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The Young Foundation 2012

How can we understand social and emotional capabilities? Evidence shows that all young people need to develop both cognitive skills (such as maths, problem solving and language skills) and social and emotional capabilities to help them achieve the outcomes that they, and others, value both in their lives right now, and for their future. We have reviewed a wide range of existing models, frameworks and award/accreditation schemes used by services for young people, schools, and agencies across health and criminal justice. These models16 were sometimes used for measurement and sometimes more informally to guide approach. Through this review, as well as the perspectives which emerged from our focus groups and expert panels convened for this research, we have identified a consistent core set of social and emotional capabilities that are of value to young people. These capabilities can be grouped into seven interlinked clusters, each of which is supported by an evidence base that demonstrates its importance and links to success in extrinsic outcomes – how these capabilities can act as a bridge between personal and positional change. Figure 5: Clusters of capabilities


The frameworks reviewed included Fairbridge; Young Foundation SEED; the Aldridge Foundation Outcomes Framework; Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (QCA); Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL); Subjective Well-being, NPC; The CREATE Framework, Studio Schools; Dartington SRU; ASDAN Preparatory Programmes; ASDAN Stepping Stones and Key Steps Forward; Bridges to Progress; Mental Toughness by AQR/Dr Peter Clough; Wakefield Council Risk and Resilience Framework; Barnsley MBC Framework of Standards; Curriculum Framework – Leicestershire County Council; Step it Up – Youth Link Scotland; James Côté’s Identity Capital; Youth Achievement Awards; the Arts Award and ASDAN Personal and Social Development and Volunteering Frameworks. 17

A framework of outcomes for young people  

There is substantial and growing evidence that developing social and emotional capabilities supports the achievement of positive life outcom...

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