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Volume 2 Issue 6

Convention 2012

Founder’s Message

New products, world-renowned speakers, and first-class entertainment await The 2012 Young Living International Grand Convention is almost here! Join us June 26–30 in Salt Lake City for five transformational days of unveilings, inspirational speakers, and live entertainment, all designed to make this a thrilling convention. With many groundbreaking, new products set for release—from essential oils to nutritional supplements to personal-care items—Young Living will redefine what it means to be the world leader in essential oils. Be the first to see these new, enriching products—and be sure to experience them in the Product Expo! A key to transformation is living and learning like never before. To help you achieve such change, you will experience extraordinary growth opportunities and have the fortune of learning from proven leaders and masters of craft to achieve your desired goals and success. With great enthusiasm, Young Living will welcome world-renowned speaker and author Bob Proctor to the International Grand Convention. Featured

in the blockbuster hit The Secret and author of the best-selling book You Were Born Rich, Bob Proctor is regarded as one of the living masters and teachers of the law of attraction and has worked in the area of mind potential for more than 40 years. His life is a staggering success, one marked by not only financial prosperity but also by the number of lives he has positively affected. Speaking of staggering success, when it comes to country music, the names do not get any bigger than Sawyer Brown. Set to put a spark—or spur—into the biggest-ever Family Farm Day Celebration, this legendary band is known for its smashing hits “Some Girls Do,” “Thank God for You,” and “The Race Is On.” Sawyer Brown brings world-class entertainment to

Be inspired by celebrated speaker and author Bob Proctor, who is featured in the blockbuster hit The Secret.

this one-of-a-kind convention extravaganza to be held at Young Living’s beautiful Whispering Springs farm. For a full Family Farm Day Celebration preview, please see page 2. Come to the convention and join Young Living in its inspiring evolution; the time to be transformed is now!


It’s almost here! After months of talking about it—and many more spent planning for it—the 2012 International Grand Convention will soon arrive and will be bringing unparalleled surprises, exciting new products, and phenomenal, life-lifting experiences to all who join us. This year’s convention will be unlike any other you have witnessed and will exceed any event Young Living has ever produced. At this convention you will see us accelerating full speed into a brilliant future, optimistically and triumphantly blazing new paths toward success—so buckle up! You will experience the exciting, new, patent-pending products that are designed to transform your life; you will learn about and gain a powerful understanding of essential oils and building a lifechanging Young Living business; and last but not least, you will be entertained like never before. New this year is the highly anticipated Family Farm Day Celebration—a rousing conclusion to convention week. We will leave Salt Lake City after four days at the Salt Palace Convention Center and head to the Whispering Springs farm in Mona. You will be enveloped in the excitement and freedom of the Wild West, experience the height of the Medieval Age as you cheer on the action in the jousting arena, and party the night away with dancing, festivities, and a booming fireworks show. Headlining the Family Farm Day Celebration is legendary country music band Sawyer Brown. We are ecstatic to have this truly great band play its hits underneath the stars at our Whispering Springs farm. What a delight! If you have not registered, I urge you to do so today. Be part of this monumental week. The 2012 International Grand Convention will be a spectacular, unforgettable event.

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Our Biggest Convention Party Ever!

Six-City 2012 Japan Tour a Huge Success The power and influence of Young Living is quickly reaching all corners of the world. From the dedication of passionate distributors to health-care professionals who understand the benefits of our products, Young Living’s global awareness is ever increasing. Never was this awareness more apparent than during the Young Living Japan Tour, where medical professional Ed Daily, RN, took the Young Living message to more than 1,500 people in Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Nagoya, Sapporo, Osaka, and Tokyo. Held in late April, the tour was the perfect stage for Ed to teach distributors and non-distributors alike about the potency and effectiveness 2012

Family Farm Day Celebration 2012

Sawyer Brown, medieval activities, fireworks send convention week out in style Join fellow distributors, family, and friends on Saturday, June 30, for the culmination of the convention experience—the Family Farm Day Celebration. Convention attendees will be transported to Young Living’s expansive Whispering Springs farm in Mona, Utah, for hands-on essential oil education, distillery tours, medieval jousting, and other all-day attractions that will culminate with a dinner, dance, and fireworks show you will not want to miss! Sawyer Brown to Perform Live Get ready for an exclusive performance by our headlining band: country legend Sawyer Brown! This lively group has performed in front of audiences for three decades, released over 20 albums, received dozens of awards, and recorded many billboard-topping songs. Convention attendees and guests will be able to see and hear this acclaimed band play


