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Volume 3.5 May 2013

Founder’s Message

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You Want Free Oils? We Have Them. Just Help Friends Believe. THE DRIVE BEHIND the 2013 International Grand Convention is to help you believe in yourself and in your dreams—and that achieving them is not only possible but necessary. As a result, the convention is designed to motivate and instruct you. With that as the motivator, we have developed two promotions to encourage you to spread this message by inviting your new distributors to the convention! Help them to believe in themselves!

Believe in Unmatched Education!


As the premier Young Living educational and networking event of the year, the International Grand Convention is the perfect place for a new distributor to get a running start at success with Young Living. Bring a new distributor to the convention, and not only will you be helping a new member develop a solid foundation, but you will also receive one of our new, exotic essential oils free! When you and a new distributor you have personally enrolled with an Essential Rewards order between now and June 2 attend the convention, you (the enroller) will receive one of our eagerly anticipated exotic essential oils for free! For offer details and to register now, visit

D. Gary Young, ND

Wayne Dyer, PhD


Young Living, the World Leader in Essential Oils®, has scoured the globe to collect six of the most exotic essential oils in the world—and these Young Living exclusives are available only at the convention! When you order one of our special $99 registration packs, you can be one of the first people to experience these Young Living exclusives for free! From now through June 2, you may buy four, six, or ten packs of $99 registrations to gift to friends, family, and rising stars in your organization to encourage them to attend our life-changing convention. When you order these packs, you will receive up to six free new oils at the convention! Take advantage of the opportunity to experience our exclusive new oils and share Young Living with your family and friends! This is the year and the convention to bring with you as many distributors as you can, because everything starts with belief. See you at the convention!

Mahmoud Suhail, MD

HK Lin, PhD

Join Young Living Founder and CEO

D. Gary Young, ND; Wayne Dyer, PhD;

Mahmoud Suhail, MD; and HK Lin, PhD, for must-see presentations!


ONE OF OUR favorite times of the year is speeding toward us—the 2013 International Grand Convention! The week bursts with a tingling energy of optimism and joy as we converge on Salt Lake City to be part of a mission that we can only fulfill together: Young Living oils in every home. I chose this year’s theme—Believe—because it is at the heart of everything Young Living stands for. I have lived my life and built this company with a belief that there is a better way to live—a life of success and fulfillment. I did not want to be somebody who just worked hard, paid taxes, and then died. Being driven by my belief that I could make a difference, I went forth with determination and a vision that has encompassed the globe. You are the messengers who have carried that vision since we started more than 20 years ago and have watched Young Living blossom as the World Leader in Essential Oils®. Now is the time to celebrate our belief in ourselves, our gratitude for God’s healing gift of essential oils, and our excitement of Young Living. Let’s celebrate like never before at this year’s convention on June 18–22. I can promise you that this will be a time of learning and discovery that you will never forget. This is a year for all of us to Believe in our Transformation, a year to renew, and perhaps even a year to change our life’s mission. Don’t wait! Act now and let that transformation envelope you as you soar to new heights, believing in yourself with the anticipation of what is coming and what just might be around the corner. Register now and join us for the 2013 International Grand Convention. See you there!

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Celebrate Believing with Diamond Rio

AFTER LAST YEAR’S hugely successful Farm Day extravaganza, Young Living is determined that the farm day for this year’s International Grand Convention is going to be even bigger and better! After a week of workshops, general sessions, and parties in Salt Lake City, Saturday will be the time to celebrate in true Young Living fashion—under clear skies and bright stars surrounded by acres of lavender on the stunning lavender farm in Mona!

