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Volume 4.4 April 2014

YOUNG LIVING IS the world leader in essential oils, and now there is a company-wide movement to create a culture to match our products: a world-class culture focused on changing lives and making a difference throughout the world. There is a spirit of unity that crosses lines and teams and brings every Young Living member together for a cause greater than money, status, or rank advancement. In short, we are one big Young Living team of oilers and caretakers, of dream chasers and achievers. We are a unique, worldwide community of individuals who come together to give back not only to make the people of the earth better but to also make the earth better. From remote areas in northern Idaho to bustling hubs in Hong Kong, the Young Living lifestyle rolls on. That lifestyle is built upon principles of abundance for everyone. It’s about furthering a cause so much bigger than ourselves and our bank accounts. It’s about making real changes in our lives so that we can promote real changes in the lives of everyone who happens to cross our path. My dream is to have a unified Young Living team where we learn from each other, share with each other, and build each other. This is our inspired movement, and we are in it together. This year marks Young Living’s 20th anniversary, which we are going to celebrate with great excitement at our International Grand Convention in June. We have many new and exciting tools, products, and other great surprises. Come and join us for all of the excitement!

Building on member excitement from Drive to Win, the Road to Convention promotion allows North American members in the United States, Mexico, or Canada (excluding Quebec) to earn points based on Essential Rewards orders, convention attendance, and new enrollments. No matter your rank or the size of your team, you can compete for one of 20 top prizes by earning one of the 20 highest point totals. In fact, for every prize won by a Diamond, Young Living will match that same prize for the next qualifying non-Diamond participant! First place: Travel, lodging, and registration to the International Grand Convention for two, plus the winner’s choice of two dream vacations for four. The winner will choose from the Young Living Tour de France itinerary or Galapagos Islands Eco Adventure. Both trips will be professionally guided, offer luxury accommodations, and include tours of either our Simiane-laRotonde or Ecuador farm, respectively. (Approximate value: $26,000–$28,000*) Second place: Travel, lodging, and registration to the International Grand Convention for two; travel, lodging, and registration to the three-day Network Marketing Mastermind Event in Orlando, Florida, for two; and a $3,000 product credit. The Mastermind Event is one of the nation’s top network-marketing education events, and combined with a free trip to Young Living’s 2014 International Grand Convention, it could be a turning point in your Young Living journey. (Approximate value: $10,000*) Third place: Travel, lodging, and registration to the International Grand Convention for two; travel, lodging, and registration to the winner’s choice of a Discovering Nature’s Remedies or Raindrop Technique training for two; and a $1,000 product credit. Discovering Nature’s Remedies and Raindrop Technique trainings are member-favorite events designed to help attendees discover greater wellness and fulfillment. (Approximate value: $7,000*) Fourth place: Travel, lodging, and registration to the International Grand Convention for two, plus a $1,500 product credit. (Approximate value: $4,500*) Fifth place: Travel, lodging, and registration to the International Grand Convention for two, plus a $500 product credit. (Approximate value: $3,500*) Sixth through 20th place: Travel, lodging, and registration to the International Grand Convention for the winner, plus a $75 gift basket. (Approximate value: $1,900*)

Additionally, 20 $500 product credits—10 in both April and May—will be awarded in random drawings from the top 200 on randomly chosen dates. This product credit prize can be won only once, but winning does not disqualify you from winning a grand prize. Take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to build your business, support your team, win fantastic prizes, and attend the convention on us! Visit for full details. *All prizes subject to change.

Live the Ritz: Diamond For a Day HAVE YOU EVER wondered what the International Grand Convention is like for a top Young Living leader? Find out for yourself through our first-ever Diamond for a Day promotion and experience the scintillating benefits of VIP treatment! In this promotion, members will have the opportunity to compete for one of 20 special convention VIP packages. Winners will network with top Young Living leaders and live like a Diamond at the 20th anniversary convention— the Young Living event of the year! If you are a Star or Senior Star, Executive, Silver, Gold, or Platinum member, you have between now and May 31 to energize your team and grow your business to win a prize package that includes: • • • • • •

VIP access and seating to most convention events Free convention registration (a $269 USD value) Young Living-branded iPad Air (a $600 USD value) $500 product credit (a $500 wholesale USD value) New-product gift basket (a $350 USD value) On-site registration priority

