Living, fueling the company’s mission to bless the lives of people around the world.

Young Living’s mission to share wellness, purpose, and abundance with the world is leading the company to aggressively seek global expansion. From six sprawling farms, a passionate commander in Gary Young, and a dedicated army of distributors on every continent stems an intense desire to bring people to the fountain of vitality. The barometric testament to this worldwide mission is the official openings of Young Living in lands across the earth; and so it was with great excitement that Singapore and Ecuador were recently ceremoniously opened to the prosperity afforded by Young Living. Held during three days in October, the Singapore grand opening was a great success. Attended by more than 300 guests, including distributors, leaders, and Young Living executives, the visitors celebrated the coming of Young Living and experienced oil application and Raindrop Technique® training from Gary, who demonstrated just how simple it is to use essential oils in everyday life. Will Halterman, Young Living’s general manager of Southeast Asia, envisions Singapore as just the beginning of an enormous presence in the Far East. “I see a lot of potential growth in Singapore,” Will said. “However, I don’t just envision great success in Singapore; I see success occurring in Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and other countries

in the region as well. Singapore is the gateway to Southeast Asia, and from here we will support the growth of Young Living in one of the largest and most dynamic markets in the world!” A critical piece to successfully managing any new region is the existence of an office. A new office, according to Will Halterman, means “greater support for distributors, it means localized marketing materials, it means a location where people can walk in and purchase product, and it means greater growth for the market in general.” Where opening Singapore is literally groundbreaking because it is so new and the organizational structure is being continuously developed, Ecuador is figuratively—and nearly literally—a world apart. Young Living has been thriving in Ecuador for years with its farm, lab, and clinic. Still, and much like Singapore, officially opening Ecuador is opening a gate to much greater opportunities. “Ecuador is not only one country, it is the door to South America,” says Carlos Niemes, a Young Living Silver distributor. “We have always had

great support, and I believe success here will be unlimited!” By opening its doors and opportunities to the world, Young Living inspires all who become involved to reach their goals and live a fulfilled life. “Ecuador believes in Young Living,” says Executive distributor Xavier Navarrete. “When I was 40 years old, I asked myself, ‘What do I want to do for the rest of my life?’ And the answer was, ‘I want to help people.’ Young Living is the answer to my question.”

Young Living distributors gather in Ecuador.


The great season of giving is upon us once again. Throughout December we become more selfless as we thoughtfully turn our focus to family, friends, and those in need. Though many of us willingly give year round, this one month affords us the opportunity to intensify our efforts in lifting burdens and bringing joy to others, filled with the Spirit of the Child from Bethlehem—the true spirit of Christmas. As the founder of Young Living, a company dedicated to giving and to making lives better, I often find myself in lands near and far, sharing a wonderful gift with people throughout the world: my knowledge of Young Living and its life-changing products. In fact, in October and November I journeyed to our one-of-a-kind distillery in Oman, met with our remarkable distributors in Australia, conducted more oolong tea research in Taiwan, and celebrated grand openings in the beautiful countries of Singapore and Ecuador. It has been invigorating for me to give what I can and to bring people to wellness, purpose, and abundance—the three gifts of Young Living. Fortunately for Young Living’s dedicated distributors, sharing the gift of Young Living—the gift of vitality—does not require you to fly across time zones or climb mountainous jungles; it requires only your focus and willingness to talk to those with whom you come in contact. There is so much work to be done, so many lives to bless within your own families and neighborhoods. Make a difference this Christmas season and give to your friends and loved ones your passion for Young Living and its magnificent opportunities.

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What’s New


Taiwan Key In Young Living Future Young Living founder: A 20-year dream come true

Highland Flats, Idaho

A new pole barn was installed that will help protect the tents and visitors from the elements during the Winter Harvest scheduled for January 8–February 4, 2012. Additionally, city-provided water and electricity has been put in place, along with a permanent septic tank.

St. Maries, Idaho

Upgrades and additions to the farm that will add convenience for visitors and increase harvesting efficiency are currently underway. A new clean-water reservoir is being constructed, and the cement pad near the distillery is being expanded, which will allow more plants to cure and dry at one time before they are put into the extraction chambers.

