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Young Celebrity News is a new online entertainment magazine with one mission in mind: To track the dreams of talented people across the globe and continue to create a positive outlet for our readers. There's enough negativity streaming the web, on TV and in a lot of different places today. So take a moment to escape from all that and learn about what people are doing to make a difference in todays world with their creativity.

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“Oh The Little Things In Life” A Note by the Editor Stay Hungry. Stay Motivated.


There are many phases that we can enter in our life and through those phases we must always remember to stay hungry and motivated. The simplest example I can give is when one first has the idea of wanting to play an instrument. The idea of being the next Alicia Keys, Ray Charles, Elton John, Norah Jones, sounds appealing to most. The vision you have of being the next big thing out there and excelling in your musical aspirations excites you. You can’t wait to get that instrument and start playing on it. The second phase is the most crucial phase because this phase will either make you or break you. This is the phase when you “try it,” and start to put in the work it takes to master that instrument. 3

Though it’s possible for some, many of us can’t just pick up an instrument that we’ve never played before, start playing it and become great instantly. It takes time, it takes dedication and it takes commitment. Yet phase two can be the most frustrating because we’re putting in the work, but aren’t seeing very fast results. So we practice for a few weeks and eventually just leave the instrument in our room, in the case or even sell it back. Yet for some, we don’t stop practicing and we are able to play all the basic notes and even many songs that are not difficult beyond our playing capability. This is

phase three. Phase three is going over the hump and sticking it out and learning how to play. Yet only some will enter phase four in their lives. See phase three is great and some may even be content with playing basic songs, knowing all the basics but never going past their comfort zone. The endless hours, the frustrations, the pain that it takes to enter into phase four isn’t too appealing too many so we stay in phase three being content with mediocre.

The beauty though of being in phase four gives us reassurance, that the finish line is near. Phase four helps know that we can attack any problem, any challenge and still become victorious because we surpassed every single phase beforehand. Now understand this, the finish line to some may never be crossed. If you talk to any musician, they’ll tell you how they are still learning and mastering their instrument. To the ones who never passed those phases however, it seems like they reached every hump they possibly could as we watch in awe how they play their instrument. Yet something about being in phase four opens your eyes into trying to reach the unreachable, and climb the highest mountain after you climbed really high ones thus far…

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So I say stay hungry, stay motivated so you too will enter phase four. If it means watching an inspirational movie or clip every single day, I say do it. If it means writing your favorite scriptures or quotes then write them down. If it means covering your walls of your posters and dream boards, I say cover those walls. You have to stay motivated and hungry so you can pass those phases in your life. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to be able to be content in where you are at that given moment, but you don’t have to stay where you are forever. Continue to strive for excellence in every single area of your life for one simple reason, and it’s because “YOU CAN.” So many people are 4

quick to tell you that you can’t do something, but the thing is they are completely wrong. Once you understand this concept, you won’t just be an excellent musician or artist, you’ll be able to master your academics, your sports life, and practically anything you’re given because you understand what it means to pass every phase. So stay hungry and stay motivated, because excellence is waiting for YOU!

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CHRIS BROWN Perseverance By Lisa Wilson

Perseverance By Lisa Wilson

Chris Brown started off as the iconic young pop star that many were comparing to the next Michael Jackson after his first single, “Run It.” He was able to silence the crowds of his smooth voice and flawless dance moves. Yet just like everyone in this world, we don’t stay young forever and eventually we have to grow up. For Chris Brown, he had to learn to be an adult at a young age. Yet 5

despite the obstacles and hardships, Chris Brown was able to prove to his fans and even people who aren’t fans that the talent that he holds can’t be shook, moved or broken. Despite the rumors that his time was over and that he wouldn’t be able to make a comeback, Chris didn’t shut the press with empty words but with his talent. After impressive sales from his last album, F.A.M.E, Chris continues to show the world that he has never come short in giving you 100% quality work in his music. Now with his new album Fortune, he has already claimed the number one position on the Billboards 200 Albums and R&B charts. We’re happy to see the young artist continue to persevere. Since the Release of FORTUNE the artist has already racked over 8 million to date all over the world. If you haven’t picked up a copy yet, then what are you waiting for?

Tre Samuels “Once you’re up there and doing your thing the nerves fade away.”