The top four participants from each of the five ranks who have the greatest percentage of average OGV growth during the promotion period will win! The participant from any rank who has the greatest average OGV growth percentage overall will win additional prizes, including onstage recognition at the convention and a Best of Salt Lake City package (up to a $3,000 USD value) that includes

Shine Like a Diamond — at the —

2014 International Grand Convention

Visit for more details.

limo service, fine dining, a hotel upgrade, $1,000 shopping spree, and more! All members in the eligible ranks will be entered automatically in the Diamond for a Day promotion, based on February’s paid-as rank. Discover how fun, rewarding, and possible it is to succeed at any level with Young Living! Visit to learn more about this exciting promotion.


Founder’s Message

GET READY FOR Young Living’s historic 20th anniversary convention by joining the Road to Convention promotion! Now is the time to take advantage of your opportunity to win one of many great prizes and start living your dream today!

Essential Edge News

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Renew, Reunite at the Spring Reforestation THE ANNUAL YOUNG Living Spring Reforestation at our Highland Flats Tree Farm is here! Each year at the advent of spring, we reconnect in northern Idaho to give back to nature and to ourselves through a time of renewal based around the Seed to Seal® process. This year, April 6–May 2 is your opportunity to participate firsthand in the planting methods used to help ensure that Young Living oils are the purest available. During the Spring Reforestation, you will work shoulder to shoulder with other members to replace the blue spruce, Western red cedar, and other trees that were removed during the Winter Harvest and to promote sustainability at our beautiful Highland Flats Tree Farm. “We are proud to allow our members to see sustainability in action,” said Jay Anderton, Young Living VP of global farms and projects. “Until you experience one of these events for yourself, it is difficult to understand the effort, care, and passion that goes into the Seed to Seal process. We hope you will join us this spring for the reforestation tree planting project at the Highland Flats Tree Farm.” At the reforestation, you can look forward to: • Playing a vital role in the creation of our Idaho Blue Spruce and Balsam Fir essential oils • Participating in Young Living’s sustainability efforts by replacing previously harvested trees • Learning time-tested planting methods and reconnecting with a simpler, more natural way of life • Discovering a new appreciation for Young Living’s commitment to quality and authenticity • Making new friends and lasting memories Please visit to learn more about this event and to register.


Young Living Silver Winner of Sweden GO Getaway! (U.S. Facebook promotion)

“Young Living has been such a blessing to my family because I have been able to facilitate a change to a healthier lifestyle that will benefit them today and for years to come. I am laying the foundation now for my children to lead healthy, abundant lives. My family is healthier because of the oils, and the friendships that I have made through my Oily Families group have been an unexpected and welcomed bonus. “I am beyond excited to be going to Sweden to get to see and be part of the growth of Young Living in a new way. I have never been overseas, so this is truly the trip of a lifetime for me! I am so grateful for this opportunity.”

Gary Young: A Somalian Adventure This is the third of an expected five-part series highlighting real events from Gary’s frankincense exploration in Somalia, written by Gary himself.

Aloha! Winners Party Hawaiian-Style

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OUR MEMBERS RECENTLY took part in the Young Living Hawaii Adventure—and they had the time of their lives! The event capped off the first-ever Drive to Win promotion, in which members earned points for growing their businesses and spreading Young Living’s message. Members who placed in the top 60 were treated to a unique visit to Hawaii’s shores, including a special sandalwood farm experience with company Founder and CEO D. Gary Young! Attendees began the five-day event on February 26 with a special NingXia Nitro™ bar mingle at the Hilton Waikoloa Village hotel. The next day they were treated to an exclusive live coaching session with Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl, best-selling authors and founders of Oola. Young Living recently partnered with Oola in order to promote wellness through balance and growth, and Dave and Troy shared tips on how to achieve this amidst life’s many distractions. On February 28, members participated in a special trip to the sandalwood farm with Gary Young. Gary showed them the farm where royal Hawaiian sandalwood trees are grown and harvested to produce Young Living’s precious Sandalwood essential oil. Members were even able to participate in the reforestation of the sandalwood trees as part of Young Living’s efforts to promote more sustainable practices in the area. The final day of the event, March 1, was full of fun around the island as members participated in several Young Living-sponsored activities. They had the option to take part in a snorkeling excursion in Kealakekua Bay, enjoy the breathtaking tropical forest on a zip line tour in North Kohala, or take a scenic horseback ride at the Dahana Ranch. The big winners then departed Hawaii to return home, rejuvenated and refreshed. All were glad they participated in the tremendous Drive to Win promotion and Hawaii Adventure! Even if you weren’t able to participate in this trip to Hawaii, adventure still awaits you as you work to spread Young Living’s message, grow your business, and prepare for your next opportunity to win! Essential Edge News