Salalah, Oman

Gary visited the farm in Oman to direct farm and distillation developments. Gary was impressed with the recent advances in distilling sacred frankincense from the local Boswellia sacra resin. Gary and Dr. Mahmoud Suhail reviewed the processing of Oman frankincense powder, a new ingredient exclusive to Young Living and used in Slique™ Tea.

Guayaquil, Ecuador

The Ecuador farm staff greeted grand-opening visitors in November with tours and activities. This was a great opportunity to showcase all of the different plants and projects at the farm. Additionally, farm workers are busy harvesting ylang ylang, oregano, rosa morta, basil, geranium, and mastrante.


Dr. HK Lin, a Young Living research consultant from the University of Oklahoma Medical School, traveled with Gary Young in Taiwan to continue their research on the health benefits of native organic teas, including oolong tea leaves used in the new Slique Tea™. Gary collaborated with scientists at the Pingdong Agricultural University to explore novel native Taiwan teas and essential oils. He also collaborated with Dr. Chen from Taiwan National University and gave a well-received, twohour lecture on the Young Living Seed to Seal® process.

During his time in Taiwan, Gary frequently visited the MingRen tea fields in Lugu, Taiwan.

Gary Young’s relentless pursuit of discovering, researching, and developing oils and products that are essential to vitality often leads him on paths of exploration to distant lands and exotic cultures. These journeys across the world are always insightful to Gary’s research and sometimes become the driving force behind life-benefiting supplements including Young Living’s NingXia Red® and Slique Tea™, each a result of countless travels to Asia. Asia, as it turns out, is quickly becoming a fruitful laboratory for Gary as he continues his research on plants and oils that support the Young Living ideals of wellness, purpose, and abundance. Having spent part of October in Taiwan studying endemic plants, building new relationships, and lecturing at universities, Gary is solidifying Young Living’s presence in Asia—a presence that will reap rewards for years to come. “There is so much in Taiwan that is unknown to most Westerners that will one day bless many people, and Young Living will be bringing those blessings to them,” Gary said after a visit to the tea fields in Lugu, Taiwan. During his visit to Taiwan, Gary

met with Lin Qing-Liang, the owner of MingRen, the company Young Living works with to make Slique Tea. Throughout the course of the trip, Mr. Lin spoke with Gary about tea leaf origination and tea production, a valuable experience, since MingRen has been crowned as Taiwan’s undisputed leader in oolong tea quality for more than a decade—a fitting companion for the world leader in essential oils. “We have to align ourselves with the best in whatever we do because we are driven to always provide the best products,” said Gary. “Partnering with MingRen is another great example of our commitment to being the best.” If gaining more insight into tea production and furthering research was the purpose of Gary’s trip to Taiwan, then his mission was accomplished. But there was another reason for Gary’s trip: to lecture on the benefits of essential oils at two of Taiwan’s most prestigious universities, including National Taiwan University, which invited Gary to speak to top regional scientists on growing plants and extracting their essential oils. Prior to the lecture at National Taiwan University, Gary attended the

opening ceremonies for the Center of Research in Pingdong, Taiwan. The research center is studying medicinal plants and their uses by the indigenous people of Southeast Asia. The purpose of the center is to collect and analyze the plants, many of which contain essential oils, to understand usage and to then integrate the results into modern medical practices. During the opening ceremony, Gary spoke and pledged his full support to the center, saying, “The opening of this center is a 20-year dream come true.” Following the ceremony in Pingdong, Gary went into the mountains to meet with the Sandimen tribal leader in the Wutai village. The Sandimen tribe is one of the indigenous tribes participating in the center’s research. In speaking with the leader, Gary discovered that the tribe uses several endemic essential oil plants that are very common in the village. Excited by the prospects, Gary promised the leader that if the village could grow enough of the plants, he would invest in a distiller for them.

Gary, reflecting on this and the entire experience in Taiwan, said, “If nothing else, I hope our distributors will understand and appreciate the extent that I am willing to go to and that Young Living is willing to go to, to bring to them the most beneficial products possible.”

