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5 Signs You Have a Bat Infestation

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Bat Myths Abound

Almost no other creature on the planet is quite as misu . They are neither vicious animals that might get caught in your hair nor cuddly animals that need a measure of love. While they are an essential part of the environment, the last thing you want is to have them stuck in your home. Wondering if you have a bet problem? Here are a few ways to tell.

You Notice Roosting Bats One of the single most common ways you may discover you have a bat problem in your home is if you happen to notice roosting bats in the eaves or in the attic during the day. Bats are nocturnal, so if you notice a group of them during the day in your attic, you definitely have a bat problem .

You find Bat Droppings In the Attic

If you’re a bit worried about heading up to the attic when it’s potentially full of bats, the second most common way to decide if you have a bat problem is to sear in the attic. They actually look quite a bit like rodent droppings, but they’re not quite as scattered. They tend to be clumped together.

You Hear Scratching Coming From the Attic Another fairly typical way to discover you have a bat problem is if you hear an unidentified scratching noise throughout the night in your home, and it seems to be coming from the attic. It can occur during the day as well. While other animals that have infested your home make a variety of noises, this one is fairly distinct.

There’s an Ammonia-Like Smell

If you do have bats, guano is likely to build up where they’re roosting, and that can lead to an ammonia-like smell. The only problem with this symptom is that by the time you notice it, you probably have a very serious issue on your hands.

You See Bats Leaving Your Home at Dusk Bats will typically leave the home at dusk to feed, so head outside, and station people at all four corners of your home. Look for any silhouetted bats to fly out. Don’t stop until it’s too dark to view any other bats flying out. Be sure you do this for several nights in a row.

Eliminating Bats If you do discover that you have a bat infestation, the key is to get rid of it immediately. Call a bat pest control company for help, and make certain that after the bats are gone, you seal off any potential entry points to keep the issue from reoccurring.

Professional Help

Bats can carry serious diseases, leading them to pose a health hazard to you and your family. If you discover a bat colony in your home, contact Young Environ for further assistance right away!

5 signs you have a bat infestation call yes today for help with your bat problems – Bats are an essential part of the environment however the last thing you want is to have them stuck in your hom...

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