Thirteen-year-old Tre Samuels may be young but he's ready to show the world that he has what it takes to succeed in music. After an injury from soccer, Tre began using his extra time at home creating covers on YouTube. From there, fans around began to take notice of the young artist including singer Candice Monique. She invited him to perform with her at an Oz Soul Showcase on Australia Day to a packed out venue. Yet Tre doesn't just take his music serious but every area of his life. In his new music video "Man I wanna be," Tre tells us that during this time he was getting ready to hit the teenage years and hopes to grow into the man he wants to be in life. Along with that, Tre takes his education serious and advises students today wanting to pursue a career in music to always put education first. For Tre, school is most important and advises others to find time for music not your education. Check out his interview!


Tell us  how  you  got  started  in   music?  And  when  did  you  start   making  covers  on  YouTube?     It  basically  all  started  when  I   injured  myself  in  a  soccer  match   (2010).  I  was  always  singing  b efore   the  injury  but  the  thought  of  doing   covers  on  YouTube  had  never   crossed  my  mind.  I  thought  it   would  be  a  great  way  to  share  my   love  of  music  &  to  express  myself.     Of  all  the  covers  you've  done  on   YouTube,  if  you  could  collab  with   any  one  of  those  artists  which   one  would  you  choose  and  why?     Wow!  I  would  have  to  choose   Michael  Jackson,  because  he   inspired  me  and  so  many  others  to   pursue  their  dreams  and  to  really   think  about  what  ‘you’  want  to  be   in  life.     When  did  you  first  start  writing   songs?  How  important  do  you   think  it  is  for  people  to  w rite  their   own  songs  when  they  want  to   pursue  a  career  in  music?  

Setting Priorities By Lisa Wilson

I am  actually  quite  new  to  song   writing,  I  started  early  last  year   &  have  been  writing  ever  since.   Writing  is  important  to  me  as   an  artist,  but  I  think  it  is  up  to   every  individual  how  much  they   have  to  do  with  the  writing   process.  You  guys  should   definitely  give  it  a  shot!     Tell  us  about  your  new  m usic   video  "Man  I  wanna  be,"  what   inspired  you  to  write  that   song?  And  who  is  this  man  that   you  are  striving  to  be?   When  I  was  in  the  process  of   writing  ‘Man  I  Wanna  Be’  I  was   basically  thinking  about  where  I   want  to  go  in  life.  And  at  the   time  I  was  12  turning  13,   heading  into  my  teenage  years!   So  that’s  what  inspired  me  the   most  (Grow  into  the  man  I   wanna  be).     Are  you  working  on  an  album   soon?

Tre Samuels

Yes, hopefully!  I’m  actually  working   with  a  very  talented  and  well  known   producer  in  the  U.S,  Shaun  Bless   (Souldiggaz).  About  to  close  a  huge   deal  with  one  of  the  major  labels,  so   I  will  keep  you  all  posted  J       How  do  you  practice  to  improve   your  voice?  Do  you  take  lessons?  Or   do  you  practice  on  your  own?     I  take  singing/keyboard  lessons   every  week  at  Vocal  Art  Studios.  I  do   vocal  scales  with  my  singing  teacher   to  help  warm  up  the  vocal  chords   while  at  the  same  time  it  helps  with   vocal  riffs  and  the  control  of  my   voice.  I  also  do  a  lot  of  singing   around  the  house  and  when  working   out  how  I  want  arrange  my  covers   on  YouTube.     Do  you  ever  get  nervous  when  you   are  about  to  perform  on  stage?  And   how  do  overcome  those  nerves?     7

Of course,  I  think  it’s  normal  to  get   nerves  before  you  hit  the  stage.   Once  you’re  up  there  and  doing   your  thing  the  nerves  fade  away.   And  I  have  to  say,  it  is  the  best   feeling  when  you  know  you’ve  had   a  great  show.  Hard  work  really   does  pay  off!     What  do  you  like  to  do  for  fun   when  you're  not  singing?   Chill  with  family  &  friends,  and   play  basketball.     What  advice  can  you  give  to  kids   today  that  are  striving  to  have  a   career  in  music  but  are  also  in   school.  How  should  they  go  about   balancing  the  two?   You  guys  just  have  to  remember,   school  is  more  important  than   anything.  You  guys  will  have  music   forever.  You  have  to  find  time  for   music  not  time  for  school!  That’s   the  motto  .        

