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Volume 4.10 | October 2014

The Mark of a Leader

During the 2014 International Grand Convention, Young Living Co-founder Mary Young shared her insights into what it takes to establish a lasting and successful Young Living business. Take our word for it, she has walked the walk as an extraordinarily successful network-marketing professional, and she knows exactly what she is talking about. As Mary said:

I LOVE BEING a distributor. I love networking. I love conventions. I love all of these things because they are all centred around one thing: making people better. At Young Living, we have a great responsibility to share an opportunity that can heal people financially, bless them with greater physical health, and build lifelong relationships. What a blessing! It fills my soul with joy to see the success that all of you are having with Young Living today. A good leader always puts the people in his or her organisation first. The joy comes from watching them grow and becoming successful as well. When you become the leader, you become the servant of all. Success and rank advancements happen naturally when your desire is to help other people achieve their goals. Their success is your success, so it’s really about building success together. Being a distributor and owning your business can be as much fun as it is motivating. There “When you become the leader, you become the is no magic to it. Success comes from desire, servant of all. Success and rank advancements dedication, and determination. It’s easy to happen naturally when your desire is to help tell someone else about your excitement other people achieve their goals.” and passion for new products and a new —Mary Young opportunity. It’s all about sharing how you feel. Sharing those feelings is the beginning of building a business—the beginning of your success. Excitement and enthusiasm are very contagious and spread quickly. When you share a product or opportunity with new people, it’s important to be responsible for those new people, answering their questions, teaching them, and making sure they feel a part of your organisation until they feel confident enough to teach and build in their own organisation. It is extremely important to listen to their ideas and help them develop their business as they desire, offering only suggestions and opening their minds to other possibilities. When I sponsored people, I would make sure that all their needs were met and that they knew I was there for them. I would never send an email or newsletter until I had talked with each new person on the phone. Build the relationship first; then your emails and newsletters are welcomed. My business grew because they knew that I cared about them first. We had a lot of fun building together, even if only by phone; and conventions were like a great family reunion. I wanted everyone to be successful, and that was my goal. I always said that this business is fun only if everybody is making money. Get to know your people; love them and feel their spirit, and success will come in abundance to everyone. My greatest joy was to see the success of those in my organisation, not only financially, but to see them grow as leaders and develop leaders through their efforts of caring by example. The opportunity is here for anyone who wants it, and Young Living will continue to grow and be a force for good in the world if that growth is based on caring about each other.

Founder’s Message YOUNG LIVING IS doing amazing things right now. We are experiencing extraordinary growth, building more farms, and producing more products than ever before—all of which lead to helping more people build their dreams and create their own future. This is the vision Mary and I had when we started this great adventure! So much of our success is the result of phenomenal people who live the Young Living mission every day. For many of these members, it’s not about what they do, it’s about who they are. Their desire to help others vibrates in every fibre of their body, and they share what they feel with many people every day. To all of you who are diligently seeking to bless your life and the lives of those around you, I want you to know we love and appreciate you. Your loyalty to this cause is inspiring. You are the engine that is making this world-class operation accelerate with astonishing growth. All of us on the corporate side are dedicated to helping you in all aspects of your business; and even with some bumps along the way with this unprecedented growth, we are finding solutions and making many impressive changes in order to help you get where you want to go with Young Living. The release of new products, a new virtual office, and expanding our Member Services Department— just to name a few—is our commitment to helping you be successful wherever you are in this amazing world.

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The Young Living Animal Whisperer FOR SO MANY, the daily rigors of work are a means to an end, a passionless pathway to an awakened weekend in which the masses simply work to live. But when Young Living member Lina Maria Lamos goes to work every day in Colombia, she’s doing the most important thing in her life. Lina Maria is an animal communicator. As someone who aids rescued animals through physical and emotional therapy, the lines between work and life are blurred. Each day, Lina Maria embarks on a journey of discovery and fulfillment—for both she and the troubled animal. Over time, as in any relationship, loving bonds are created and strengthened, and trust builds. When trust forms, the ability to overcome obstacles quickly follows. “I work with many animals, from cats and dogs to hippopotamuses; but I work principally with horses,” Lina Maria says. “My mission is to rescue the animals from the hurt they’re living with.” As a Young Living member, Lina Maria has for years incorporated Young Living oils and the Raindrop Technique into her therapy. As now customary with every horse, the “They are very easy to work therapy begins with the with because they have this Raindrop Technique, quality that allows them to something that opens accept the oils without any the emotional channels prejudice.” of connection. -Lina Maria Lamos “To start with the Raindrop Technique is very important and necessary in my ability to connect with the horses and my ability to calm and soothe them,” she says. “It helps them to relax and to trust me when I’m doing therapy.” When the animal is ready, Lina Maria will introduce it to the oils in the Feelings Kit. “The animals are very simple,” explains Lina Maria. “They are very easy to work with because they have this quality that allows them to accept the oils without any prejudice.” In addition to the Raindrop Technique and the Freedom Kit, Lina Maria has also used Copaiba essential oil and DiGize, Trauma Life, and Joy essential oil blends during therapy. Joy, she says, is a favourite among the animals. “My life revolves around the animals and helping them. To help them be able to trust good people again is such an important part of what I do. This is my worth.”



