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NOVEM BE R 20 1 8

NEW S OF T H E WORL D L EA DER IN ESS ENTIAL OI L S Africa and the Gihndagun partner farm in Australia, and we are opening two new Experience Centres in Hong Kong and Australia!

2. New Australian Kuranya™ blend

Kuranya means “rainbow” in an Aboriginal language, and that’s exactly what the blend is: a rainbow of several parts coming together to make a beautiful new and exotic blend. Australian Kuranya contains oils all found in Australia: Lemon Myrtle, Kunzea, Blue Cypress, Sacred Sandalwood, Fennel, Australian Ericifolia, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Tea Tree. A few drops give skin a healthy, radiant look, just in time for you to make a glowing impression at holiday gatherings!

3. Holiday Gift Guide is here

A MESSAGE FROM MARY Hello, My Friends, The last weekend of September was our Fall Festival and third annual Draft Horse Show and Rodeo held at our farm in Mona, Utah. Our festival makes for an exciting family adventure, with something for all ages, including the paddle boats, the rock-climbing wall, pony rides, the western town shoot-out, the medieval joust, lots of food, and more. Gary and I attended many draft horse shows around the country during the past few years. He became very animated as he watched the horses come into the arena. When Young Living began entering the competitions, it was as though his shirt buttons would pop off. He would often say, “Mary, one day we are going to have our own draft horse show at the farm.” As I wondered how he would do that, he had it all visualized in his mind. Our Percheron show barn was built, and then the Friesian barn came next. We had so many horses, and Gary became more driven. The next thing I knew, he was drafting plans for the bleachers and marking the size of the arena. He was making it bigger, so the horses and wagons had more room for showing. He knew what those participating needed and what would make them happy, so he began drawing the plans for the third barn, where the horses would be hitched and all preparation would take place. RV hookups, beautiful, clean bath and shower facilities, washers and dryers, and wonderful hot water. The first show contestants were amazed at what we offered. The word spread and the number of entries grew. This year, we were at capacity and the bleachers were filled with 8,000 spectators, and, as Gary predicted, we will have to add another section of bleachers to keep up with the growing numbers who want to attend. This year, for the first time, Young Living took first place in the 6-up and 8-up hitches. The magnificence of their beauty could only be experienced by those who were there. Be sure to attend this event next year. It’s a new way to experience Young Living, with so many people asking about our oils, asking what we are all about, and wanting to know more. With much gratitude,

5 HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE LIVE YOUR PASSION RALLY Chief Supply Officer Lauren Walker shares a laugh with Live Your Passion Rally attendees. October’s Live Your Passion Rally (LYPR) was one of Young Living’s most exciting and meaningful rallies yet! Members who attended the LYPR had the opportunity to remember the legacy of our founder, D. Gary Young; learn important business-building skills; and share in the excitement of new product launches. In case you missed it or want to relive the fun, here are five key takeaways from October’s LYPR:

1. Young Living continues to grow

Although it’s no surprise since our members work so hard, Young Living is rapidly expanding around the globe! We were excited to announce that we will be opening markets in the Philippines and China, we have welcomed the new Amanzi Amahle partner farm in South

The holidays are just around the corner, and now you can enjoy some of the seasonal products that Young Living offers only in the Holiday Gift Guide! See exciting new Savvy Minerals® by Young Living must-haves, gift ideas for your family and friends, and so much more. For the online version of the holiday catalog, head over to bit.ly/YLHolidayCatalog2018.

4. YL Share app

Want to be connected to YL wherever you go? Download the YL Share app; it’s free and available for both Android and Apple users in the Apple App Store and Google Play. You’ll have tons of YL-approved shareable content and instant, no-fuss product sample sharing in the palm of your hand.

5. Help 5 incentive The Help 5 incentive program has been going strong since February! This U.S. incentive provides members with an opportunity to do what the top 10 percent of YL performers are doing: helping five new or reactivated members join Young Living each month! Members who earn 5 points each month will not only see their business grow but will also get rewarded! For more information, check out YoungLiving.com/Help5. We look forward to seeing you at the next LYPR in January!

