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Volume 2 Issue 9

Founder’s message This has been a summer of opportunity! This year’s theme of transformation has perfectly described the enabling power found at every Young Living event that has inspired you to become better. This opportunity for transformation has literally been a worldwide effort: our International Grand Convention in Salt Lake City, our 20th anniversary celebration in France, and the Silver Retreat and 20th anniversary celebration in northern Idaho. This summer has been remarkable.

We are all dreamers. Each one of us dreams for something. I call it a dream for abundance. The quicker you are able to realise what your transformed you looks like, the faster you will achieve your dream of abundance. Don’t wait; make the decision to start acting today to realise your dream. It is yours for the taking! As I met with our wonderful Silver distributors in the lodge at the St. Maries farm during this year’s Silver Retreat, I talked with them about developing a deep purpose in life. Much of developing a deep purpose stems from the ability to evaluate yourself and dream, to visualise where or what you want to be. When you visualise something, you begin to believe it; when you believe it, your dream can become reality. There is a major disease that is destroying the possibility for successfully realising our dreams, and it infiltrates all of us at times. It is called “excusitis.” Remove this disease from your life and start achieving today. The realisation of abundance is worth the price.

20th Anniversary: “A Hallmark Week” in France for Young Living Twenty-three years ago, Gary Young brought lavandula angustafolia seed from Provence, France, to plant in his quarter acre of ground behind the Young Living headquarters in Spokane, Washington. Gary felt a lot of excitement about the possibilities of growing French lavender in America, with a most fortuitous idea that this was just the beginning of something great to come in the future. Gary leased his first farm in France and then a few years later became the first American to purchase and own a lavender farm in the Provence region in the famous village of Simiane-laRotonde. This past July, after years of learning to grow, harvest, and distil true lavender, Gary returned to southern France with 150 Young Living distributors from all corners of the world to celebrate the 20th anniversary of a most magnificent achievement. It was a monumental experience for distributors to see how one man’s vision has come full circle in perhaps the saving of French lavender for the world. About ten years ago, the farmers began to see a decline in their oil production. The plants weren’t as hardy and didn’t grow prolifically. It’s hard to say exactly what happened, but with years of chemically treated soil, exhausted soil nutrients, seven years of drought, and being struck by a virus, the lavender began dying out to now a loss of about 90 percent of the production in France. It seemed that

pure lavender oil from France was to be lost to the world. However, the seed that Gary brought back had germinated into mighty little lavender plants, and when Gary bought his farm in St. Maries, Idaho, those plants were transplanted to the farm and grew into huge, flowering bushes that produced exquisite oil. Gary’s first vertical, stainless steel distiller was built, more seed was planted, more oil produced, and more expertise acquired. Gary sent his beautiful, hardy seed to one of the lavender growers in Simiane-laRotonde, who in turn gave it to one of the greenhouse owners to see how well it would germinate. To everyone’s great delight, strong, healthy plants came up and were transplanted to the Young Living Farm. Distributors were thrilled to see our beautiful St. Maries plants growing in France, and what a contrast it was to see the few sickly plants that were still alive from previous years.


Now, as all of us begin looking forward to the autumn season, a season filled with new sights and smells, I challenge each of you to continue on your path toward a changed, transformed, and better you.

Everyone was curious about the co-op distillery, of which we are part owner, and enthusiastically watched as Jean-Marie, our farm production manager, came in with a load of lavender in the harvester to dump into the extraction chamber. For many, it was the first time to see lavender distilled and to see those beautiful oil droplets come up into the separator. It was a great learning experience for all of us. We were honoured to have the mayor of Simiane-la-Rotonde come to greet our Young Living guests, and we all enjoyed the picture taking. While most of the event was centred on the 20th anniversary and Gary’s beginning in France, distributors were able to tour the world-renowned Fragonard perfumery in Grasse and the fascinating lavender museum in Apt, with its old portable lavender distiller. It was most enlightening to see to what extent the farmers went through to produce the most famous oil in the world. The historical ride on the “breathholding” hairpin road along Napoleon’s Route was thrilling, and as we journeyed from the Young Living farm back to Marseille, distributors were able to see several farms that grow for Young Living. Gary even stopped the buses so that distributors could gather their own lavender to take home. Everyone had fun wild crafting and making their own discoveries.

