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A MESSAGE FROM MARY Hello, My Friends, Adjusting to Gary’s passing has been very challenging, but life at Young Living just keeps getting busier. I have received many wonderful letters and emails from so many who were deeply touched by Gary’s life, expressing great love and renewed dedication. I am hearing from members everywhere how committed they are to our mission, to keep the torch burning with that life-giving light that we take to the world. Our Foundation is continually growing as donations keep coming in, and plans are being made to expand our activities. Presently, we have a service team in Uganda at Sole Hope to help the needy children there and to help those who have been rescued from their life of slavery. Lavender Day in July at the farm in Mona was fabulous. Many visitors came from all over the U.S. and Canada, along with a few international members. Our attendance was up 40 percent, starting with the 5K run, to the jousting tournament, the Western town, and ending with the Lane Frost Rodeo that filled the bleachers with spectators. Everyone had a funfilled day with activities and demonstrations by the blacksmith, entertaining by American Indian dancers, paddling in the boats around the lake, riding in the wagons pulled by our show horses, and the magnificent show horse demonstrations. Moving into August comes the excitement of expansion, which reaches out to new country openings as well as in-house growth with Young Living; and, of course, we are all getting excited as we move closer to the ribbon cutting of our new building. Our most exciting moment was the initiation of the official International Essential Oils Day to be celebrated every year on July 11, Gary’s birthday. It warms my heart to feel that collective, powerful energy from all over the world focused on the commemoration of what Gary has given to the world. He was truly the world leader in essential oils, and now we are his world leaders who carry his mission—our mission—to the world. With love and gratitude,

FIRST ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL ESSENTIAL OILS DAY Thank you to everyone who made the first annual International Essential Oils Day special! We received overwhelming support in honoring Young Living Founder D. Gary Young and his vision. We hope you enjoyed celebrating your passion for our amazing products as much as we did.

What is International Essential Oils Day? In honor of Gary Young, we dedicated July 11—his birthday—to pay tribute to his efforts in pioneering the modern-day essential oils movement. Gary discovered many benefits of essential oils on his road to recovery from a devastating accident. Along his relentless and unwavering journey to live a healthy life, he developed a passion for essential oils and wanted to share their wonderful properties with the world. On International Essential Oils Day, participants shared their favorite oil, planted a botanical, or tried a new oil, adding their passion and voices to our movement. Gary believed in serving others and spreading the gift of essential oils to every home; and with everyone who participated, we came one step closer to achieving his vision. In commemoration of Gary’s philanthropic and purpose-driven character, Young Living donated 5 percent of the day’s global sales to the Young Living Academy.

What is the Young Living Academy? Gary started his Foundation—the D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation—when he created the Young Living Academy. It began in 2006 when he started building a farm for the production of essential oils in Chongon, Ecuador, and noticed local children crammed into a small, sparse, dusty building with minimal supplies and facilities. Gary knew that these conditions

were not an adequate learning environment and felt inspired to help. His passion for serving others inspired him to offer the best schooling possible for the children living in Chongon. He built the Young Living Academy, and it officially opened in 2009. It now educates 340 children and has had a 100 percent graduation rate since the first commencement in 2016. Since establishing the Young Living Academy, the D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation has led many other diverse philanthropy projects designed to empower the underserved.

What will we do with the funds raised from International Essential Oils Day? To honor Gary’s legacy, 5 percent of total sales on International Essential Oils Day—$238,407.38 USD—is being used to kick off the new University Sponsorship Program. With this program, the Foundation can provide further assistance to Young Living Academy high school graduates seeking higher education. Specifically, these funds will go toward their university tuition, fees, transportation, and other expenses. What better way to honor Gary and his vision than by giving back to the project closest to his heart? Members of the Young Living family who celebrated Gary and International Essential Oils Day by ordering and sharing their favorite essential oils with others also helped underserved young adults reach their potential and provide a better life for their current and future families. We appreciate members’ participation in International Essential Oils Day and the way they shared their love of essential oils. We look forward to celebrating International Essential Oils Day with you next year!