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE IS COMING TO TOWN The best gifts of the season to put on your own Christmas list of Peppermint waft through your car. With sweet scents and holiday carols, present shopping will turn from an errand into an extravaganza! You can also make a special memory by sipping hot chocolate, diffusing your favorite festive scents right in your car, and enjoying the holiday lights with your family.

Savvy Minerals® by Young Living Lip Gloss Sets

Treat yourself with our Holiday Catalog’s unique gift ideas. The holidays are just around the corner, and Young Living’s holiday catalog is the easiest one-stop solution for all of your gift-giving needs. This isn’t your usual catalog—Young Living has created a guide to help you pick out the perfect gift for everyone from your spouse to your four-legged friends. However, we sometimes forget about ourselves along the way! So make a wish list and check it twice, because these are some of the best gifts to give to yourself.

Dash Away Car Diffuser Set

Turn the family car into a holiday sleigh! Clip on your essential oil car diffuser and let the candycane aroma PAG E 1

Whatever your holiday plans are, you’ll want to look your best. Savvy Minerals by Young Living makeup is an essential part of your makeup bag—especially these lip gloss sets that come with an exclusive makeup bag! Do you have a romantic date planned in a horse-drawn sleigh through a snowy lane? Make sure to grab a lip gloss from the Sleigh Ride set, which includes Headliner, Maven, and Abundant. Are you planning a holiday party with your family and friends? You’ll want to grab the Let It Snow set, which includes Anchors Aweigh, Journey, and Embrace.

Citrus Fresh™ Energizing Shower Steamers

We love to spend time with our loved ones during the holiday season, but sometimes the most wonderful time of the year is also the busiest! Be prepared for even the most task-packed days by starting them with Citrus Fresh Energizing Shower Steamers.

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Continued from page 1 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE

Relax and Unwind Set

The Foundation has returned to Nepal to restore 16 schools and two women's centers

After decking the halls all day, we know you’re exhausted. Try taking a break and enjoying some needed self-care. The Relax and Unwind Set includes the ART® Beauty Masque and Lavender Calming Bath Bombs. Just make sure to lock the bathroom door and turn up your Christmas music so you can get some elf-free relaxation time! For more holiday inspiration, make sure to check out Young Living’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guide, arriving in your orders! You can also go online to bit.ly/YLHolidayCatalog2018.

The Foundation is committed to empowering individuals to achieve their full potential. Two students with a talent and passion for engineering prepped to launch a drone made of four school pencils, wires, propellers, and a motor they found. Off in the distance, students played soccer and volleyball with pretend nets. In that same field at Nepal’s Shree Panchamunidev Higher Secondary School, a school building, deemed unsafe after the 2015 earthquakes, was empty. A tree had pushed its way through a portion of the roof to reach the sunlight. With no additional room to place students, the school had to turn away 1,000 students this year, creating a cycle of illiteracy and low expectations among disadvantaged local children. With your needed support, we’re looking to change that. The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation is once again at work in Nepal. This time, we’re focused on restoring or building classrooms at schools that lack adequate space and are forced to turn children away each year. We’re restoring 16 neglected schools and building two women’s centers in Nepal. The majority of the students at each of the 16 schools come from low-income homes—homes that are broken or where their parents hustle to sell fruit, make bricks, or mine to make a scant living each day. Yet those who need education the most—children living in poverty—are the least likely to attend and complete school because of lack of classroom access.

At the Shree Panchamunidev School, we have already torn down the condemned building and have laid a new foundation for a beautiful, new, earthquake-resistant school building. At the nearby Shree Janakalyan Secondary School, parents and staff had already started rebuilding four classrooms on their own by buying the materials with whatever additional money they earned and donating their time to construction. It’s something they’ve been working on for the last three years, but a lack of funds brought construction to a standstill. We’re now working to finish those classrooms and repair others, so this school can educate an additional 200 students per year. Other than the school projects, we are excited to build two women’s centers. One is a women’s co-operative that helps povertystricken women to start and succeed with their own business. A majority of the women are working with the center to help support their children through school. By creating their own business, these women are able to provide their children better books, materials, and uniforms or to pay to send them to a private school. Some of the women have been so successful, they’ve been able to send their children on to universities in Nepal and elsewhere. To stay updated on how the Young Living Foundation is serving individuals in Nepal and throughout the world, be sure to follow its new blog at YoungLivingFoundation.org/blog.

