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Development Eric Scofield, Chief Development Officer

Paul ends 1 Corinthians 3:6 with these final words, “but God has been making it grow.” Well, as I give you some of the places where we have planted and watered in this past year, God is the one who “makes it grow.” This truth could not be more evident in Development. This is His mission and He has brought more and more people into it, specifically gospel patrons!

• The growth we have seen in the development work over these past five-plus years is nothing less than miraculous. Here are a few examples:

» Capital Giving 2012-2017 average: $20.8 million » Capital Giving 2017-2019 average: $43.9 million » Legacy Giving 2013-2017 average: $16.8 million » Legacy Giving 2017-2019 average: $43.3 million » Grants and Foundations 2013-2017 average: $30.08 million » Grants and Foundations 2017-2019 average: $44.95 million » Alumni and Friends in Network 2012 – 102,000 » Alumni and Friends in Network 2019 – 310,000

• Quotes from Development staff:

» “The generosity I see from some of our longtime friends is unprecedented.” — Mike Miller, senior divisional campaign director, Midwestern Division » “The leaders, staff and volunteers loving kids in Africa is inspiring, and the Holy Spirit is at work for sure ... but the way the Lord has funded this growth is amazing. He is on the move.” — Candace Grisdale, campaign director, Africa/Middle East Division • We have gone from very little of our international funding coming from in-country, to $6 million annually coming from indigenous giving across the globe. One of the greatest examples might be in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua as shown below.

Money Raised Locally (local donors + fundraising activities) Country 2016-2017 2018-2019

Dominican Republic $42,699 $118,128

Nicaragua $24,242 $49,483

In my sixth year as the chief development officer, I can only give you a few certainties. First, Young Life is blessed by its mission for the next kid, the next school, the next city and the next country. Second, we have the greatest partners on the globe. And finally, it is God who makes our mission grow … to Him be the glory!