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Volume 4.11 November 2014

The Sistas’ Love

The story of love, hope, compassion, and Young Living Essential Oils in the desperate yet hopeful African nation of Uganda. FOR JESSICA GIANELLONI, being a Young Living member is a labour of love. Her mission has spread far YL members Robin Maiocca, Kendra beyond her neighbourhood, her Facebook friends, and Barnwell, Jessica Gianelloni, Hailey Aliff, and Peggy Miranda. even the United States. Her seemingly inexhaustible reach—and that of her team—has extended into the heartbreaking slums and agonising villages of Uganda, a place where poverty doesn’t even begin to describe the reality. But it’s here, among the poorest of the poor and the hurting and the starving, that Jessica has found so much purpose. Empowered with healthy snack packs; “I feel we were created to serve others Oregano, Melaleuca Alternifolia, Lavender, and to serve ‘the least of these,’” said Lemon, and Peppermint essential oils; Jessica. “The people there give me more and Thieves essential oil blend, the small than I give them, and with Young Living group spent the next three weeks serving it’s just a perfect fit. I’m able to make and showing love to more than 1,000 a difference in the lives of people who children in the slums and orphanages— otherwise would never receive such and using every last bottle doing it. hope. To me, the oils are about hope; and “It’s interesting because when I first I really feel like they do give people hope. stepped foot in an orphanage years ago, I It’s really just serving and living out what thought it was the worst thing I had ever God created us to do, which is serving seen in my life,” said Jessica. “But then and helping others.” I quickly realised that the babies and When it began a few years ago, Jessica children in there have somehow kind of first arrived in Uganda on a service made it, because you see the kids on the mission trip to help however and streets and in the slums, and your heart wherever she could. Over the span of a just literally breaks for them. You see how few weeks, her life was forever changed dirty and filthy the conditions are, and as she cared for the orphaned infants you cannot understand how children live and children. that way. They’re starving and they sleep “I just literally fell in love with the on the streets. You feel that there are just country, the culture, the children, and too many of them and that you can’t make the people there,” she said. “For some a difference. But you can. You just take reason, I was just pulled to Africa.” the children one at a time and clean their Her connection to the country and its feet and hug them and love them and people was cemented when she and her show them that they matter, and you just husband Rit soon began the adoption keep doing that. Those are very special process that would lead to adding days for me. Ugandan-born Solomon to their family; “This is a true reflection of Gary’s his addition meant five Gianelloni heart, too, because he listened to my kids eight years of age or younger. The experiences and offered donations. I number will increase by one again, as never thought it was something Young Jessica and Rit are in the midst of their Living could or would do. It’s just a second Ugandan adoption. reflection of the company and the After consecutive summer trips to founder, which is to give, to help, and to Uganda, Jessica began noticing a trend heal all over the world. I feel so blessed. she wanted to change. She was watching Hailey and Jessica applying essential oils to boys Young Living was God’s way of getting wealthy American groups consistently from the local villages. bring their vaccines, medicines, and me to where I needed to be.” junk foods. She would see them driving into the slums taking pictures, but not getting out to relieve pain or show love. How You Can Help While grateful for the efforts to help, she knew she needed to start doing things differently. She knew she needed help. More than 50% of the Uganda population Almost serendipitously, in February 2014 Jessica found is under 18, including more than 2.7 million herself in Kona, Hawaii, with Gary Young as part of the orphans. Drive to Win promotion. On the beautiful island, she relayed her experiences in Uganda with Gary, who was so moved Visit that he made a promise to “get essential oils over there.” oils-for-orphans-campaign/ to watch a video of Four months later, loaded with donated Young Living Jessica’s most recent mission trip and to donate to the Oils for Orphans campaign, so we can products and the hope of being able to help 500 children, help take more Young Living essential oils to Jessica went back to make a big-time difference. This time, Uganda throughout the year, every year. she took 17 team members, as well as her mother Peggy, her sister Hailey, and her friends Robin and Kendra.

Founder’s Message THINGS JUST KEEP getting better at Young Living! This year has brought with it remarkable growth for the company and for our members. People are flocking to our ideals of wellness, purpose, and abundance. People are looking for alternatives and we are helping them! All of us have so much to be thankful for, so let’s remember everything wonderful in our lives as Thanksgiving Day approaches. So much of what we have accomplished together in 2014 is directly related to your leadership and to your dedication to take these amazing gifts into every home in the world. Quite literally, without you, there is no Young Living. Can you imagine a world without Young Living’s opportunity or essential oils and life-changing products? What a sad thought! Your role as a Young Living member is a vital piece to making the world a better, more abundant place. Never forget how important you are to this cause. It doesn’t matter to me if you are a Royal Crown Diamond or the newest member, you are important to Young Living. Thank you deeply for your determination to bless your life and the lives of everyone around you. As we get together at our many events, I hope you feel our love and appreciation for you. We hope for your success and celebrate with you when you achieve your dreams. My promise to you is that you can put your trust and assurance into Young Living. In this season of gratitude, let’s be grateful for the wonderful opportunity we have to take Young Living Essential Oils to every home in the world!