DIAMOND RIO Building on last year’s concert event, this year features Grammy award-winning band Diamond Rio—a multiplatinum-selling band that has been one of the hottest acts in country music for more than two decades, receiving the Country Music As-

sociation’s Vocal Group of the Year award four times, as well as two Academy of Country Music Vocal Group Awards! The group also won a 2011 Grammy award for its album The Reason. On Saturday night, the group will be sharing its awardwinning sound in a special show under the stars. Young Living wants everyone to be part of this exciting event, so we made it easy for you—the Farm Day entry fee is included with the purchase of convention admission. During this unforgettable day, you can experience: • • • • • • • • • •

Acres of lavender in bloom Distillery tours Educational workshops Medieval village and jousting Western town shootout Wagon rides Indian village Concessions A spectacular fireworks show Much, much more!

Register now for the convention to enjoy this one-of-a-kind event by visiting

WOULD YOU LIKE to recapture the supple, firm skin of your youth? My best advice to achieve this effect is to protect your skin from sun, eat right, drink plenty of water, and consistently use products that will provide the finishing touches to a more youthful appearance. For a fresh, youthful glow, less is usually more when it comes to skin care. However, one of the most important steps in your skin-care regimen should be to exfoliate. The skin is constantly generating new cells at the lower layers and sending them up to the surface. On their way up, these cells gradually die and become filled with keratin that protects the skin. As the cells age and slough off, they make room for younger cells—a process that slows as we age, making the skin rough, dull, and dry. Consequently, proper exfoliation is critical to healthy skin as we get older. Exfoliating may be done a few times a week, depending on your skin type. If you have oily skin, exfoliate 2–3 days a week. For drier, delicate skin, you should be exfoliating 1–2 times a week.

Roaring '20s Casino Night: Help NG FOU OU


Roaring ‘20s CASINO NIGHT June 21, 2013


D. Gary Young Foundation


Build a High School in Ecuador DUST OFF THOSE old black-and-white memories and party Gatsby-style as you roll high to make a positive impact in the world! It’s your time to share the abundance you have found as a part of the Young Living family when you attend the D. Gary Young Foundation’s Roaring ‘20s Casino Night, a unique fundraising event to benefit the foundation’s efforts to build a high school for the children graduating from the Young Living Academy in Chongon, Ecuador. Come have fun with us in the Salt Palace Convention Center on Friday evening, June 21, after the convention sessions have ended for a night of food, prizes, entertainment, and nostakes gaming for a cause! Roll back the clock and have the time of your life as you join in the fun at any of these five donation levels: LINDY HOP: $25, includes entry and $10 worth of chips CHARLESTON: $50, includes entry, $25 worth of chips, and one grand-prize drawing entry FLAPPER: $100, includes entry, $50 worth of chips, complimentary photo, one NingXia Red shot in an exclusive shot glass, and two grand-prize drawing entries GATSBY: $300, includes announced grand entry, $250 in chips, complimentary photo with Gary and Mary Young, two NingXia Red shots in an exclusive shot glass, hat, beads, and four grand-prize drawing entries HIGH ROLLER (LIMITED AVAILABILITY): $500, includes announced grand entry, complimentary photo with Gary and Mary, $500 in chips, exclusive entry into the High Roller area, dinner for one with Gary and Mary, two NingXia Red shots in an exclusive shot glass, hat, beads, and six grand-prize drawing entries

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On-site registration will be limited, so register online at before June 7 to join us for a party that would make Gatsby himself wish he were in Salt Lake City! Essential Edge News

Young Living’s Satin Facial Scrub™, Mint can help restore your healthy glow and give a feeling of newness to your skin. It will boost your skin’s radiance, smooth skin tone, unclog pores, and help diminish the appearance of fine lines. This unique scrub contains MSM, jojoba, aloe vera, and algae extract, among other ingredients that gently exfoliate. When combined with our essential oils, Young Living’s Satin Facial Scrub helps speed up the natural rejuvenating process and leaves your skin soft, healthy, and radiant. Questions for Dr. Luba? E-mail her at

Upcoming Global Events Spring Planting April 29-May 17 Highland Flats Farm Naples, ID Germany Grand Opening May 11 Nuremberg, Germany 2013 International Grand Convention June 18-22 Salt Lake City, UT DGYF Roaring ‘20s Casino Night June 21 Salt Lake City, UT Lavender Day July 13 Young Living Lavender Farm Mona, UT Silver Retreat August 1-4 Coeur d’Alene/St. Maries Farm, ID Visit for more information on these and other exciting events!

