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Volume 3.3 March 2013

C’mon, It’s Time to Plant! Do Young Living Like Never Before As we gear up for the 2013 Spring Planting in late April at the Highland Flats and St. Maries farms, let’s look back on what you had to say about Young Living

Founder’s Message

Young Living 2013 Winter Harvest participants Chris and Lisa Taylor, Brenda and Scott Schuler, Lula Schiller, Shelley and Kelly O’Hara, and Robyn and Randy Murrah took advantage of the tremendous opportunities the harvest experience brings to all who attend.

Robyn and Randy Murrah Gold

“I attended the Winter Harvest for the first time this year at the urging of Scott and Brenda Schuler. Frankly, I wasn’t too thrilled with the idea but thought it would be a good experience for my wife. Turns out, it was a very impactful experience for me. “Not only did I make several new friends, but I also learned a tremendous amount about Young Living, its leaders, and myself. I gained a much greater respect for the company and for what goes into these little bottles of oil. “Part of the experience of the harvest is having the opportunity to participate in any aspect of the process that may appeal to you. It enables you to be a part of something bigger; an opportunity to help gain a new perspective and understanding for what is involved in producing our oils. It is something impossible to understand until you’ve experienced it.”

Margaret Van Star

“I really had no idea what the Winter Harvest was all about, but because I was introduced to essential oils a short while ago, I thought it would be a tremendous learning experience. Little did I know what an overwhelming, life-changing experience it would be! To be able to see and participate firsthand in how the oils are produced and to be part of the process from start to finish is something I will never forget. “I truly urge everyone to participate in this wonderful experience.”

Visit often for registration information for the 2013 Spring Planting at the Highland Flats and St. Maries farms in northern Idaho this April

Brenda and Scott Schuler Crown Diamond

“The combination of the beautiful mountains, aroma of the blue spruce, quality time to connect and learn from fellow distributors and Gary and Mary Young creates a magical experience that everyone should have. Wow! “Everyone who went with us this year, including three couples, went home with a new respect for Young Living and our oils. Brenda and I always talk about the importance of being a product of the product, and attending the harvest adds a new dimension that allows us to understand the products and processes in another way.”

Chris and Lisa Taylor Silver

“This was the first year we attended the Winter Harvest, and it will not be the last. If I had to describe the harvest, I would call it an educational opportunity every distributor should have. “The harvest also opened my eyes to so much about Young Living. I appreciate Gary on a whole new level; his desire, dedication, drive, and passion are talked about often, but until you work with him for a week, you truly don’t understand what he does for all of us. “It is really hard to put this experience into words, but it is life changing, and I encourage everyone to come to a harvest for this experience.” THE

We are so excited for the future of Young Living and are awed by the way this year is beginning! December was our highest sales month in history, and January was a “blazing” month of success and excitement. I hope you are feeling how much you are a part of this giant rolling tide of growth, as we affirm our place as the World Leader in Essential Oils®. Last year was monumentally successful. Because of your efforts and our unmatched products, we finished 2012 with the highest revenue quarter in our history. It was the most exhilarating and rewarding year of transformation. Never in the history of MLM has a company changed its marketing program and achieved a record year for growth. You are all part of that. You made it happen. We express our thanks and gratitude to all of you for diving into our new compensation plan and making such a smooth transition. Many inactive distributors are coming back into activity, and many who have not previously taught the plan are teaching others in their organizations. It is truly rewarding to see the growth, which we attribute to a positive attitude and commitment. Your potential for personal and business growth has never been higher. Because of our recent success, we are accelerating our global expansion. This year Young Living will officially open in Canada, Hong Kong, and Germany. Plan to attend, if possible. As Young Living grows, I urge you to find ways to grow your business. Maybe one of these new regions will be an exciting new realm for you. Our goals for Young Living are high, and you are the ones to make it happen. BELIEVE in that TRANSFORMATION and help make this the greatest year in our history!