JUNE 26–30

underneath the stars. It doesn’t get any better than this! Convention Farm Day Highlights • Distillery Tours • Educational Workshops • Medieval Village & Jousting • Western Town Shootout • Wagon Rides • Indian Village • Lavender Fairy Tea Party • All-day Movies • Concessions • And much, much more! One Family Farm Day Celebration ticket is included with every convention registration. Guest tickets must be purchased online, in advance, through the Housing Connection. On-site tickets will be available while supplies last. Get your additional guest tickets now at en/register.

of Young Living essential oils in their ability to alleviate the symptoms of PANIC—pain, anxiety, nausea, insomnia, constipation, and exhaustion—when combined with specific yoga practices and meditation. The classes proved to be extremely beneficial to both the engaged learners and Young Living Japan, as the region exceeded its goal by achieving more than $135,000 in product sales. In addition to the financial goal, the region added 68 new distributors. The Japan Tour will continue in July with Dan Purser, MD. More than 1,100 tickets have already been sold for this exciting leg of the tour.

S A LT L A K E C I T Y, U TA H , U S A


Convention 2012: Can’t-Miss Workshops Some of the greatest rewards of the 2012 International Grand Convention will come from the three days of life-enhancing workshops. Each of these carefully selected classes features the brightest minds and leaders in the essential oil and health industries, as well as ultra-successful and knowledgeable Young Living distributors. During these workshops, you will be filled with principles meant to transform your personal Young Living journey. Below is the complete list of scheduled workshops for the International Grand Covention. Discover the many opportunities that await you!


This year’s educational workshops feature an exciting lineup of presenters ranging from doctors and leading distributors to Young Living’s founder, president, and CEO D. Gary Young. Expand your knowledge about Young Living products while learning to build a successful organization! Achieving Spiritual and Emotional Peace Through Essential Oils

Discovering Women’s Wellness Through Essential Oils

Gaining the Fitness Edge with Young Living Products

D. Gary Young, ND, YL Founder, President, and CEO

Christi Bonds-Garrett, MD

Adam Green, DipKin CSEP-CPT and YL Silver

Achieving Mind and Body Balance with Essential Oils

Dr. Mom’s First Aid Oils

Healing Homes: The Case for Replacing Chemicals with Natural Alternatives

Peter Minke, PhD and YL Silver

Ed Daily, RN

Turn Back the Years to a Younger, Energetic YOU the YL Way! Carla Green, BScPT, Reg Ac, YL Gold

Be Ye Transformed: Renewing Mind, Body, and Spirit Tom Reed, DPM

The Connection Between Obesity and Cancers Olivier Wenker MD, MBA, ABAARM, DEAA

Conquer Colds and Allergies with Essential Oils Doug Corrigan, YL Director of Training and Education

Expanding Your Organization Globally Enrique Quiros, YL Gold

Finding Emotional Well-being with Essential Oils Benjamin Perkus, YL Gold

Forever Young: Looking and Feeling Youthful Using Essential Oils


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The Hormone Connection: How Essential Oils Can Promote Women’s Health Dan Purser, MD

You’re Invited! Earning a Great Income with Home Parties

Sabina Devita, MD and YL Gold

Star Moree, YL Platinum, and Melissa Poepping, YL Silver

Frankincense Research: Unlocking the Secrets of a Precious Ancient Oil

Using Raindrop, Transforming Lives

Mahmoud M. Suhail, MD

From 0–90: Building Your Business in Three Months

Carrie Donegan, YL Gold, and Elena Yordán, YL Silver

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Connie McDanel, YL Crown Diamond, and Kathie Fuller, YL Senior Star

Tamara Packer, Susan Neary, and Kaye Lynne Murphy

Ningxia Red, Take Your Health to the Next Level in 30 Days Teri Secrest, YL Diamond

Pain-Free Living with Essential Oils Debra Raybern, YL Diamond

Pet Wellness: Emotional Release with Essential Oils Melissa Shelton, DVM

Pioneering Ocotea and Spruce Research Hsueh-Kung Lin, PhD

Secrets to Achieving Success and Transforming Your Life with Slique

Marc Schreuder, YL Sr. Director of Research and Formulations

Social Media Savvy: Accelerate Your Business Today Marcella Vonn Harting, YL Crown Diamond