Young Living Leaders Hall of Fame DIAMOND Fuller Life (SGP)

Bold = Newly Qualified

PLATINUM Patricia Gwee (SGP) Shu Li Law & Chua Hong Leong (SGP) Chua Hong Ling (SGP) Chuwen Huang (SGP) Cynthia Teo (SGP) Fee Boey & Nigel Pendrigh (MY)


Foong Pooi Yee (MY) Ho Chee Hong (SGP) Tan Kai Hiang (SGP) Yonie Bonawi (SGP)

SILVER Jayesh Parekh (SGP) Kok Wai Hoi (MY) Jihan Saleh Kinnear (SGP) Lee Hock Seng (SGP) Lee Hock Soon (SGP) Lee Wai Ching (SGP) Ng Wei Suan (MY) Noorsaadah Binte Noordin (SGP) Nyit Kiew Leong (MY) Pang Kim Choo (SGP)

Shamala Tan (SGP) Sheena Ling (SGP) Sie Hun Sim (MY) Siew Kiang Chua (SGP) Sri Mulyadi (SGP) Sum Tong Ng (SGP) Tan Hwee San (SGP) Thia Woon Ling (SGP) Wong Siew Yen (MY) Yoon Yung Chen (MY)

Young Living South East Asia Leadership Seminar 2013 Spetember 12 - 15, 2013

Event Highlights:

2013 Updates and Feedback Session 2014 Strategies and Plans

Leadership Talks by Guest Speakers A whole lot of bonding and fun at the pristine beach of Phuket!

Open to all members in South East Asia who have achieved Silver for at least two consecutive months from September 2012 to August 2013. All expenses paid*. For more details, visit or call the Sales & Marketing Department at (65) 6391 0170. THE

Bee Hoon Eng (MY) Chai Chee Ong (MY) Cheng Cheng Law (SGP) Cherie Tseng (SGP) Chong QiuLong (SGP) Claudia Hofmaier (SGP) Donna Lim (SGP) Gennet Song (SGP) Huang Hsiu Keen Geene (SGP) Jacq Ong Chiu Hoon (SGP)

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Young Living News from Around the World EUROPE

The first quarter of 2013 was so exciting for Young Living in Europe, producing record sales and successfully introducing several new products into the market. The European distributors love the additions to the existing product family, including Lavender Foaming Hand Soap and Idaho blue spruce. Young Living Europe is also looking forward to some exciting events taking place this year, including Germany’s grand opening in Nuremberg and the European Convention in Vienna.


Young Living Australia is excited to announce the introduction of two new products to the essential oil family: Idaho blue spruce and hinoki! Idaho blue spruce is a Young Living exclusive from the distilled spruce branches and needles on site at the St. Maries farm in Idaho. This amazing oil contains high percentages of alpha-pinene and limonene and has a pleasing evergreen aroma that may promote relaxation of both mind and body. Hinoki essential oil comes from the Japanese cypress and is native to central Japan. Hinoki wood has a spicy, lemon scent and is light pinkish-brown in color. It may uplift the mind and increase spiritual awareness.


