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Editor-In-Chief Lisa Wilson Writing Team Brittany Gonzales, Michelle Tuyub

Young Celebrity News June/Summer 2012 Issue 8

“Tracking The Dreams Of People Across The Globe”

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A Closed Door Is Just An Opened Door Waiting To Happen By Lisa Wilson

“Many times in our lives we

have experienced a closed door.� Many times in our lives we have experienced a closed door. We applied for that job that we were more than qualified for and were shut down. Then we applied for many jobs after that and got the same results. We made a distinct connection with someone and were convinced they were Mr. or Mrs. right. Yet they only saw us as a friend. Or maybe we didn't get into our college courses during our registration date because the classes were full. Yes, for many of us we have experienced that closed door.


For JK Rowling, she experienced many closed doors from different publishing houses before she came across the opened one. Of course we know what happens in the end of this story. Harry Potter became one of the most read books in the world and JK Rowling is now one of the biggest and most successful authors. Yet imagine if she would have stopped at that closed door and never knocked on anymore doors? Who would have ever read Harry Potter besides the machine that wrote the story?

day I got an email and it read this:

Two summers ago when my idea to come out with Young Celebrity News was fresh in my mind, I started writing to different events to see if I could get media credentials to cover them. I had a somewhat of idea of how to go about it coming from a mom who was a freelance writer for some of the biggest magazines out including Essence Magazine, but still I didn't know much. So I spent a whole day writing different events and I got a lot of no's or no responses at all but I kept emailing. Then one

Since the American Idol Live Tour, Young Celebrity News has covered so many different events and sometimes it takes me looking at different pictures to remember. However, I'll never forget the impact that being able to cover the American Idol Tour had on me and I never will. Even today when the times are getting rough and I want to let the closed doors remain as is, I never stop knocking.

"Dear Press Member-

This letter confirms your credential to cover the American Idol Live! Tour 2010 in your requested market and specified show date. You are receiving the following details as a guideline for the press hour from 3:00-4:00 PM, and/or the live show call photo opportunity at 10:00 PM. Please carefully review the following outline before arriving to your requested concert venue."

Brely Evans Put On

“You need tough skin and much more…”

Your Tough Skin

By Michelle Tuyub

With her love for acting, Brely Evans is beginning to make her mark on the big screen. Young Celebrity News caught up with her after appearing in the upcoming movie "Sparkle" which happened to be Whitney Houston's last role. "The experience was tremendous for be in the same room with Whitney Houston and have her call me niece was surreal." Evans said about meeting and acting next to Whitney Houston. The start of Evans acting career occurred when one of her neighbors told her that she should be an actress. Evans other interests include music and living for your gifts. With that being said, she encourages anyone who wants to be an actress to get a tough skin and "you need a creative mind and a team that believes in your talent!" When asked if she would ever pursue her music career Evans said, “Yes, after Whitney Houston told me "You can Sang" I was like that was my GREEN LIGHT!" Whether it be acting or singing Evans is someone to keep your eye on. Check out what she had to say about her role in Sparkle and pursuing her dreams! P.S. Word on the street is that she’s debuting a Christmas Album this year! (Continued page…5)


So we  know  you  worked  on  the  set   of  the  new  movie  Sparkle!  Tell  us   about  the  experience  on  that  set   and  your  character  that  you  play?   I  am  Tune  Ann  in  the  movie  Sparkle.   I  play  Jordan  Sparks,  "Sparkles”  best   friend.  The  experience  was   tremendous  for  me.  To  be  in  the   same  room  with  Whitney  Houston   and  h ave  her  call  me  Niece  was   surreal.  She  even  gave  me  a  daily   voice  lesson.  Everyone  was  so  fun.   We  were  like  a  family  on  set.  M ike   Epps  is  a  super  funny  guy  even  when   he  is  trying  to  be  serious!  LOL   We  know  working  on  a  m ovie   requires  a  lot  of  hard  work.   However  bloopers  are  something   we  all  enjoy.  What  w as  the  funniest   moment  you  had  or  seen  on  set?  

How is  it  w orking  with  all  the   other  actors  and  actresses?   Everyone  was  wonderful   Tamela  Mann  plays  my  mom.   You  remember  h er  as  Cora  from   Meet  the  Browns.    She  is  the   sweetest  person  you  ever  want   to  know  and  her  husband  Uncle   David  as  I  now  call  him  is  also   CRAZY!!!  (LOL).  I  can  hear  him   now  "  I  AM  YOUR  GRANDADDY"   in  a  soprano  voice  (LOL).   A  lot  of  our  viewers  are  young   and  have  dreams  of  doing  what   you're  doing  right  now.  What  is   one  key  advice  you  can  give  to   young  up  and  coming  actors   and  actresses  today?  