Recruiting 101: A Global Approach

Aly Bhimji, YL Silver, Frances Fuller and Brenda Schuler, YL Diamonds


Congratulations to the following distributors on their recent leadership rank advancements: Name

New Rank



Senior Star



Senior Star


Senior Star


Senior Star



Senior Star



Senior Star



Senior Star



Senior Star



Senior Star


Senior Star




Last Month Rank


Senior Star



Senior Star



Senior Star



Senior Star



Senior Star



Senior Star



Senior Star


Rank advancements are current as of April 2012.

Register Now for 2012 Silver Retreat

Silver distributors help Gary Young harvest melissa and lavender during the 2011 Silver Retreat.

Young Living is proud once again to host the Silver distributors in Coeur d’Alene and St. Maries, Idaho, for the 2012 Silver Retreat, August 1–4. The Silver Retreat is a great opportunity for Young Living Silver distributors to learn from and meet rising stars, gain access to critical business-building skills, and increase their knowledge of Young Living products—all while enjoying beautiful Coeur d’Alene and the St. Maries farm. While at the farm, Silver distributors will be able to harvest their own lav-

Spend 185PV and receive a 15ml VALOR, BASIL AND LAVENDER

ender and melissa, experience the distillation process, and become immersed in fun and enlightening activities that will transform their personal and professional goals with Young Living. Through this event, Silver distributors from around the world will strengthen their confidence and appreciation for Young Living to optimistically look forward to a longlasting, successful future. To learn more about this year’s Silver Retreat and to register for the event, visit




Valor ®, an empowering combination of essential oils, works with both the physical and spiritual aspects of the body to increase feelings of strength, courage, and self-esteem in the face of adversity.


Basil has a strong, spicy aroma that is invigorating to both body and spirit. Used topically, it can help refresh the mind and restore mental alertness. In massage, it can be relaxing to aching muscles.


Lavender has a fresh, sweet, floral,herbaceous aroma that is soothing and refreshing because it is the most versatile of all essential oils, no home should be without it. Lavender is highly regarded for skin and beauty.

For all current promotions and terms and conditions please visit:

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Young Living News From Around The World JAPAN




Young Living Japan released Trauma

The time has finally come for the

April was quite a month for Young


Life™ and Highest Potential™ essential

grand opening of Young Living Peru.

Living Singapore! Not only was it the

Young Living Australia had with

oil blends in April, and both are highly

Occurring June 8–9, this event will be

biggest sales month, but it was also a

Dr. Dan Purser on his recent vis-

appreciated by distributors. Before

two very special days of celebration

month of new leaders, with Richard Ho

it to the land down under. After

launching the oil blends separately,

and training. Hundreds of Peruvian

advancing to Gold and Shamala Tan

traveling to Perth, Adelaide, Mel-

the Japan office sold them as part of

distributors and friends will join Gary

and Sum Tong Ng becoming Silvers. The

bourne, and Sydney to discuss the

the Young Living Release™ and

Young and Peru general manager

Essential Rewards Enhancement Pro-

many benefits of essential oils, Dr.

Performance™ kits. The distributors

Yail Simon as Young Living Peru is

gram was also rolled out this month,

Purser was able to enjoy a couple

in Japan have anxiously awaited these

launched in spectacular fashion.

which offers members increased ben-

of days of relaxation, including a

efits and additional rewards for staying

scenic flight over the Great Barrier

on Essential Rewards.

Reef. From there the Young Living

oils since 2011, when their usage and




benefits were presented during the


Japan Tour.

Young Living Europe is extremely excited

Phase 1 of the Circle of Abundance

tour continued on to the Sunshine

to announce the official countdown

incentive program also came to a close

Coast, Byron Bay, and Brisbane.

to the Germany Founders Meeting on

this month. The top three members

Young Living Australia is looking

Young Living Ecuador is excited to

September 22 in Nürnberg, Germany.

who achieved the highest accumu-

forward to Dr. Purser returning in

welcome back the Young family for

John Doughty, managing director for

lated PV from January to April and

the near future.

a special evening event on June 12.