GET YOUR DROP OF INSPIRATION Meet the new storyteller behind our revamped podcast

Our podcast is back with a new lineup of inspiring stories, tips, and locales. Have you been missing your regular Drop of Inspiration? We have great news! The Young Living podcast is back with some exciting updates and an even more in-depth look at all things YL. With storyteller Deidrene Joyce at the helm, we’re ready to take you behind the scenes to get a closer look at our members, a bevy of special guests, and all the people who help make up the Young Living family. Deidrene’s focus is on authentically sharing people’s stories. “The best storytellers are the best listeners; the best writers are the best readers,” she says. “In order to be really good

ESSENTIALLY YOURS We asked; you delivered!

Here are some of your responses from last month's question: "What are your favorite Vitality™ dietary essential oils to use for your holiday dinners?" "I love to make apple cider using Thieves® Vitality™! It’s

at your craft, you have to get to know what conversations you’re going to be a part of. That’s why I like audio storytelling—I can put my headphones on, stick out my mic, and be transported to a totally different world. And, if I’m listening closely enough, I can take other people there with me.” Deidrene has been busy the last few months collecting stories and interviews that we know you’re going to love. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s to come: Get ready to travel to the Philippines to hear exciting farm updates from the new Happy Pili Tree Farm! You’ll also want to grab a pen and take notes as Royal Crown Diamonds share helpful business-building tips. And you’ll soon have an insider’s look at how your efforts are making a difference with The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation’s partner Hope for Justice. Come along with us as Drop of Inspiration starts its new journey. Subscribe today so you don’t miss a drop! You can check out the Drop of Inspiration podcast exclusively at YoungLiving.com/podcast! PAG E 2

a delicious drink to serve to my guests, so they can warm up before I serve dinner." —Ashley F. "I use Cinnamon Bark Vitality™ to make my famous cinnamon rolls. They’re so flavorful, and my family loves coming home to the smell of fresh cinnamon rolls baking in the oven. If I want to mix it up, sometimes I’ll add some Orange Vitality™." —Cynthia L. "One of my favorite things to do with my family is to make sweet treats around the holiday, especially fudge. I add Peppermint Vitality™ to the batch to make it nice and minty!" —Tausha H. "My family loves to snack before big holiday dinners. I’m always looking for new recipes to serve for hors d'oeuvres, and I love using Dill Vitality™ in my dips and spreads." —Elizabeth H. "I use Nutmeg Vitality™ in my sweet potato casserole that I make on Thanksgiving. It’s a big hit with everyone, and no one would guess that I made it with essential oils!" —Kathy P.



ROYAL CROWN DIAMONDS Alyssa & Troy Francis (USA) Annie & Chris Hauser (USA) April & Jay Pointer (USA) Brenda & Scott Schuler (USA) Carol & Ben Howden (CAN) Carol Yeh-Garner & Scott Garner (USA) Casey Wiegand (USA) Chérie Ross (USA) Christa & Jason Smith (USA) Connie Marie McDanel (USA) Courtney & John Critz (USA) Debra Raybern (USA) Dr. Marcella Vonn Harting & Jim Harting (USA) Frances Fuller (SGP) Franciela Madrid & Juan Álberto Arevalo (MEX) Gregg & Carol Johnson (USA) Heather & John Brock (USA)



Jeanmarie Hepworth (USA) Jeremiah & Monique McLean (USA) Joanna Malone (USA) Joanne Kan and Eric Yang (HKG) Jodie Meschuk (USA) Jordan & Doug Schrandt (USA) Kathy Farmer & Mark McCaskill (USA) Lindsay Teague Moreno & Michael Moreno (USA) Lindsey & Evan Gremont (USA) Madison & Tyler Vining (USA) Mark & Melissa Koehler (USA) Max & Karen Hopkins (USA) Myra & Ernie Yarbrough (USA) Sera & Darren Johnson (USA) Vicki Opfer & Chris Opfer (USA) Vivian Wan & Alan Chik (HKG) Wendy Renee Mercure (USA) Zach & Kari Lewis (USA)