The funniest  thing  was  when  Mike   Epps  could  n ot  remember  h is  lines.   He  would  make  up  stuff  that  just   sounded  like  what  he  was  supposed   to  say.  It  was  hilarious.  

Well #1)  Ask  God  if  this  is  what   he  has  for  you!    After  you  get  a   YES…#2)  Watch  my  weekly   VLOGS  on  my  LIKE  page  on  FB   called  Brely’s  Video  Diary,  its  a   5  to  10  min  info  and   encouragement  blast!


FUN FACTS ABOUT BRELY DO YOU HAVE BIEBER FEVER? Yes I  want  his  bangs  so  I  can   shake  hair  like  him!  LOL   HAVE YOU EVER PLAYED A PRACTICAL JOKE ON SOMEONE THAT WENT WRONG? Naw  cause  I’m  too  scared  for   someone  to  get  me  back!   FAVORITE RESTAURANT?

I give  lots  of  info,  tricks  of  the  trade   and  I  answer  the  questions  asked   from  the  week  before.  So  log  on   Facebook  and  I  promise  if  I  d on’t   know  I  WILL  FIND  OUT!     How  do  you  encourage  yourself   when  you  don't  land  a  role  you   wanted?   Well  to  be  honest  I  have  not  had  any   bad  feelings  because  I  just  go  in  the   room  deliver  what  I  studied  and   leave  it  there.  After  an  audition  I   don’t  even  think  about  the  part   anymore!  I’m  on  to  the  next  one.   See  I’ve  grown  that  thick  skin!  LOL      What  has  been  your  favorite  acting   role  since  you  started  acting?  

Well it  would  be  the  role  of   "Sabrina"  I  played  in  Just  Wright   with  Queen  Latifah  and  Common.  I   choose  that  one  because  it  was  my   1st  and  it  solidified  that  I  am  an   ACTRESS  for  real.    

Anywhere I  LOVE  TO  EAT!  


Getting paid  to  act  along  side  an   A-­‐LIST,  Oscar  Nominated,  Multi-­‐ talented,  Mogul  I  call  Big  SIS,   Queen  Latifah.  That  means  I  can   be  trusted  to  BRING  IT!  S o  that   is  my  FAV!!  I’m  so  grateful  she   gave  me  a  chance!     Who  is  someone  in  the  future   you  would  like  star  in  a  movie   with?   Meryl  Streep  and  Samuel   Jackson.  I  would  want  to  work   with  Meryl  Streep  because  she   is  so  flexible  and  I  love  to  see   her  with  accents  and  different   dialects.  S he  does  the  WORK!   And  Mr.  Jackson  b ecause  I  want   him  as  a  mentor!!  He  is  the   highest  paid  actor  in  Hollywood   and  h e  constantly  WORKS  and   has  a  strong  family  life!  Now   that’s  what  I  want!     Remember  to  rent  Just  Wright,   and  follow  me  on  Twitter   @BrelyEvans  and  visit  my  FB   Like  Page  for  all  entertainment   questions!

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to ask Ron several questions about his new album, tour and life as an artist. View below to read more about Ron.



“Sometimes I start with words, s ometimes it's a melody, and some times it's chords or a rif f, guitar, piano ...” RON POPE BRINGING AUTHENTICITY INTO MUSIC By Lisa Wilson After joining a songwriting circle at NYU, Ron Pope began a career in music and never looked back. Though touring across Europe with other talented artists, Ron doesn't feel that he's reached his heightened potential in music. Whether on his guitar, piano or even washing his hair in the shower, Ron is able to bring something real… (Continued page…7)


to every song he creates and we are more than sure his fans are very appreciative of the authenticity he has put into his music. For today's up and coming artists, being a "one hit wonder," is ideal for many. Yet for Ron Pope, he didn't just want to write "hits," on his new album Atlanta but spend the allotted time to make sure his sound was authentic to his fans. His meaningful lyrics help paint a picture to his audience to let them know they are not alone. Great artists like Ron Pope make being a musician look easy. Yet Ron tells us that leaving loved ones behind while touring can be a challenge one might face as an artist. Although having much success in his latest music and even older singles such as, "A drop in the ocean," Ron tells us that he hasn't reached his level of success yet and hopes to continue to build his fan base more and more. We were able

Well tell us about your new album, “Atlanta,” and what message do you want your fans to get when they listen to your new album? For the "Atlanta" album, I wanted to focus on writing songs I believed in and not chasing some kind of convoluted idea I had of what a "hit" would feel like. The people around me really encouraged me to just write what felt good. In the end, I think it turned out to be the best album I've ever made, which is all you ever hope for as an artist...if your new work feels like your best work, you're doing something right. I hope that my fans feel a little less alone when they listen to my music; that's all I'm really trying to do.