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FRANCE, continued from page 1

“You have met some beautiful people today, and now they’re your friends, too.”–Gary Young “Seeing the emotion that Gary has and the grounding that he feels in this place created a very special time for us,” said Max Hopkins. Max and his wife Karen, Platinum distributors from Oklahoma, added the celebration of their 40th wedding anniversary to this great week. “To actually see where it all started and

to contrast this with the growth in the United States made our celebration a once-in-a-life-time experience.” All of the emotion that ties Gary to the farm in southern France came to a pinnacle while we enjoyed lunch in a quaint restaurant situated in the village of Simiane-la-Rotonde on the hillside

A grateful Gary Young receiving framed photos of him and his mentor, Marcel, during the wonderful ceremony in Simiane-la-Rotonde, France.

Mary Young with Marcel’s wife, Marta, in Simianela-Rotonde, France.

that overlooks the Young Living farm. It was here where a “family reunion” took place with many of the dear friends who took Gary under their wings as he forged ahead with his dream. Gary was surrounded by Jean Noël Landal, Gary’s long-time partner from the very beginning, and Benoit Cassan, one of Provence’s most prominent lavender growers and the son of the mayor of Simiane-la-Rotonde. Benoit’s family has produced pure lavender for Young Living for many years. Marta Espieu also came to join our celebration and shared many wonderful memories of those early years. Marta was always making sure Gary had food to eat, and when she found out that Gary was sleeping in a sleeping bag at the distillery, she had him come and stay in their home. Sadly, Marta’s husband and Gary’s great friend and mentor Marcel Espieu passed away a few years ago. Marcel, a 6th generation lavender grower and distiller, was the president of the

Lavender Growers Association in France for more than 20 years. Gary spent a lot of time with Marcel learning not only the technique but also the art of distillation. Gary was a devoted student and Marcel was the devoted teacher. Marcel often chuckled at Gary’s vision and grandiose ideas, but when he and Marta came to the Young Living Convention in 2002, tears ran off Marcel’s face as he stood in front of the distillery in Mona, Utah, and cried that the student had become the teacher. Gary was presented with a framed picture of Marcel in his distillery in 1992, which brought tears to both Marta and Gary. It was a beautiful moment as Gary looked up and said, “You have met some beautiful people today, and now they’re your friends, too.” “This was just so exciting; a dream come true,” said Spanish distributor Lina Maria Lamos. “It was totally spectacular.” But above everything else, it was a week of greater appreciation for Gary’s dedication to his vision and the determination to bring it to fruition. “Being here in France is more proof that Gary is a visionary and that God is using him to teach about the plants that he put on this earth for the good of mankind,” said Karen Hopkins. “Young Living is truly the world leader in essential oils, and we need to carry that torch throughout the world.”

2012 Silver Retreat: celebrating adventure, learning, and life in Northern Idaho

The 2012 Silver Retreat leaders met in August from all over the world to celebrate in Coeur d’Alene, St. Maries, and the St. Joe River, Idaho.

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WHAT COULD BE better than celebrating during an opening reception at the stunning Coeur d’Alene Resort, spending a day filled with fun and learning at the St. Maries farm, and river rafting down the spectacular St. Joe River? Well, doing all of those things with Gary and Mary Young, of course. In conjunction with the 20th anniversary of the St. Maries farm, 49 Silver leaders took advantage of three beautiful days in northern Idaho to build relationships and make memories during the 2012 Silver Retreat held August 2–4. In focusing on this year’s theme, transformational

“goodies” were there for the taking almost constantly. “There have been so many great moments; it’s just such a huge blessing to be here,” said Texas distributor Kendra Murrell. “Being here just gives me so much excitement to go home and tell my group that if they don’t come to St. Maries, they’re crazy! It’s valuable and awesome.” Events like the Silver Retreat give leaders the unique opportunity to learn from and interact with Gary in a dynamic, personal setting. Through sharing his stories and teaching business skills, Gary is able to

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teach at these events unlike anywhere else, including the annual conventions. At this year’s Silver Retreat, distributors were encouraged to not only aspire to become Crown Diamonds but to also begin now to act, think, and do business like Crown Diamonds. “The best thing about this year’s Silver Retreat was learning how to see ourselves in the future,” said Louisiana Silver Danielle Jackson. “Gary really stressed seeing ourselves as Crown Diamonds and doing things Crown Diamonds would do. That is really exciting!”