100 HOMES REBUILT IN YARSA, NEPAL Together, we’ve given hope to a community destroyed by the 2015 earthquakes

The citizens of Yarsa can rest easier with earthquake-proof housing and a newly rebuilt school. We’re thrilled to announce that, with your help, the citizens of Yarsa, Nepal, have rebuilt all 100 of their community’s homes! Together, we’ve also rebuilt the Yarsa primary school, which has been renamed the Young Living Academy, Yarsa Primary School. PAG E 1

The 2015 earthquakes in Nepal measured over 7.0 in magnitude and claimed nearly 9,000 lives. Millions were left without homes. Young Living Founder D. Gary Young discovered the severity of the situation when he traveled to Nepal in January of 2016. Immediately after his visit, Gary was resolute in his decision to rebuild every home in the village and to rebuild the primary school. The Foundation employed Hydraform technology to make earthquake-resistant homes out of bricks using local soil, cement, and water. In addition to an outpouring of donations from around the globe, nearly 50 Young Living members from eight countries went to Yarsa to lend a hand and help accelerate the building projects. This experience has deeply strengthened the community of Yarsa. Although some of the homes have been completed for nearly two years already, everyone opted to wait to move in until all the homes were complete. Ramji Dahal, who lives in the village with his wife and two children, explained, “Everyone lost their homes at the same time, so we felt it was only appropriate to have all the houses built and move

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DIY Bath Crayons: get your kids sparkling and scrubbed for the first day of school!

Continued from page 1 100 HOMES REBUILT IN YARSA, NEPAL in at the same time. That way we all feel a sense of equality.” Hector Nevarez, the Foundation’s head contractor in Nepal, noted, “Providing the houses for these people has given them the opportunity to move forward. It gives them confidence in their future, especially for their children.” Thank you so much for all the generous donations that made this effort possible. Check out what the Foundation is doing next at YoungLivingFoundation.org.

Tiny tykes and school-aged kids will jump at the chance to decorate the bathtub Registration, orientation, shopping for fashions, oh my! Getting ready to go back to school can really take its toll on the whole family, no matter what grade the kids are in. Make autumn a little easier on everyone by establishing some routines. From dawn to dusk, knowing what’s expected of them makes for happier, more well-balanced kids. If a bedtime routine with regular baths seems like more work than a science fair project, try our DIY Bath Crayons! Easy to make and a splashy blast to use, these crayons are sweetly scented and can be customized with any color of the rainbow for your budding, bathing artist. Just whip up a batch of these cute crayons, fill the bathtub with a bevy of bubbles, and watch the kids get clean without bribing or begging! This isn’t one of those craft projects that will eat up your whole day or destroy your whole dining room. You don’t even need any special or hard-to-find ingredients to make bath time a yummy-smelling color fest–just glycerin soap, natural dye, molds, and essential oils or blends

with soothing scents like Lavender, German Chamomile, Surrender, and SleepyIze™. Choosing the molds and color combinations is loads of fun. Tiny tots will love familiar figures like hearts, stars, and triangles. Older kids will be excited about the cute animal shapes and novelty mini foods. You can even make your bath crayons into stick shapes that are easy to hold and comfortable for writing. Get the kids in on the fun by choosing shapes, colors, and scents together! One of the best things about these DIY Bath Crayons is the mess you don’t have to clean up, making them ideal for toddlers, too. Skip the glitter, modeling clay, and markers and keep crafting contained—where you can easily rinse it off when they’re done! Carve out some time to yourself and keep kids of all ages squeaky clean with these water-loving, writing wonders! Ready to craft some back-to-school bath crayons? Just search “bathtub crayons” at YoungLiving.com/blog to get the recipe!

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ESSENTIALLY YOURS We asked; you delivered!

