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Information Services

Information Services Josh Smiley, Vice President

We are witnessing ministry impact and GROWTH: • With senior leadership’s focus on Core Ministry Impact, our Information Services investments allow staff to record, as often as weekly, how many kids are known by name and how many of these are going to club and Campaigners.

» With this data, staff are growing in their ability to monitor and lean into their local ministries, producing healthy conversations with their leaders and supervisor on what is regularly happening in their ministries. » This improves our celebration and support of the work of our staff and volunteers who, in cooperation with the Holy Spirit, are better equipped to set reasonable GROWTH goals and make better ministry decisions.

We are GROWING in our maturity to support the field and the senior leadership’s directives through our infrastructure: • Through iterative feedback from field leadership and staff, we are adapting and pacing infrastructure improvements alongside ministry GROWTH globally by:

» Instituting a product beta test program for each new major feature with active field users and future volunteer users. » Setting the foundation, in the last quarter, for international use with language and currency updates alongside the start of an integrated Connections Team to provide world-class, comprehensive support to field staff.

• We’re experiencing GROWTH in leveraging our software platforms, with faster build times of new features and reporting requirements:

» Both Salesforce and Information Builders are key investments moving us from yearlong build times down to weeks, addressing critical and ever-changing organizational needs. These changes represent incremental growth in our capability and capacity empowering the day-today ministry of field staff; key platform examples:  Our staff developed our own Young Life Revenue Processing system, resulting in significant savings in annual software costs while better serving our donors and following each dollar toward ministry growth.

 Young Life’s first modern data warehouse now runs in production, where our Development department is utilizing this new system to deliver increasingly sophisticated analytics to better engage and support our donor relationships.

GROWTH story from the field: Core Ministry Impact has most affected the day-to-day ministry work. Leaders are noticing things:

‘‘Oh, I don’t think I’m doing enough contact work,” or, “I haven’t met a new kid in a week.”

— R. Garcia, staff associate


“Working with people who have a vision that goes beyond what is immediately in their path inspires and humbles me ... “ — Kristen Johansen, YoungLives coordinator, California