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Volume 3.4 April 2013

Founder’s Message


It’s Time to "Believe"! Register Now for the 2013 Convention

Join us at the Young Living International Grand Convention and Farm Day celebration for education, motivation, inspiration, and fun June 18–22 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

imAGiNe The JoY that comes from a life of dreams fulfilled. Anything is possible when you believe! Greater wellness, purpose, and abundance can be realized when you discover the power of believing in yourself. empowered by the theme of “Believe,” this year’s convention will be your start to a lifelong journey of realizing the dreams you never thought possible. with inspiring presentations from our keynote speakers d. Gary Young, Nd, and wayne dyer, Phd, as well as our expert workshop instructors, this year’s convention will accelerate your motivation to achieve every transformation you desire. we invite you to take part in the most powerful Young living event of the year and discover what it means to truly believe! The convention is an unbeatable opportunity for Young living family members from around the world to learn, share, and celebrate everything essential oils! At this exciting event, you will:

• discover the latest in essential oil research as you hear

Enjoy Unmatched Education!

D. Gary Young, ND

Wayne Dyer, PhD

Join Young Living Founder and CEO D. Gary Young, ND, and Wayne Dyer, PhD, for must-see presentations

experts speak on the natural healing properties of plants

• experience a variety of educational workshops to strengthen your product knowledge and business goals

• Become enveloped in the sights, sounds, and smells of the Young living essential oils Product expo, where you can sample our most popular and newest products

• Participate in special executive leadership training sessions led by Young living Founder and Ceo d. Gary Young

• Pamper yourself and relax at the Young living spa with healing raindrop® treatments and massages

Take part in the all-day Farm day celebration at the Young living lavender Farm on saturday, June 22—a festival

unrivaled by any and that will make lasting memories for years to come! Be sure to tour the distillery to learn more about our proprietary seed to seal® process and see how essential oils are grown, harvested, and distilled for your use. Need a little more encouragement to join us at this lifechanging event? sign up before April 30 and you will receive $100 off registration. register now at! THE

Believe. Few words and concepts are more foundationally necessary or more powerful than this. Belief in something is the key motivator to acting on, pursuing, and achieving the thing that you most desire or wish to become. without believing that we can first become something more or achieve something higher, we linger on a directionless path to nowhere in particular, constantly fatigued by unfulfilled potential. Yet, with belief—in ourselves, in God, in others—we steer our own course with purpose, abundance, and a dream for greatness. The dreams each of us carry are vitally important to our happiness. we hope for them and focus our attention on them. At times they become so vivid that we can taste them. But dreams do not become reality through magic. realizing them takes inspiration, determination, and hard work. This June at our international Grand Convention, we will learn how to use our time wisely in building a business and will discover the inspiration that it takes to understand not only what it means to believe but also how to have the determination to actually believe. i am sure that you, at the conclusion of that remarkable week, will have an unrelenting belief in yourself and a pristine, clear vision of your future. if you have those things, you can realize your dreams and achieve greatness. This year’s theme of “Believe” builds on last year’s theme of “Transformation.” Believe in your new, transformed self. Please join us for this exciting week to learn how you can prosper and enjoy that success as you help take our mission to the world. The things that you learn at this year’s convention will be a guide to you for the rest of your life. do not wait; register today and prove to you that you believe in yourself.

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Young Living Teaches, Helps Fund Ballet Scholarship in Italy YouNG liviNG FouNder and Ceo d. Gary Young, Nd, and sabina devita, edd, were recently invited to the prestigious vancliffen Arts Foundation’s international Ballet Competition in italy to educate an audience of more than 300 dancers and guests on the many therapeutic benefits of

tion scholarship was Yuri mastrangeli from rome, who will now be attending the salzburg international Ballet Academy in Austria. like many athletes, a dancer’s career is often plagued with aches, exhaustion, and injuries. dancers frequently push through intense physical stress

Above: Dr. Fernando Milelli, Yuri Mastrangeli, and D. Gary Young at the Vancliffen Arts Foundation International Ballet Competition in Italy. Right: Yuri Mastrangeli performs during the competition.

essential oils that may help the dancers perform with greater ease. in addition to giving a keynote address, Gary Young and Young living were there to help fund a dance scholarship for one young, talented dancer. The winner of the competi-

in order to create a visual masterpiece for the audience. it is common for dancers to be reluctant to seek medical attention for injuries in fear of losing roles. in some cases, taking prescribed medication becomes a career-ending addiction for the dancer.