Monthly Webinars On the first and third Wednesday of each month we will present a Young Living Webinar. Wednesday 7th December - YL Introduction Wednesday 21st December - Product & Business German: 20:00 (CET) English: 21:00 (CET)

Retiring Oils • • • •

White fir Eucalyptus dives Eucalyptus polybractea Melaleuca ericifolia

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*Oils available while supplies last. Essential Edge News

To register, visit:

YL Around the World YL Essential Oils Used JAPAN AUSTRALIA in UCLA Med Training In November Young Living Japan hosted an incentive trip to The Sentosa Resort and Spa in Singapore. This event was held to reward 40 distributors who tirelessly share Young Living’s mission of wellness, purpose, and abundance. The highlight of the tour was the dinner party at the amazing Night Safari and a visit to the newly opened Young Living Singapore office.


Europe successfully launched its first webinar last month for the Germanand English-speaking markets, which will continue twice every month. The first webinar presented an introduction to Young Living, while future webinars will focus on products and building a successful business.


As part of its grand opening, Young Living Singapore has moved to its new office at The Concourse and is now open for regular business. Distributors are very happy that they can conveniently visit the office and pick up their orders. Singapore also added new products to its lineup this quarter including balsam fir, Believe™, cypress, dorado azul, ginger, Melrose, palo santo, Stress Away™, wintergreen, BLM™, and Thieves® Foaming Hand Soap and Waterless Hand Purifier.

Australia’s post-convention tour will cover the country and even extend to New Zealand. The lasting memories of the convention and Young Living’s message of vitality has empowered distributors Down Under to embrace a better life and give the gift of vitality to others.


Young Living Canada has seen a large growth, thanks to the continued efforts of all of the amazing Canadian distributors. Canada is primed for a strong close to 2011 and another recorded-setting year in 2012!


Ecuador had a fantastic grand opening in November! The hundreds of distributors in attendance were treated to a visit to the farm, personal training by Gary Young, and recognition ceremonies. Along with the grand opening came the launch of the Raindrop Technique® kit. The celebration was a great experience, which those in attendance will never forget!


Mexico continues to enjoy unprecedented growth in various regions, as evidenced by record sales and attendance at regional meetings held in Leon, Veracruz, and Mexico City.

Young Living Promotes Frankincense Research

Tracy Griffiths of Urban Zen instructs members of the UCLA medical staff on essential oils usage.

Young Living Essential Oils Used in Training of UCLA Medical Staff Young Living essential oils play a key role in a groundbreaking new partnership between Donna Karan’s Urban Zen Foundation and the UCLA Health System. Under the direction of Dr. David Feinberg, president of the UCLA Health System, Urban Zen faculty members have begun training UCLA medical professionals in integrative therapy modalities, which include essential oils. Essential oil therapy is a vital component of Urban Zen’s Integrative Therapy (UZIT) Program, along with therapeutic yoga, Reiki, nutritional instruction, and contemplative care. UZIT is designed to complement traditional medical techniques and offers substantial benefits to both

the recipient and the caregiver. Pure Young Living essential oils such as lavender and peppermint are used topically and in an aromatherapeutic manner in UZIT. “We are honored that our oils are being utilized in this important program,” says Young Living CEO Doug Nelson. “This is yet another indicator of the medical community’s growing interest in the life-changing benefits of essential oils. We look forward to a day when Young Living essential oils can be found in every hospital and health-care facility in the world.” The initial response to the training from the UCLA medical staff—which includes nurses, physical therapists, massage therapists, and rehabilitation specialists—has been overwhelmingly positive. Visit the News and Events section at for more information about this exciting new program.

Seasonal E S S E N T I A L S 2011 H O L I D AY C ATA L O G U E

During Young Living’s 2011 Convention in Orlando, Florida, researcher Karen Boren presented an insightful look into the origination of the frankincense species Boswellia sacra and Boswellia frereana. In some circles confusion still abounds regarding identification of these frankincense species, but what do historians, botanists, and scientists who study frankincense say is the origin of these two species?

Historical and scientific documentation of Boswellia sacra from Oman and Boswellia frereana from Somalia makes for a fascinating, informative read. Promoting such in-depth frankincense research is one more reason why Young Living is the world leader in essential oils. To read Karen Boren’s findings, visit and click on the option offered under sacred frankincense.

Limited Gifts Available! THE

Gary Young at the Oman farm and distillery in Salalah, Oman. Behind Gary are newly planted frankincense trees.