To learn about overcoming obstacles and aggressively pursuing goals in a classroom is one thing; to experience it on a mountain river is entirely different. The St. Joe River was the opportunity of a lifetime for many to take personal adventure to a new level and gain experiential knowledge of the lessons Gary taught the night before. Following Gary’s lead, Silver leaders made their way down the river, stopping at times to remove massive fallen trees from the riverbed—symbolic of removing obstacles and reaching our journey’s end—to reach the end reward: a cliff-diving rendezvous into a cool, exhilarating river pool. “Being with everyone here on the river, we have learned about leadership and teamwork,” said Malaysian distributor Fee Boey. “To get down the river, we really needed to have teamwork and to collaborate and cheer each other on. This experience alone was absolutely worth it for me to come from Malaysia—an honour and a privilege.” Throughout the event there was a feeling of camaraderie, that at Young Living we are all in it together. “I have loved it here; it’s great,” said Jarrett D’Arco, a young Silver from New Jersey. “Gary wishes the best for us, he is on our side, and he wants us to succeed. It is really important to me to know that Young Living is here for us.”

Young Living around the world JAPAN

Young Living Japan is transforming and growing! During this summer, Japan has had many new rank advancements. Congratulations to the newest Golds: Yoko Suzuki, Yukiko Yoshida, and Yuka Uyama; and to the newest Silvers: Toshiko Ohmoto, Emi Kojima, Bunkichi Kimura, Yuko Kashiwagi, Masako Minami, and Yoko Amemiya! As further proof of the tremendous growth, Japan also has 23 new Executive distributors.


September will be a very busy month for Young Living Europe! In addition to the many webinars on a variety of topics, some super events are planned throughout the month. On

September 15, the Austrian Regional Meeting will be held in Vienna, Austria; and one week later on September 22, the long-awaited German Founders Meeting will take place in Nurnberg, Germany. Finally, on September 29, the Swedish Regional Meeting is scheduled in Helsingborg, Sweden.


Young Living Singapore recently joined the Health & You Trade Show at the Suntec International Convention Center in an effort to reach out to more people and create Young Living brand awareness. The leaders who managed the booth did a great job of sharing our products, which was evident by the number of new members who signed up at the event.

Meetings were also held in Malaysia and Hong Kong in August and were very well attended. Speakers Frances Fuller, YL Diamond; Fee Boey, YL Silver; Joanne Kan, YL Silver; and Cierra Yet, Training Supervisor, taught classes such as Essential Oils 101 and First Aid Oils. Additionally, following the launch of the Training & Development Program for members, Singapore has increased its training offerings to an average of 10 per month by holding morning meetings in addition to the regular evening meetings.


Young Living Australia is pleased to announce the arrival of two new products, Slique™ Tea and Progessence Phyto Plus,

which were launched at the transformational International Grand Convention in June 2012.


Along with Young Living Mexico’s steady growth, we have seen an increase in product launches in the region. The latest product release, Progessence Phyto Plus™, is already becoming one of the top sellers among our distributors, and we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback on this life-changing product. We cannot wait to see how the next wave of product launches will inject an increase in activity in Mexico!

Bob Proctor and Gary Young team up for powerpacked webinars EVER SINCE HIS electrifying presentation on self-belief during Young Living’s 2012 International Grand Convention, world-class speaker and businessman Bob Proctor hasn’t been able to get Young Living out of his mind. He has become intrigued by our essential oils, has lauded our leadership team, and marveled at our worldwide distributorship. In short, he is a big fan of Young Living. Wanting to be more involved, Mr. Proctor called Gary Young in July and asked if they could team up for a conference call that would inspire Young Living distributors who are focused on achieving wellness, purpose, and abundance. Without hesitation Gary set up two webinars and invited all to participate. “The best way to make the world aware

of Young Living essential oils is to expand your business,” opened Mr. Proctor. “Look at what Gary has done—it’s a great model. He has expanded his own reach through you, just like you can expand your reach through others.” By reaching out to others and building your business through them, you can realise success in any economy, no matter the barriers. “We create our own economy; we are independent from anybody else,” said Mr. Proctor. Continuing on his theme from the convention presentation in Salt Lake City, Mr. Proctor taught that a change in results must start from a change in your paradigm. “If you don’t like what you’re getting, you have to change your paradigm,” he said. “You have to be willing and able to change. Changing your paradigm will

“The best way to make the world aware of Young Living essential oils is to expand your business.” –Bob Proctor

give you hope; when you have hope, you have options.” Hope, passion, and self-belief are absolutely necessary to building your Young Living business. You have to be the leader that your goals and vision need you to be. “Leaders control their thinking,” Mr. Proctor explained. “Think about what you want and find a way to get it. Get emotionally involved with what you want, because your heart tells you to go

and get something.” After more than an hour of exceptional and intense training, Gary stated that Young Living is currently the best it has ever been. “Our growth this year has been unprecedented. The excitement is higher and greater than I have ever seen it.” You can access the webinar through the Distributor Resources “Conference Calls” tab in Virtual Office.

