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reviews REPORTS T-cells latch onto these MHC Class I antigens of the splenocyte and are directed against attacking the beta-cells of the pancreas. This has the potential to reverse diabetes by inducing the reappearance of insulin-secreting islets in the pancreas. Of the 12 non-obese diabetic mice injected with live splenocytes, 11 remained normogylcemic for more than 26 weeks after the onset of diabetes, while 11 of 13 mice that received irradiated splenocytes also remained normoglycemic for greater than 27 weeks. The diabetic mice treated with the irradiated splenocytes demonstrated restoration of normal glucose levels and even islet regeneration, however at a slower rate than that of the live splenocytes control. Overall, both instances of splenocytes were able to yield newly functional islet cells, an amazing feat nevertheless [5]. Next time you pop a seemingly innocuous piece of candy or lollipop into your mouth, remember that such a luxury eludes 8.3% of the population. Yet hope has been shed on this suffering contingency with the advent of modern medical techniques. While regular diet, daily exercise and insulin supplementation have until now been the best way for regulating diabetes, it is the audacity of medical research that promises to produce longterm solutions and the hope of a tomorrow free of lancing.

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