Adam & Vanessa Green (CAN) Aditya Nowotny (DEU) Anita U. Barbara Ochsenhofer (AUT) Artemis (AUS) Carla & Bill Green (CAN) Danielle Burkleo (USA) Darlene & Matt Weir (USA) Diane Mora (USA) Echo & Danny Hill (USA) Erin & Bronce Rodgers (USA) Fiona Lui (HKG) Gordon & Corie DeVries (USA) Hailey & Jeremy Aliff (USA) James & Stacy McDonald (USA) Jen & Adaryll Jordan (USA)

Jessica & Nathan Petty (USA) Jessica Gianelloni (USA) Jilene & Duane Hay (CAN) Jill & James Young (USA) Kathy & Chip Kouwe (USA) Korbut Wong (HKG) Melissa & Wayne Poepping (USA) Sabina Mary Devita, Edd (CAN) Sandi & Kyler Boudreau (USA) Stacie & Todd Malkus (USA) Teresa Valmonte (USA) Teri Secrest (USA) Ulrike & Vijay Churfuerst Hanzal (AUT) Yonie Bonawi (SGP)

DIAMONDS Alan & Linda Simpson (AUS) Allissa Davis (USA) Amanda Gregory (USA) Amanda & Gabe Uribe (USA) Amber Hauser (USA) Ana Karina Cardenas (USA) Andrea Lahman (USA) Anita Hartono & Johannes Rusli (IDN) Anni & Dave Dayan (USA) Annie Chan (MYS) Antje Lüdemann (DEU) Ashley & Tyler Compton (USA) Becky & Jonathan Webb (USA) Bethany Shipley (USA) Betty Chu (HKG) Brittany Bollard (USA) Callie & Jeremy Shepherd (USA) Candace & Jimmie Hoke (USA) Carrie & Michael McVige (USA) Catherine Rott (USA) Chelle Carter (USA) Chelsea & Jamie Flaman (CAN) Chelsea M. Humphreys (USA) Chelsea Young (USA) Christi Collins (USA) Christie Mohamed (USA) Christina & Tim Adam (USA) Claudia Dosamantes (USA) Colin & Taylor Quigg (USA) Corinne Delis (NLD) Crystal & Larry Hoskins (USA) Crystal & Verick Burchfield (USA) Cynthia Haggerton (USA) Dallas Harting (USA) Dan Keskey (USA) Danette & Jim Goodyear (USA) Danielle & Michael Keen (USA) David & Lee Stewart (USA)

David & Star Moree (USA) Debbie & Daniel Erickson (USA) Denise Easthon (USA) Deny Sentosa (SGP) Donna Grace (USA) Dr. Olivier Wenker & Ellen Wenker (USA) Dr. Pat McLean (USA) Dr. Sharnael Wolverton (USA) Dr. Thomas & Evangeline Reed (USA) Edie Wadsworth (USA) Evariny Andriana (IDN) Evon & David McDonald (USA) Frankie Ellis (USA) Gabriele Hauser & Markus Idl (AUT) Gailann Greene (USA) Gretchen King-Ann (HKG) Harada, Hitomi (JPN) Heidi & Kevin Hovan (USA) Heiko & Bronwyn Deiter (USA) Irela Balderrama Hernandez (MEX) James Niederland (USA) Jami Nato (USA) Janie Leek (USA) Jeanna Lichtenberger (USA) Jeffrey Lewis (USA) Jennie & Mohan Radhakrishnan (USA) Jennifer & Ryan McManus (USA) Jeremy & Hannah (USA) Jessica Garvin (USA) Jihan Thomas (USA) Jill Sager (USA) Jodi & Brian McKenna (USA) John Wong (SGP) Jonathan & Laura Hopkins (USA) Joshua & Paige Williams (USA) Judy De La Rosa (USA) Kai Tan (SGP)