How was it shooting your new music video, “Atlanta,” is that a real situation for you? Does it get hard to leave loved ones and friends when you have to be on tour or anything music related that keeps you away from them? Traveling is certainly the hardest part of my job. I love to play music, but it's sad and challenging to spend a great deal of time away from the people you love. A very positive part of touring is that I get to visit my friends all over the world. A few weeks ago, I was walking down the street in London and bumped into my good friends Dave and Alexis who live there.

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Advice to up and coming artist:

“Watch your back and don't let anybody tell you who you are. Stand up for yourself and create something that you're proud of. The rest of it doesn't matter.�


Then, when we were back in London a few days ago, Zach (Berkman) and Paul (Hammer) went out for a sandwich and bumped into Dave AGAIN! I'm thousands of miles from home, and my friends are popping up all over the place! It's wonderful. We just had dinner with our friends Tamara and Stephan in Zurich. Also, my buddy Saul Ashby spent the whole day with us in London and then sang with my band as part of our encore. I wouldn't get to have experiences like that if I never left home. Things like that help to mitigate some of the loneliness I experience out on the road. Do you have a favorite song on the album? Tell us about it! Recently, I've been having a great time playing "One Grain Of Sand" every night. The fans seem to be really enjoying it, and it's really energetic, so the band and I always have fun playing it. 7

My favorite song to write on the album was "In My Bones." I'd spent a long day working on a different song and I was getting nowhere, so I jumped in the shower to clear my head. I started humming a little melody while I was washing my hair. By the time I got out of the shower, I'd already come up with almost the entire song. I sat at my keyboard and finished the song in a few minutes. It felt like "In My Bones" just came from the sky and fell into my lap. I love it when the songs show up like that. Sometimes, it's fun to spend a long time beating a song into submission and forcing it to appear, but there's something special about the moments when they just pop out of thin air like that! Are you excited about your upcoming tour and to be touring with Josiah Leming, Zach Berkman and Grace Weber? I've been on tour for the past few weeks and we've been having a

great time. I love all the artists who are opening for me, so this will be a great summer! Do you have a favorite place you love performing? I played in London and it was incredible. All the shows I just played in Europe were amazing. I really love to be anywhere that people show up, have a good time, listen to the songs, and enjoy themselves. If I have friends and family in the city, that's always a nice bonus. How does a song come together for you? Do you write the music first and then the lyrics or vice versa? Do you have a favorite place that you like write your songs or do they just come to you whenever and wherever? I really don't have a "process." Sometimes I start with words, sometimes it's a melody, sometimes it's chords or a riff, guitar, piano...most of the time, I just kind of sit down and work on the whole thing at once. I prefer to write songs in one sitting; I'd say that's the only thing that's a relative constant in my songwriting. How do you challenge yourself as an artist with your music? I try to do different things as often as possible. I don't want my next album to sound like my last album; that feels pointless to me. If I make a new record, you can bet it's going to feel like nothing else you've ever heard me do before. Obviously, there are certain threads you never abandon completely, but I try to keep it fresh by searching for new ideas as often as possible. FOR MORE OF RON GO TO:







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BIG SCIENCE Enjoy What You Do By Michelle Tuyub Big Science made it big with their sound that attempts to describe specific moments in time as “the rhythm of drinking Boone’s Farm in high school lust, seated on the hood of a beat up Hyundai.” Originally forming from the band called The North Atlantic featuring members Jason Hendrix and Jason Richards. They were together for seven years before becoming Big Science and adding members Jason Clark and Jeremy Pena. Their first EP that was self-released was named “The Coast of Nowhere.” Through all their adversity being a band, Big Science has gone through challenges. Yet the band is aware that being a group requires tireless energy, focus and you must enjoy what you do. Big Science latest album is “Difficulty” which is titled after a poem by William Logan. All the songs were written as a group, which they would all get in a room and start forming immediately. “Difficulty” is an album that Big Science says has more patience and confidence than their previous work. There are also more electronic instruments present. Expect to hear more from this city-based group who have many 9

prospects to look forward to.