Follow  Tre’s  Journey  on   Facebook,  Twitter  and   YouTube~ uelstre   Follow  on  Twitter:     @treJsamuels tjstylz1

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“Wasting your time doing things your hear t isn't in, is no good…”

Holding the number two spot for the Texas pop charts, Zoe Ann is truly making a name for herself! Starting her music career at the age of 3, she got her start in her own home playing a baby grand piano that her parents bought her. They always hoped she would grow up and learn to play it. Although Zoe Ann had a shy personality, being in Musical Theater helped crack open her shell and take the stage with pure confidence. At the age of 14 she released her first album and now she is working hard on her second. 8

This cute and spunky artist puts her heart in her music and is able to capture the hearts of many with her sound. Zoe Ann’s new song "Girlfriend" is inspired by feelings that many people have today. Yet everything hasn’t been easy for Zoe during her musical journey. Some of the struggles that she has faced as an artist is finding a committed and talented band. Yet with a growing fan base demanding for more, she doesn’t let the negatives affect her and continues to write about the things that are meaningful to her. Zoe Ann encourages others to take part of things that your heart is truly in. What made you want to get into music and when did you start? My family bought an amazing antique baby grand piano for the family when I was born actually, hoping I’d grow up to play it. I started learning to play the piano as soon as I was big enough to climb up on the bench and began writing songs when I was seven years old.

When I was 3 I saw a girl singing on the stage at a festival in TX and told my mom, I wanted to sing on the stage. She found that remarkable since I was so shy! In second grade, I got into Musical Theater which solved my shyness and I immediately knew that performing was what I wanted to do. When I was really little I found my dad’s classic rock records from the 70’s and when they finally got me a record player, I fell in love with The Beatles and Led Zeppelin among other classic rock bands. I’ve continued writing and learning both piano and guitar. I released my first album at fourteen years old and have been working on this project for two and half years. I’ve been working very hard on my second album and I am so excited to release it.

Your song, "Girlfriend," is that a true story for you? I think it's a true story for everyone really! It’s all about not wanting to be put in that "friend zone". Everyone has been put there one time or another and hates it. I wrote this song with DJ Lethal of Limp Bizkit! It was a blast!

Do you have a favorite song that you love to perform on stage? And Why? Not really a fav song so much, just love performing! My stage show is very high energy and it caters a lot to the crowd. Every show is a ton of fun. It's really interesting though when we bring it down and just have me and the piano. It's awesome, because as much as I LOVE rocking out, it's a different perspective…

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and brings me back to where it all started. Me and my piano. It's really cool to me. :) What's been your biggest challenge you've encountered so far while being an artist? My biggest challenge so far has been finding a good backing band. It's been so hard to find people who are super talented and very committed. I have an awesome drummer, but other than that we’ve been super picky about who we are performing with. We want our shows to be as good as possible. Are you working on any new projects or albums that we should know about? I am currently in the studio recording for my second EP! I'm very excited because this music is very meaningful to me. It's interesting to see how much I've grown from my first album. My music is totally like my diary and I do my best to make sure that my heart is in everything that I put out. This next EP is going to be great. I'm also working with a artist from the UK called Katsuo via Skype. We have sent music and vocal tracks back and forth writing a song together. Katsuo is awesome! He's very electronic, so it's really cool to see how we work together. It's going to be something totally different, and totally rad! What advice can you give to youth who are thinking about pursuing their dreams while still being in school? I'm actually homeschooled. I was in school until 8th grade, when my mom realized how much of a passion I had for music and how hard I was working. So since it’s hard to focus on both, she homeschooled me. I've actually learned more through homeschooling because I can focus better… 9

But if homeschooling is not an option, a lot of great artists have finished school before their career. Just work as hard as you can while in school, and then once you have your education, go out and use everything you’ve learned and just go full force into doing what you love! If music is your sport, play it, and play it hard!

to see where my career takes me with the help of my listeners.