Some of our favourite Young Living products for our favourite four-legged friends. Animal Scents™ Shampoo Item No. 5167

Animal Scents™ Shampoo cleans, protects, and conditions your pet's coat without the harmful ingredients often found in pet-care products. This all-natural shampoo contains five powerful essential oils, which are blended to gently cleanse, increase luster, and enhance grooming.

Feelings Kit Item No. 312502

Feelings features six essential oil blends formulated by D. Gary Young to promote emotional clearing and self-renewal. This collection includes Valor, Harmony, Forgiveness, Inner Child, Release, and Present Time.

October Promotions

Order 300 PV or greater and receive a free Orange essential oil 15 ml, Tangerine essential oil 15 ml, Grapefruit essential oil 15 ml, and Lemon essential oil 15 ml.*.

*Conditions apply. Visit your Virtual Office for details.

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Say “Aloha” to Our New Sandalwood WE’RE EXCITED TO announce a new source for our beloved Sandalwood essential oil! D. Gary Young has found a new, sustainable variety of sandalwood tree called Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood (Santalum paniculatum), and it will replace Sandalwood in our essential oil line. Winners of the Drive to Win promotional event last February were able to tour the farm in Hawaii where the oil is produced and get a preview sample of Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood (Item No. 474602). We’re thrilled to have it available now as a permanent addition to our line of essential oils. The S. paniculatum tree is native to and found only on the island of Hawaii. While S. paniculatum has similar constituencies to our former Sandalwood oil, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood has a more balanced chemistry. Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood has a rich, sweet, warm, and woodsy aroma that is sensual and romantic. Used traditionally for a variety of purposes, including promoting beautiful skin, as incense in religious ceremonies, and for encouraging deeper meditation, its aroma is uplifting and relaxing. It is valued in skin care for its moisturising and normalising properties.

Young Living ARTistic Canvas

By Luba Vozar, PhD

Recognition for August 2014 (AUS)

Bold = Newly Qualified

Young Living Leaders

Gorgeous & Home Happy Moments Hazel Holland Bowen Therapy Jana Aveling PLATINUM Jennifer Moalem Aleena Leah Simpson Johanne Liboiron EO Enterprises Pty Ltd T/A EO Kim Thomson Enterprises Trust Lee Mclellan GOLD Living Dynamics Pty Ltd Drops of Gold Liz Moldenhauer Essentialoilsonline.Biz Natural Beauty Therapy Golden Pathways To Harmony Maree Anne Holzheimer Maria Jones Marina Kirpichnikov Sharon & Andrew Wild Margaret Rossi The Good Oil Team Mark Damian Seng Chai Song SILVER Martienne Freeth Aaron Hess Menkit Prince Active Games & Training Inc. Newstart Health Supplies Annthea Matheson Michael Mason Bridge Of Love Australia Noel Cunnington Catherine T/A Cdg Trust Garro Nutrition And You Claire & Paul Haywood Ron Phythian Complete Health & Harmony Sara Nadin Pty Ltd Sharon Neal Essential Chi Sheena’s Natural Therapies Essential Oil Goddess Sherise Kaye Essentially Claire Spa Therapies & Training David & Elaine Von Pein Vibrant Choices Girija & Hal Tropp Yvonne & Steve Thornton Global Spirit Records & Tribe DIAMOND Alan & Linda Simpson Artemis

