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DECEMBER 2, 2010

TRAVEL Dream world of Magnificence


tuck in   the   world   of   imagination   is   only   a  

short moment   of   dream   world.   My   expectations   are   shattered  into  pieces.   I  drag  my  feet  lethargically  up  the   bus  wondering  what  is  going  to  put  me  down  again.  To   be  honest,   I  am  a  little  regretful  but   I   am  trying   to  keep   my  hopes  up.  I  knew  that  there  would  be  something  

As the   bus   rolls   down   the   bare   streets   of   the   second   morning   in   Agra,   behind   the   misty   clouds,   a   17th   century   magni9icent   architecture   takes   my   breath   away.  The  beauty  of  the  white  crystallized  marble  is   aes-­‐ thetic.   Glistening  brightly  under   the   rising   sun,  the  sce-­‐ nic   view   entertains   my   eyes.   As   my   9inger   tips   glide   across  the  marble,   cold  shivers  make  me  grin.  The  sandy   coated  layer   of  white  crystallized  marble   is   clearly   pal-­‐


good to   pay   off   my   regretting.   But   I   chose   to   visit  India  and  I  knew  I  had  to  make  the  most  out  of  it.  

People’s talk “As a guide who comes here every time, still is fascinated by the exotic architect.” -Guide “Wow! is all I can say, it can’t be expressed in words”Tourist

pable. The   culture   and   heritage   it   holds   explains   the reason  for   millions  of  tourist  visits.  The  beauty  lures  the attentions   of  visitors.   It   was   absolutely   prodigious   and   sacrosanct.   What   I   was   seeing   was   not   enough   to   ex-­‐ press  in  words.  



DECEMBER 2, 2010

Shuf9ling around,  I  focus   my   mind  on  the   detailed  structure  that  allures   me.  From  the   start   I   realize  that  India  holds   a  plethora  of  rich  and  his-­‐ torical   events.   The  skepticism  I  had   in   the  begin-­‐ ning   proved   me  wrong.   I   was   soaked   into   a   new   world   of   adventure   and   appreciation.   Wandering   off   alone   into   the   scenic   beauty,   I   barely   noticed   the   vexing   ache   in   my   leg   that   gradually   grew.   I   squeeze  in  into   the   tight   gaps   of  the  tourists   that   have  stuck   their   eyes   towards   the  Taj  Mahal   Their   gaze   towards   it   arise   me   curiously   of   what   their   impressions   were  and  decided   to   approach   them.   Their   response  to  their  9irst  sight   of  the   Taj  Mahal   was   no   different   to   mine.   The   Taj   Mahal   was   in-­‐ deed   a  beauty.   As   I   scan   across  the   bare   marbles,   my  eyes   are  fascinated  by  what   I  see  laid  upon  me.   It  was   nothing  compared   to   what   I  had   seen  from   magazines  and  movies,   17  hours   of   transportation   is   being   paid  off.  I   pull  myself  quickly  to   the   main   marble  feels  as  if  I   am  standing   on   a  bare  of  cold   gate  for  the   entrance  inside  the  Taj  Mahal.   Before   ice  skating  swiftly.   entering   the  Taj  Mahal,  our   shoes   need  to   be  taken   off  or   covered   with  cloth   to   maintain  the   cleanli-­‐ ness   around   the   architect.   The   slickness   of   the   As  the  long  tour  around  the  Taj  Mahal  9in-­‐ ished,  I  quickly  head  out  for   the  exit.  The  trickling   rain   of   India   is   heavenly.   The   feel   of   cold   wet   touch  cools  off   the  burning  heat  percolating  into   the  deep  layers  of  my  skin.   As  the  guide  blabbers   on,   he   introduces   The   Taj   Mahal   why   this   mag-­‐ ni9icent   masterpiece   was   created   by   the   king   Shah  Jhan.   The   Taj  Mahal  represents  the  true  de-­‐ votion   and   the   expression   of   love   for   his   dear   queen.  

East view of Taj Mahal


Through this   trip,   I   realized   the   true   depth   in   India  and   the  experience  is   unforgetta-­‐ ble.  To  try   and  experience  the  cultural  aspects   of   India   is   a  worthwhile  memory.  India  is  de9initely   where   to   go   and  enjoy.  De9initely  have  the  highest   hopes   but   the   lowest   wishes.   It   was   an   experi-­‐ ence   that   is   sensation   and   hard   to   forget.   The   vivid  memories   of  the   picturesque   scenery  of  the   Taj   Mahal   are   unforgettable   and   wished   to   re-­‐ member   upon  even   if   years   and   years   pass.   The   feeling  of  sensation  and  excitement  still  tingle  my   bones.   PAGE 2

TRAVEL India  

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