Fun Facts About Zoe Ann 1. Favorite Ice Cream? I'm actually allergic to dairy! It's so sad haha. But that's okay! Because I love "Coconut Dream" ice cream. It's coconut milk, and chocolate! It's incredible.

http://www.ZoeAnnMusic.c om/

Don’t Forget To Check out Zoe Ann! eAnnOfficial

Twitter: @ZoeAnnMusic

2. Favorite TV Show? Growing up my favorite TV shows were Tom and Jerry, and Wylie Coyote. I still love them so much to this day. And I watch Sunday morning cartoons every chance I get. And I’m currently watching Rob Dyrdeck’s Fantasy Factory. I wish I could build my own fantasy factory! 3. Name of your very first guitar? I actually didn't have a name for my first guitar. I wish I had a cooler answer but I don't haha. I haven't named any of my instruments, but now that you mention it I’m gonna start!! I’ll keep you updated. ;) What's one thing you've learned so far while pursuing a career in music that you will take with you forever? That in this life wasting your time doing things your heart isn't in is no good. When your given this time, use it to do what you love, and do it the best you can. I'm blessed to have such supportive parents and management. I can’t wait

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First time I had a sold out show I was pretty excited, it was a 600-700 cap room and packed with energy. We had been touring colleges in the northeast, and working towards building a solid core fan base, so it was amazing that they all came out to support us! Being on stage for a sold out rowdy crowd was surreal and made me want to push and work to sellout bigger and bigger rooms. Tell us about your video that kind of put you on the map, "I hate College?" What inspired you to make that song? Is there anything you miss about college today?

Photo by Mike Piscitelli SAMMY ADAMS DREAM BIG AND BE PATIENT By Lisa Wilson

Many times  as  an  artist  you  can   envision  your  success  of  packing  out   arenas  and  owning  stages.  You  see  the   bright  lights  shining  against  your  clothes   and  crowds  screaming  your  name.  For   some,  this  will  be  their  reality  but  for   others  they  will  continue  to  dream.  For   Sammy  Adams,  he  h as  experienced  this   and  far  more  but  success  didn't  just   come  overnight  for  the  young   superstar.          Music  wasn't  a  foreign  concept   growing  up  as  a  child  for  Sammy.  In   fact,  h is  father  played  d rums  p rior  in  a   rock  band  for  twenty-­‐five  years.     Although  Sammy  started  writing  lyrics   in  High  School,  it  wasn't  until  college   10

where he  wrote  his  hit   single,  "I  hate  college."  This   put  a  different  spin  to   Asher  Roth's,  "I  Love   College,"  song.  With  such  success   from  the  single,  he  began  to  create   quite  the  buzz  around  the   northeast  and  started  touring   different  colleges.  Millions  of  views   later  on  his  YouTube  page  and  over   three  hundred  thousand  fans  on   Facebook,  Sammy  advises  up  and   coming  artists  to  "Dream  big  and   be  patient."  We  got  a  chance  to   catch  up  with  the  superstar  and  ask   him  some  q uestions  about  his   music.  Be  sure  to  also  look  out  for   his  upcoming  summer  tour  dates  as   he  may  pass  your  city  very  soon!   Tell us about the first time you had a sold out show and what you were thinking and feeling?

Haha. Well, the video was just a picture of me in a studio in Boulder, Colorado.... But I made the song to sort of mirror the events, hilarious stories, parties, and lifestyle that myself and college roommates lived when I was in school. I despised a few teachers so I threw a couple instances from classes in the song. I loved the aspect of living with your homies and playing soccer competitively, but I honestly don't really miss much about college. Life is good. Tell us about shooting your new music video "Only One," how do you feel about the end result of the video? And do you have an "Only One," in your life right now? Shooting "Only One was an amazing experience. The extras, the girl (Noora), and everyone that helped shoot, create, and help with the video did an amazing job….