Young Living Singapore enjoyed a very successful Raindrop Technique® training, which brought facilitator Tamara Packer to Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines in April. Tamara did a wonderful job, and members and guests learned about the amazing health benefits of the Raindrop Technique. Prior to the tour, the Singapore market held a private Raindrop Technique media event, where a workshop and Raindrop Technique sessions were given to members of various publications, including Wellness Way, Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan, Square Room, and SME. This was done with the help of Cierra Yet, training supervisor; Shuli Law, YL Platinum; and Claudia Hofmaier, YL Silver. In May, Singapore will hold its first Next Generation Leaders Meeting, a fullday event for select Executives focused on goal setting, leadership, and business building. Our guest speakers will be Frances Fuller, YL Diamond; Hong Chua and Patricia Gwee, YL Platinums; and Yonie Bonawi, YL Silver. It is quite evident that Singapore’s distributors are geared up toward leadership and fulfilling Gary’s vision of bringing Young Living into every home in the world!





With new products and great teamwork, Young Living Mexico is growing quickly. Our field and corporate leadership continue to team up and educate on the amazing products recently introduced, including Progessence Plus™ and Slique Essence™. These products are creating a great buzz in the market as we continue to offer the best products in Mexico for wellness and abundance.

Crown Diamond Teri Secrest visited Japan and held a six-city tour throughout the country in April. Nearly 1,500 people enjoyed her wonderful sessions, Vibrant Living with Pure Foods and Essential Oils and Celebrating Women’s Health. Prior to Teri’s tour, Young Living was introduced to Japan in two popular women’s magazines, which is helping to create a positive image of Young Living in the country.


Newly minted Young Living Canada celebrated its enormous milestone in March with a festive grand opening in Calgary. Joined by Gary and Mary Young and Young Living executive leadership, more than 1,000 people met for a weekend of opening ceremonies, presentations, and product trainings. This exciting weekend set the tone perfectly for Young Living Canada’s optimistic future.

Ecuador and the surrounding regions have been greatly blessed by the knowledge shared by Dr. Leida Arguello. Through her travels and webinars, thousands of people are being educated on essential oils around Latin America, and we are grateful for her commitment to sharing Young Living.


AIRASE needs YOUR contribution. Will you join us? Visit us for member benefits at

Celebrate with Us at Lavender Day horses and the courage of the riders. If you need to relax from the adrenaline overload of a shootout and jousting event, take a breath and unwind as your princesses attend a fairy tea party, complete with lavender lemonade and real-life fairies. Remember, of course, two of Utah’s favorite race events: the annual Run Through the Lavender 5K and half marathon races, which boast some of the most stunning views through clean mountain air and blooming lavender fields as runners compete for cash prizes. Register now! For more information, including admission costs and a full list of events, visit

Celebrate the Annual Lavender Harvest with Us!



THIS JULY ENJOY an unforgettable day of fun during Young Living’s Lavender Day festival! Featuring events for the entire family, including 5K and half marathon races, wagon rides, and entertainment unique to the World Leader in Essential Oils®, Lavender Day offers something exciting for all ages. Take a walk down a path to the streets of an old Western town, but we reckon you’ll want to take cover because a Wild West shootout will inevitably be just around the corner. Journey a little farther and be transported back to the days of nobles, sires, and huge horses. Yep, the jousting tournament is back to provide you with a bone-crushing spectacle that will leave you marveling at the size and speed of the


Lavender Day 2013 Saturday, July 13 Mona, Utah

Join us at the farm for a day of family fun: • •

Run Through the Lavender 5K and half marathon Wagon rides

• • •

Distillery tours Lavender arts and crafts And much more!

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Visit for more information Essential Edge News

WITH THE LAUNCH of our new compensation plan, Young Living successfully improved the ability of distributors to teach and build their businesses faster. Gary, Mary, and many others worked long and hard on these improvements to give distributors a competitive edge and to solidify Young Living as the World Leader in Essential Oils®. The same can be said of the new NingXia Red® product line. Many individuals worked countless hours to improve an already exceptional product. The new, improved benefits include seven times more essential oil, grape seed extract, and Kosher and Halal approval. As with the compensation plan, NingXia Red’s increased benefits have truly simplified business building, giving distributors yet another competitive edge. By focusing on its superior health benefits and the use of yuzu, lemon, orange, and tangerine essential oils, Young Living distributors can use