Young Living Europe, will host this

who will be sent to the 2012 Interna-

Ecuador has been the heart of the

event, which will mark the official

tional Grand Convention in Salt Lake

company’s growth in South America,

commencement of Young Living in

are first-place winner, Wan Huey San

with great leadership and a wonderful

Germany. All attendees will receive a

Christina; second-place winner, Foo

story of nature’s gift on display in its

special Founders pin and certificate,

Siow Huei; and third-place winner,

fullness at the country’s beautiful farm.

as well as recognition at future events.

Pang Kim Choo.


Upcoming Global Events

DGYF Auctioning Painting at Convention

Peru Grand Opening June 8–9 Lima, Peru 2012 International Grand Convention June 26–30 Salt Lake City, Utah 20-Year Celebration July 4–7 Simiane-la-Rotonde, France Run Through the Lavender Lavender Days & Harvest July 14 Mona, Utah Melissa Harvest July 14–28 St. Maries, Idaho Lavender Harvest July 30–August 11 St. Maries, Idaho 20-Year Celebration July 11–August 11 St. Maries, Idaho Silver Club Retreat August 1–4 St. Maries, Idaho


Visit for more information on these events!

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“Gary’s Lavender Dream” by Charles Wildbanks.

This year the D. Gary Young Foundation is joining The DGYF is touching lives in very powerful ways. Young Living in the countdown to the 2012 Inter- We encourage you to listen carefully at the convennational Grand Convention, being held in Salt Lake tion for the latest information about what your supCity June 26–30. port will benefit next. Come visit us at the Product Expo and meet two of the students from the Young Living Academy in Ecuador. While visiting with the students, ask them questions about the school, their community, and how your donation has affected them. While you are at our booth, get the latest information about our fundraising dinner and auction, scheduled for Friday, June 29, at 7 p.m., and view the painting we will auction off, painted by one of America’s most famous landscape artists, Charles Wildbanks, titled “Gary’s Lavender Dream.”

Our newest outreach program, “Part of the Dream,” is an innovative tool that will help members like you hold fundraising events in your community. We are sure you will want to be a part of this adventure—and it is easy to do. Just stop by, register for a kit, and we will send you everything you need. It is absolutely free and will help the DGYF make a world of difference. We look forward to seeing you at the convention.

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oung Living is the world leader in essential oils. No other essential oil company in the world can lay claim to owning six farms on four continents, each farm harvesting its own crops and distilling its own oils. Knowing the origin of each bottle of Young Living essential oil is one of the key differentiators between Young Living and other essential oil marketers. Because we produce many oils firsthand, every detail is known about each plant involved in the Seed to Seal® process. From the water source and soil used at planting to ensuring the purity of the oil at sealing, Young Living guarantees its product at each step. Because of global demand for Young Living oils and because of logistics, we must procure many of our oils from trusted, renowned essential oil vendors throughout the world. Turning to vendors to fulfill the Young Living vision is necessary and critical—and this relationship is carried out with much thought and care. We conduct

thorough research, visit farms and distilleries of our vendors, and test every batch of oil before any contracts are signed and before any bottle is released to distributors. “Partnerships with our distillers are as important to Young Living as the partnership we share with our distributors,” explained MaryLou Jacobson, director of purchasing at Young Living. “We buy essential oils only from the most qualified vendors. We receive many inquiries from distilleries wanting Young Living to buy their oils, and if we are looking for a new partner for a specific oil, we will test their samples. However, for us to even consider new vendors, they must meet our industry-leading quality specifications.” The testing specifications set by

Young Living are part of a robust system used to guarantee that each batch of oil meets our stringent standards. This testing includes gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS), specific gravity, organoleptic, and optical rotation, each giving a molecular insight into the component properties of each oil. From this testing, Young Living has built personal, trusted, long-lasting relationships with vendors in Madagascar, Kenya, Egypt, Spain, Canada, Peru, Turkey, Corsica, Brazil, Bosnia, Morocco, and France, to name just a few. In every case, MaryLou, Gary Young, and Marc Schreuder have toured the distilleries and seen their harvesting and distilling practices, personally witnessing that their processes qualify for partnership with Young Living. Occasionally competing companies accuse Young Living of providing adulterated oils. Most recently another aromatherapy marketer singled out Young Living’s wintergreen oil as being a “chemical soup.” In an open rebuttal, and proving that every Young Living oil is always thoroughly tested, Young Living sent the wintergreen oil to the University of Utah for testing, where each sample was comprehensively scrutinized to make certain all components were natural. Young Living’s wintergreen oil was, in fact, pure and unadulterated. “We are the watchmen of the highest standard of quality in the world,” said MaryLou. “Young Living’s standards and tests are gauged to produce the purest, most therapeutic oils known to man.”