Who writes your songs, or does everyone contribute? JH: All of the songs are written as a group. We work in a very organic fashion: We get in a room and start playing and things just start forming immediately. Even when a song idea is formed outside of playing it is usually just a skeleton, and then we flesh it out in our studio. As far as lyrics go, I have that dubious honor all to myself. If you could describe your band in one word what would it be? JH: Tectonic. What’s the craziest thing a fan has done or made for you?

someone is willing to release your record, it is an amazing affirmation of what you are creating. How do you keep your energy when on tour and the stamina to do shows when they are back to back or you have to travel a long distance to get to the next venue? JH: I love touring. Everyone in our band loves touring. Stamina is never a problem because I know that I feel the most alive when I am living moment to moment traveling around, meeting people, seeing places, and playing the songs I love. It takes stamina to wake up every day and take your kids to school, it takes stamina go to work in a tire shop, it takes stamina to teach third graders, it takes stamina to lay brick, it takes stamina to fight cancer, but getting to tour and share

JH: A record. If the people that have helped release a record for Big Science could be classified as 'fans', then I think that that is the craziest thing anyone has done for us. If

“I think that this

album, in general, has more of a patience

and confidence to it than our previous work…”

(Continued page…10)

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ghostly vocals at the end, that none of us could have predicted. That is one of my favorite aspects of creating music: when a song takes over and leads you where you never intended, when the song teaches you.

your music is a joy compared to 'normal' life. Don't get me wrong, plenty of hardship, exhaustion, poverty, doubt and fear are wrapped up in touring, but, at the end of the day, the energy is there because it is what we love to do. How was it when recording your latest Album, “Difficulty?� JH: It was a learning process. We had to reinvent the way that we worked creatively. We were losing a member, so we just were not able to practice as a full band. It made it hard to write in the standard band practice format that we were accustomed to. It ended up being a blessing in disguise, we ended up experimenting more with our studio as an instrument and a sketchpad, demoing little snippets or looping 10

phrases and then forming loose structures. Then we all just would start adding layers: keys here reversed guitars there, a reverbdrenched choir in the background. It was a long intense process, but in the end I think it brought us all to a new understanding of our own music and how to use the recording process as a creative process, rather than one of pure documentation. Everyone has a favorite track from their album. Which is a favorite off of Difficulty?

Our publication has a lot of young viewers and that aspiring musicians and artists. What advice can you give to the youth that want to get into or start a band, what do they need? JH: Patience, tireless energy, an intense work ethic, focus, compassion, a good sense of humor is paramount, and most of all, don't forget to enjoy what you do. Also, trust the validity of your work, be proud of it, often times, you may be the only one who loves it, but no one else will start caring if you don't already. Don’t forget to check up on Big Science on their social networks!

JH: That is a really hard question. I don't know if I could pick just one favorite, but I do really like "Crown for the Hanging" because it just kind of became this amazing monster of a song out of nowhere. That song really went in a direction, especially with the swirling reversed guitars and

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known through the Internet. Halter’s second album Congress Hotel in 2007, helped launch his career and he began touring soon after. With his success Ernie Halter advises upcoming artists, “Don’t wait. Don’t wait to make the perfect move. Just start doing what you want to be doing. Don’t wait for someone to ‘discover’ you. Start making your own opportunities.


Don’t Wait By: Michelle Tuyub Musician Ernie Halter knew he wanted to be a singer right after attending Berklee School of Music at the age of 17. Being influenced by past musicians like the Beatles and Otis Redding he wrote his first song “David Mitchell” about a fictitious person that lived a lonely life because he never let people in. This song was surprisingly inspired by the song from the Beatles “Eleanor Rigby” and was named after his first guitar a Mitchell. Yet his first release came in 2005 with a collection called Lo Fidelity. California Native Halter grew up in the quiet suburb of Tustin a city in Orange County. Starting off by playing in small gigs and coffeehouse’s and doing mostly covers, Halter eventually starting getting 11

So we know that Justin Bieber did a cover to one of your songs, “Come Home to Me." How did you find out that he did the cover and what was your initial reaction? How was it when he surprised you at your show and sang on stage with you? My mom is very into YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc... and had found the video of Justin singing the song at a concert in Hong Kong. Later Justin tweeted me and we began talking online. A week later he and Selena Gomez surprised me at one of my shows in Orange County. Having him show up, and inviting him to sing the song with me that night was pretty surreal. You could say I've got Bieber Fever now. Haha… Seriously though, both Justin and Selena were extremely gracious and I was extremely honored and grateful for the experience.

