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Volume 3.8 | August 2013

Founder’s Message

WHILE I WAS in Jordan driving from Amman to Petra last October, I knew I had to find somebody in Jordan to help me with the World Peace Caravan. I didn’t know who and I didn’t know how, but that didn’t matter. As I reached downtown Petra, I hadn’t eaten, so I pulled into a hotel that had a buffet. A gentleman greeted me and asked, “How may I help you?” He had no idea what he was in for! I replied, “I need a man who knows the king of Jordan, a man who knows the minister of tourism, a man who speaks English, a man who knows camels, and a man who knows the history of frankincense—oh, and I need a man who can help me with the Jordanian national television station.” The man said, “I might know someone; let me make a call.” I filled my plate and started eating. I was soon approached by a man who recited back to me my requests. He said, “I work in the Aqaba office and my boss’s name is Omar. He is and has been a tour operator in Israel, Egypt, and Jordan for 27 years. He is personal friends with the Senator of Jordan and the Minister of Tourism. He speaks five languages and was an ambassador to the United States. He’s related to the king and his sister works for the Jordanian national television station.” Omar is now our local caravan tour operator for the World Peace Caravan. These kinds of miracles—big and small—are not exclusive to me; they can be yours just as easily as they are mine, but they do require you to believe in something so strongly that you are willing to do just about anything to obtain, achieve, or accomplish it.

The 2013 International Grand Convention was this summer’s BLOCKBUSTER EVENT! Infused with stimulating new products, inspiring keynote messages from some of the world’s best motivational minds, and unforgettable experiences for all, Young Living’s grand spectacular defined what it means to believe in yourself, in your dreams, and in Young Living. YOU KNOW THAT when Gary Young takes over the convention stage wearing a bedazzling silver jacket and air-playing a trumpet to a wild beat that something very exciting is about to blastoff. Say hello to Young Living’s NingXia Nitro™! With a very special appearance by the Nitro sand rail— the co-star of the heart-pounding Nitro video—blazing in fireworks, Gary unleashed raw energy by introducing NingXia Nitro. “You look at energy drinks on the market, and they are frightening,” he explained from the stage. “I wanted real energy, and Nitro is real energy! It is lasting energy without

the crash. When you add it to NingXia Red®, it will lift you for 6–8 hours, which means more time teaching and sharing Young Living.” If you haven’t noticed by now, creating energy is a new focus at Young Living. Since we can’t create more time in a day, we wanted to create more energy for the time we have. But you can’t just live off of Nitro, so Young Living has developed Slique™ Bars as well. “I’ve finally realised my dreams!” exclaimed Gary, jokingly. “With a diet of Nitro and Slique Bars, I’ve eliminated sleep! That means more play, more fun, and more teaching and sharing Young Living!” For Gary, fun means travelling the world looking for the next great benefit to bring to Young Living distributors. As of today, Young Living has nine distilleries throughout the world. “We go, go, go to where it grows because we are Young Living! Some companies talk the talk, but we actually walk the walk,” said Gary. “That’s why we are the world leader in essential oils! There is a solution for everything, and we have it! Become the walking, talking billboards of this belief.”

Dr. Wayne Dyer: Are You in Awe of What You Are Doing? TO SAY THAT Dr. Wayne Dyer rarely leaves his Maui home to speak at conferences would be an understatement; you see, Dr. Dyer flat-out refuses to do it. So when he appeared on stage at Young Living’s International Grand Convention, something special had happened. “I do not accept speaking engagements,” he said. “But I have a strong belief inside of me that what you are doing is going to alter and shift what is happing on our planet.” Speaking from his heart, without notes or PowerPoint, the “father of motivation” mesmerised Young Living distributors for more than two hours, inspiring them to understand who they really are and the importance of what they are doing—and it’s more than just selling essential oils. “Are you in awe of what you are doing, offering the essence of what God has created? You should be. Young Living offers little bottles of God; I’m a believer.

“You are part of a company that is founded on a miracle,” he said. “If you don’t believe it, read Gary’s biography.” The supremely successful author of more than 30 books casually strolled around stage, sharing insights into the life lessons that have guided him. Through his casualness emanated a piercing message focused on self-belief and achieving dreams. “My goal in speaking to you is not to teach you how to make more money,” explained Dr. Dyer. “If you advance confidently in the direction of your own dreams and endeavor to live the life you’ve imagined, it will chase you and you will meet with success unexpected.” The challenge, he said, is overcoming ourselves, because most of us have been programmed to believe we are ordinary. “In order to reach a level of extraordinary, you have to fall in love with what you believe in so strongly and then sell that love,” said Dr. Dyer. “When you live from that passion, that enthusiasm, you will align yourself with that purpose. “Imagine whatever it is you want. Believe that it is something that has already happened—an established fact, not just going to happen,” he counseled. “Then act on it. You can do anything you want to create for yourself.”

