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Expression of Interest Architecture as a journey

Front, the white and the mute

Curved, welcome is secondary

Villa Savoye by Le Corbusier 1929 The discourse still goes on between those who visits this striking looking architecture. But, inspite of its looks, this odd looking architecture have changed the ways architects think about their design dramatically.

Le Corbusier makes the visiting and living experience into a ceremony where he MANIPOLATES bodies, our minds , through architecture. 1 Standing, out of place from natural surroundings, on pilotis, this numb white structure stuns its visitors 2 One turns to get to the entrance which does not appear. Instead, one turns and turns, hoping for something that will make sense to them 3 Unlike stairs, no need to look down on feet head is clear and so is mind 4 One by one, no engagement to the outside world One find peace and quite within 5 Body fits into its reversed curves. Posture more suitable to thought than to numbness 5 Body fits into its reversed curves. Posture more suitable to thought than to numbness 5 Perspectives at its work. The views from the windows captures nature and bring it in to the garden. One feels close to nature

Ramps up

One by one Peace and quite

The grand large chair Thought and awareness

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The Fallingwater One with nature

Organic architecture, a term created by Frank Lloyd Wright essentially takes the whole building and its habitants’ activities in to an architectural and design concept. The building is, now, no longer sitting on a piece of land but lives through it, off it, along with its habitants activities and livelihood

Cave, cozy, comfort

My work

Frank Lloyd Wrigt The Fallingwater

“Less is more” - Glenn Murcutt

The Site Forest within urban environment Curvy landscape Lots of Eucalyptus trees and barks

Installation Hut made from Eucalyptus barks Natural Fits in to the surroundings

Final Product Fits in to the surroundings Lots of natural lights Good ventilation

My work had lot of emphasis on ‘fitting‘ in to the surrounding. With motto ‘Less is more‘ and ‘touch the earth lightly’ by a leading Australian architect Glenn Murcutt, I have tried to create works that fits in and exists within the surrounding environment. I, now have other emphasis such as involving habitants psychology in to design process

Eddie Kim EOI  

Eddie Kim EOI

Eddie Kim EOI  

Eddie Kim EOI