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FOUNDER’S MESSAGE Each new year brings a great sense of


excitement and possibility. As we prepare for the new year, we start dreaming. We have many dreams and goals, and many of us are filled with a desire to become better, do something more, and leave our mark in a meaningful way. Our dreams are the driving force that motivates us to reach higher and pursue more diligently that which we most desire. One thing I’ve realized, however, is that the mere act of dreaming isn’t enough. Realizing dreams requires a plan, a pathway, and a focused effort.

For an invigorating introduction to the new year, try practicing yoga. It's great for beginners and advanced yogis alike. Starting a new year is an opportunity to start fresh and to

is healthy and strong, it improves your mind’s ability to be

continue your momentum. The themes of new beginnings,

clear and focused.” By emphasizing your understanding

fresh starts, and creating the life you want become brighter

of the strengths and weaknesses of the prior year, Vicky

than ever. Sometimes, however, thinking about the new

believes that achieving your goals will be easier.

year and its new possibilities can be overwhelming.

Edina Hamulic is a figure pro with the National Gym

Young Living brand ambassadors James Lawrence, Edina

Association, and she’s no rookie when it comes to setting

Hamulic, and Vicky Vlachonis share how they start the new

goals. “I start my new year by creating a 12-week workout

year to achieve their goals. Try following their lead as a

program,” she says. “I also set a goal to eat at least two

springboard for kick-starting your year in the best way.

healthy meals per day.” The way Edina kicks off her new

James Lawrence, the Iron Cowboy, shares his perspective

Our dreams are the driving force that motivates us to reach higher and pursue more diligently that which we most desire. The Young Living corporate team is working very hard to provide the best pathway possible to help you achieve your Young Living dreams. By following the best plan, you’ll quickly see that you can achieve your goals. Think back to where you were and the person you were this time last year. Now take a moment to notice the person you are today. Are there significant differences? Do you like the person you are today? What else can you focus on to become the best version of yourself? Every journey has to start somewhere. Keep in mind that the pathway to reaching

on persevering through any struggle: “Too often we set

year creates a sense of routine that allows her to maintain her hard work.

goals to kick off the new year; and as soon as we fall short,

No matter how you start the new year, creating the

even just a little, we give up on them.” He continues, “To

future you want begins with one simple step: starting.

be successful, we need to stay constant and consistent to

Whether you use the advice of our brand ambassadors or

be on top of the goals and progress we are making. This

create your own kick-start program, we are here cheering

year, create a plan of constant goal-setting and frequent

you along the way!

assessment of your progress.” This approach allows James to monitor and understand his progress. As an osteopath, Vicky Vlachonis shares her holistic

Learn more about Young Living's

approach of reflecting and releasing. “Once you’ve


reflected what didn’t serve you and move you closer to

your goals and dreams, begin to release. When your body

IT'S NEVER TOO LATE TO START BUSINESS BUILDING Robert and Elizabeth Chase Achieve Silver at the Ages of 90 and 94!

goals can be tough at times, but you should

couple. They recently qualified for Silver, and they don't

never let any bumps stop you from setting and

plan on stopping anytime soon.

pursuing big goals! Surround yourself with

So what’s their key to success? Simply sharing their

positive, happy, and motivated people who

love of Young Living products. After being introduced to

believe that looking up is the only way to look.

Young Living by their children—some who are members—

Young Living provides a place where we

Robert and Elizabeth fell in love with the opportunity to

can unite to achieve our dreams of wellness,

pursue optimal health and wellness. The two have enjoyed

purpose, and abundance. Collectively and

connecting their friends in their assisted living center with

individually, we are striving to bring the best of

Young Living and feel that sharing Young Living gives them

nature to every home.

a purpose because they are helping so many others.

Now is your opportunity to find your passion

“My parents have always been interested in wellness,”

and to realize your dreams and goals through

said Mary Ann. “After I introduced them to Young Living,

diligent focus. This year, let’s all commit to

they starting sharing it with everyone who would listen.”

focusing on achieving our biggest dreams.

Robert and Elizabeth Chase prove that it's never too late to start business building. You would think that at 90 and 94 years of age, Robert and Elizabeth Chase would start slowing down. However, according to their daughter and Young Living member Mary Ann Wallace, that’s not the case for this vivacious PAG E 1

The Chases are hard at work growing their Young Living business, creating a foundation of sharing that will help them to travel and live their lives to the fullest. Robert and Elizabeth are just two of our passionate members who prove that there is a place for people of every walk of life in the Young Living family!