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It was also the first time I got to act in a video, so it wasn't just a performance piece right to camera. I think it's my best video and I'm super pleased with the outcome of it for sure. I'm totally single there isn't an "only one" in my life haha, but I'm not afraid of finding her. How do you set yourself apart from other artists today in terms of your style? I separate myself in a couple ways, my stage presence, and the music that I make (ie: my creative process). I built this business and my career with Alex (mgmt) by touring the country indie, so we played some tough rooms and I had to learn how to command the stage and how to win people over that weren't necessarily there to see me (or know me at the time). The live show is what we based our next projects off, so whatever songs we made we made an effort to attempt to make music that would best translate live. In terms of my creative process its different than a lot f artists. I handwrite most of my songs but I write ALL THE TIME. I keep a journal/road diary or whatever you want to call it and write down everything day to day, so I don't forget the little things, the shows, the people I meet and random funny things/interesting things I see along the road and this journey. My music is a pure translation of things that happen in my life or things that I wish could happen, or that I wish I had, so my experiences usually tend to be very present in my songs. Whenever there is a lot of movement, like water, flying, when it's raining, I get sensory deprivation so my brain sort of takes off on a tear and I get super creative‌ 11

Pharrell put me onto "sensory deprivation." Tell us about your upcoming projects you're working on now? My upcoming project is my debut album with a major label. The songs are mostly feel good, upbeat songs about a variety of experiences and topics, while others reflect what I've been going and the perseverance it has taken to stay me and keep my music on track throughout this amazing journey. It's a mix between rap, pop, dance, and electronic music, but all of the songs are very me, my identity is clear throughout the whole project. What do you think it took for you to "Blow Up?" I think it depends on how you define "Blow Up." For me I'm big but I'm not famous, I have a great fan base but have a lot of work to do to get where I want to be eventually. The success we've had has been amazing and the support has been great especially from a touring standpoint, but our team has huge goals and high hopes for the future, so in my mind I don't think I have blown up yet.


What advice can you give to people with dreams of being a successful artist? Dream big. The best advice I can give is to be patient, and take your time. If you get your music right, the fans will come and the music will make its way around. NOTHING that lasts or is renowned as a great career happens instantly, you have to work very very hard, and make sacrifices to get to that level of success. Be you, if you own and love your music and make it your own way without following anyone people will look up to you and follow your music career. Follow Sammy at: mslive m/

Twitter: @sammyadams

Who is an artist from the past that you would have loved to work with? Why? Jimmi Hendrix. That dude was a lefty, played the guitar upside down and backwards when he started, and just had an aura about him when he performed on stage (from the footage I've seen, and from the stories my parents and their friends told). I just look up to guys like that, that revolutionize a certain genre. Having him rip on a track would be amazing!!!!

Vintage Trouble Bringing Trouble To Your Speakers By Lisa Wilson

There was  a  time  when  an  older   generation  couldn't  help  but  blast   music  from  artists  such  as  Little   Richard,  Otis  Redding,  Chuck   Berry,  Ike  and  Tina  and  many   others  that  are  not  mentioned.   Parents  and  grandparents  would   brag  to  their  children  and   grandchildren  about  the  bands   they  were  able  to  experience   growing  up.  It  was  that  feel  good   music,  that  dance  music  and  that   distinct  sound  that  they   remembered  most.  Well  they   weren't  the  last  generation  to   experience  a  unique  sound   because  Vintage  Trouble  is   bringing  trouble  to  your  speakers.   So  be  prepared  to  buy  a  n ew   stereo  because  you  won't  want  to   keep  the  volume  low  on  this  band   for  one  note.      Vintage  Trouble  which  first   breathed  life  as  an  expression  that   lead  singer  Ty  Taylor  would  refer   to  his  father  as,  is  a  band  that   brings  a  fresh  vintage  sound  to  a   new  generation.    With  a  rock  and   blues  aurora  mixed  in  with  a   fashion  style  that  represents  the   50s/60s,  this  band  never  fails  to   give  you  everything  they  got  on   every  song  and  performance.  The   group  has  been  busy  this  summer   touring  in  Europe  and  also  was   able  to  perform  on  the  Jimmy   Kimmel  show  not  too  long  back.   Ty  was  able  to  take  a  short  break   and  answer  some  questions  for  us   about  the  band  today.  Check   them  out.     12

How did  you  guys  come  up  with   the  name  Vintage  Trouble?  And   how  did  the  band  form,  were  you   all  friends  prior?    

Ruth Brown,  Staxx,  M otown,   Chess  Records.  