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Essential Edge News

Share the Winter Fun with our Circle of Abundance Phase 2 Winners at the 2013 Balsam Fir Winter Harvest! Earlier this February, our Circle of Abundance Phase 2 Reward Trip Winners - Lim Poh Tin, Deanna Koh, Christina Wan, together with their guests - Loo Lai Ping and Lynn Cham, were given an opportunity to participate in the Balsam Fir Harvest, and get a chance to experience how Young Living’s essential oils come into being, right from scratch! Through their hard work, our members were able to become part of the actual harvesting and distilling of oils like Balsam Fir and Blue Spruce - precious essential oils that they use everyday. Here are some photos and testimonials from the members at their first ever harvest trip!

Poh Tin Lim, Lynn Cham, Christina Wan & Deanna Koh with one of Gary’s horses used at the harvest.

Lynn and Deanna with Farm Manager, Dale Billeter

Gary and members from all over the world, working hard at the harvest.

Deanna Koh getting the first hand experience of working at the harvest.

Loo Lai Ping, Lim Poh Tin, Christina Wan and Deanna Koh all geared up to face the cold weather.

Let’s hear it from Lynn Cham, Star It was a very good experience and I am thankful to Deanna for choosing to share her award with me. I was excited to witness the process of obtaining balsam fir essential oil! Now, whenever I smell Balsam Fir EO, it would bring back memories of the Highlands Flats farm and St Maries distillery. We had the opportunity to enjoy the new jacuzzis filled with Balsam Fir and Blue Spruce water. Gary has decided not to waste the essence filled water used in steam distillation. The water is antibacterial and has healing properties. Perfect reward after working next door at the distillery. The people we met were passionate about EO and very hardworking. None of us from Singapore could manage a full 12 hr shift at the distillery! Cristina Campbell was spontaneous and gave us 2 talks - one on Everyday Oils and another on the Twelve Oils from the Ancient Scripture. Another guy, Steve introduced his cologne. His own blend called, “Jesus’ scent”, was made up of Myrrh, Aloes, Cassia (according to Psalm 45:8), Frankincense and Spikenard. There were others who freely shared how they have benefitted from YLEO. It was heartening and encouraging. This trip was an eye-opener and I would recommend every distributor to experience a harvest at least once!

Young Living South East Asia Leadership Seminar 2013 Spetember 19-22, 2013

Event Highlights:

2013 Updates and Feedback Session 2014 Strategies and Plans

Leadership Talks by Guest Speakers A whole lot of bonding and fun at the pristine beach of Phuket!

Open to all members in South East Asia who have achieved Silver for at least two consecutive months from September 2012 to August 2013. All expenses paid*.

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For more details, visit or call the Sales & Marketing Department at (65) 6391 0170.

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Young Living Leaders Hall of Fame DIAMOND Fuller Life (SGP)

Bold = Newly Qualified


Shu Li Law & Chua Hong Leong (SGP)


Chua Hong Ling (SGP) Cynthia Teo (SGP) Ho Chee Hong (SGP) Patricia Gwee (SGP) Tan Kai Hiang (SGP) Yonie Bonawi (SGP) SILVER Jacq Ong Chiu Hoon (SGP) Jayesh Parekh (SGP) Kok Wai Hoi (MY) Lee Hock Seng (SGP) Lee Hock Soon (SGP) Lee Wai Ching (SGP) Noorsaadah Binte Noordin (SGP) Pang Kim Choo (SGP) Shamala Tan (SGP)

Bee Hoon Eng (MY) Cheng Cheng Law (SGP) Chong QiuLong (SGP) Chuwen Huang (SGP) Claudia Hofmaier (SGP) Donna Lim (SGP) Fee Boey (MY) Fong Pooi Yee (MY) Gennet Song (SGP)

Sheena Ling (SGP) Siew Kiang Chua (SGP) Sri Mulyadi (SGP) Sum Tong Ng (SGP) Tan Hwee San (SGP) Thia Woon Ling (SGP) Yong Yung Chen (MY)

Facial blend for mature skin 4 drops geranium 3 drops frankincense 1 drop rose 1 tsp. YL Creme Masque Mix together and massage onto your face with circular movements until absorbed completely. This blend may help you relax, relieve tension, and restore energy to your face by stimulating circulation.

unnecessary stress, which cre1 Avoid ates free radicals that may damage

your skin. Meditate, relax, and use Young Living’s calming essential oils ( frankin-

cense, lavender, ylang ylang, Stress Away™) and the orchid Beauty Masque every day. Eat right by balancing your diet with 2 healthy proteins, good fats, and anti-

oxidant-filled veggies and fruits. Eliminate anything made from white flour and white sugar, which may cause inflammation to the skin and cell damage. Moisturize from the inside out by drinking proper amounts of water. This is the fastest and most inexpensive skin moisturizer available! Speaking of moisturizers, include products such as Sandalwood Moisture Cream, Wolfberry Eye Cream, Rose Ointment, Creme Masque, and Renewal Serum in your skincare regimen. Get your complexion in shape with a daily facial fitness routine that includes Young Living products.