have to do a certain routine before you get into it? Do you write the music first then lyrics or vice versa? Though it’s always different, lately I've been starting with lyrics first. I tend to sit down with a title and then free write with my laptop. I write for 5 or 10 minutes about whatever comes to my mind when thinking about the title. Sometimes I'll get some words or phrases that are interesting. Start piecing together an angle or a storyline. Thinking about personal experience, and details that would make the lyric breathe. Then I start shaping it. Figuring out what the form is, the patterns, the rhythms, the rhyme schemes. Once I've got the lyric, I'll grab an instrument. Usually guitar, but could be piano or ukulele. Whatever suits me or is closest. I start figuring how the music will marry the lyric. I mess around with it for a while. Put it down. Come back. Dream on it. Shower with it. Eat cereal with it. Tweak it till the parts that bothered me, don't bother me anymore. Writing is a pain in the butt. But the end result makes it worth it. Sometimes you put in the work, and the payoff isn't there. And so you brush it off, and write something else another day until the payoff is finally there.

(Continued page…12)

Take us into your songwriting process. How do you come up with song ideas? Do you have a special quiet place? Do you

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doing. Don't wait for someone to "discover" you. Start making your own opportunities. Make mistakes. Make waves. Make music. Make it happen. If you want to be a songwriter write a LOT of songs. Write every day. Finish them. Record them. If you want to be a singer, perform every chance you get. Sing every moment you can. Study, record your own voice. Play open mics. Network with other singers. It basically applies to whatever you want to do. DON’T FORGET TO CHECK OUT ERNIE HALTER AT: You've been touring quite a bit this year. Does it get hard to be on the road and leave your family behind? Or does the family come with? Mostly I travel solo, but sometimes, when I can I do bring the family. It’s tough being gone, but I'm making shorter trips out. I used to tour for months at a time, but can't and don't want to do that anymore. It’s not easy being away, but Skype and Facetime help. Are you working on any up and coming projects? I'm writing a lot and gearing up for some new releases. Just deciding if I want to go the traditional way. Make a full length record and release it. Or do something a little different. Been playing with the idea of releasing a series of singles or EPs on after the other. Where has your favorite performance been so far? Just got off a tour with my 12

friend Javier Colon. The venues, the people, the band and crew all made it such a memorable and perfect experience. Just about any show on that tour would rank in my favorites. HalterMusic

Do you have any embarrassing stories that have happened to you while touring or on stage? I'm constantly forgetting lyrics to my own songs, and making up new ones. When not doing music, what do you usually do on your spare time? What's "spare time"? I've heard something about this, but have never had any myself. Haha. A lot of our young viewers are up and coming artists today. What advice could you give them in wanting to get into the music industry? Don't wait. Don't wait to make the perfect move. Just start doing what you want to be

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only is the venue beautiful and the sound is really good, but we were lucky to perform there on a great night. It was our friends' Single Release party and the energy was already great when we got up on stage but it was electric up there and we had a great show. It was a magical night and we had a lot of fun. W hat's so me thin g fu nn y yo u r fan s don 't kn ow ab ou t y o u?


The Controversy has been shaking up audiences with their music and continues to have people wanting more. By not playing it safe, they are able to move fans in a captivating way by having you go through the emotions. Such as feeling happy, sad, upset or maybe even offended they always leave you with a message that makes you think. Singing was something that Laura enjoyed and even has home videos of her singing as a child. Starting out as a solo project for Laura, she was introduced to Thomas who would play the guitar parts for the popular song "Little Star." Since then the two 13

have joined forces to what we know as "The Controversy," and have been making quite the name for themselves. After achieving "Best New Artist Of the Year," award for 2012, the band doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Check out the interview of this awesome duo to get more of the inside scoop of who they are and represent.