Vintage Trouble  is  an  expression  I   used  once  while  talking  to  a  friend   referring  to  my  dad.    We  put  in  a   song  “Blues  Hand  Me  Down”.    And   after  that  took  it  on  as  our  band   name.  We  all  knew  each  other   from  being  musicians  around   LA.    Nalle  and  I  left  our  previous   band  because  it  wasn't  allowing   us  to  play  as  much  as  our  h earts   desired  and  needed.    Richard  and   I  met  doing  late  night  after  hours   music  jams  with  a  friend  of  ours  in   Laurel  Canyon.    We  connected   instantly.    Rick  and  I  met  because   he  played  a  session  I  was  running   and  after  that  session  I  knew  that   his  bass  playing  would  be  perfect   for  the  new  project  Nalle  and  I   were  starting.    It  all  fell  into  place   so  easily.  

The folks  at  Jimmy  Kimmel  were   more  than  kind  to  us.    Late  night   television  is  huge  in  the  states  and   we  all  been  Kimmel  fans  for   forever.  He  is  such  a  cool  laid  back   guy.    I  love  that  he  really   connected  with  our   tunes.    Sometimes  those   situations  feel  cold  and  formal  but   we  made  a  huge  bond  in  a  little  of   time.    It's  always  nice  to  have  your   friends  and  family  get  to  see  you   on  that  level.    It  gives  them   bragging  rights.    I  love  making  the   people  I  love  feel  proud  of  me.      

You guys  have  such  an  awesome   sound!  Who  are  some  of  your   influences  and  artists  that  you   grew  up  listening  to  as  a  kid?  

I switch  it  up  all  the  time.    We  as  a   band  like  to  h onor  and  respect   our  audience…  

How was  it  performing  live  at  the   Jimmy  Kimmel  show?  

You never  set  on  foot  on  stage   without  looking  so  stylish!  Do   you  have  a  favorite  outfit  that   you  love  to  wear  on  stage  or  do   you  switch  it  up  every  time?  

We are  inspired  by  music  and   musicians  and  songs  that  straddle   the  fence  between  good  old  rock   and  roll  and Rhythm  and  Blues.   Ike  and  Tina,  Led  Zep,  Little   Richard,  Chuck  Berry,  Wilson,   Sam,  Otis,  Stones,  Etta…  

"The race is not given to the swift nor to the strong but to the one that endureth until the end"

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2011 Classic Rock Awards Winner

Best New Band

songs hit  you  where  you  need  it.    That   day  that  song  is  your  favorite.     What  is  something  that  you’ve  learned   while  on  your  musical  journey  that  you   will  take  with  you  forever?  

photo by Jens Lucking

The audience  is  the  most  important  part   of  the  show.    Concentrate  less  on   ourselves  and  more  on  the  folks  we  are   entertaining.

In the  old  days,  that's  just  the   way  it  was.    Bands  would  walk   into  a  venue  with  suit  thrown   over  their  shoulders  and  then   get  dress-­‐up  and  sweat  it   out.    Come  on.    Nothing  better   than  the  idea  of  coming  dressy   and  leaving  messy.    Makes  you   feel  like  you've  really  dug  into   something  d eep  and  hot.    My   favorite  thing  to  wear  is   cravats.    It  kind  of  shakes  up  the   traditional  50/60  fashions  and   throws  a  little  turn  of  the   century  in  the  mix.    My  favorite   jacket  is  a  yellow  jacket  trimmed   in  black  that  was  my  dad's  from   the  60s.    I  wore  it  on  Jools   Holland  when  we  did  that  last   year.   What  do  you  guys  usually  do   after  you  have  finished   performing  for  the  night?  Go   eat?  Stay  up  all  late?   After  almost  every  performance   we  go  to  the  merchandise  booth   directly  from  the  stage  to  thank   as  many  people  as  possible  for   coming  to  the  gig  and  meet  as   many  of the  new  Trouble   Makers  as  possible.    


Of all  types  of  genre’s  of  music   today  such  as  pop,  r&b,   etc…what  m ade  you  want  to   represent  this  soulful/funk  type   of  style  that  you  guys  have?   We  just  want  to  be  as  real  as   possible.  Rhythm  and  Blues  from   the  50/60s  feels  like  the  best   suited  style  for  who  we  are  and   what  moves  us.    But  it  is   important  to  us  that  we  play  it   with  the  energy  and  balls  of  today   because  that's  who  we  are.    We   don't  want  to  pretend  it's  the   50s.    We  have  accomplished  too   much  since  then.  