Do you have a beauty dilemma? E-mail us at

AS YOUNG LIVING researchers were investigating potential ingredients for the new NingXia Red formula, they came across an exciting ingredient: grape seed extract. Grape seed extract (GSE) is derived from whole grape seeds, is Kosher and Halal approved, and is also one of the largest natural depositories of polyphenols. NingXia Red utilizes a premium GSE that is standardized to a minimum 90 percent total polyphenols and is shown in studies to be superior to other GSE. This structurally unique, water-soluble GSE has been selectively extracted to include a higher percentage of lower molecular weight polyphenols, which improves absorption and bioavailability. Its patented, water-based extraction process also ensures that the final ingredient remains chemical free. This powerhouse ingredient boosts NingXia Red’s ORAC score, adds polyphenols, and allowed for Kosher and Halal certification. When combined with essential oils and the wolfberry superfruit, GSE plays an important roll in NingXia Red’s promise to deliver a delicious, whole-body nutrient infusion for everyone to enjoy.


THE SECRET OF a gorgeous face is clean skin! Young Living’s wonderful cleansing products will thoroughly cleanse and remove residue from the skin’s surface, leaving your face clean, fresh, and soft. Our luxurious formulas, enhanced with the gentle but powerful blend of essential oils, are composed of highly selective natural ingredients that protect the skin and help restore youthful complexion. Our A•R•T® Gentle Foaming Cleanser will help keep your skin’s pH levels in perfect balance, while our Orange Blossom Facial Wash adds the aroma of orange trees encompassed in a lavender field. By removing dust, perspiration, and environmental stresses, you are able to maintain a healthy and attractive complexion. Follow these simple yet important steps to achieve your best look:

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Young Living News from Around the World SINGAPORE

Young Living Singapore recently joined the 2013 Beauty Asia Trade Show at the Marina Bay Sands. Leaders shared the wonders of Young Living essential oils with very excited trade show visitors. In addition to having a booth at the show, Young Living Singapore also conducted three at the event essential oil workshops. The region is gearing up for the Introduction to D. Gary Young’s Raindrop Technique® trainings, featuring facilitator Tamara Packer, which will be held April 24 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; April 25 in Manila, Philippines; and April 27 in Singapore.


We are continuing our School of Nature’s Remedies tour in Mexico and are generating a lot of interest in the most recently launched products. Our leadership in Mexico has been driving the business and producing great success in creating new levels of growth in the market.


Young Living Peru’s central office continues to be a haven for distributors to meet, train, and help build each other’s knowledge of the oils and the vision of Gary Young. General manager Yail Simon and his staff are providing trainers and experts to teach the people of Peru about the company, the products, and their own health and wellbeing.


Since its launch on February 1, the new NingXia Red® has been catching everyone’s attention. Distributors enjoy its new look, new bottle, new taste, and increased health support. The Essential Rewards double-point promotion is running through April and is persuading many distributors to shift their orders to autoship. Dr. Cole Woolley recently gave Japanese distributors a practical presentation on the benefits of the reformulated NingXia Red, which is not only delicious but is also a super juice that can promote healthy living.

Help Build a High School in Ecuador


THE D. GARY YOUNG Foundation (DGYF) would like each Essential Edge News reader to know that the heart of Young Living is reflected each day through the work of the foundation, especially at the Young Living Academy in Ecuador. We currently have a new class of prekindergarten children who need sponsors, as well as a growing need to build a new high school. The success of the foundation has touched the lives of so many families, and as we expand our reach, your support is more critical than ever. We are calling our special fundraiser for the new high school “Jacob’s Team.” When you have a moment, please go to and click on Jacob Young’s message for you. DGYF has also teamed up with Young Living Crown Diamond Marcella Vonn Harting for a special event on April 20 in Indianapolis, Indiana. All of the proceeds from this one-day training will directly benefit the foundation. Tickets are available for purchase through the DGYF website.

