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Together Office BeBe Hobson, Senior Vice President

We recently completed a highly successful $1 million Hard-to-Fund (HTF) Grant distribution. Our initiative started in November 2017 and concluded in December 2019. Over 100 HTF areas received grants, ranging from $5,000 to $10,000. Each grant was matched by the area’s corresponding region. In total, $2 million was disbursed to HTF areas. Funds were allocated to these areas for the purpose of creating and sustaining healthy ministries, as well as contributing to the reduction/elimination of chronic financial hardship. Of the areas we helped, nearly two-thirds ended 2019 in a better financial position than the year before. The average financial increase among these areas was $13,741. Beyond the financial success, many HTF staff commented that this grant provided them hope to continue growing healthy ministry.

As our country continues to grow in diversity among young people, efforts to equip and train staff in cultural intelligence (CQ) continue to expand. Our second and third rounds of “Diversity Deep Dive” are scheduled for this year to take a select group of participants through an immersive three-day workshop. Our February training of 30 individuals will include many from Young Life College, and in September, those in Legacy Leader Training will be equipped as our next-generation leadership. Plans are also underway to design an effective orientation for all staff and volunteers on the topic of CQ. Participants will be taken through a series of video trainings and select resources to help them in their understanding of how growing in their knowledge and practice of CQ can ensure our ministry’s impact in all communities.

YoungLives Karil Connor, Vice President

YoungLives is passionate about growing TOGETHER. One way we pursue growth is by focusing on camp scholarships for local areas, so that finances are not a barrier to bringing girls to camp. In January 2020, our global office gave out 11 camp scholarships across the world from our year-end campaign, “See Her Thrive.”

“Working with people who have a vision that goes beyond what is immediately in their path inspires and humbles me. I’m praying for the girls that this will affect when they hear the gospel and are introduced to Christ.” — Kristen Johansen, YoungLives coordinator, California

YoungLives senior leadership continues to find innovative ways to support this growth:

“We created a Campership Legacy Fund for Central America YoungLives. This allows over 26 teen moms attending camp for the first time to receive scholarships.”

— Jane Lemmen, divisional coordinator, Midwestern Division

Capernaum Pam Harmon, Vice President

God has grown Young Life Capernaum in ways we had never imagined as we grow in relationships of mutual respect. Leaders are gaining greater vision for their friends, and God is using Capernaum to influence growth in culture and systems within the mission. There is growth in the knowledge that people of all abilities belong in Young Life. Through the message that we are better together, we are experiencing that Capernaum is no longer an optional ministry. There is great awareness of the need for tangible action to reach adolescents of every ability and all economic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

This growth has come through perseverance and grace in relationships between Capernaum coordinators and regional and area directors. New ministry has started because of many conversations that happen at regional meetings because Capernaum staff are visiting multiple areas, because Capernaum is collaborating with well-known, like-minded organizations and because there is an awareness of the need and value of including people with disabilities.

This growth comes through exposure. We are seeing value when we spend more time together and when we serve alongside one another. Lives are impacted when staff serve on camp assignments where there are Capernaum campers and when local staff are part of Capernaum day camps, weekend camps or discipleship experiences. The entire camp is impacted when our friends serve on work crew and summer staff. We are grateful for the ways God is growing Young Life in and through Capernaum!

. . . G o d i s u s i n g C a p e r n a u m t o i n f l u e n c e g r o w t h i n c u lt u r e a n d s y s t e m s w i t h i n t h e m i s s i o n .

Multiethnic Ministries Arthur Satterwhite III, Vice President

The year continues to be a busy one for the Multiethnic Ministries team. Here are some highlights of what we have accomplished: • Working with a cross-functional team, we continue to press forward on developing the new Together dashboard and plan to have a working product for deployment to regional leaders (and up) by May 2020.

• To achieve our Together goals, we must increase the cultural intelligence (“CQ”) of our organization. To this end, we are developing a strategic framework that will serve as the basis for integrating diversity, inclusion and CQ across the mission. The first deliverable under this framework is a new, mandatory CQ onboarding program that every staff must complete.

• We have developed a new survey that will help us better understand the experiences of women serving in Young Life’s domestic mission. We will launch this study in the spring, and the data collected will help us identify the opportunities that will affect long-term, sustainable change.

Additionally, our team continues to support field leaders in growing Young Life’s efforts to reach and teach multiethnic kids about Jesus. Here is an example of our impact:

• Working with the Young Life College team, Sam Coleman, our Southeast Multiethnic divisional coordinator, has worked to expand Young Life’s reach on Historically Black College and University (HBCU) campuses. This past year we hired Adler Corvil, the College director at Florida A&M University. On his first college trip to Southwind, his team brought 45 college students of color, making the weekend the most diverse it has ever been. W o r k i n g w i t h t h e Y o u n g L i f e C o l l e g e t e a m , S a m C o l e m a n , o u r S o u t h e a s t M u lt i e t h n i c d i v i s i o n a l c o o r d i n at o r , h a s w o r k e d t o e x p a n d Y o u n g L i f e ’ s r e a c h o n H B C U c a m p u s e s .


Staying true to our core, and growing in our ability to broaden our context will be the keys to growth in the coming years. — Ken Tankersley