Kami & Kevin Bear (USA) Kara & Andrew Cozier (USA) Karen Douglas (USA) Karen Vavrick (USA) Kari Friedman (USA) Kate Kowalczyk (USA) Kathleen & Matthew Harvey (USA) Katie & Zach Harris (USA) Keith & Emily Anderson (USA) Kelli & Les Wright (USA) Kelli Fras (USA) Kelowna & Paul Giuliano (USA) Kim Rinaldi-Robey (USA) Kimberly & Ryan Prather (USA) Kirk & Britta Dimler (USA) Kristen Critz (USA) Kristy & Jake Dempsey (USA) Kylie & Glenn Bryant (AUS) Lauren & Nat Bretz (USA) Lauren Crews Dow (USA) Lindsey & Casey Leif (USA) Logan Randazzo (USA) Maggie Tong & Hill Ngan (HKG) Marinee Yuprapan (IDN) Mark & Angela Meredith (USA) Marlo Bontempo (USA) Mary & Matthew Salentine (USA) Mary Buck (USA) Mary Hardy (USA) Marystarr & Jay Carter (USA) Megan & Thomas Burns (USA) Melissa & Clayton Sanches (USA) Melissa & Ryan Renno (USA) Nancy Sanderson (USA) Nanette & Ward Symes (USA) Nicole & Kade Martin (USA) Nicole Barczak (USA) Nicole Neesby (USA)

RECOGNITION RETREAT QUALIFIERS DI A M O N D R E T R E AT Please visit bit.ly/YLDiamonds for Diamond Retreat qualifiers.

P L AT I NU M R E T R E AT Brianne Van Sande (USA) Cecilia Ruiz (MEX) Mandilyn Canistelle (USA) Maria Marin (ESP) Puay Hoon Chua (SGP)

G OL D R E T R E AT Ada Ying (HKG) Alejandra Gil Ortega (MEX) Ana Balderrama (MEX) Angela Yaskiw (CAN) Danielle Murray (USA) Kelsey Koslowski (USA) Mikami, Mari (JPN) Paul & Amy Amendola (USA) Sherry Hurst Pigott (USA) Sulistiowati Clara (IDN) Susanne Beck (DEU) Vivi Rusman (IDN) Wan Chi Yan (HKG) 采妘工作坊-高盈楹 (TWN)

Patricia Gwee (SGP) Rachel & Ryan Holland (USA) Rainbow Forever Trust (USA) Rhonda & Frank Favano (USA) Robert & Alina Rinato (USA) Ryan & Ashley Mckenney (USA) Sam & Lesley Graham (USA) Sara & Justin Wallace (USA) Sarah & John Harnisch (USA) Sarah Lee (USA) Sha-Faun Enterprises, Shauna Dastrup (USA) Shannon Garay (USA) Shannon Hudgens (USA) Shelby & Steven Nowak (USA) Shelby & Tyler Paulk (USA) Shellie & Brian Garrett (USA) Sherry LaMarche (USA) Stacie Hartzler (USA) Stacy McQuade (USA) Sum Sum Yip & Samson Cheung (HKG) Summer Davis (USA) Susan Heid (USA) Susana Armstrong (USA) Tara Ludwig & Philip Ludwig (CAN) Teresa & David Gingles (USA) Terry & Ladonna Beals (USA) Teryn Robinson (USA) Tracey Black Nielson & Trevor Nielson (USA) Tricia Gilchrist (USA) Vanessa Romero & Tom Nikkola (USA) Wynne & Stephen Elder (USA) Yvonne Litza (USA)


Please visit bit.ly/YLRankAdv for a complete list of all rank advancements.

Our recognition retreats immerse our members in an unforgettable Young Living adventure. Members who consistently strive and achieve Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond—for at least three consecutive months—are rewarded with a trip to one of our flagship farms, where they experience portions of the Seed to Seal process firsthand in addition to dynamic leadership development.


Please visit bit.ly/YLRetreats for a complete list of retreat qualifiers and to get full details and information about each retreat.