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Distributor Spotlight: Seidy Morales Recognition

Costa Rica’s first Gold distributor is quickly building international success

Seidy Morales is quickly building an impressive international Young Living legacy. Since laying the foundations for her business in 2008, Seidy has built a vast network, created for herself a life of abundance and vitality,

and has quickly become Costa Rica’s first Gold distributor. For Seidy a love for people is the driving factor behind building a worthy Young Living business. Not enough to just lift family, friends, and Costa Ricans, Seidy is continually expanding into Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Ecuador, and Panama, as well as into South America and the United States, all while spreading a message of love. “I define Young Living as the company of love, because only by serving and loving others can you help yourself,” she said. “For me, Young Living changed how I look at the world and how I see its incredible opportunities.” Three years ago Young Living was a stranger to the warm sun and soft-sand beaches of Costa Rica. Importation laws made it difficult, if not seemingly impossible, for Young Living to bring its products into the nation of

4.5 million people. But through sheer determination and desire, Seidy has found ways to consistently bring those products to Costa Ricans, who are now experiencing wellness, purpose, and abundance. “My favorite aspect of my Young Living business is bringing relief and hope to others,” said Seidy. “By coming in contact with people day after day, I learn not only more about the products but also more about life.” Though Seidy’s business is an international success, it is built on strengthening individuals. By teaching and training with intuition and intention and by finding solutions that meet the needs of those whom she serves, Seidy’s impact is felt by people from around the world, just as she is impacted by the “real and lasting benefits that come to all of us because of Young Living.”

Employee Spotlight: Cassie Franz

With infectious optimism, Cassie epitomizes Young Living

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After 15 years of working tirelessly for Young Living, Cassie Franz is filled with those same qualities definitive of the company she feels so passionate about—optimism and a passion for life. What began in 1996 during an unexpected turn of events—having followed her former manager to the green pastures of Young Living—has turned into a life-changing career for

Essential Edge News

Cassie, a quality assurance supervisor in Spanish Fork. “I’m very passionate about what I do and feel very blessed that I enjoy my job,” says Cassie. “Gary and Mary’s passion has become one of my own, and for that I am truly grateful to them.” Since her first position in the Shipping Department, Cassie has witnessed Young Living’s growth coincide with her own, bringing a dedication and an infectious positive attitude to each responsibility she has fulfilled. From her work in Customer Service, to her implementation of a Returns Department, to helping in the Resolutions and Recognition Department, and finally to her last ten years working in Quality Assurance, Cassie has made her mark as an upbeat, knowledgeable, and integral part of the company. Cassie’s impact spreads throughout Young Living and is felt in the way she inspires those around her to do their best work. “What I really like about Cassie is that she is a great example of getting things done and staying busy,” says one coworker. “Every time I have

a question or concern and I go to her, she is already busy, but she will quickly be on the go to resolve my question. Cassie is a great supervisor!” Having worked in Quality Assurance for a decade and as a supervisor for most of that time, Cassie has a unique authority to discuss the purity and effectiveness of Young Living’s oils. “I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that Young Living Essential Oils has high quality standards,” she says. “I’m one of many who ensure all Young Living products meet the highest standards.” Knowing she is contributing to a company that holds itself to the highest standards in every facet keeps Cassie Franz as passionate as ever about Young Living. “Young Living has great employees, amazing distributors, and the best products on the market,” Cassie explains. “I’m excited to see what the next 15 years will bring!”


Upcoming Global Events Mark your calendar for upcoming Young Living events! Winter Harvest January 8–February 4 Highland Flats in Naples, Idaho Global Leadership Cruise March 2–10 Caribbean St. Maries Farm Planting April 8–28 St. Maries, Idaho 2012 International Grand Convention June 26–30 Salt Lake City, Utah Lavender Days 5K July 14 Mona, Utah

Melissa Harvest July 8–21 St. Maries, Idaho

Lavender Harvest July 29–August 11 St. Maries, Idaho Silver Retreat August 1–5 Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Visit for more information on these exciting events!

The Essential Edge News, Volume 1 Issue 8-UK  
The Essential Edge News, Volume 1 Issue 8-UK  

The Essential Edge News, Volume 1 Issue 8-UK Recent Growth Quickens Young Living's Global Commitment