DGYF and Marcella Vonn Harting Present

Take Charge: Wellness, Purpose, Abundance A one-day spectacular with all proceeds going to DGYF!

We also encourage you to spread the word about the D. Gary Young Foundation and the good that we are doing worldwide. Tell people about the foundation at every meeting you organize or attend. People want to know what causes and core values a company stands for, and Young Living is all about helping people to awaken, inspire, educate, love, and live a healthy lifestyle. Visit for more information about how you can join this worthy cause.




Visit for early bird specials.

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Europe is still riding on the momentum of a fantastic month that saw our Leadership Tour across Austria, Germany, and Sweden reach record attendance. We are also proud to see some exciting rank advancements in our market. Congratulations to Austrians Aditya Nowotny for achieving Platinum, and Anna Lesmann for achieving Gold, and to Swedish distributors Bodil Anderson and Kristian Johnson, who are celebrating their new Gold ranks! Iceland and the United Kingdom were also host countries to successful meetings and look forward to some exciting activity in the coming months. We are looking forward to seeing you all at the Germany grand opening on May 11 in Nuremberg. The Europe market will be hosting this wonderful celebration and official market opening. Please refer to the Young Living Europe website for further information and registration details.


Young Living Australia recently completed the NingXia Red® Revitalized launch tour with special guest speaker Marc Schreuder, vice president of research and discovery at Young Living. The whirlwind tour visited eight cities in 10 days throughout Australia. Marc gave a great presentation on the new NingXia Red and OmegaGize³™. These products are now available to order on both standard and Essential Rewards orders.


March will be a very exciting month for Young Living Canada and distributors everywhere. The official grand opening is taking place March 15-16 in Calgary, an event that will be attended by Young Living executives and founder Gary Young. All distributors are invited to attend this remarkable experience that is sure to be a highlight in 2013.

YL’s New Mobile App WE KNOW YOU love our essential oils on your fingertips, and now you can have all of Young Living at your fingertips 24/7 with the release of our free mobile app, MyYoungLiving. Built to optimize your business opportunities, MyYoungLiving features videos, Essential Edge archives, product information and pricing, onthe-spot enrollment tools, and more! MyYoungLiving is your one-stop app for all things Young Living. Download the MyYoungLiving app for your Apple or Android device today and watch your business grow with the World Leader in Essential Oils®.

April 20, 2013 Indianapolis, IN


JUNE 18–22


Join Us at the Canada Grand Opening, eh! YOUNG LIVING IS making its official Canadian debut, and we want you to be a part of it! Mark your calendar now and plan on joining us at the launch of Young Living in Canada. This special event, which will be hosted by Young Living founder and CEO D. Gary Young, will be an unforgettable experience for all attendees. The event will be held on Saturday, March 16, 7:30 a.m.–7 p.m. at the TELUS Convention Centre in Calgary (120 9th Avenue Southeast, Calgary, AB T2G 0P3). There will also be exclusive leadership activities on Friday, March 15. If you are ranked as Silver or above, you should plan on being in Calgary before 2 p.m. on Friday. At the event, you will participate in the exciting opening festivities of a new Young Living market and may purchase a special, limited-edition oil created by Gary Young exclusively for this event. You will



also spend time learning from and sharing with other Young Living members and enjoy a special training from Gary. The grand opening will feature an electric, conventionlike atmosphere, and you will leave the event energized and ready to build your business like never before. Seating at this once-in-a-lifetime event is limited, so visit canadagrandopening. to reserve your spot today. Let the celebration begin! For more information and to register, please contact Customer Care at 1-800371-3515 or the Events Team at 1-801-4188900. page 4