I have a little on-stage funny/horror story... Many years ago I was performing with one of my old bands in a decent size auditorium for this event. The drums were on a platform higher than the rest of the stage and were protected by a pretty big plastic screen to prevent bleeding from the other mics and feedback. Anyway, when we started playing, the place was pretty packed and halfway through the show all of the sudden the plastic screen fell in the middle of one of our songs on top of my head! It knocked me out and I fell on the floor. (Continued page‌14)

Do you hav e a fa vorite ve n u e y ou 'v e pe rfo rm ed at so far? A n d wh y? All our shows have had something special and we always enjoy playing live and interacting with the audience, but I would say the recent show we did at The Viper Room in LA was one of the best ones we had so far. Not

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Fortunately it was at the moment the guitar player was playing his solo and I wasn't singing so I had time to stand up and then some stage crew came to pick it up and take it away and we continued the performance. That thing was heavy and left me with a bump on the head and a funny story to tell magazines 5 years later! W hat is your fav or ite so ng so far th at y ou'v e re co rde d an d w h y? I have to say that all our songs are like our children and we love them equally, but if I had to choose one, it would be "Little Star". This song has a lot of history, starting because it was the very first one we started to work on and how I met Thomas. Also, this song means a lot to me on a personal level because I wrote in a very emotional time of my life. My best friend from my childhood who had had a terminal illness for years just had passed away. She was in Spain (my home country) and I was here in the States so I couldn't go say my last goodbye or be with her and my loved ones. I felt the need to get all what I was feeling out so I wrote "Little Star" in her memory. H o w did yo u g u ys co me u p wit h t h e n am e ? 14

We were thinking about band names for months and at some point the name "The Controversy" came up. We liked it right away because we thought it represented our music and us pretty well. Although our music is not necessarily political and our songs are not the typical protest songs, we are interested in the subtle controversies that go on inside each one of us, the silent conflicts we all go through, the sometimes duality between what we want and what we actually do. We want our audience to feel, to experience, to think when they listen to our songs and watch our shows. Our lyrics are not conventional either. We like to shake things up a little by talking about controversial subjects or using "unsafe" words. We also try to create a little bit of a disturbing and uncomfortable feeling mixed with elegance and beauty with our image, videos and photos. In other words, we like controversy and we loved the thought of naming our band The Controversy. And it wasn't taken!

advice to anyone since we are still figuring things out ourselves. I just can say what we do and what we believe in. We put all our heart in our music. We work hard and are our worst critics. We keep pushing our boundaries and trying to overcome our limitations, trying new things and exploring new options. And no matter how hard it gets and how down we might feel at moments, we tell one another that we must keep on going, we must fight for what we love and what we believe in. And that has worked for us so far. :)

Check out the band on their site for updates and more music: roversyBand

W hat ad vice would you gi ve t o u p an d co mi ng art ists today ? We are up and coming artists ourselves and we don't really feel entitled to give much

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Get Out There And Sing By Michelle Tuyub Many artists that Young Celebrity News covers are people that are pursuing their dreams full time. With Carly Jo Jackson things are different because she is still a college student and a musician on the side. Carly has been performing since the age of 13 and began to perform her own music with an indie sound in coffee shops and open mics when she was 16. The owners of new local indie record label Arch Productions overheard Carly Jo at a friend’s birthday party and signed her to their label. Carly Jo’s first EP was World at My Feet, which was released in 2011. Being a full-time student in Florida Atlantic University and pursuing a music career has not being the easiest for 15

Jackson. “It has been hard, mostly because a lot of my gigs are in Orlando, about a 3 hour drive from where I go to college.” said Jackson “I was on the road a lot this last year and it made it hard to get settled into a good routine in college.” Yet Jackson believes this is the best place to be “even though I am still young, I have been wanting this for so long, I just feel like I can’t wait any longer for success, I want it now!” Tell us about your journey as a singer/songwriter/musician. Has it been a rough one, a great one or all of the above? Tell us a memorable moment so far in your journey as an artist? I think I have been pretty lucky so far, although I am still very far from where I want to be. I have known for as long as I can remember that I wanted to be a performer. It started with seeing young singers on TV like The Hansons and Aaron Carter when I was little and it just helped me realize that this was something I could do, even as a child. So even though I am still

young, I have wanted this for so long, I just feel like I can’t wait any longer for success, I want it now! I didn’t start really performing though until I was about 13 or 14 when I joined a performance group that did shows at festivals and fairs all around Central Florida. I mostly sang cover songs with a backing track. It was a great experience and helped me get used to performing in front of large audiences. Things really changed for me, though, when I was given a guitar for my 16th birthday. I was able to pick it up quickly and within a few months I was performing at coffee shops and open mics and started writing my own music. About a year later, I was performing at a friend’s birthday party and was overheard by the owners of a new local indie record label, Arch Productions, who were looking for a young artist to sign and to mentor. Talk about being in the right place at the right time! I recorded my 5song EP, World at My Feet with them and it was released in November 2011. Working with Arch was a great learning experience but that contract has ended and I am currently unsigned and hoping to find backing for bigger and better things. How do you manage being a full time student in college and putting your full effort into your music career? Does it get hard? It has been hard, mostly because a lot of my gigs are in Orlando. It’s about a 3-hour drive from where I go to college at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida. (Continued page…16-17)