The director and co-founder of the vancliffen Arts Foundation, dr. Fernando milelli, hopes that the dancers, after hearing about the uses for essential oils, will seek more natural and healthy alternatives to help avert long-term harm to the body. one dancer participating in the competition injured his shoulder while practicing for his routine. The performance scheduled that evening required several lifts of female dancers, and not performing would mean losing an opportunity for him to earn a scholarship. “he came running to our table seeking relief; he couldn’t lift his arm without it hurting,” said dr. devita. “i rubbed several Young living essential oils into his muscles, including idaho balsam fir, marjoram, wintergreen, and PanAway®. he later reported that he was able to successfully continue his performance.” it is a privilege for Young living to be associated with such a wonderful foundation that supports talented performers like these dancers.

Upcoming Global Events School of Nature’s Remedies April 6 honolulu, hi Raindrop Technique Training April 6 liverpool, NY Raindrop Technique Training April 20 houston, TX School of Nature’s Remedies April 27 la Jolla, CA Spring Planting April 29-may 17 highland Flats Farm Naples, id Germany Grand Opening may 11 Nuremberg, Germany 2013 International Grand Convention June 18-22 salt lake City, uT Visit for more information on these and other exciting events!

Make a Difference: Join Jacob’s Team

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iT is oFFiCiAl! The d. Gary Young Foundation (dGYF) is going to build a high school at the Young living Academy in Chongon, ecuador! in order for this to happen, we have launched a new fundraising effort called Jacob’s Team. The dGYF is extending a personal invitation to you to view a video message from Jacob Young, the son of Gary and mary Young, at dgaryyoungfoundation. org. in this message, Jacob and two students from the Young living Academy share why you should be a member of this team and what a new high school will mean to them. For as little as $3 per month, you can be part of Jacob’s Team! The dGYF also invites you to be part of a memorable day learning and contributing in indianapolis, indiana, on April 20. The event, Take Charge: wellness, Purpose, and Abundance, will be held at the marriott North hotel in indianapolis, presented by royal Crown diamond marcella vonn harting and dGYF director don Clair. To learn more and to purchase tickets, visit For just $65, you will experience a day you will always remember! The Awaken to a healthy living event, held recently in st. louis, was a wonderful success. more than 100 people attended the educational sessions on march 2. A wonderful dinner auction was held the evening before the classes and was a lively and wonderful experience for all those attending as they bid on items from around the world. Not Essential Edge News

only did participants open their hearts and pocketbooks to help the dGYF, but they were also richly rewarded with a wonderful opportunity to learn from some of the best educators in the field of oils, supplements, emotions, integrative medicine, and business leadership. This event netted more than $13,000! The dGYF would like to extend our appreciation to each of our presenters DGYF and Marcella Vonn Harting Present

Take Charge: Wellness, Purpose, Abundance A one-day spectacular with all proceeds going to the DGYF!

April 20, 2013 Indianapolis, IN

and attendees; we could not have done this without you! Finally, Pamela hunter and her team made a $2,000 contribution to the dGYF from a recent fundraising event. Thank you, Pamela! it is dedication like yours and so many like you that continues to move our mission forward. if you would like to learn more about how your team can hold a fundraising event to help the dGYF, send an e-mail to Together we can make a difference!