Celebrate the France Farm’s 20th Anniversary With the Youngs

It is time to celebrate! We are commemorating the 20th anniversary of Young Living’s lavender farm in Simiane-la-Rotonde, France, and you are invited! Join Gary and Mary Young July 4–7 as they retrace Gary’s initial discoveries into the world of essential oils and celebrate this enormous milestone in Young Living history. This one-of-a-kind event will take you to the stunning region of Provence, making stops in Marseilles, Nice, Aix en Provence, and Simiane-la-

page 6

Rotonde. This region, known for its fragrant, high-quality lavender, is where Gary learned the art of distillation and where his passion for building Young Living began. You will see, feel, and experience firsthand what Gary did as he worked, researched, and learned from local experts. You will participate in special trainings with Gary and France farm manager Jean-Noel Landel, who has partnered with Young Living since its inception, at the gorgeous and newly renovated lavender farm. Young Living’s history will become a vital part of your own life’s story as Gary instructs you in the harvest and distillation processes at the company’s birthplace! You will visit Grasse, the perfume capital of the world, and old museums, where you will see some of the first distillers built 100 years ago. While in Grasse, you will experience Fragonard, the renowned perfume and collectible museum. From Grasse,

you will follow the historical route of Napoleon, where he marched his army when they were returning from Egypt to Paris, to the quaint villages of Nice. Once in Nice, you will stroll the colorful streets through Old Town Nice and visit its dazzling markets of flowers, seafood, and local crafts. After spending a wonderful day in Nice, you will head to Marseille, France’s oldest city. Here you will stay in the heart of Marseille’s breathtaking Vieux Port at the chic and luxurious Radisson Blu Hotel and enjoy a closing reception with Gary and Mary in celebration of the Simiane-la-Rotonde anniversary. The 20-year celebration is an occasion for all of us to mark this monumental achievement and to celebrate Young Living’s transformation into the world leader in essential oils. Learn more about this special event at

What’s New Farms Simiane-la-Rotonde, France

Preparations continue for the France farm’s 20th anniversary celebration. Part of the necessary work that needed to be completed was planting 10 new acres of lavender, which workers accomplished in mid-May. The lavender starts were exported from the Whispering Springs farm in Mona, Utah.

Guayaquil, Ecuador

The Young Living farm in Ecuador has come out of the monsoon season and has entered the dry season. As a result, the crops are all flourishing and the dorado azul harvest is underway.

Mona, Utah

Projects are ongoing at the Whispering Springs farm. Most recently, farm workers planted 60 acres of peppermint and completed the 40-acre lavender expansion. The 40 new acres of lavender increases the crop’s total to 220 acres. While planting projects continue throughout the summer, workers are also focusing on getting the farm ready for the exciting and unforgettable Family Farm Day Celebration at this year’s convention.

St. Maries, Idaho

Workers at the St. Maries farm recently planted 7,200 Western red cedar and Douglas fir trees. In addition to these plantings, the melissa crop has been expanded by 40 acres, and lavender has increased by 10 acres, which brings each crop to 80 acres.

Naples, Idaho

During the spring planting and through continued efforts since the event, a total of 51,250 blue spruce and balsam fir trees were planted at the Highland Flats tree farm.

Event Notice In addition to the 20th anniversary of the Young Living farm in France, the St. Maries farm in Idaho is also celebrating its 20th year, with festivities beginning July 11 and culminating with the Silver Retreat, August 1–4. The St. Maries farm is where the farming and production of Young Living oils really began. Come and be part of Young Living history while personally harvesting melissa and lavender and experiencing the wonderful Seed to Seal® process. Join us for this enlightening time of reflection and gratitude that can only be realized at this Young Living event. Mark your calendars and visit for updates.


Yes, We Source Some Oils! Take a Deep Breath, It’s Okay, and Here’s Why

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The Essential Edge News, Volume 2 Issue 6-GB  
The Essential Edge News, Volume 2 Issue 6-GB  

The 2012 Young Living International Grand Convention is almost here! Join us June 26–30 in Salt Lake City for five transformational days of...