Josiah Meador: the pre-teen who can’t stop sharing Young Living

IN A LOT of ways, Josiah Meador is like most 12-year-old boys. He craves sciencefiction TV shows, has fun writing and singing parodies, recklessly rides his kick scooter, and battles for world takeover in his favourite video game. If by chance Josiah were approaching you on the sidewalk one day, you would see a big-grinning, happy-go-lucky, brownhaired adolescent. Then, he would do

asking me what oils to use for various things. Then he always calls me later just thanking me for telling him which oils to use.” Most recently Josiah called to inquire about the best five oils to take with him to church camp. Within days he had several friends hooked on Young Living essential oils. Don’t let his young age fool you—Josiah is serious about learning about the oils and products until he can begin to build his own Young Living business in four years. Of his most favourite oils, Josiah lists PanAway®, wintergreen, lavender, spearmint, and ginger. When asked if he likes KidScents® toothpaste, he deadpans, “I don’t use any of the kids’ stuff because I’m 12, so I just don’t really want to get into the kids’ stuff.” He means it, too, becoming excited when he described receiving the Essential 7™ kit for his birthday and a bottle of wintergreen for Christmas.


Mary, Gary, Josiah Meador, and Cindy Meador at the 2012 International Grand Convention.

something so uncharacteristic that you would immediately realise Josiah is unlike any kid you have ever met: he would say, “Hi, I’m Josiah; can I put this oil on you?” No joke; just ask the two ladies he talked with at the coffee shop in Salt Lake City during the 2012 International Grand Convention. “I have no problem walking up to people and asking if I can put an oil on them,” says Josiah. “I’m just an enthusiastic person, especially when I like something a lot. This just comes naturally.” The soon-to-be seventh grader from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, was introduced to Young Living five years ago by his grandma, Silver distributor Cindy Meador, who, along with her husband, owns Christian Health Care. From day one it has been all oils all the time with Josiah. “I’m a proud grandma,” confesses Cindy. “Josiah calls me two or three times a week

“I’m so excited that in four years I get to be a distributor,” proclaims Josiah. “What’s really cool is my grandma and grandpa are doing it, and I know they wouldn’t swindle me! Even though I can’t officially start a business until I’m 16, I’m going to start building now. I could literally become the youngest Star in history.” If the convention was any indication of future success, Josiah is well on his way to Crown Diamond. He certainly made an impression on Mary Young, who said, “Josiah was so cute running around offering to do Vita Flex to earn a little money so he could buy product. Now that is dedication.” “I look at these people who are Crown Diamonds, and I’m like, ‘Why did it take them so long?’ and then I realise they didn’t start until they were older,” explained Josiah. “I’ll be Crown Diamond by the time I’m 30.”

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More from Convention Young Living researchers leading the way in frankincense research

Dr. Mahmoud Suhail plays a key role in frankincense research.

THE FOCUS YOUNG Living is devoting to frankincense research is astounding, and one of the leaders of this research is Mahmoud Suhail, MD, a pediatrician and research scientist from Oman. Working closely with Gary Young, HK Lin, and other researchers, Dr. Suhail is discovering valuable component traits of