FollowiNG our reCeNT Young living Beauty school event, i received questions about the research behind our A∙r∙T® orchid line, which includes two wonderful products: A∙r∙T Beauty masque and A∙r∙T renewal serum. The benefits of both of these products, and specifically the use of the orchid flower, are based on thousands of years of Chinese herbal medicine. it is believed that orchids have the ability to absorb and retain moisture and adapt well to many extreme environments. The longevity of the flowers is the key benefit that is utilized for skin care. orchid extracts are used for their intense moisturizing effect and for their ability to help delay senescence— or natural aging—by supporting the strength of the skin’s main proteins. Another valuable ingredient found in our A∙r∙T orchid line is Japanese knotweed—a polygonum that has been traditionally used for its wound healing properties and for its ability to support healthy skin and provide

protection against the effects of free radicals. The Japanese use this plant in order to prepare a tea called Itadori, a word that means well-being. This and many other properties that may help generate youthful-feeling and -looking skin are found in the A∙r∙T orchid line. The effect of essential oils in both orchid products is very beneficial. Both blends—stress Away™ in the Beauty masque and sensation™ in the renewal serum—provide calming and soothing not only to the skin but also to the psyche and our emotions. use A∙r∙T renewal serum after cleansing your face morning and night. Be sure to follow up with your favorite Young living moisturizer. incorporate the Beauty masque a couple of times a week to help promote a younger, healthier-looking you. Do you have questions for Dr. Luba? E-mail her at

Young Living Leaders Recognition for February

Bold = Newly Qualified = Silver in Six

Gregg & Carol Johnson (USA) Marcella Vonn Harting LLC (USA)

CROWN DIAMOND Debra Raybern (USA) Essential Health Care LLC (USA) Kathryn J Farmer (USA) Michael & Connie McDanel (USA) Scott & Brenda Schuler (USA) Vicki Opfer (USA) Zia Management Consultants (USA)


Anna-Maya Powell LLC (USA) Artemis (AUS) Barbara Ochsenhofer (AUT) Believe Essentials Inc (USA) Carrie L Donegan (USA) Diane Mora (USA) Dietfried Wruss (AUT) Dr Hauser & Idl Gesbr (AUT) Essential Oils Healthline (USA) Frances Fuller (SGP) Gailann Greene (USA) Jeffrey Lewis (USA) Judy De La Rosa (USA) Mary Hardy (USA) Rainbow Forever Trust (USA) Sanderson Inc (Nancy) (USA) Sharnael Wolverton (USA) Shauna Dastrup (USA) Solutions For Health (USA) Star Moree (USA)


Aditya Nowotny (DEU) Alan & Linda Simpson (AUS) Anderson Family Trust (USA) Ben & Carol Howden (CAN) Bill & Carla Green (CAN) Carl Joseph Janicek (USA) Dallas Harting (USA) Darren & Sera Johnson (USA) David & Lee Stewart (USA) Douglas Mills (USA) Dr Sabina Devita (CAN) Eldon & Nancy Knittle (USA) Essential Opportunities Inc (USA) Evangeline & Thomas Reed (USA) Franz Ochsenhofer (AUT) Garduno & Associates (USA) Hitomi Harada (JPN) James & Jill Young (USA) James Niederland (USA) Janet Becker (USA) Janie & Jay Leek (USA) JFZ Enterprises Inc (PAN) Julia Kay Ferguson (USA) Karen Balistreri LLC (USA) Karen J Douglas (USA) Karen Spence (USA) Karla Berger (USA) Lars Skogen Adventures Inc (USA) Mary C & Gregory M Farnham (USA) Mary Starr Carter (USA) Max & Karen Hopkins (USA) Melvin Peachey (USA) Nanette Symes (USA) Shannon Irene Hudson (USA) Shu Li Law (SGP) Solution Sales Inc (USA) Sophia Sharpe (USA) Sumiko Oonuma (JPN) Sunteam (USA) Susan & Orest Pelechaty (USA) Yvonne Litza-Vandedrink (USA)