S I LV E R R E T R E A T Aileen Tan Sze Ying (MYS) Aislyn Mcclenahan (USA) Amanda Watters (USA) Angela Backus (CAN) Angels Campa Guillem (ESP) Ayudya Ghita Pratiwi (IDN) Azlina Azizul (MYS) Becca Wessley (USA) Bethany Burkholder (USA) Brittany Nicole Bryan (USA) Caprice Powell (USA) Caroline Chua (SGP) Catherine Libowitz (USA) Chor Hing Wong (HKG) Citra Lidya Furi (IDN) Consuelo Vejas Orozco (MEX) Courtney Reitzel (USA) David Adeva Cano (ESP) De Lara Mijares, Ana (MEX) Deanna Dellinger (USA) Debbie Burns (USA)

Elsa Guadalupe Ortiz Vergara (MEX) Emily Elizabeth Kelly (USA) Fenita Jayanti (IDN) Franz Nicole (USA) Gretchen Sexton (USA) Indri Paskaria (IDN) Intan Rahayu Md Radzi (MYS) Ivana Bekesova (CAN) Jared Kyle Lamb (USA) Jenna Walsh (USA) Jennifer Fagan (USA) Jennifer L Crain (USA) Julianna M Porcheddu (USA) Kathy Ray (USA) Kira Knutson (CAN) Lacey Venanzi (USA) Lai Ha Low (MYS) Larissa Wright (AUS) Lim Yan Chung (HKG) Lisa Agustina (IDN) Lyn May Van Der Giezen (AUS)

Maria Carmen Requejo (ESP) Maria Odette Lopez Orozco (MEX) Martha Stowe (USA) Melissa Marie Goodall (USA) Michelle Doyle (USA) Mindy Victory (USA) Nikki Finner (USA) Nurul Nadhira Zainal (MYS) Pang Whee Foong (Feng Huifang) (SGP) Payton Linn (USA) Pramesti Liringtias (IDN) Rachel Yuen Ki Chan (CAN) Rebecca Prause (USA) Rita Corley (USA) Rosa Lucia Torres Burgos (MEX) Sanyoto Ongko Widagdo (IDN) Saron Wilkie (HKG) Shannon Bates (USA) Sheila Nunes Costa (USA) Sherri Friedlander (USA)


Sherry Hinds (USA) Silvia Jakobic (AUT) Stephanie O’Neill (USA) Stephanie Tait (USA) Sugawara, Taeko (JPN) Surya Saputra (IDN) Tileston Devon (USA) Toni Fields (USA) Valentin-Dan Petricu-Iuja (USA) Vicki Tong (HKG) Weller, Midge (USA) Wing Man Lam (HKG) Yamile Ugues Zamora (MEX) Ying, He (HKG) Yuen Kwan Lam (HKG) Yvonne Fischer (DEU) 何梅伶 (TWN) 王薇筑 (TWN) 葉依菁 (TWN) 高毓雯 (TWN) 高逢樑 (TWN)


Get to know November's product of the month!

Region Update

The holidays are just around the corner, so we know what’s on everyone’s mind: food! There’s nothing better than a freshly baked pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving or a huge holiday spread to enjoy with loved ones. This year, we want to help spice up your favorite culinary traditions with Nutmeg Vitality™! Nutmeg’s bold and distinct taste will add a pop of warm, spicy flavor to some of your favorite wintertime recipes. Not only is it a spice cabinet necessity, but Nutmeg has many wellness benefits* to give you a boost through the holidays.

