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By Alexis G. It’s Simple When asked by peers, customers, family or coworkers what I am going to school for I enthusiastically tell them that I am going to be a teacher. When the prodding goes further and they ask me which grade levels I want to teach a grin will slowly appear across my face and I confidently say, “junior high.” At this point I usually get the same horrified look and a comment such as “Good luck, you’ll need it!” or “Why on earth would you do that!?!?!” Most people I have talked to absolutely loathed junior high. But for me it was actually the complete opposite, I loved my junior high school experience. Some refer to it as the hormonal hell years, but I often refer to junior high as my three favourite years of school. I look back and I do not think I could possibly begin to list and explain to you why my junior high experience was so memorable and meaningful. By the time we all graduated William D. Cuts everyone knew one another so well and it was as if we were all one large group of friends. I guess it was just a rare chance of luck that everyone was so friendly since it was very out of character being it was a junior high school after all. But after talking to everyone else when high school began they said they couldn’t be happier getting out of that “hell hole” and going into high school. I guess their junior high experience didn’t quite meet up to my standards. Another reason that I adored my school was because of the staff. Sure there were a few teachers that butted heads with some students but in the end it was clear that all of them were there for the right reasons and cared about making a difference in their student’s lives. So why do I want to teach? Well for me it’s simple. I want to make a difference in a junior high school like my teachers did for me. I want to motivate my students’ everyday to not only learn about the subjects at hand but about themselves. I want to make my students realize how much they love school. Finally I want to make the dreaded “hell teen years” easier for every one of them. I believe that everyone should be able to have the junior high experience I had and I want to be apart in achieving that goal. It’s just that simple. Anything else you want to tell us?: I think that growing up everyone needs a role model to look up to, and in school is where i found mind and my dream is to become one for a future student of mine. Even though it is alot of work, I work full time while going to school full time because I do need to pay for my school and pay rent. But i know that it is worth it in the end because once I am a teacher my dreams will start to come true.