Adam Thomas Green (CAN) Aleena Leah Simpson (AUS) Alina Piccone (USA) Aly & Salina Bhimji (CAN) Alyssa L Francis (USA) Amy Boothe Green (USA) Angela M Brooks (USA) Anna Lesmann (DEU) April Pointer (USA) April & Mark Travis (USA) Ardell & Marian Hoff (USA) Aromaakademie Churfuerst Hanzal Og (AUT) Barbara C or Frederick J Lemke (USA) Barbara Mazurowski (AUT) Barbara Rozen (USA) Becky Hoffman-Miller (USA) Benjamin & Elaine Perkus (USA) Beth Hedstrom (USA) Bill & Karol Truman (USA) Biz Enterprises Int’l SA (PAN) Bridge Of Love Australia P/L (AUS) Byron & Dana Cammack (USA) CL Burbank Joy & Health For You (USA) Candace M & Jimmie Don Hoke (USA) Carol & Delaine H Holden (USA) Carol Hudson (USA) Carol Small (USA) Catherine Rott (USA) Cathy Lavato & Steven J Lalli (USA) Chip & Carrie Shepard (USA) Chris M Anderson (USA) Chris Lewin (AUS) Christa Smith (USA) Claire & Peter Roise (USA) Core Essentials Network Inc (USA) Cristina & Kenneth Campbell (USA) Danette Goodyear (USA) David J & Claudia M March (USA) Diania Decant (USA) Donald & Roberta Clair (USA) Dorothy Mary Nonman (USA) Double Edge Systems (CAN) Dr Bernadette Sonnleitner (AUT) Eaglesway Ltd (CAN) Edwards Network Inc (USA) Energy Coaching Company (AUT) Envision 1836 LLC (USA) Erica & Brandon D Hall (USA)

Eva Ringhofer (AUT) Everyone’s Eden LLC (USA) F Elaine Pinar (USA) Frank Alexander Schwarz (MEX) Garth & Shelley Glass (CAN) Gary Strauss (USA) Gene & Jan Litza (USA) George Koury (USA) Gingles Family LLC (USA) Gloria Milks (USA) Grace M Hays (USA) Hal & Girija Tropp (AUS) Hannah E Beals (USA) Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry Inc (USA) Hong Ling Chua (SGP) Irinni LLC (USA) James L Kapalla (USA) James & Stacy McDonald (USA) Janell Kneeland (USA) Janet Knight (AUS) Janet Zerr (USA) Janice Weger (USA) Jatset (USA) Jay Pointer (USA) Jean Struzyk (USA) Jeanette & Gabriel S Castelino (USA) Jennifer Goulet (USA) Jihan Thomas (USA) Jill Taylor (USA) Jim Lynn (USA) Joan & William H Lansing (USA) Joanne Kan (HKG) John Maeder (USA) Jonathan & Laura Hopkins (USA) Josef Zoehrer (AUT) Joshua E Lee (USA) Joy Malone (USA) Joyous Living (USA) Julie Chertow (USA) Kai Hiang Tan (SGP) Karen Malone (USA) Karen Thompson (USA) Kathleen