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More from the 2013 International Grand Convention

Darren Hardy: Igniting the Compound Effect BUSINESS MAGNATE DARREN Hardy packs a lot of punch when he speaks. His presentation at Young Living’s International Grand Convention was riveting, energising the crowd and motivating distributors to believe they can accomplish anything through small, seemingly insignificant daily choices. “You are strong and capable of doing extraordinary things,” said Mr. Hardy, during one of the convention’s general sessions. “What is the root control of all your outcomes? The one thing is choices. You are the accumulated compound effect of the choices you’ve made up to this point. So, your future success is being chiseled one decision at a time, and you’re either carving a David, or you’re carving a hacked-up piece of marble.” One of the great deterrents to anyone achieving astonishing success, said Hardy, is immediate gratification. It is why we fail to accomplish goals, find ourselves drowning in unnecessary debts, and live in a culture of addiction. “Success is earned by hard, freaking work,” he said. “The truth about earning success is mundane—it’s unexciting and unsexy, but it is laborious and frustrating and sometimes even defeating. “You have to have patience; consistency is the great key. Do the simple fundamentals and you will be shocked at the amount of success you will have accumulated. Consistency wins every single time.” Can you be fearful of consistency, of the time and effort becoming great will require, knowing that you might fail in the process? Yes, and Hardy says to learn to love that fear. “Learn to pursue, embrace, and even celebrate failure. The only thing stopping you from success is fear. When you turn fear into fuel, you cannot be stopped from success. You can accomplish any goal over time.”

Spirit of Young Living: CLINT WALKER THIS IS THE year that Hollywood shined on Young Living. Clint Walker, famously known as Cheyenne Bodie from the hit TV Western Cheyenne, was pure gold as he shared insight and experiences from his life on the silver screen. He also brought a lot of praise with him for his friend Gary Young and Young Living. “I’m awfully proud of Gary; awfully proud to call him my friend, awfully proud of what he’s accomplished,” he said. “God has had his hand on Gary’s shoulder and has brought him along to do what he’s doing with essential oils. Gary is like our Moses, and the essential oils are our promised land. “You can be proud of selling essential oils, because you’re doing a very important thing,” Walker continued. “You can take a lot of pride in that you’re selling Gary Young’s essential oils, because they’re the best that are made.” The tall, dark-haired actor was awarded with the first Spirit of Young Living Award during the general session, given to him for exemplifying honesty and integrity and for blessing the lives of many people. At 86 years young, Walker continues to thrill crowds with an impressive vitality for life. Though best known for his leading role in Cheyenne, Walker has appeared in more than 35 productions, including The Dirty Dozen, Yuma, and Send Me No Flowers. His favourite: the 1966 classic The Night of the Grizzly. “We are all special,” he told distributors. “We may not be in front of a camera or in a spotlight, but we’re all special. It is so important that each of us realise that we are important.” So, what’s the actor’s secret to longevity and vitality? “The key to life is to have the determination to go full-steam ahead and always be true to yourself.”

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Upcoming Global Events Discovering Nature’s Remedies August 10 Liverpool, NY

Introductory Meeting August 12 Saskatoon, SK, CAN August 13 Minneapolis, MN August 14 Flint, MI August 15 Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Raindrop Technique September 7 Brooklyn Park, MN

Introductory Meeting September 13 Long Island, NY

Pan-Euro Convention September 21-22 Vienna, AUT

For information on these and other events, visit youngliving. com/en_AU

Young Living and the Art of Distillation

FOR MORE THAN two decades, Gary “We are the ONLY Young has tirelessly travelled, worked, and studied to solidify Young Living company with as the world’s leader in essential oils. the background, He has walked the hillsides of Taiwan, understanding, and explored the deserts of the Middle East, combed through the jungles of South America, and transformed mountain valleys in Utah and Idaho. actually distribute PURE, At times he has also called France and UNADULTERATED Ecuador home. All for this purpose: ESSENTIAL OILS. You to guarantee that the life-changing products that are distributed to have my promise.” you are the purest, truest, and most —D. Gary Young beneficial the world has to offer. “I’ve spent more than 25 years discovering what works and what doesn’t work,” he said during his convention workshop on the art of essential oil distillation. “You can’t get that experience in a classroom. We travel the world so we can know exactly where our trees, plants, and seeds come from. It is how we guarantee our Seed to Seal® process.” Gary’s knowledge and relationship-building with locals on many continents is the reason Young Living is able to operate nine distilleries worldwide. In January of this year, Young Living merged with three farms in France to become the largest grower of true lavender in the world. “We do something that isn’t done anywhere else,” said Gary. “We invite our distributors to come to the farms and plant. When you do this, you are giving love, and love is the greatest nutrient that exists.” As the world leader in essential oils, Young Living sets the standard with Seed to Seal care. Part of this unique process is making sure the plant is cared for through each phase leading up to and through distillation. By using only essential oils for weed and insect control, Young Living is able to ensure the distilled plant produces pure, genuine essential oil. “We are the only company with the background, understanding, determination, analytical skills, and proper motivation to actually distribute pure, unadulterated essential oils,” said Gary. “You have my promise.”