Boswellia sacra, Boswellia frereana, and Boswellia carterii. Much to the delight of the thrilled crowd, Dr. Suhail presented his recent findings during the 2012 International Grand Convention. Stating that Boswellia sacra, or sacred frankincense, has been ingested by the Arabian peoples for centuries and is now considered safe by the Food and Drug Administration, Dr. Suhail said that components of boswellia work synergistically in a unique system. He explained that trying to isolate a single component in boswellia or trying to synthesise it leads to effective failure. “Why go only through the door with synthetic medicines when our natural medicines like frankincense go through walls?” he asked. According to Dr. Suhail, of the more than 250,000 known plant species, less than 1 percent has been tested for medical applications; yet out of this 1 percent comes 25 percent of

prescription medications. However, all phytochemicals—naturally occurring plant chemicals—subject to synthetic mutation lost most if not all of their potency. Part of Dr. Suhail’s studies includes examining the diverse grades and forms of many different boswellia species, as well as how seasonal, geographical, and harvest methods affect boswellia properties. Such an intense determination to provide each distributor and essential oil user with the most effective, results-based products is what separates Young Living from the competition. “Our plan, mine and Young Living’s plan, is to optimise extraction methods of Boswellia sacra using physical—not chemical—methods. The extracts will then be tested in vitro (lab testing) and in vivo (human testing), with the overarching goal of moving toward a registered, multicentral clinic in the U.S. and throughout the world.”

What’s new Farms St. Maries, Idaho

An enormous planting effort was recently completed at the St. Maries farm. Gary Young, along with farm employees and distributors from around the world, worked together during the last six weeks to plant nearly half a million new melissa and lavender starts. Gary and the other workers replanted a total of 312,000 melissa plants covering 31 acres and 108,000 lavender plants covering 10 acres. This planting was a significant event for many distributors as they worked side by side with Gary and learned about Young Living’s history; its industry-leading planting, harvesting, and distilling techniques; and the importance of being environmentally responsible.

Experts: prepare for pandemics by building with Young Living

“After 60 years of people using antibiotics, they are just not working anymore.”– Dr. Peter Minke PANDEMIC. WE HAVE all thought about it. With every “breaking news” alert of a swine flu outbreak, the horrifying speculation creeps straight from our dark subconscious and turns into a real terror of what might happen if we were to be so unfortunate to contract an infectious disease. That is the reality— at least if you are living without Young Living essential oils. “Don’t freak out about exposure; just make sure you’re healthy when the exposure happens,” explained Dr. Peter Minke during a panel discussion on pandemics at the 2012 International Grand Convention. The panel is the Integrated Health Professionals Council (IHPC), which consists of PhDs, MDs, and others

with extensive medical backgrounds. It includes Peter Minke, PhD; Carolyn DeMarco, MD; Dan Purser, MD; Edward Close, PhD; and aromatherapy instructor Tracy Griffiths, RPP, PWE, CMT. “Another pandemic will happen—it is just a matter of when,” said Dr. Ed Close. “Surround yourself with positivity and optimism and use Thieves® any way you can; it kills all bad bacteria.” Noting that with Young Living essential oils, we have a great defense against illness, Tracy Griffiths said that a daily focus on building your immune system is critical. “The best defense is your offense. If you feel run down, watch your diet and take Inner Defense™ and Life 5™.” Life 5, according to Dr. Dan Purser, is especially important to healthy living and

pandemic preparation as a high-potency probiotic. “Many times infections start in your gut, so your gut needs to be healthy.” Life 5 contains 8 billion active cultures for that specific purpose. Pointing to our overdependence on antibiotics, Dr. Minke said, “After 60 years of people using antibiotics, they are just not working anymore. The question is, ‘Do we have an alternative?’ Yes! The answer is Young Living essential oils. Be sure you always have them with you.” In addition to Thieves, the panel listed lavender, lemon, Peace & Calming®, Stress Away™, Trauma Life™, Citrus Fresh™, and Purification® essential oils and blends as must-haves for a healthy immune system and for pandemic preparation.

YL Kitchen Corner Young Living Lavender Lemonade 7 lemons, peeled and juiced 2 limes, peeled and juiced 14 cups water 1 1/2 cups Young Living blue agave Young Living lavender essential oil, add to taste

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Directions Mix ingredients well in a pitcher and serve chilled. Essential Edge News

Upcoming global events Mark your calendar for upcoming Young Living events!

Introduction to Raindrop September 8 Denver, Colorado

Introduction to Raindrop September 29 Mexico City, Mexico

School of Nature’s Remedies October 13 Teaneck, New Jersey

School of Nature’s Remedies November 10 Denver, Colorado

School of Nature’s Remedies December 1 Houston, Texas

School of Nature’s Remedies January 19 Mexico City, Mexico

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The Essential Edge News, Volume 2 Issue 9-AU  
The Essential Edge News, Volume 2 Issue 9-AU  

The Essential Edge News, Volume 2 Issue 9-AU