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January 2015


THE UNSHAKABLE DREAM THREE SEPARATE TIMES, D. Gary Young dreamed of leading a caravan of camels through the desert. The camels, ridden by people of all faiths, came from every direction and merged into one united stream. After the third dream, so vivid it was almost jarring, Gary decided to tell his wife, Mary, and two of his closest friends about it. Their responses were identical: “You must do this.” Gary recognised the trail that the caravan had travelled in his dreams as being part of the ancient Frankincense Trail, since he had often explored the storied trail while researching frankincense in Arabia and had written about it in his historical novel, The One Gift. Three thousand years ago, the Queen of Sheba journeyed 1,400 miles with 750 camels on that very trail to bring peace offerings to King Solomon in Jerusalem. Inspired by his dreams, Gary decided to create a modern-day journey for peace. Countless hours of preparation are now making Gary’s dream a reality. The World Peace Caravan will depart Petra, Jordan, on December 15, 2015, and will travel to Jerusalem on a 12-day camel caravan for peace. Gary is inviting people everywhere to join in this amazing journey.


MESSAGE Kim Langbecker, World Peace Conference producer; Susan Johnson, World Peace Caravan director of operations; His Holiness, the Dalai Lama; and D. Gary Young.

World Peace and Health Conference that will focus on the role of women, youth, and health in peacemaking. Currently, international peace advocates Vandana Shiva, Mariel Hemingway, Essrea Cherin, Karambu Ringera, Rev. Patrick McCollum, Nathan Otto, and Ambassador Mildred Espinoza are among the conference’s roster of illustrious speakers. Invitations have been extended to His Holiness, the Dalai Lama; Bill Clinton; Shimon Peres; and other global peacekeepers and dignitaries. On December 23, the caravan will cross into the Palestine Authority for a visit to Jericho and a two-day trek through the Judean desert, arriving in Bethlehem on December 25. On December 26, the caravan will culminate with a THE CARAVAN CELEBRATION Peace Walk into Jerusalem and a blockbuster After a prelaunch celebration in Petra on December 15, participants will caravan through Concert for Peace. Internationally renowned Jordan, exploring historical and religious sites musical artists will take the stage for a night of once-in-a-lifetime performances at the statealong the way and exchanging multicultural of-the art Jerusalem Arena. activities by campfire at night. Arriving on the Because Gary strongly believes that the shore of the Dead Sea on December 20, the world’s youth are our best hope for change, World Peace Caravan will break for a two-day 12 youth ambassadors, ages 16–24, are being selected from a worldwide pool of candidates to spearhead the caravan with their optimism, ingenuity, and dynamism. The World Peace Caravan has received numerous exceptional submissions, and 10 of the 12 ambassadors— two from the U.S. and one each from Dubai, Ecuador, Kenya, Uganda, Turkey, Pakistan, Nepal, and Australia—are close to being confirmed. For more information, please visit

“THE YOUNG BOY said to his grandfather, ‘I have two wolves barking inside of me. The first wolf is filled with anger, hatred, bitterness, and mostly revenge. The second wolf inside of me is filled with love, kindness, compassion, and mostly forgiveness. Which wolf do you think will win?’ “The grandfather responded, ‘Whichever one you feed.’” —Dr. Wayne Dyer I love this metaphor! The grandfather really has life figured out: we are what we feed our minds and bodies. I don’t need to give you a lesson on which wolf we should feed; it’s obvious. However, there are two other wolves within us that so many of us fight with every day: the wolf of fear and the wolf of courage. The Greek philosopher Epictetus said: “First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.” It is critically important to know what we want to be, but it is just as important to actually see ourselves becoming what we want to be and then do what we have to do to realise our desires. Too many of us live our lives in paralysing fear, unwilling to move because we put so much weight on the opinions of others. Have you ever tried to pay your bills with somebody else’s opinion? It doesn’t work. Then why do we give up on our dreams because of what someone says or thinks? We constantly need to be feeding the wolf of courage. Be true to your grand visions of yourself. The best way I know how to do this is by taking action. Move. Talk. Be uncomfortable. Nothing extinguishes the fire of a dream like comfort. Make 2015 the year you see yourself as what you can be and then work to become that beautiful, amazing you.