Young Living Leaders Recognition for June 2013


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Young Living World News JAPAN

Young Living Japan relocated its office on July 29 from 18F to 32F in the same building. The new showroom is more than double the size of the old one and is equipped with three training rooms that accommodate up to 50 people for meetings. Our leaders in Japan are looking forward to showing prospects the new showroom. Dr. Benjamin Perkus was invited to hold seminars in six cities in Japan July 10–15. More than 1,500 Japanese members and guests attended the seminars and were inspired by the presentations “Creating the Life You Want with Essential Oils” and “Changing Your Programming.” The seminars were so successful that YL Japan is planning to create a DVD of the tour that will be available in the near future.


Young Living Canada is taking the excitement from the 2013 Grand Convention to every province in Canada, with post-convention Introduction to Young Living meetings between now and the end of the year. These meetings provide an opportunity for members to introduce their friends and family to what Young Living has to offer.


The passion and drive of the region’s members can be seen with the growing participation in the company’s harvest events and the increase in qualifiers to the Silver Retreat. Our region had a very rewarding experience at the Health & You 2013 Exhibit, held at the Suntec International Convention Centre last month. It was a great venue for reaching out to consumers and sharing with them Young Living’s wonderful products and business opportunities. Much thanks to all who supported the event! The region is also very grateful for a successful Healthy Living Tour. Thanks to Diamond Frances Fuller and Crown Diamond Teri Secrest, who flew from the states to share their knowledge with our members.


Help support the World Peace Caravan! Visit now for more information.

is so much easier and more fulfilling to work with people like you, who live healthy, positive lifestyles.

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The International Grand Convention has continued to inspire people to take action and re-confirmed our strategy to attract, engage, develop, and retain talented people in the field and at global headquarters; the momentum is also continuing to grow from our new business development systems. We will soon be launching the first workshops from our Product Discovery Program and have already had a fantastic response from consultants wanting to become workshop specialists. To better serve our customers and consultants, we have added a sales function to our existing service center, which is already yielding great results.


By Dr. Harry Adelson, ND

Since I first treated Gary Young in 2007, I’ve seen many patients who are Young Living distributors; I affectionately call you “The Oilers.” You are such a bright-spirited group; it is an honour to work with you. Because the treatment of chronic pain using regenerative medicine relies on the body’s natural ability to heal itself, it

Europe continues to see consistent growth in sales volume and signups. Both our established and new markets are showing great potential and fantastic sponsoring activity. Young Living Europe is happy to announce that (yet again!) Austrian Diamond Dietfried Wruss has won the Global Leadership Cruise! We are looking forward to seeing him and other European Young Living friends on board! The next big European event is the Pan European Convention in Vienna on September 21. The event will feature an extensive product expo, brilliant guest speakers, and much more! There will also be special cultural activities to celebrate Austria, the warm-hearted host nation of this event.


Helping Gary Heal

IT WAS SUCH a pleasure to speak at the convention in June! So many of you have reached out to me to say such kind things—thank you.



Pain is the great motivator. Gary began his lifelong study of essential oils as a result of the logging accident that crushed him as a young man. The fact that he overcame this catastrophic incident is a testament to his unbreakable will. When he first visited the Docere Clinics in 2007, I witnessed him experiencing the pain associated with the accumulation of scar tissue stemming from the accident and a lifetime of extreme sports. I treated him with the modality I had been performing for years: the injection of

platelet-rich plasma (PRP) into the damaged ligaments of his neck and lower back. PRP is rich in growth factors that signal the regeneration of connective tissue. By injecting PRP into degenerated tissue, we trick the body into thinking it has had a severe new injury (it has not), thereby launching a healing cascade.

happy to report that Gary is finally experiencing significant and lasting pain relief in his lower back, and the burning in his feet has lifted. Now if I could only convince him to ease up on the extreme sports and swear off dune buggy jumping and jousting, he could stay pain free!

Through PRP injections, I was able to help Gary a great deal with his neck pain, but the pain in his lower back eased only slightly, and he continued to have a burning pain down his legs and into his feet. Gary’s pain became my motivator; failure was not acceptable to me! I embarked on a journey to learn how to harvest people’s own stem cells from their bone marrow and fat to inject into their arthritic joints and spinal ligaments, using x-ray guidance to inject the stem cells directly into the discs. This is when it became clear to me that Gary’s pain, in fact, originated from his L4/L5 intervertebral disc. I am

Gary Young’s spine before (left) and after (right) PRP injections.