THE NEXT DAY, under military escort, we Gary in the village market with guards and Boswellia frereana vendors. The ventured outside the compound to visit a president of Somalia dispatched special local warehouse that brokered and shipped forces as bodyguards for Gary. frankincense and myrrh resin out of Somalia. When we arrived, they were cleaning the resin and preparing it for export. I noticed that almost everyone was chewing the resin as they worked. It was interesting to see that here in another country, the home of Boswellia frereana, what I have been telling everyone since my time in Oman about the resin and why I created Slique Gum, my frankincense chewing gum. We went to visit two private schools that were supposed to be better than the public schools in the city of Bosaso with a population of 500,000 people, and they did not even have electricity. So naturally, there were no computers, no biology labs, no sports, no music, and no chemistry. However, all the children were learning English with the hope of one day leaving this school for a better education, a job, and a better life. I asked to visit a community school and was told, “NO, we are ashamed to have you see our public schools.” The next day I went to the shipping port where Queen Hatshepsut’s royal navy landed when she was looking for an inland passage to the headwaters of the Nile River. Then 500 years later, King Abdulla continued to export frankincense to Egypt. His oldest daughter, Queen Arawelo, then became heir to the throne and continued to export frankincense and myrrh in trade with the Queen of Sheba in Cana, Yemen. Today, 3,000 years later, the No. 1 commodity for export still remains the legendary frankincense. Goats, sheep, and camels make up the second export market share. Tuesday morning Yusuf informed me, “The President has dispatched more solders for our protection, but it will still be safer if we go out under the cover of dark in the early morning around 1 or 2 a.m., so be ready.”

Young Living Leaders Hall of Fame Bold = Newly Qualified

CROWN DIAMOND Fuller Life (SGP) DIAMOND Patricia Gwee (SGP) Tan Kai Hiang (SGP) PLATINUM

Fee Boey & Nigel Penderigh (MY) Ho Chee Hong (SGP) The Light Goes On (SGP)

Alsree Hafiz & Sharifah Samira Salim Alhadi (SG) Aw Constance Marie (SGP) Bee Hoon Eng (MY) Boon Ling Choy (MY) Chai Chee Ong (MY) Charlene Tan (SGP) Chia Puay Hoon (SGP) Chin Pamela Sze-Juen (MY) Choon Thai Cheong (MY) Christina Wan Huey San (SGP) David Liew Kian Yuen (SGP) Deanna Koh (SGP) Donna Lim (SGP) Donna Tan (SG) Eleen Tong Yan Ngoh (SGP) Elissa Gandakusuma (SG) Elke Wollschon (MY) Ewe Hin Lim (MY) Faith Teo/ Teo Choun Hwee (SGP) Fazlina Mansor (SGP) Florence Ho (SG) Foo Siow Huei (SGP) Francis Poon Ngo Lai & Quek Sze Puay (SGP) Gan Kuew Lin (MY) Hwee Boon Koh (SGP) Hwei Leng Pang (MY)


Daniel Tze Hui Tan (SGP) Foong Pooi Yee (MY) Huang Hsin Keen Geene (SGP) Jennifer Sy Lim (MY) Jihan Saleh Kinnear (SGP) Linda Siok Lin Poh (SGP) Ma Pau Lin (MY) Pang Kim Choo (SGP)