Try these creative and yummy ways to use Nutmeg Vitality™: • Enjoying the holidays with friends

and family isn’t quite so much fun if you’re not feeling well. Put 1-2 drops in a morning smoothie to help support a healthy immune system.* For smoothie recipes, check out YoungLiving.com/blog! Want to make your savory dishes for Thanksgiving pop? Try adding

Nutmeg Vitality to your favorite recipes like sweet potato casserole or acorn squash! Baking cookies is one of the most iconic holiday traditions. Add Nutmeg Vitality to your favorite baked goods and sweet treats; then gather your little ones to help you bake and decorate! Spread some holiday cheer by giving your creations away to friends, family, and neighbors! Afterward, add 1 drop of Nutmeg Vitality to a punch bowl of eggnog to share with friends by the fire. The holidays are busy, and you have a lot on your plate. Put 1 drop of Nutmeg Vitality and 1 drop of V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex into a capsule, and take it to support cognitive function.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

"Cześć!” That’s "hello” in Polish! This month in The Essential Edge, we’re celebrating Poland! This Central European country is one of the fastest-growing markets in Europe—and until now, it has not had access to in-language materials. This remarkable community is furthering D. Gary Young’s vision to take Young Living products to every home in the world. Poland announced three new Silvers last year and boasts a passionate community of members who enthusiastically share Young Living. On October 27, 2018, Poland held the “Celebrate Poland” event in Warsaw to celebrate the accomplishments of Polish leaders and members. During this event, Poland launched digital brochures in Polish such as Thieves®, Savvy Minerals® by Young Living, and Everyday Essentials. Young Living is also looking to introduce YoungLiving.com in Polish in the near future. We’re excited to see Poland continue to grow and to offer full-language support for Polish speakers across Europe, giving them the tools they need to continue to thrive in their Young Living businesses.


Sylvie Shirazi is the recipe developer, food photographer, and real food lover behind GourmandeInTheKitchen.com. There you'll find a collection of recipes that celebrate your inner gourmand with fresh, seasonal ingredients that are free from gluten, refined sugar, and processed ingredients. The recipes on Gourmande in the Kitchen are fast and fresh with a focus on quality ingredients and minimal preparation that let the natural flavors of the food shine because you don't need a lot of time or a long list of ingredients to make good-for-you, satisfying, and delicious food if you start with the best ingredients possible.

Gourm andeInT heK

Go urmande in the K i t ch e n

Gou r m a n d e I n Th e K


large acorn squash

11/2 ttablespoons extra virgin olive oil 11/2 ttablespoons maple syrup 1/2 t teaspoon fine sea salt 1/8

t teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

tablespoon fresh rosemary leaves, finely chopped


drops Rosemary Vitality™ essential oil


drops Sage Vitality™ essential oil

INSTRUCTIONS Yield: 2-4 servings • Preheat oven to 400°F. Line a sheet pan with parchment. • With a large knife, cut squash lengthwise and remove seeds. Turn halves cut side down and slice squash into 1/2" slices. • In a large bowl, whisk together the olive oil, maple syrup, salt, pepper, fresh rosemary, Rosemary Vitality, and Sage Vitality. Add sliced squash and toss to coat evenly. • Spread squash in one layer on a parchment-lined sheet pan. Roast for 20-25 minutes until tender when pierced with a fork. Remove from oven and serve warm.

Young Living is happy to announce our new partner farm: the Gihndagun (Ghin-dah-gun) Farm in Tatham, Australia! We’re thrilled to join forces with this family company, which has more than 20 years of farming experience and puts skill and thought into every step of the Tea Tree essential oil production process. As YL’s newest producer of Tea Tree essential oil, Gihndagun—which means “respect the earth”—boasts 100 acres of rich soil that is cultivated with all-natural tree biomass, wood chips, and naturally derived fertilizer. Crops are nourished with irrigation water, which is captured and reused, as well as with licensed water accessed from a natural creek and river. Young Living is excited about the Gihndagun Farm’s commitment to environmental sustainability, and we support its contribution to upholding the gold standard in non-animal-tested consumer products, participating in the Australian Tea Tree Association Code of Practice, and maintaining Halal certification. Along with regular soil testing and strict practices to ensure nonGMO standards, oils are tested at the Southern Cross University Plant Science Lab, which is globally recognized for its expertise in essential oils, before being sent to Young Living’s labs for additional testing. This is just one more way we ensure that the essential oils produced meet our strict Seed to Seal® quality commitment. We are happy to have the Gihndagun Farm join with us to deliver high-quality essential oils to families across the globe! Learn more at SeedtoSeal.com.


Profile for Young Living Essential Oils