NingXia Red as a gateway product to introducing individuals to the world of essential oils, preparing them for the next step of incorporating more oils into their daily lives. Together, the new compensation plan and NingXia Red have simplified the process for attracting and retaining new distributors, advancing through the ranks at a faster pace, and more quickly qualifying for bonuses. Utilizing NingXia Red in your business can be as simple as adding a 4 pack (Item No. 3044) or 2-oz. singles (now full PV) to your Essential Rewards order or through sponsoring with the Start Living with NingXia Red kit (Item No. 4892). Regardless of the path you take, as Platinum distributor Karen Malone explains, “NingXia Red gives us the foundation to repair and restore our health, and that’s why I love making Start Living with NingXia Red my sign-up kit of choice.”

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Singapore May 2013 Issue

A Weekend Well Spent with Raindrop Technique Expert, Tamara Packer Last April 27, Tamara Packer- Raindrop Technique Expert and former Therapy Director at Gary Young’s Nova Vita Clinic in Equador- graced us with her presence and facilitated a very enriching and fun Raindrop Workshop at the Singapore Expo Max Atria.

Message from the General Manager I hope everyone is having a wonderful month of May! I want to extend a very special acknowledgment to all mothers this month. My own mother has been a special inspiration in my life, and I would hope, where possible, that we can all express our gratitude to our mothers this special month for their sacrifices on our behalf. It was great seeing so many of you at the Raindrop Technique™ training with Tamara Packer at the end of April. What a remarkable event! For those of you who were able to attend, I hope you were able to take home some valuable information on this amazing application of essential oils. I went through a very similar training several years ago while visiting the farm in Ecuador. At the time I was fortunate enough during the training to give several Raindrop Techniques to different volunteers. It is truly amazing the effect that a Raindrop can have. Some of the receivers felt completely relaxed afterward, while others felt truly energized and ready to take on the world! It has been my experience that the Raindrop Technique brings balance to our lives. For those in need of relaxing, it relaxes, for those in need of a little extra energy, it energizes. One of the key points that I took away from my training was that the Raindrop Technique is for everybody. Nobody should feel they cannot experience or share Raindrop Technique because of a lack of training or experience. I encourage each of you to purchase a Raindrop Technique Kit, and simply follow the steps outlined in the enclosed DVD. As each of you enjoy new experiences with Raindrop Technique, with the essential oils individually, or with any other Young Living product, please feel free to share those experiences with us here in the Singapore office. I love to hear of the positive results people have with Young Living products and, with your permission, would like to share those experiences with others. It is these occurrences that build confidence, strengthen resolve and inspire others to extend themselves in order to share in the experiences themselves. For further training on essential oils and other Young Living products, I strongly encourage each of you to make plans to attend the Young Living Grand Convention this June. This amazing event provides first-hand training from Gary Young on many Young Living products, as well as training from other keynote speakers, the opportunity to network with distributors from around the world, and information on new and upcoming products. Each convention is a special event to me and I look forward to receiving the information each and every year.

The lively energy and the eagerness to learn and share filled the hall as members helped each other do the hands-on massage while Tamara ran through the steps on stage. It was a truly amazing atmosphere. We are also very thankful to have leaders such as Elsie Pang (Silver), Kai Tan (Gold), Patricia Gwee (Platinum), Joycelyn Chua (Silver) and Fee Boey (Gold) to act as facilitators during the event. We also had the opportunity to recognize our new leaders, Chua Hong Leong and Law ShuLi (Platinum), Patricia Gwee (Platinum), Yonie Bonawi (Gold), Fee Boey and Nigel Pendrigh (Gold), John Wong (Gold), Donna Lim (Silver), Noorsaadah Binte Noordin (Silver) and Chong Qiulong (Silver). The energy of the event was simply incredible, making this one of our favorite events so far! YL Singapore crowd getting ready for the event to start.

