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Graphene, a carbon atom monolayer of incredible strength and conductive properties, is poised to be a major player in the future of technology. Turn to page 19 to read Zaki Shafi’s review of this new Nobel Prize-winning material.


9 Discovering Topology with




19 President Noel Joseph B.S. in Pharmacology, 2012

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Dr. John Milnor

Micro RNA and its Tremendous Role in Cancer

Poliovirus: A Promising Candidate for Oncolytic Treatment of Neuroblastoma

Editor-in-Chief Nadya Peresleni B.S. in Biochemistry, 2011

Associate Editors Zaki Shafi Rob Castellano Steven Leigh Stephanie Jones Malack Hamade Ida Li

Exploring Gustation and Olfaction with Dr. Fontanini

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Cover article: Graphene: The Possibilities are Endless

Gene Therapy and the Power of Chemoselective Vector Modification

A Scientific Breakthrough

The Crystallization of Ribo- switches: Potential Targets for Antibiotics

Enhancement of Reactivation of Murine Gammherpesvirus 68 from Latency Through NF-kB Inhibition

Death Associated with Activation of MAP and PI3 Kinases: The Role of TRAF4

Inhibitors of Serine Proteinases, Matrix Metallo- proteinases and Histone Deacetylases: Thermorubin, COL-308, Myricetin, and Tellimagrandin


25 Farewell to Diabetes: 27 31

36 Ethanol-Induced Epithelial Cell 41



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