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Singapore March 2013 Issue

Join us for an Introduction to Raindrop Workshop with Tamara Packer, LMT

Message from the General Manager What a fantastic month February has been! We have seen so many great people become part of the Young Living family here in Singapore that I am truly inspired to do everything I can to share the products myself. I had the humbling opportunity to share a little of my knowledge on Channel News Asia earlier this past month, and hope that there are at least a few who now want to learn more about essential oils as a result. I am often amazed at how the excitement and success each of you bring to Young Living inspires me to share the benefit of Young Living oils as well. Unfortunately there are many people in this world who like to tell you that you can’t do something, that you cannot reach for, and achieve your dreams. It is to these people that I say move over and make way for those of us who are achieving ours! One of my inspirations comes from Nadiah Hanipah, our Customer Care Manager at Young Living Singapore. Late last year Nadiah ran a 10k race, and although there may have been many obstacles or detractors in her way, she set her sights on her goal and finished the race. A 10K race may not seem like much to some, but to me it is a great inspiration when I see others overcome discomfort to strive toward distant goals. While sometimes it may seem that our goals are either too difficult to accomplish, or too far away to reach, if we truly keep our focus on what we want to accomplish, we cannot fail to accomplish them. The famous depression-era entrepreneur E. Joseph Cossman said “Obstacles are what we see when we take our focus off our goals.” Don’t lose your focus! If you made goals or resolutions during the new year, I encourage you to write them down and put them somewhere you can see, and renew your focus on them every day. In every office I have worked in for the past 10 years I have installed a white board to write my goals, benchmarks and important notes. This way I can see them every day and know precisely what I am working toward. Like Nadiah running her races, I do not want to be distracted by the minor obstacles that arise on a daily basis. This month we are introducing the new, reformulated Transformation Essential Oil Blend. I recommend diffusing some every day while building your Young Living business to help transform your vision into an amazing reality. This blend can be a powerful tool to help build inspirational motivation to achieve objectives and build a strong sense of purpose with everything you do. What a great product to have every day! I look forward to another amazing month in March. This is truly a great time to be a part of Young Living! Best of Success!

We are very excited to finally bring to the region the Introduction to Raindrop Technique Workshop, featuring Raindrop Technique facilitator, Tamara Packer. With an introductory-level curriculum carefully developed by Gary Young, these events are intensive, enlightening experiences for novices and trained massage professionals alike, where you will: • Observe the Raindrop Technique first-hand • Learn the accompanying methods and skills involved in the Raindrop Technique • Acquire a critical understanding of the oils and products used in the Raindrop Technique • Get a chance to give or receive a rejuvenating Raindrop massage under the guidance of facilitators The Raindrop Technique is a unique blending of ancient healing traditions, energetic medicine, intuitive wisdom, and pure essential oils that has helped thousands on their journey to healing and wellness. The Raindrop Technique stimulates the body and mind, aids detoxification, balances energy, and promotes optimum physical and emotional health. About the Facilitator Tamara Packer is a licensed massage therapist. She learned the Raindrop Technique personally from Gary Young and has taught Raindrop in countries all over the world, including Australia, Austria, England, France, Sweden and the United States. Tamara also served as the Therapy Director at the Nova Vita Clinic in Ecuador for five years.

Date: 27th of April 2013 (Saturday) Time: 9:30am – 2:00pm Venue: Singapore Expo, Max Atria, Topaz Room, 220-225, 1 Expo Drive, Singapore 486150 *Doors opens at 9:30am and the workshop will start promptly at 10:00am

You have the option to go hands-on during the workshop (just bring a massage table and your receiver, or just watch and listen as Tamara does her demo. Early bird registration fee is $20.00 per person valid until the 10th of April. To register, send an email to, provide your member number, advise if you will bring a massage table or not, and advise which credit card on file you want to use. All who register will be entitled to 20% off the purchase of Raindrop Technique Collection. We are also bringing Tamara Packer to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Manila, Philippines!

24 April 2013 (Wednesday) 7:00pm – 10:00pm Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) Hilton Kuala Lumpur Hotel Suite 2 & 3, Level 7 3 Jalan Stesen Sentral, Kuala Lumpur, 50470, Malaysia

25 April 2013 (Thursday) 7:00pm – 10:00pm Philippines Venue to be confirmed

PR Corner Young Living on Channel News Asia

February 15, 2013 - Young Living Singapore was invited by local TV station, AM Live of Channel News Asia for a chat session with South East Asia General Manager, William Halterman. We are excited to have gotten this opportunity to be able to spread the goodness of Young Living. In the interview, Will talked about Everyday Essential Oils, how to use them and also common misconceptions that people have about essential oils.