Tamara showing the Raindrop Technique steps to the members with Fee Boey (Gold) as the facilitator.

Excited members queuing to register for the event.

Hands-on members listening attentively to Tamara before they begin

The Singapore Sales & Marketing team with Tamara Packer and Frances Fuller (Diamond).

Kai Tan (Gold), Frances Fuller (Diamond), Jasper (Receiver) and Karen.

Our new leaders recognized on stage (L to R): ShuLi Law and Hong Chua (Platinum), Patricia Gwee (Platinum), Donna Lim (Silver).

Yonie Bonawi (Gold) is recognized on stage.

Tamara and members watching the recognition.

Tamara sharing her experience with the members.

I look forward to seeing each of you again very soon. Best of success!

Members trying out the Raindrop steps with the aid of our facilitators.

Donna trying out the Raindrop steps while watching Tamara on stage. THE

Will Halterman General Manager Young Living South East Asia

Elsie Pang ( facilitator), demonstrating the steps to a member.

Essential Edge News

Essential Edge News


Singapore May 2013 Issue

Success in Six Updates As Success in Six Take the Challenge (SG) and Silver in Six (International) Year 2 continue, we are happy to congratulate the region’s newest achievers who have reached their goals in less than six months! Each of them has qualified to receive their very own Aroma Complete Kit. Congratulations to our latest Success in Six – Take the Challenge (SEA) Qualifiers: Cherie Tseng, Route #1 Silver in Six Achiever (SG) Advanced to the rank of Silver within 1 month of becoming Executive

Fee Boey & Nigel Pendrigh, Route #2 Two New Leader Legs in Six Achiever (MY) Developed 2 new Silver legs within 6 months

Foong Pooi Yee, Route #2 Two New Leader Legs in Six Achiever (MY) Developed 2 new Silver legs within 6 months

PR Corner Raindrop Experience Media Event

April 8, 2013 - Young Living Singapore organized a private Raindrop Technique Media Event prior to our Raindrop Workshop with Tamara Packer. Members of the media were invited to the office for a full Raindrop experience by our Training Supervisor, Cierra Yet, together with YL leaders ShuLi Law, Hong Chua and Claudia Hofmaier. Representatives from Wellness Way, Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan, Square Room, and SME attended the event.

Wellness Way

April 24, 2013 - OmegaGize was recently featured by Wellness Way - a wellness and lifestyle magazine in Singapore on their online blog page. To read the article at Wellness Way, visit blog/spotted/young-living-omegagize-big-nutrients-in-a-small-capsule/

An Abundant Dinner for our Circle of Abundance Top Achievers

Circle of Abundance top achievers and YL staff gather for a reunion dinner at the Huang Hsiu Keen Geene, Route #1 Silver in Six Achiever (SG) Straits Kitchen, Hyatt Hotel last March after an exciting year of healthy competition. Advanced to the rank of Silver within 1 month of becoming It was a great opportunity for sharing updates & feedbacks with our members over Executive a full hearty meal!

Jihan Saleh Kinnear, Route #1 Silver in Six Achiever (SG) Advanced to the rank of Silver within 3 months of becoming Executive

Ng Wei Suan, Route #1 Silver in Six Achiever (MY) Advanced to the rank of Silver within 3 months of becoming Executive

Will and wife with COA Phase 1 winner, Foo Siow Huei and Ana Ow. Karen and Nadiah with COA achiever, Vivisha Doshi.

Foo Siow Huei and Ana Ow. Nyit Kiew Leong, Route #1 Silver in Six Achiever (MY) Advanced to the rank of Silver within 5 months of becoming Executive


Wong Siew Yen, Route #1 Silver in Six Achiever (MY) Advanced to the rank of Silver within 3 months of becoming Executive

Essential Edge News

Cierra and Angel with COA achievers (clockwise): Christina Wan, Richard Ho, Elsie Pang and Steven Lee