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Northern Lights Update

It’s Official! The UK Grand Opening YOUNG LIVING CELEBRATED the opening of its United Kingdom market with a spectacular September event at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in the heart of London. More than 800 attendees, many of whom took the opportunity to visit the European Headquarters on the Friday prior to the event, enjoyed two days of informative on-stage presentations and specialised workshops given by Young Living leaders. The extensive product expo showcasing new additions to the European product range as well as offering a sneak peek at the 2014 seasonal products proved to be a huge hit. The NingXia Red and Slique Bars were also highly frequented by those looking for an afternoon pick-me-up or a warming cup of tea. This fabulous day was rounded off with a contagiously energetic performance by the famous tribute act “The Beatles for Sale.” During the two-day event, everybody had the opportunity to choose from several exciting and informative workshops with topics ranging from social media and business building to Raindrop Technique and the energy of essential oils. The event attracted people from all over the world—from several different European countries to the USA, Canada, and Singapore. GO UK was a great success and really showed that Young Living is an international family, with essential oils being a sought-after gift of nature all around the world. This is what John Doughty, general manager and managing director for Young Living Europe, had to say about this fantastic event and the future of Young Living in the UK and Europe: “I believe strongly in Gary’s vision of bringing the oils into every home in the world. Young Living simply offers the best oils and oil-infused products in the world, and we are proud to be able to excite people across the UK and Europe, motivating them to live a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle. We constantly expand our product offering and encourage growth with exciting events, and now we are enjoying seeing more and more lives being enhanced by Young Living’s incredible gifts of nature.”

The new distillery building soon to be producing black spruce



JAPAN IS AN island nation located in the Pacific Ocean. The characters that make up Japan’s name mean “sun-origin,” which is why Japan is often referred to as the “Land of the Rising Sun.” Japan is the 2nd-largest direct-sales market in the world, grossing more than $22 billion each year, with a population of over 127 million.  The Young Living Japan office is on the 32nd floor of a 52-story skyscraper in the middle of Tokyo’s business district and right next door to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government office building. In the entrance hall of the showroom is a huge lavender wall (8 feet x 43 feet) used as a symbol of Young Living Japan that welcomes visitors. More than 7,000 bundles of real lavender were imported from the Young Living Lavender Farm in France to create the wonderful wall.  Additionally, the showroom has three meeting rooms, named Rose, Lavender, and Melissa. Japanese members love the showroom and invite their guests and friends over for meetings and trainings. If you have an opportunity to visit Tokyo, please come by our magnificent showroom! We are looking forward to meeting you soon in Tokyo!

• Japan’s annual sales volume YTD through September is the third highest of all YL countries. • Favourite products include NingXia Red; Lavender, Lemon, Orange, Peppermint, and Rosemary oils; and Valor, Thieves, and White Angelica oil blends.

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Japan @ a glance...

Dr. Edward Close: An International Honour “I personally can attest to his being one of the great creative mathematicians of our time. I think his contributions to mankind will endure for centuries. It is our honour to have Dr. Close as our newest ISPE Diplomate."

– Vernon M. Neppe, MD, PhD, and Elections Officer, ISPE

YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL Oils would like to congratulate Gold member Edward Close, PhD, (EJC Advantage LLC) on his recent inclusion as a Diplomate of the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry. According to the news release, Dr. Close, whose work in physics, mathematics, and engineering is respected worldwide, received more votes than any previous Diplomate candidate. From the release: “Diplomate Close adds an extra dimension of excellence to our list of distinguished Diplomates. Having worked with Ed closely for five plus years, I personally can attest to his being one of the great creative mathematicians of our time. I think his contributions to mankind will endure for centuries. It is our honour to have Dr. Close as our newest ISPE Diplomate. Congratulations to Dr. Edward Roy Close." – Vernon M. Neppe MD, PhD, Fellow Royal Society (SAf), BN&NP, DFAPA, MMed (Psych), DPM, DSPE; Elections Officer, ISPE


12 wonderful collections available!


At this special time of year, share warmth and happiness with family and friends through the abundant gifts of Young Living Essential Oils!

Indulgent Beauty

Drawing on the ancient Chinese reverence of the orchid flower, our elegant A.R.T beauty range blends 100% pure Young Living essential oils with powerful botanicals to create nourishing natural products that encourage vibrancy and wellness to radiate from within. Indulgent Beauty includes an A.R.T Renewal Serum as well as an A.R.T Crème Masque and a single A.R.T Beauty Masque.