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I was on the road a lot this last year and it made it hard to get settled into a good routine in college. I know that is the best place for me to be right now – of course, I need that backup plan to my music dreams, but it is also good to be around a college crowd for promoting my music. I started doing a few gigs in South Florida and hope to start doing more of that and building an audience around my school when I go back in the fall. I am taking this summer off from school and trying to put more effort into my music, doing more gigs, trying to work on collaborations with other artists, and getting a band to back me up for larger venues. We also know that in college money can be tight and so can the food in your fridge. Do you have a favorite quick meal you like to eat when you're too busy to make a big meal? Or do you cook regularly? I lived in a dorm with meal plan my first year so I didn’t worry about going hungry although the dining hall food wasn’t always the best. The thing I did 16

worry about was gas money. I am always running on empty. I finally got a little regular gig a couple of nights a week that was just enough to keep the gas gauge off of empty. Do your roommates ever get tired of hearing you play and sing around the house? Oh yeah, all the time. I am very noisy and always, always singing. I get a song stuck in my head and can’t stop singing it. There was one point that I think my roommates were about ready to kill me if they heard Lady Gaga’s song “You and I” come out of my mouth again. We also had a little roommate drama. I was in a two bedroom suite with three other girls and of course messy, loud me got paired with the neatest and quietest of the bunch. We finally had to switch rooms around about halfway through the year and all was good. We know you play the ukulele as well as the guitar. Do you play any other instruments? Which is your favorite? In middle school I played the French horn in my school band and in the Florida Symphony

Youth Orchestra. It just wasn't my thing though, so I dropped out after 8th grade, but I do appreciate that it helped me read music much more fluently. In addition to guitar and ukulele, I play the harmonica. I recently was given a banjo and 12-string guitar and I am working hard learning some music on them, but I am not quite ready for prime time yet. Right now my favorite instrument is ukulele. I name all my instruments, and it is “Luke the Uke”. I love the ukulele because it is so easy for me to carry wherever I go. I think my music has a Florida beach vibe and the ukulele just enhances this feeling. When I do my full CD, it will definitely include a uke song or two. Can we expect a full album from you soon? Yes, I definitely have the material, I am just hoping for that next big break, a major record deal, to make that happen. There has been a lot of momentum and interest after my EP. I am just waiting for the right people and the right deal. What's your favorite song on your IPOD right now or that you love to listen to? "Rumor Has It" by Adele, I’m so into the female empowerment over wrongdoing boy’s thing. It’s in all the music I love and in my music as well. Maybe one day boys will learn to stop breaking the hearts of female song writers!

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It was said that you were going through a rough time during the making of your EP. Can you tell us something that you had to overcome during that time? It was just a rough time in a relationship. Songwriting really helps me through the tough times. I am able to pour my heart out in my lyrics. The final break up song from that rough relationship is on my EP, “This is Goodbye�. I found out my boyfriend cheated on me one night and the next morning I woke up and the lyrics and melody just came pouring out of me and it was better than any therapy session could be. The song is pretty vicious and angry, an ultimate girldone-wrong song, but believe me, he deserved it! Like I said, guys really should not cheat on a songwriter, it will come back to bite them!

house. The best thing you can do is get out there and sing. There are so many open mics around these days that it is easy to get experience. And everyone at an open mic is just like you. They are usually the most friendly and forgiving kind of audience. Every time you perform, you get a little better. Also, you never know who is listening; your big break could be out there just waiting for you. FO LL OW C A R L Y O N H ER S OC I A L N E TW OR K S:

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We saw that you gave a shout out to your mom in one of your YouTube videos. Is your mom a big supporter in your music career? She has definitely been behind me every step of the way, really my whole family has. My mom is my "mom-ager" though and really helps me manage all the details like bookings, hiring lawyers for contracts, helping me manage my websites and email, pretty much anything a manager would do. A lot of our readers are young aspiring artists. What advice can you give to people who are just starting out? What do you think they need? I hear people say that they want to be a famous artist someday, but they never perform outside their 17

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track. I missed the competition, the work ethic and the determination to be the best. I felt I had unfinished business to do on the track such as winning at a higher level other than high school. How do you manage to have good grades in school while also being a full time athlete?