Jayesh Parekh (SGP) Jessie Neo (SGP) Joliene Bridget Chen (SGP) Juak Lai Teo (SGP) Juna Poh Siok Chun (SG) Kiew Cha Moi (SGP) Kirupanithi Pooranavelu (MY) Kok Wai Hoi (MY) Kun Yam Thong Temple (MY) Laila Bte Mohd Kapi (SGP) Lee Hock Seng (SGP) Lee Hock Soon (SGP) Lee Lian Leng Dowin (SG) Lee San Chang (MY) Lee Wai Ching (SGP) Leonard Ow/Mardiana Ismail (SGP) Leung Peggun Hoi Cheuk (SG) Lim Jean Keng Khoon (SGP) Lim Mei Chun (SGP) Lim Poh Tin (SG) Lim Seok Buay Helena (SG) Linda Poh (SGP) Ling Ai Teng (MY) Luana Navarro (SGP) Marinee Yuprapan (IND) Marissa Abang (MY) Marissa Loh (SGP) Melissa Zecha (MY)

Sheena Ling (SGP) Sie Hun Sim (MY) Stephanie Choo (SGP) Yonie Bonawi (SGP) Yoon Yung Chen (MY) Yvonne Zee (SGP) Zuraida Bte Neti (SG)

Nasrullah Amin (SGP) Norlizah Ali/ Noor Azhar Parnen (SGP) Ng Geok Siang (MY) Ng Wei Suan (MY) Norasyikin Binte Roslan (SGP) Noorsaadah Binte Noordin (SGP) Norizan Roslan (SGP) Nyit Kiew Leong (MY) Pian Pian Lim (MY) Quek Chee Nam (MY) Raja Rahmah Raja Idris (SGP) Ratna Mishra (SG) Reymond Hartono (SGP) Rivina Gianchand (SGP) Sarine Rajagukguk (SGP) Serene Seah (SG) Shahida Binte Johari (SG) Shamala Tan (SGP) Sheryl Arun Murthy (SGP) Shiqin Jamie Wong (SGP) Sia Jia Yen Linda (MY) Simon Ng (SGP) Soh Ai Choo Helena (MY) Soh Fiona May Leng (SGP) Sok Ha Ho (MY) Soon Chew Lian (SG) Sri Mulyadi (SGP) Sum Tong Ng (SGP)

Susan Toh (SGP) Tai Mui How (SGP) Tan Hwee San (SGP) Tan Seow Teng (SGP) Teo Sek Jen (SG) Thia Woon Ling (SGP) Toh Sue Hwa (SGP) Vivisha Doshi (SG) Wong Chuo Ding (SGP) Wong Guat Kin (MY) Wong Siew Yen (MY) Yanni Tan (SGP) Yoon Yung Chen (MY) Yurita Pohan (SG)


Khairul Ariffin (SGP) Cherie Tseng (SGP) Chin Foong Teng (MY) Chua Hong Ling (SGP) Chuwen Huang (SGP) Claudia Hofmaier (SGP) Constance Marie Aw (SGP) Cynthia Teo (SGP)

Essential Edge News

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Young Living’s World News AUSTRALIA

The Hormone Health for Families tour in March was a huge success, with recordbreaking attendance in every city! We hope to continue this growth at future Young Living Australia events. The Bolt to the 20th Anniversary Bash promotional period ends April 30. We look forward to rewarding the well-deserved qualifiers with flights and/or accommodations to attend the 2014 International Grand Convention in Salt Lake City! We would also like to wish all attending Australian members the best of luck in qualifying for the Diamond for a Day promotion. This is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a VIP package at this year’s convention. Visit for more information.


Japan has just announced the amazing Vacation Challenge to Italy promotion. Those who qualify will receive free airfare and accommodations for an Italian vacation in March 2015. Moreover, the top 10 winners will receive several great prizes, including a new car with an aroma

diffuser for the top winner, as well as free trips to the International Grand Convention, harvest events, and more.


Young Living Peru will begin its first training tour this month, beginning April 3 in Cusco. The tour will feature presentations about Young Living, the compensation plan, and the Raindrop Technique®. In late April the region will launch its Starter Kit, which will guide new members through the path to leadership and how to best grow their Young Living business.


