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Start Your Termite Prevention Program Now These tips can help you keep termites out of your home.

Why Termite Prevention? While you certainly don’t invite most creatures into your home, you probably don’t work to actively prevent them, either. Why bother with an entire prevention program? The bill! Termites do a billion dollars in damage to homes just like yours every year. That could leave you stuck with thousands of dollars in treatment and repair costs, as well as a diminished property value.

Preventing Termites – Tip #1 One of the best ways to keep the termites out of your home is to sign a contract with a local pest control expert for an annual inspection. These termite contracts can help protect your home year after year, and they’re incredibly affordable.

Preventing Termites – Tip #2 If you really want to keep termites off your property and out of your home, the best thing you can do is control the moisture. Make certain you fix any leaks you find immediately, clean out your gutters regularly, and make certain your landscaping is set up so the water drains away from your house.

Preventing Termites – Tip #3 Mulch may look amazing around your house, but it also functions like an engraved invitation to termites. If you feel it necessary to use it, make certain that it’s several inches from the base of your home.

Preventing Termites – Tip #4 Keep firewood around for your wood stove or fireplace? That could be a good way to attract termites. Make certain you store it off the ground, and keep it several feet away from your home.

Preventing Termites – Tip #5 Repair any damage to your home. Termites love damaged wood more than anything else, so fix any damage you find right away.

Professional Help If you do have a termite problem in your house, it's essential to eliminate them as soon as possible. Young Environmental Solutions can help. Give us a call today at 574-293-9323

Start Your Termite Prevention Program Now – Termites, hearing the word sends shivers down homeowners backs. Why? Well, termites do a billion dollars in dam...

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