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By Monique McLean


Young Living Royal Crown Diamond

Kick your social media savvy into high gear this year to propel your business to extraordinary heights!

This is a picture of a few friends I reconnected with over social media; who will it be for you?


New audio, video series features Gary and Mary Young; all proceeds directly benefit the World Peace Caravan. IMAGINE HAVING AN up-close-and-personal conversation with Gary and Mary Young. They would share about success, give advice to members, offer tips for sharing essential oils, describe how they hire corporate executives, discuss the future of Young Living, and even reveal their favourite oils! How interesting would that be? What kind of tidbits might you learn that could help you share Young Living with even more passion and knowledge? We recently had the opportunity to interview Gary and Mary. From these interviews, we created an enlightening and entertaining four-part series called, “The Gary and Mary Series on Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance.” All proceeds from this series will go directly to support the World Peace Caravan. Choose from one of the following options: 1. Purchase unlimited access to the video series on the World Peace Caravan website for $9.95. 2. Download the audio series for $7.95. 3. Buy both the video and audio for $14.95. Choose this option and your name will also be entered into a random drawing for the chance to win one of four great gifts!* • Registration for two with VIP seating at Young Living’s 2015 International Grand Convention • A 5-ml bottle of Hope™ essential oil blend • A 15-ml bottle of JuvaCleanse® essential oil blend • A bottle of ParaFree™ softgels

IT’S THE BEGINNING of a new year, and I can’t think of a better time to start using new, creative approaches to sharing Young Living. Let’s talk social media, shall we? Some think that social media leads to the loss of personal connections with the people you are enrolling, but this is so far from the truth! Social media is a fantastic way to reconnect with so many people with whom you have already built personal relationships. Let’s face it, most of us have stalked, To purchase this series and support the World Peace um, I mean “checked up” on others we have known from Caravan, please visit our past over social media; and people who follow you on *Four winners will be chosen on February 1, 2015. See social media are interested in what you are doing. We aren’t official rules for more details. fearful to share the latest movie we loved, what we ate for dinner, or what character we are based on in the most recent FB quiz results that are floating around. You know I’m right! So if that’s the case, why are we afraid to share our love for Young Living? If you aren’t talking about it, people have no clue you are using it, which means they have no clue they can get it from you, which means they are missing out on a lot of awesomeness in their lives. 325 PV – Order 325 PV or So how do you use social media without sounding like a big, greater and receive a free huge infomercial? Glad you asked. First, I believe you just be Magnify Your Purpose you. Talk like you. Share your stories and your pictures. People 5 ml essential oil blend, want to know your story. Were you skeptical at first? Share Citrus Fresh 15 ml essential that. Be real, upfront, and honest. The next important thing is oil blend, Young Living to keep some variety going in your posts. Don’t quit talking messenger bag, and a $15 about the other things you love. Finally, be consistent. People product credit. are listening, I promise. When they finally come around and decide to try the oils, they will know right where to go. 190 PV – Order 190 PV or In 2015 my prayer is that social media will be a way to greater and receive a free reconnect with many individuals with whom you have made Magnify Your Purpose 5 ml relationships over the years. It’s going to be a fantastic year— essential oil blend, and Citrus I just know it! Fresh 15 ml essential oil blend.

JANUARY PROMOTION Magnify Your Purpose is a specially-crafted blend of essential oils that stimulates creativity, desire, focus, and motivation. Citrus Fresh is a relaxing, calming blend loved by children and adults alike. Rich in the powerful antioxidant d-limonene, it stimulates overall energy while bringing about a sense of well-being, creativity and feelings of joy. It also works as an air purifier.

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Alan & Linda Simpson Artemis

24th and 25th March, 2015

THE LIVE YOUR Dream Australian Symposium will not only be your opportunity to take advantage of the most inspiring educational experiences Young Living Australia has to offer, but you will also be embraced by a like-minded community of individuals dedicated to improving lives through the power of Young Living. Register by January 31 with our early bird pricing and enjoy a $100.00 discount on this unforgettable event! This symposium is your exclusive opportunity to receive information that will inspire, motivate, and transform you. You will become immersed in an exclusive education that will empower you to achieve the wellness, purpose and the abundance you have always dreamed of. Keynote speakers include D. Gary Young, Lindsey Elmore, Ed Dailey, Tom Reed, Adam Green, Melissa Poepping and Executives from our Global Headquarters. REGISTRATION FEE Registration includes two day Symposium (morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea provided), and dinner at a surprise destination. Early Bird Special – Register by 31st January, 2015 and pay $299.00* per person. Register between 1st and 28th February, 2015 and pay $399.00* per person. *Total price is inclusive of all events and discounts will not be given for partial attendance. Please be advised that there is limited seating.