Bailey (USA) Kathleen Scott (USA) Kathryn Susan Faso (USA) Kazuko Yoneda (JPN) Kiannaa T Leighland (USA) Kimberly Rinaldi (USA) Kiyohiro Nakagawa (JPN) KLS Life Concepts LLC (USA) Kortni Kay Harting (USA) Laurie Azzarella (USA) Leanne K Rafferty (USA) Lilypad Productions Trust (USA) Linda L Hoffman (USA) Living Life Well LLC (USA) Lucey Harley (USA) Making Waves Inc (USA) Margarete De Gaston (USA) Marge Ross (USA) Maria Billis (USA) Maria Schasteen (AUT) Marie Kneeland (USA) Mariella Scheutz (AUT) Mariko Yokoyama (JPN) Marilee Tolen (USA) Marilyn Louise York (USA) Markus Poellendorfer (AUT) Marlene Marie Wiegers (USA) Marlene Yardley (USA) Martha A Wertz (USA) Mary Spence (USA) Maureen Quigley (USA) Melissa Marie Poepping (USA) Melodie Kantner (USA) Merrill & Linda Dastrup (USA) Michiko Hayashi (JPN) Miho Usuda (JPN) Milford Mast (USA) Molly McAlvany (USA) Monica Goldberg (USA) Nandini Susan & Charney Weitzman (USA) Natausha Wright (USA) Naturally Healthy (CAN) Neena Love (AUS) New Age Concepts LLC (USA) New Frontier Botanicals (AUS) New Life Marketing Inc (USA) Norma Constanza Mateus C (CRI) Owen & Beverly Krupp (USA) Pamela L Hunter (USA) Patricia Gwee Mun Ee (SGP) Patricia Fleischer (USA) Pauline Neuhuber (AUT) Peacock Enterprises Ltd (USA) Pushkara Sally Ashford (USA) Quartus Foundation Inc (USA) Randyl M & Kendra A Murrell (USA) Rebeccah Steele (GBR) Red Gear Vertriebs Gmbh (AUT) Rhonda & Samuel Flint (USA) Robert Ridpath (USA) Robyn & Randall Murrah (USA) Ronald J Muhn (USA) Royal Transformation LLC (USA) Ruth S Egli (USA) Sandra L Morris (USA) SCC Yogaschulen EV Berlin (DEU) Sharon Raybern (USA) Sherma Cundall (USA) Sidney & Jean Ann Dukes (USA) Solorzano Enterprises (USA) Sonya Swan (USA) Sophie Ann M Aoki (USA) Stacey & Steve Kimbrell (USA) Stephen & Akiyo Cornwell (USA) Sunny Heights Healing Inc (USA) Susan Hall (USA) Susan Pottish & Scott Anderson (USA) Susan Walker (USA) Susan Weiley (USA) Takeshi Tanemoto (JPN) Tanja Luchscheider (AUT) Technologies International Inc (USA) Therapy With Hope Massage Clinic (USA) Theresa Wright (USA) Thomas Teschl (AUT) Tim Burns (USA) Tom B & Patricia M Lee (USA) Tomoyuki Kawamura (JPN) Tracy Griffiths (USA) Tsutomu & Machiko Nakazawa (JPN)