Here are some of your responses from last month’s question: “How do you use the Vitality™ line to create unique, refreshing summer beverages?”

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“I make morning smoothies with frozen fruit, juice, and DiGize™ Vitality and Thieves® Vitality essential oil blends.” —Britney N. “Mix a can of pomegranate lemonade with 2 drops of Grapefruit Vitality, 2 drops of Lemon Vitality, and 2 ounces of NingXia Red®. I tried this last week, and it is so good!” —Kara P. “Try taking Citrus Fresh™ Vitality or Orange Vitality and blending it into a vanilla smoothie. It reminds me of being a kid!” —Celia H. “For me, nothing beats starting my day with a big, cool glass of water with a drop of Grapefruit Vitality added to it.” —Maya P. “I brew up big batches of herbal iced tea; then when I’m ready for a glass, I add a drop of Peppermint Vitality or Lemon Vitality, depending on my mood.” —Cam S. “My favorite trick is to add a few drops of my favorite Vitality oils—sometimes citrus, sometimes Peppermint—to a pitcher of water and pour that water into ice cube trays to freeze it. I use those in my drinks!” —Terry M. “Cucumber water has always been a favorite of mine, but now I add Lime Vitality, and there’s nothing more delicious.” —Garrett J. “The obvious answer is, of course, a NingXia Red® shot with 2 drops of Frankincense Vitality, but that’s my drink all year long.” —Chris F. “I make refreshing smoothies! Blend 2 ripe bananas, 3 drops Lemon Vitality, 3 drops Fennel Vitality, 1 cup coconut milk, 1 cup blueberries, 2 yellow mangoes, 2 yellow nectarines, a handful of kale, 1 cup frozen cherries, and 1 cup of ice.” —Emma S.




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Get to know August's product of the month!


Have you tried our new Kunzea essential oil? This plant that grows on the coasts of Australia and Tasmania has more going for it than an incredible view of the ocean and a cool name. Kunzea essential oil, which is produced from the leaves and green branchlets of the plant, has a woodsy, uplifting aroma and is also wonderful for topical use. In fact, Kunzea shares many similar properties with another Young Living favorite: Tea Tree. Like Tea Tree, Kunzea helps soothe fatigued muscles and works to reduce the appearance of blemishes. However, it has a more subtle aroma and a milder sensation when applied topically.

Here are some ways to discover the benefits of Kunzea: • Banish musty smells and create an

uplifting environment by diffusing the fresh, woodsy aroma of Kunzea

throughout your home. It pairs beautifully with Purification® essential oil blend to freshen the air and make your space more inviting. If your muscles are complaining after a tough workout, Kunzea is the perfect addition to a hard-earned massage. Dilute Kunzea with V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex and enjoy the mild sensation it provides as you soothe fatigued muscles. If breakouts are leading you to a breakdown, make Kunzea part of your daily beauty regimen. Apply the diluted oil to your skin to help reduce the appearance of blemishes. Enjoy the comforting aroma anytime by applying Kunzea topically to your chest. You’ll love the refreshing respiratory experience.

Sylvie Shirazi is the recipe developer, food photographer, and real food lover behind GourmandeInTheKitchen.com. There you'll find a collection of recipes that celebrate your inner gourmand with fresh, seasonal ingredients that are free from gluten, refined sugar, and processed ingredients. The recipes on Gourmande in the Kitchen are fast and fresh with a focus on quality ingredients and minimal preparation that let the natural flavors of the food shine because you don't need a lot of time or a long list of ingredients to make good-for-you, satisfying, and delicious food if you start with the best ingredients possible.