Southeast Asia is indeed blessed with so many leaders visiting from international markets. Royal Crown Diamond Michael McDanel came back to the region, bringing a wealth of information about creating a lifestyle of advantages to members in Singapore and Malaysia. The next big event is Young Living 360°, where we will feature valuable knowledge on Young Living products and the business opportunity. Keynote speak-

ers will include Crown Diamond Frances Fuller and Diamond Adam Green. The Singapore office has also launched a shipping promotion for Indonesia, which allows Indonesian members to order directly from Singapore at subsidized shipping rates. If you have members or contacts in Indonesia and would like more information, please send an e-mail to


Young Living Canada recently celebrated its one-year anniversary with an event in Toronto. Canada’s growth over the past year has been nothing short of amazing, and we attribute this success to the strong members in the market and the drive they have to share Young Living with all of those around them. We look forward to what our second year has in store and the new heights we will reach as we look to fulfill Gary Young’s vision of taking the oils into every home in the world.


had more signups than ever before this past February! The continuous efforts of our members are encouraged by the through-the-roof sales of our wonderful new Starter Kits! We have the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Luba Vozar to two exclusive events in April in Austria and Germany. Luba will be hosting the first-ever Beauty School in Europe. Her in-depth knowledge and brilliant presentation skills will make unforgettable events! The grand opening of Sweden is April 26! This is a fantastic opportunity for anybody interested in building a business in one of the most prosperous regions in Europe. We are proud to welcome Royal Crown Diamond Marcella Vonn Harting and Young Living’s Director of Global Education and Sales, Scott Johnson, to this milestone event, where they will share their invaluable product knowledge and business skills. We have also announced the date of the UK grand opening, causing huge excitement in Europe. Plan on joining us September 20 in London for this historic and exciting event!

Young Living Europe is thrilled to have

Young Living: The World Leader in Essential Oils and Distillation During its 20-year history, Young Living Essential Oils has proven again and again to be the world leader in essential oils. With the installation in 2014 of a state-of-the-art distillery at its Highland Flats Tree Farm in Naples, Idaho, D. Gary Young ushered in a new era in distillation for the production of essential oils and proved that obstacles are no match for his illuminated vision. The new distillery is the latest innovation in distillery technology, including an advanced computer program that monitors the distillation chamber and condenser and separator temperatures and pressures, starting with the steam injection flow into the extraction chamber to the steam exit and flow temperature levels through the condenser to the separator. The first critical factor is the steam flow volume, which determines the temperature and ability to ramp the steam flow at the precise time to maintain sufficient temperature increase as the oil molecules travel up through the chamber for proper extraction without creating homogenization or reflux that will result in loss of oil, which will compromise the quality. The steam-injection rate and volume are very critical during the entire process. The second critical factor is to make sure that the condenser temperature is not too hot or too cold as it descends through 200 12-foot-long tubes to prevent fracturing of the molecules, which could change the chemistry and aroma. Third, the temperature of the separator is critical because many plants require a different separation temperature. If the temperature is wrong, many of the fine molecules are lost that are important for therapeutic application,

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which is unimportant to the fragrance and food flavoring industry. With Gary’s new, innovative changes, we are now capturing up to 80 percent more of the fine molecules that are lost in normal distilling practices. The computer monitors all systems and makes changes instantly when needed. Manually, the operator may be monitoring, loading, or unloading a chamber and may not be able to make adjustments immediately, which could take several minutes to correct. The fourth step will be to install cameras inside the swan neck to be able to watch the steam as it leaves the plant material carrying the oil into the condenser. An app on Gary’s phone will allow him to monitor and control the distillation from any place in the world and will also enable him to teach new operators around the world. This new, automated, state-of-the-art oil-extracting facility is the most advanced distilling system in the world today. • For the first time, semitrucks can drive inside a heated building where the chips are unloaded and then packed into the two 21,000-liter extraction chambers. • In 2014, two more extraction chambers will be installed for the 2015 harvest. One will be another 21,000-liter chamber for conifer distillation. The fourth will be an 8,500-liter chamber for the distillation of Idaho Tansy. • The range of liters extracted from a single distillation is between 21 and 42 liters. The volume of oil is dependent on the age of the tree and the branch growth. Older trees with less branch growth and more hard wood naturally Essential Edge News