Item No. 997608

Luscious Lips

Just perfect for the harsh winter months, this collection of natural lip balms are a soothing and nourishing way to enjoy the rich benefits of essential oils. This collection includes Grapefruit, Lavender, and Cinnamint lip balms.

Item No. 997908

Roll-On Duo Our Stress Away Roll-On is the perfect on-the-go natural solution to help relieve seasonal stresses, whilst Deep Relief is on hand to offer powerful support for muscle soreness and tension with its blend of nine essential oils including Idaho balsam fir, clove and copaiba.

Item No. 9988500

Contained within an exclusive Young Living zipped bag, the collection features three of our most loved Thieves products – the all-natural AromaBright toothpaste, a bottle of Thieves spray for allround protection and a 15ml size of our precious Thieves blend, featuring an effective combination of clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus and rosemary to help to support against the cold weather ills that can really spoil this special time of year.

Essential Thieves

Item No. 999408

For more information on these collections as well as our full Seasonal Essentials range, please visit the Virtual Office or our website at!

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as simple as 1,2,3!

Essential Rewards Incentive Young Living’s Essential Rewards Programme offers Members an array of benefits – from discounted shipping to accumulating points for free product! To encourage new Members to reap the benefits of this programme, we are introducing a new Essential Rewards Incentive, starting 1st November 2014.

Essential Rewards With Essential Rewards, where products are shipped hassle free from our door to yours, you can ensure that you always have your favourite Young Living products on hand! Available exclusively to Young Living Members, the Essential Rewards programme offers many benefits such as: - Easy Monthly Shipments - Discounted Shipping - Exclusive Bonuses - Exclusive Rewards Points

EssEntial REwaRds incEntivE - nEw MEMbERs l Members who haven’t ordered through Essential Rewards before can now qualify for a free AromaLux Atomizing Diffuser including a 15ml bottle of our exclusive Peace & Calming blend. l To receive, enrol in Essential Rewards (ER) for the first time with an order worth 100 PV or more. l Maintain your 100 PV ER order for three consecutive months and the AromaLux is yours! bEnEfits foR Existing MEMbERs Maintaining the loyalty of the new Members in your downline, and helping them to grow their business, is the perfect way to develop your own business and create a positive team synergy. The exciting benefits of the Essential Rewards programme, and state of the art products like the Aromalux diffuser, will help to encourage your team to order each month. Members who stay for over three months are more likely to maintain a long life of wellness, purpose and abundance with Young Living. incEntivE Qualification cRitERia and infoRMation • Incentive available for Young Living Europe Members from 1st November 2014. • Join the Essential Rewards Programme for the first time from November 2014 and maintain your order worth 100 PV or more for three consecutive months. • After your third qualifying order in January, fill in the form available in your VO and send it as a scan to for verification. You may also send it via mail or fax. Please visit for contact information. • Please allow a verification period of 28 days after receiving your voucher. • After verification, the AromaLux Atomizing Diffuser will be sent to the shipping address saved on your Young Living account. • Rewards cannot be exchanged for money or product credits. • This incentive is exclusively for Members who have never had an Essential Rewards order.

November • PROMOTIONS AN OIL OF MANY NAMES Spend 195 PV or more and receive Cistus (5ml)


£44.50/ €52.75*!

Cistus oil is steam distilled from the Cistus ladanifer tree originating from the Mediterranean and has a soft, honey-like scent. Cistus has been treasured throughout history: The ancient Egyptians imported the herb and treasured the resin for its distinctive aromatic properties. It is also believed that Cistus may be the small shrub tree called the “Rose of Sharon” referred to in the Bible.

DID YOU KNOW ...? Cistus is also known as Labdanum, “rock rose” and “Lily of the Valley”.

HOW DO YOU SHARE? Spend 295 PV and you will receive 50 assorted Essential Oil Sample Sachets as well as 50 Sample Sachet Sharing Cards in addition to your 5ml bottle of Cistus. November traditionally sees a large rise in the number of new Young Living oil enthusiasts. The season of sharing and our beautiful Seasonal Gifts come together to make introducing others to the wonders of oils so simple and intuitive. Now, with these Essential Oil Sample Sachets you will find it easier than ever!

Due to rebrand, transition product labels may vary.

Its fruity scent is both calming and uplifting. This oil really stimulated the senses – try combining with Sandalwood, Frankincense and Myrrh for meditation!

For full details of the promotions for November, please visit the Virtual Office where you can view and download the complete version of this month’s flyer! TheEdge Essential Edge 4 | The Essential

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