Gourm andeInT heK

Go urmande in the K i t ch e n

Latin America is one of Young Living’s fastest-growing regions! The region’s theme for the first half of 2018 is “Breaking Records”—as in recordbreaking sales. The team in Mexico works closely with local members and those with downlines in the market. The team recently took a 10-city tour of areas with high growth potential, building local support that has strengthened and motivated members in incredible ways. The team also established a Silver Camp for high-performing Silvers to offer important training. Compared to the first half of 2017, the market has grown 134 percent! Travis Miller recently joined the Ecuador team as country manager. The team has expanded focus into new areas: Libertad, Azogues, and Manta. At the Ecuador farm in Chongon, members participate in tours and experience the Seed to Seal® commitment to quality. This hands-on engagement has not only been exciting for members but has also helped create a 65 percent sales increase from January through June 2017. If you have not seen the farm in Chongon and the Young Living Academy, we encourage you to visit and be inspired by Founder D. Gary Young’s vision. The first Latin America Convention will be October 12–13 in Mexico City. Speakers will include Dr. Mike Buch, Lindsey Teague Moreno, Mike Moreno, and Brand Ambassador Lindsey Elmore. With incredible speakers and the enthusiasm of Latin America members, this convention will be a huge success! Follow Young Living Latinoamérica on Facebook for more information about the Latin America Convention.

WELCOME THE HAPPY PILI TREE FARM Meet our newest partner farm and Elemi supplier

Gou r m a n d e I n Th e K

GRILLED RATATOUILLE INGREDIENTS ¼ cup basil leaves, packed 2 1

small garlic clove, peeled

½ teaspoon fine sea salt ½ teaspoon herbes de Provence 3

Tablespoons (45 ml) extra-virgin olive oil (plus more for the grill as necessary)


drop Marjoram Vitality® Essential Oil


drop Thyme Vitality Essential Oil

½ pint cherry tomatoes, halved or left whole if small 2

small zucchini, sliced in half then lengthwise into strips


small eggplant, cut into 1/2-inch rounds


red bell pepper, stemmed, seeded, and cut into bite-sized pieces Freshly ground black pepper to taste


Happy Pili Tree Farm, Bicol Region, Philippines

Tablespoons flat leaf parsley, stems removed

Grill pan or grill basket

Serves 4

• Preheat lightly greased indoor or outdoor grill to medium heat. • Place basil, parsley, garlic, salt, and herbes de Provence in a food processor and pulse until finely chopped; add olive oil, Marjoram Vitality and Thyme Vitality essential oils, and process until smooth. • Place tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, and bell pepper into a large bowl. Add herb sauce and toss to coat. • Place vegetables evenly on oiled grill (use a grill basket if using an outdoor grill; you may need to cook the vegetables in two batches). Cook for 3-5 minutes on each side until tender and charred and tomatoes are blistered. • Transfer to a serving platter and season with freshly ground pepper and additional salt to taste. Serve warm or at room temperature.

Join us in welcoming our new partner farm—the Happy Pili Tree Farm! This farm, located in the vibrant, scenic Bicol Region of the Philippines, will be Young Living’s main supplier of Elemi essential oil. Obtained by resin tapping and then steam distilling to produce an essential oil with a rich lemon-pine aroma, Elemi is from the same family as Frankincense and Myrrh and has been used traditionally to support the appearance of skin. The high quality standards and ethical harvesting methods of the Happy Pili Tree Farm make it a natural fit with Young Living’s Seed to Seal® program. With expertise on how to legally and sustainably harvest the resin from this precious tree, the farm’s staff protects this natural resource and helps ensure long-term viability of Elemi essential oil. Not only is this partnership an asset to Young Living, but it’s also a boost for the local community. By working with Young Living, the farm has been able to install its first state-of-the-art distillery. With this resource and technology on site, the farm vertically integrates the production process and keeps job opportunities and expertise within the local community. The partner farm is an excellent example of what Seed to Seal can do for sustainability, quality, and the local economy. This partnership also helps ensure ethical business practices by offering fair wages to harvesters and supporting the sustainable sourcing of Elemi. With our strict Seed to Seal standards in place, this partnership helps us provide the high-quality essential oil members expect from Young Living. For more information, visit SeedtoSeal.com.


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