Northern Lights Update

Chip Kouwe, Young Living Diamond

I LOVE THE quote by Jerzy Kosinski: “The principle of true art is not to portray, but to evoke.” This is exactly what we want to achieve with the word “ART” in Young Living’s upgraded skin-care regimen. At Young Living, we believe that every person is naturally beautiful, with a pristine canvas. We also believe that the new ART skin-care regimen, with its carefully selected ingredients, will accomplish every person’s desire to look attractive, feel confident, and be ready to aim high. In the coming months, you will notice a design update to the ART skin-care line. In an effort to modernise and streamline the look, we’ve removed the two dots between the letters (A•R•T)—a subtle change that simplifies the ART acronym, Age Refining Technology. Young Living is always striving to bring truly genuine products that are as natural as possible. Along with those ingredients that have remained desirable for thousands of years, the latest research and innovation will keep product development always progressing to fulfill the Young Living mission and the dreams of Gary and Mary Young to bring health and beauty to every home. Skin-care questions for Luba? E-mail her at

WHAT OTHER ESSENTIAL oil company would come all the way to British Columbia to buy land, move the earth, and build a distillery? Gary, Mary, and their boys are here working side by side with us—what other owners would be doing this? That's what drives me to help wherever I can. They needed some help, they asked, and we came. I’m able to do stuff like this because my beautiful wife Kathy (thanks, Toog! XOXO) started believing in Young Living 18 years ago, and that has given us the financial freedom to be able to drop everything and come help our friends. You can do that when you don’t have to ask for time off! Being able to do work like this with a visionary like Gary is, for me, like being able to work along side Walt Disney or Henry Ford. It's an experience of a lifetime for me. And I'm making new friends and am spending more time with my two best Young Living harvest brothers, Scott Schuler and Jim Powell. How could I not be passionate about all this!? Life is Good!

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Region Feature: Southeast Asia

NESTLED BETWEEN THE Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean is a group of countries rich with culture and tradition. Its people, with an almost instinctive openness to natural wellness and a natural passion for all things dear to heart, have welcomed Young Living Essential Oils into their homes with wide-open arms. With Young Living Singapore now in its third year of operation, Young Living Malaysia opening on October 11, and a fast-growing member base in Indonesia, Southeast Asia is indeed one of the fastest growing regions in Young Living. It is now the third largest revenue region next to North America and Europe, posting a 213 percent growth year to date! Southeast Asia is thrilled to have the first-ever international Royal Crown Diamond in Frances Fuller and Diamonds Patricia Gwee and Kai Tan. According to Will Halterman, general manager of Southeast Asia, “The region has been experiencing so much growth during the past years that we are looking forward to more awesome growth in the coming years, especially with the opening of Malaysia.” Every quarter the Southeast Asia office schedules exciting events across the region, touring with international expert speakers and leaders like Dr. Dan Purser, Dr. Peter Minke, Dr. Olivier Wenker, Tamara Packer, Marcella Vonn Harting, Michael and Connie McDanel, Frances Fuller, Teri Secrest, Adam Green, and just recently, Dr. Sabina DeVita. We are excited when members come from all of the world to visit us, so come join us for the opening of Young Living Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur on October 11!

SE Asia @ a glance... • 213% growth year to date in 2014! • Fave products: Peppermint, Lemon, Lavender

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Get Your Bags Packed for an African Safari! IF YOU THOUGHT the Global Leadership Cruise promotion couldn’t get any better, wait till you see what you can win now! To add to the drama and excitement of the stunning Mediterranean cruise contest, we have added one more huge prize: an African safari! During this October, you can qualify to win a trip in 2015 on a Young Livingsponsored safari in Tanzania with the African Safari Essential Rewards Challenge. During this spectacular challenge, you will earn 1,000 points for every personally enrolled member who places a minimum 100 PV Essential Rewards order for the first time or first time since April 1, 2014. Be one of the top ten point earners from this October 1–31, and Young Living will escort you through some of Tanzania’s many national parks and game preserves on a safari adventure you will never forget! All Young Living members ranking Executive or higher are automatically entered into the contest, so all you need to do is focus on earning points by increasing Essential Rewards enrollments in your organisation! To learn more about this fabulous promotion, visit About Tanzania Located on the eastern shores of Africa, Tanzania is an exotic paradise bursting with the flora and fauna that have made the continent famous. With over 16 national parks and a variety of game and forest preserves, you won’t have to look far to encounter lions, elephants, giraffes, chimpanzees, and more!

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