VENUE Jupiters Hotel and Casino Gold Coast Highway Broadbeach Island Gold Coast Qld 4218 Room: Gold Coast and Southport Rooms

Visit symposium-2015 for additional information

KEYNOTE SPEAKER Gary Young, Founder and CEO Young Living Founder and President D. Gary Young is the world’s foremost authority on essential oils. Following a profound personal transformation with essential oils as a young man, he dedicated himself to sharing the precious gift of essential oils with others. He has spent more than two decades sharing his knowledge of nature’s healing powers throughout the world, and his life’s journey has helped millions transform their health and lives. In addition to leading Young Living and continuously developing new products, Gary currently oversees Young Living’s many global farms, where he directs the growth, harvest, and distillation process of the highest quality essential oils in the world. Gary has also published many works on the benefits and properties of essential oils. With a deep conviction of the power of essential oils, Gary embodies the spirit of Young Living as he continues to build a company that advocates total well-being for everyone, everywhere. page 3




AGAINST THE RECENT odds of snow, ice, frigid temperatures that average -4°F (-20°C), with some extremes dipping to -40°F (-40°C), and the immense task of finding and trucking in equipment, Gary forged ahead with the new distillery at the Northern Lights farm. As a testament to Gary’s dedication and passion, the new boiler will soon be fired up to distil, bringing the favorite blend of Valor® back into production with an unlimited supply of Black Spruce oil.


EARLY IN 2014 Young Living Canada celebrated its one-year anniversary with a big event in Toronto—more than 2,000 miles and two time zones away from the corporate office in Calgary. We had close to 1,000 attendees come to celebrate the great successes of the market over the past year. Since our official opening in 2013, YL Canada has grown extremely fast, as Canadians have caught fire with the enthusiasm of Young Living. The market has more than doubled in size from our first year! The leadership in the market is a huge part of this growth, as our dedicated member leaders diligently support their organizations. In 2015 we look forward to a bright year with exciting events and promotions to support our members. We look forward to having a number of large, Super Saturday-style events featuring fantastic speakers and newly formatted training events. These will take place in major cities across Canada, giving members greater access to Young Living culture and improved product training. The Introduction to Young Living tour will also continue throughout Canada. In addition, we look forward to opening our local warehouse, which will process and ship all Canadian-registered product orders to our Canada members. The new warehouse will greatly improve member service and order speed. To see our upcoming events, please visit en_CA/company/media. We look forward to seeing you in 2015! page 4

Vast growth to spur 445 jobs in Utah over seven years. YL receives $9 million tax-incentive award from governor.

IN EARLY DECEMBER Young Living, in tandem with the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development, revealed plans to increase its Utah presence and create 445 jobs over seven years. “The success experienced by Young Living Essential Oils is a testament to the friendly business environment the state offers to homegrown businesses,” said Governor Gary R. Herbert. “More than two decades ago, the business started because of a demand for essential oils. Now it is growing not just regionally or nationally but also internationally.” In addition to the 445 new jobs that Young Living will be creating over the next seven years in Utah, Young Living accepted an award from the state for nearly $9 million in tax incentives to build a new campus and make Utah the company’s long-term home. “Young Living has deep roots in Utah,” said Travis Ogden, Young Living’s chief operating officer. “As the birthplace and headquarters of Young Living, Utah has always been our company’s home; and we are excited to continue growing here and creating hundreds of new jobs.” “I attribute much of our growth to our firm commitment to the quality of our products,” continued Ogden. “Young Living’s unwavering Seed to Seal® purity standard is what people around the world have come to expect from us.”


• Young Living’s second-largest market • Top 5 products: NingXia Red®, Thieves®, Lavender, Peppermint, and Lemon essential oils

Young Living Canada members celebrate their achievements during the International Grand Convention.

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