produce less oil, and different conifer trees have a difference in their production. • The new extraction chambers use 30 percent less fuel that the older extraction chambers. The new condenser system reduces the water consumption by 20 percent, and all water in the distillation process is recycled and never leaves the holding reservoir again, thus preserving our eco system. • The truck bay is 85 feet long and 52 feet wide. It is fully insulated, with heated floors to melt snow and ice and remove the water in the chips for a better and greater distillation. • The new distillery completely eliminates Gary’s nightly drive of 125 miles in the semitruck over the treacherous, winding roads covered with snow and ice to the distillery in St. Maries. Gary is safer, the distillation process is infinitely faster, and the oil production is spectacular. A dream come true. The Highland Flats farm is an amazing place to visit. From distilling, to separating, to decanting/filtering, to bottling, the oils are transferred from stainless steel to glass containers and never touch hands before they are sealed and packaged for shipping. Distillery operators say that distilling is both an art and a science. D. Gary Young combines research and science with 25 years of experience in engineering, designing, building, and operating 9 existing distilleries and 5 partner distilleries in different countries. In 2014 he is building 1 new distillery in Egypt and 1 in Somalia. All of these distilleries that Gary Young has built throughout the world on five continents are bringing forth great discoveries in modern-day distillation, making him the only person in history to distill on such a worldwide scale. Consistency and increased control allow Young Living to further ensure the purity and quality of its world-class products. The Seed to Seal process is Young Living’s trademark. This was first developed at the farm in Ecuador. Gary then took it to a higher level with the new distillery at Highland Flats. Gradually, all of the Young Living distilleries will be modified to match the new operation. The Utah farm is now under way for the same up-grades. With the new automation and the most advanced technology available, modernizing the production process will be more efficient and effective than ever. Gary’s vision is to be able to remotely monitor and control the distillation process in Young Living’s worldwide farms from his phone and global headquarters in Lehi, Utah. Young Living has again raised the bar of excellence in the essential oil industry; and with its Seed to Seal process, it is without question the world leader in essential oils.

Essential Edge News


Singapore April 2014 Issue

An All-Rounded Workshop at the YL360 Event! Message from the General Manager I hope everyone is having a great April! I am excited to announce that March was a ground-breaking month for

12 April (Saturday) marks another one of our successful quarterly events, YL 360. Members were in for a treat as they got to listen to 2 of YL’s Crown Diamonds share their experiences in both products and business building. Guest speaker, Singapore’s very own Crown Diamond Frances Fuller shared on the topic of overcoming stress with YL products; andAdam Green, Crown Diamond from Canada, talked about how to fast track the growth of your YL business. This event was also a chance for us to recognize our new Singapore leaders and the growing pool of leaders in Singapore is indeed astonishing! This event was indeed a well-rounded one as not only did we get to gain business & product insights, but we also got to share a fun and enjoyable morning using the oils, dancing with the crowd and experiencing the YL Singapore energy! We can’t wait for the next event!

Young Living in Singapore. Not only was this month our

Watch out for more on our YL 360 South East Asia Tour on the next issue..

biggest month ever, but we officially surpassed one million US dollars in sales. This is an amazing feat since no other

Room packed with YL members eager to learn.

market around the world has been able to do this in such a short period of time as has Young Living Singapore! Each of you are to be commended for your efforts to make this happen! What truly amazing members you are! However, I also think it is important to point out that the figure I mentioned is just a number. It is not important what our sales are, what is important is how many people are enjoying the benefits of essential oils here in Singapore. Sales figures are irrelevant to the wellness and abundance that are being brought to people as a result of your efforts. I am less interested in revenues, margins or balance sheets than I am with the help essential oils can provide to a mother or father when caring for their children, or with a

Young Living Singapore’s newest Silvers.

worker undergoing a stressful period. When I look at these sales figures, this is what I see, that more and more are enjoying the benefits of oils. I shared an article at the Next Generation Leadership seminar earlier this month that was printed in the local “Today” newspaper back in June of 2012. In the article Prime Young Living Singapore’s newest Golds (Lto R): Geene Huang, Sheena Ling, Linda Poh, Constance Aw, Zuraida Neti

Minister Lee Hsien Loong commented that “Growth is not an end in itself, but a means to improve our lives and achieve many of our other goals.” What a profound statement! Growth is not an end in itself, it is simply a means to help others, to help ourselves, and to measure goals that we have

Our range of YL products discussed at the event.

set. I believe strongly that life is all about growth, and that we should always be striving to grow mentally, spiritually, physically and in all other ways. I also believe that Young Living can help support our growth and abundance. I encourage you to take some time to share this growth with those around you. Let them feel of your passion and enthusiasm for life. If others see your energy, they cannot help but to want to share in it. Share the benefits of wellness

Guest Speaker Adam Green signing off his autograph for our SG members.