SACRIFICE EQUALS VICTORY By Lisa Wilson College is a time for many to move out of their parent’s home and experience a new life. Movies can portray most students enjoying the partying scene, and putting that before anything else. Yet for Jourdan Hilaire he decided to sacrifice the social club to bring order and stability in his life. By no means was this an easy task for Jourdan. He also didn't drop all of his friends to achieve his success. Instead he set his priorities straight and 18

put his education first. Now, going into his senior year, Jourdan has tackled every hardship and obstacle that has tried to distract him from his goal. He credits his mom for being a huge supporter in his life and thanks her for always believing in him when no one else did. Check out his interview below.

Trust me its not easy, but I think the biggest reasons are preparation and time management. Those two things are very essential in a student’s college experience. I use my free time to study or work on group projects instead of hitting up a party or something every weekend. My mom always told me if I prepare well I wont have to worry about the outcome of many situations. Yes I hang out with my friends and have fun but only when I’m done with my work. I didn’t come to college to party I came here to get an education. My motto for my life is sac rifice e qu al s victo ry.

How long have you been doing track? Well I ran 3 years in high school then ran my first year of college till the beginning of November and stopped. But then I decided to come back. I was missing

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situation I just advise people to always communicate with your coach, professor, teacher, or whomever to find a way out of something that seems like there is no other way. I always try to be optimistic. Do you want to continue track even after you graduate with a degree? We will see. I want to run fast times for the Next 2 years I’m on this team. So depending on my times then I will look into my future in track. But I really want to be a family and marriage counselor as a long-term career goal. I’m working hard in college right now to pursue that and I wont have my degree gone to waste. What advice would you give to kids that want to play a sport in college??

What are the perks about being a student athlete? I guess there are a couple perks being a student athlete. Probably the number one to me is priority registration. Just because now a days it’s hard to get classes due to the budget cuts so student athletes are the first ones to get the chance to add classes for the upcoming semester. Another perk would be scholarship money. Student athletes get a stipend every month with certain amount of money to pay for food and housing. What obstacles have you faced while juggling school and track? And how did you overcome that time? 19

One obstacle I have faced was not being able to make it to weight room practice on Tuesdays because I have class every Tuesday and we lift weights Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Lifting is important for us to get stronger to run faster. But aforementioned earlier I came to college to get a education so I just had to talk to my coaches and explain to them that I have class and if there were any other alternatives I have to make up for that day and they told me I can make it up on Wednesday in the morning. So in that

I’m going to give the advice that wasn’t given to me when I was ready to enter high school. Do what you love and be better than the rest. When I say that I mean play the sport that you know can succeed in if you work hard in. Whatever sport you feel like you can’t sleep without thinking about it. Then go for it. You never want to regret your decision on what sport you went for. Never ask yourself “What If” and I say be better than the rest in that. Many kids have said to me, “Jourdan I want to be like you when I get older” that’s fine and I feel honored they would say that but I tell them be better than me. Do more than I ever have. I made mistakes down the road of success. Don’t make those mistakes and don’t limit yourself and your absolute potential for being great.

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that secret is? Well you’re going to have to watch and see like the rest of us.

Seeing the chemistry on the ONE WARM NIGHT is the set, paints a clear picture new sizzlin’ hot Web Series that so many dedicated people have been coming to a screen near involved in the success in you! Started as a Script Class Project in the Actor’s the making of this series. Steven Lowe who is the Room, One Warm Night series director and has become the focal point of Web Series shows producer has had no problems of having the to look out for. This dark Midas touch on previous comedy involves Julie, work he’s done. You who invites all of her guessed right, he doesn’t previous boyfriends to fall short of that touch with reveal a life-changing One Warm Night. Yet what secret. Wondering what 20

really helps make this series special are the actors and actresses that were chosen for this series. The all-star cast includes: Sean Michael Afable, Justin Lee, Jared Hernandez, Julie Manriquez, Ryan Tsang, Koko Laimana, Anthony Kongphan, Brandon Thomas, Joe Salling, Matt Lunn, Jonathon Wiersma, Yasmeen Yamak, Kory Bennion, Janessa Beth, Laura Meadows, Mac Chapel and a support cast including Amber Jacobs and Patrick Manaloto! Stay tune for this awesome series!

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