Ulrike Churfuerst (AUT) Ursula Szypryt (USA) Vallorie Judd (USA) Vicki or Ronald Hellmann (USA) Violet Chappell (CAN) Virginia Grace (USA) Vitality Consulting Inc (USA) Webers/Lightwing Center (USA) Werner Bigiel (DEU) Werner & Tanja Traupmann (AUT) West Health Ministry (USA) Wholistic By All Means Inc (USA) William M & June N Mendrin Trust Of 2009 (USA) Winfield & Bertta Moore (USA)


4 Fun LLC (USA) A Healing Soul (USA) Aaron Deruvo (USA) Aaron Hess (AUS) Adam Rosenthal (USA) Alice Jeannette Long (USA) Alishia Mahmud Alibhai (CAN) Allisen Consulting Ltd (CAN) Amanda & Greg Howden (CAN) Amanda Snader (USA) Amation LLC (USA) Amy B Bacheller (USA) Amy Lapp (USA) Amy or Peter Minke (USA) Ana Eleonora Antillon Guerrero (CRI) Anae Campbell (USA) Anariya Rae Olson (USA) Andreas Zand (AUT) Andrew Robert Roise (USA) Andrew & Sharon Wild (AUS) Angel Touch Therapies (USA) Angela Daddabbo (USA) Anna Bruehwasser (AUT) Anna Nordstrom (SWE) Annalisa Jordahl (USA) Anne E Cameron (USA) Annthea Matheson (AUS) Antje Lüdemann (DEU) April or Charles Mier (USA) Ariel Lange (USA) Arlene Anisman (CAN) Arthur Pine (USA) Aspirations LLC (USA) Astrid Peinsitt (AUT) Atsuko Kusuda (JPN) Audra M Oldroyd (USA) Audrey Miller (USA) Babette Anderson (USA) Barb Morse (USA) Barbara Ann Marie or Robert Dale Allen (CAN) Barbara H Champion (USA) Barbara Gifford (USA) Barbara Ploe (USA) Basil & Clove LLC (USA) Beatriz Gambaro-Collazo (USA) Bee Hoon Eng (MYS) Bernard & Linda Robinett (USA) Berthilde Nigl (AUT) Beth & Dr Bryce Fox (USA) Betti`s Kunst Eck (AUT) Betty & Gary Walczak (USA) Bilal Fernandez Garcia (ESP) Blanca Depaul (USA) Blue Sky Consultants Inc (USA) Blyssworks Inc (CAN) Bob or Linda Martin (USA) Bodil Anderson (USA) Bonita Shear/Shear Magic (USA) Bonnie S Berke (USA) Bonnie S Zagar (USA) Brad A Michels (USA) Brandon & Hollie Kantner (USA) Brenda Stevens (USA) Brian B Shaw (CAN) Bryan & Cindi Culpepper (USA) Bryce Jackson Stewart (CAN) Calvin & Kay Norris (USA) Carl & Kathy Bengtson (USA) Carol Tocher (USA) Cascade Life (USA) Castle Essentials LLC (USA) Catherine Lucille Anthony (USA) Catherine T/A Cdg Trust Garro (AUS) Celia & Carlos R Caceres (USA) Chelle Carter (USA) Chelsea or Jamie Flaman (CAN) Chelsea M Young (USA) Cheng Cheng Law (SGP) Cheryl RN Laures (USA) Cheryl Planert (USA) Chris Behl (USA) Chris & Lisa Taylor (USA) Christian Health Care (USA) Christina Heinis (USA) Christine Howden (CAN) Christine McArdle-Oquendo (USA) Christine Sauseng (AUT) Christopher Hartman (USA) Chuwen Huang (SGP) Cie Heath Lael (USA) Claudia & Daniel Burdick (USA) Claudia Hofmaier (SGP) Claudia Lanigan (USA) Claudia Moosbrugger (AUT) Colleen Voytko (USA) Colter Zane Chapman (USA) Connie Willits (USA) Cornerstone Holdings (USA) Corry Lynn Heinrich (USA) Crow River Animal Hospital (USA) Cynthia Haas (USA) Cynthia Lee (USA) Cynthia L Maricle (USA) Cynthia or Jeffrey Phillips (USA) Cynthia Renusch (USA) Cynthia Teo Teng Hong (SGP) Cynthia Wiggins (USA) Dagmar Schamboeck (AUT) Dale Wright (USA) Dana M Christisen (USA) Dana Hartstein (USA) Danielle Jackson (USA) David Easterbrooks (USA) Dawn Vollmar (USA) Debbie Erickson (USA) Deborah J Twomey (USA) Debra Huber (USA)

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Young Living News from Around the World SINGAPORE

Young living singapore has been proactive in creating brand awareness throughout the country with a yearlong public relations campaign. recently, General manager will halterman was featured in Channel News Asia’s live morning talk show, where he talked about the therapeutic benefits of some oils from the everyday oils collection. local print media is also gaining interest in Young living’s wonderful essential oils and oil-infused products, with recent features in Next magazine and Canopy Avenue, an online site. our recent partnership with singapore Press holdings health Convention also gave Young living singapore the opportunity to distribute products to the convention’s huge audience. we are hopeful that there will be many new faces joining our ranks in the coming months. members from the region are also preparing themselves for an all-new learning experience with Tamara Packer at the raindrop Technique® training in Kuala lumpur, malaysia, on April 24; manila, Philippines, April 25; and a full-on workshop in singapore on April 27. Please visit the singapore website for full event details.


Young living europe has had a fantastic first quarter, with exciting product launches and successful tours across the continent. in April the northern countries will see a rise in activities: The country manager for sweden and iceland, Catarina Griffin, will organize meetings in Östersun, umeå, and luleå; and Artemis, a diamond from Australia, will be holding various meetings April 12–15 in iceland. we are also enjoying working on the Germany Grand opening in Nuremberg on may 11. most inspiring of all the offerings at this event is sure to be d. Gary Young sharing gems of information on essential oils. Please refer to the Young living europe website for further information and registration.


Young living Peru’s central office continues to be a haven for distributors to meet, train, and help build each other’s knowledge of the oils and the vision of Gary Young. General manager Yail simon and his staff are providing trainers and experts to teach the people of Peru about the company, the products, and their own health and well-being.