Crown Diamond Guest Speakers, Frances Fuller and Adam Green.

and happiness that the oils can provide as well. One of the great thing about the products is that once people experience them for themselves they cannot help but to share them with others as well! I wish each of you the best in all your efforts this month and into the future. Please let us at the office know how we can assist you.

Members experiencing the oils for themselves.

Best of Success!

Will Halterman Young Living South East Asia

Members “boogy-ing” to Pharell William’s Happy Song, great ending to Frances’ talk!

Our crowded order station after the event. THE

General Manager

Essential Edge News

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Essential Edge News


Singapore April 2014 Issue

Next Generation Meeting 2014 It’s the time of the year when we get to meet with Singapore’s Next Generation Leaders (most promising Executives) for a great learning session on strategies and insights on how to take their business to the next level. This meeting was held at Swissotel Merchant Court on the 11th of April. Handpicked by their leaders, the Next Generation Leaders got a chance to listen to our guest speakers, Frances Fuller (Crown Diamond), Adam Green (Crown Diamond, Canada), Patricia Gwee (Diamond) and Kai Tan (Diamond) as they shared on various learnings on how they built their successful Young Living business. It was also a great bonding time as the corporate staff got to chat with them out of the office and also get to know them better!

YL Singapore’s Next Generation Leaders

YL Leaders sharing their experiences (Clockwise): Patricia Gwee (Diamond), Kai Tan (Diamond), Adam Green (Crown Diamond, Canada),Frances Fuller (Crown Diamond)

Members listening attentively to Will’s corporate updates

Success in Six Updates

As Success in Six Year 3 continues, we are happy to congratulate the region’s newest achievers who have reached their goals in less than six months! Each of them has qualified to receive their very own Aroma Complete Kit. Congratulations to our latest Success in Six Qualifiers: Shahida Binte Johari, Route #1 Silver in Six Achiever (SG) Advanced to the rank of Silver within 4 months of becoming Executive

Yurita Pohan, Route #1 Silver in Six Achiever (SG) Advanced to the rank of Silver within 6 months of becoming Senior Star

Lim Seok Buay Helena, Route #1 Silver in Six Achiever (SG) Advanced to the rank of Silver within 3 months of becoming Executive

Ratna Mishra, Route #1 Silver in Six Achiever (SG) Advanced to the rank of Silver within 3 months of becoming Senior Star

Alsree Hafiz & Sharifah Samira Salim Alhadi, Route #1 Silver in Six Achiever (SG) Advanced to the rank of Silver within 1 month of becoming Senior Star

Leung Peggun Hoi Cheuk, Route #1 Silver in Six Achiever (SG) Advanced to the rank of Silver within 1 month of becoming Executive

Ho Lai Chan, Route #1 Silver in Six Achiever (SG) Advanced to the rank of Silver within 5 months of becoming Executive Lee Lian Leng Dowin, Route #1 Silver in Six Achiever (SG) Advanced to the rank of Silver within 1 month of becoming Executive Florence Ho, Route #1 Silver in Six Achiever (SG) Advanced to the rank of Silver within 1 month of becoming Executive

page 2


Serene Seah, Route #1 Silver in Six Achiever (SG) Advanced to the rank of Silver within 3 months of becoming Executive

Essential Edge News

Marinee Yuprapan, Route #1 Silver in Six Achiever (IND) Advanced to the rank of Silver within 2 months of becoming Senior Star Soon Chew Lian, Route #1 Silver in Six Achiever (SG) Advanced to the rank of Silver within 1 month of becoming Executive Teo Sek Jen, Route #1 Silver in Six Achiever (SG) Advanced to the rank of Silver within 2 months of becoming Executive Marissa Abang, Route #1 Silver in Six Achiever (MY) Advanced to the rank of Silver within 2 months of becoming Executive



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