Beauty Asia Expo 2013

February 25 - 27, 2013 - Beauty Asia Expo 2013 is the second exhibition that Young Living Singapore has taken part in. This time at the event, we were able to meet up with many industry members of the Beauty, Wellness and Spa industry of Singapore. Another opportunity for our members and us to spread the wellness of Young Living all over Singapore!

Canopy Avenue


Will Halterman General Manager Young Living South East Asia

March 1, 2013 - William Halterman, Young Living’s General Manager for South East Asia was recently interviewed by Canopy Avenue, an online magazine for the urban tribe in search for ways to live just that little bit more sustainably than yesterday. In the interview, Will talks about how essential oils can be used to improve our physical and mental well-being. To read the article at Canopy Avenue, log on to http://www.canopyavenue. com/2013/03/01/interview-with-william-halterman-managing-director-of-young-living-singapore/.

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Essential Edge News


Singapore March 2013 Issue

Young Living Singapore Takes Part in Beauty Asia Expo 2013!

BeautyAsia Expo 2013, which took place at the Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre last February 25-27 was the 2nd major exhibition event that Young Living Singapore has taken part in. It has been a great experience for both our YL members and staff as it was a great opportunity to share our Young Living oils with members of the public. This event was a trade fair where we got to share and learn from professionals of the Beauty & Wellness industry. It has been a fruitful experience for all of us and we look forward to more opportunities to share YL with the rest of the world.

Richard Ho (Gold) and his members at the first day of event.

Young Living booth at BeautyAsia Expo 2013.

Margret Lee and Roasaline Goh sharing their experience of Young Living with guests visiting the booth. Visitors got to try on a wide range of items at the Young Living booth.

Nana Lim sharing her Essential Oil tips with a group of enthusiatic visitors.

Let’s Hear It From Our Success in Six Achievers As Success in Six Take the Challenge (SG) and Silver in Six (International) Year 2 continues on this year, we are happy to congratulate the region’s newest achievers who have reached their goals in less than six months! Each of them has qualified to receive their very own Aroma Complete Kit. Donna Ann Lim, Route #1 Silver in Six Achiever Advanced to the rank of Silver within 2 months of becoming Executive “ My journey with Young Living began in January 2012 ~ Intrigued and fascinated with Young Living’s Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. As I began to experience the efficacy of these potent oils, I felt inspired to share and spread the LOVE! Love, Creativity, Inspiration and Integrity ~ This is what I began to feel that is so fully expressed within the culture of Young Living. Gary Young leads his people and the business with such purposeful Mission blessed with Joy in and with what they do and create to share with us, the people. To have reached Silver, I absolutely could not have done it alone. My deepest appreciation, thanks and gratitude to Yonie Bonawi, Claudia Hofmaier, as well as Cynthia Teo, (one with such a generous heart and who teaches with loving kindness and patience). To all the other leaders who generously share their experience and knowledge at YL, the amazing staff at the reception, as well as those behind the glass doors ~ you are in my thoughts. Frances Fuller, you are a wonderful, generous person and an authentic leader! THANK YOU all with all my heart!” Noorsaadah Binte, Route #1 Silver in Six Achiever Advanced to the rank of Silver within 2 months of becoming Executive Family has always been a priority in my life. As a mother and wife, I have spent the past 33 years being concerned for the health and well being of my husband and children. And today as a grandmother of five, I rejoice as I watch them grow healthily. I’m blessed with great family support. They have been my drive in achieving my goals so far. With motivation and support from my upline, Ms Yonie Bonawi, I managed to achieve where I am in Young Living thus far. I believe in the effectiveness of Young Living essential oils in enhancing mental wellness and improving overall physical health. Yonie Bonawi, Route #2 Two New Leader Legs in Six Achiever Developed 2 new Silver legs within 6 months Yonie Bonawi is also a “Take the Challenge” winner. She has achieved both Routes #1 and #2 within six months and will be rewarded with a free trip to the 2014 Winter Harvest.


Bee Hoon Eng, Route #1 Silver in Six Achiever (MY) Advanced to the rank of Silver within 3 months of becoming Executive

Essential Edge News

Kok Wai Hoi, Route #1 Silver in Six Achiever (MY) Advanced to the rank of Silver within 3 months of becoming Executive