Lavender Essential Oil: An "Adaptogen"? The Term AdAPToGeN has many meanings: to have a “normalizing effect,” to adapt or adjust ( from the Greek adapto). An adaptogen that has different results depending upon the need seems to be an unusual meaning of the term. lavender essential oil is the perfect example for the two opposing adaptations we discuss below. lavender is known worldwide to calm and relax. Babies crying with colic were soothed by abdominal massage and lavender oil in a study conducted at the department of Pediatric Nursing at Pemukkale university in Turkey1. dental patients in london who nervously awaited appointments were found to be calmer and less apprehensive after lavender was diffused in the office waiting room in a randomized-controlled trial2. Additionally, in a Thai study to assess the effects of lavender oil on emotional states and other bodily systems in healthy adults, the group that inhaled lavender oil categorized themselves as “more active, fresher, relaxed than subjects just inhaling base oil.” But what happens to lavender’s famous calming and relaxing abilities when given to people who are experiencing a bone-weary fatigue? This is where the “swiss Army Knife” of essential oils earns its nickname. researchers at sanyo hospital in Japan gave fatigued subjects aromatherapy, a footsoak in warm water containing lavender for 10 minutes, and reflexology with jojoba oil containing lavender for 10 minutes. Fatigue scores improved significantly. No matter how you define “adaptogen,” lavender seems to be able to adapt to the needs of the person who uses it.

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references Centinkaya B, Basbakkal Z, int J Nurs Pract. 2012 Apr;18(2):164-9. Kritsidima m, et al., Community dent oral epidemiol. 2010 Feb;38(1):83-7. sayorwan w, et al., J med Assoc Thai. 2012 Apr;95(4):598-606. Kohara h., et al., J Pallit med. 2004 dec;7(6):791-6. THE

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Essential Edge News


Young living mexico was energized in march with the two-week tour of diamond Judy de la rosa. Judy organized meetings and events across the country in leon, san luis de Potosi, Guadalajara, and Queretaro. her knowledge and energy enthused crowds in each city as she educated the people about her favorite oils for health and wellness.


Japan’s leader retreat was held march 7–10 in beautiful Guam. Twenty-eight qualifying Japanese leaders attended this practical and fun event. Jared Turner, Young living’s chief global sales officer, gave a presentation on what is expected of Young living leaders. Participating distributors also discussed how they can work together to grow their businesses even faster. Three leaders also had the opportunity to share their testimonials, giving everyone the opportunity to learn how to grow their Young living business. in addition to the meetings, everyone enjoyed Guam’s warm sun and sandy beaches, including a fun night with a Polynesian dinner show.


Young living Australia recently completed its business training tour, which covered the eastern seaboard of Australia. distributors from western Australia and northern Queensland also attended. Participants were trained on mindset and behavioral changes that will help them take advantage of the new compensation plan, as well as on a helpful three-prong strategy for business growth. high attendance at this event is further proof of the strong demand for education about how to build a solid income. Attendees were excited to experience the new strategies, tools, and systems that will simplify and support them on their Young living journey to wellness, purpose, and abundance.

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sTeviA (reB A) is AN all-natural, zero-calorie sweetener extracted from the Stevia rebaudiana plant, a member of the chrysanthemum family. Native to Brazil and Paraguay, stevia leaves have been historically dried and used as tea sweeteners by native inhabitants. stevia extract’s water solubility, metabolic, and intense sweetening properties fit perfectly with NingXia red’s new formula. stevia is 200–300 times sweeter than sugar, and through its use, Young living’s researchers were able to lower the overall Brix (sugar content in an aqueous solution) score from 17 to 11 without sacrificing NingXia red’s naturally delicious flavor. The key to stevia’s non-caloric claim is found in the way it is metabolized by the body. reb A isn’t metabolized until it reaches the colon. once there, it is broken down into stevioside and releases a glucose molecule. This molecule is not absorbed by the body; instead, it feeds colon bacteria. The remaining stevioside is eliminated from the body by the liver and kidneys, thus yielding no calories to the body. unlike many sugar alcohols, stevia causes no gastrointestinal or stomach discomfort. sweetened with stevia extract, NingXia red is a delicious superfruit beverage that delivers wholesome goodness the entire family will enjoy.