Youth today  can  be  easily  discouraged   especially  when  people  tell  them  their   dreams  will  never  happen.  What  advice   can  you  give  the  youth  who  are  striving   after  their  dreams  when  nobody   believes  in  them?   "The  race  is  not  given  to  the  swift  nor  to   the  strong  but  to  the  one  that  endureth   until  the  end."   Visit  Vintage  Trouble  on  their  websites   to  hear  their  music  and  see  videos  of   them  on  tour!  

Tell  us  about  the  ‘Bomb  Shelter   Sessions’  and  how  you  feel  about   that  album?  Do  you  have  a   favorite  song  on  the  album?  Or  a   song  that  personally  touched  you   in  a  deep  way  that  you  can  tell  us   about?   We  recorded  this  debut  record   after  we  had  only  been  together   for  3  months.    It  feels  honest  and   that’s  all  we  wanted.    We  did  all   full  takes  and  no  long  p rocess  of   deciding  what  was  going  to  be  on   the  record.    We  were  recording   demos  and  found  a  record  in  the   process.    We  don't  have  a  favorite   song.    Different  days  different

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Why choose a career in music? It's always my passion first. Always loved music since a young age. Started with movie soundtracks and scores like Halloween, T2 and Scream 3. After playing around in the garage, doing some local shows, and recording demos, I decided I wanted to take things further and make it a career. Started learning covers and playing out solo to earn extra $, which funded my original material. Practicing nonstop. Learning drums, bass, guitar and vocals. It's a bit different now with more things going on but it's what I want to do the rest of my life and I love to be creative.

Frank Palangi More Than Ready By Michelle Tuyub

There is a calling for the positive music scene and Frank is ready to pick up the call. Through physical adversities Frank's fervor for music has driven him to continue the fight. What’s unique about Frank is that his love for music didn’t come from a particular artist or band but through different movie soundtracks. Frank enjoyed the soundtracks and scores from movies like Halloween and Scream 3. For many, family members don’t always support big dreams of their loved ones but support from his parents and grandparents definitely drove him to follow his passion. Frank doesn’t just have the passion in mastering being an artist but also mastering the art of music itself. Feeling complete confident that he’s ready to immerse into the 14

music industry, Frank encourages fans to sign a petition to get his single into the radio, "I am ready." This new single reflects his feelings and views of being ready to break into the industry. Frank does not consider his sound a typical form of rock music that is redundant but one that is unique and ready to thrust into the world. To check out his sound visit his websites!

Tell us about your new single "I am ready." What motivated you to write that song? Really it was the drive, passion and will I felt at the time to create a song that expressed that I was ready to break into the industry. After recording my debut EP with producer Rogers Masson and rock band "Day of Fire" in Nashville, TN, I wanted a bit more of an edgy track with a new feel and expand.

What's the hardest part about being an artist for you today? Money for expenses to do shows, produce songs, merch, and advertising. Being an independent funded artist, there are a lot of challenges and you have to budget everything. Know what to spend on and what to not invest so much in.

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There's something that I can't describe, a feeling in me, like you were born for a purpose. I think it relates a lot with people because it deals with what their true passion is and to lead, not follow in life. I AM READY to hit the stage, to take on what comes and to keep moving forward and growing. Are you signed to a label right now? I am not currently but am looking. I'm endorsed by Intune Guitar Pick inc. and I'm a self-marketing/promoting artist right now but it's about the right fit, and not to just take the first thing that comes at ya. I've had licensing, distribution and indie-labels contact me with opportunities. I don't want to fall into something that would negate everything in the wrong direction. You stated that being able to create music has been a blessing to you especially because you had to overcome a lot of hardships in your life. Can you tell us about how music has played such a vital role in your life? Growing up with severe allergies and asthma and complications from birth, it was something I could do at home inside, away from a lot of out door activities. Never played 15

sports so I turned to movies and music. My grandfather and parents were supportive of whatever I wanted to decide to do and I think they knew there was something there in music. It gave me the ability to look up to other artists and study things with an open mind. As I say, "don't follow what everyone else is doing, carve your own path in life. Follow your passion." What are some of your musical goals? Do you want to play at the Grammys? Go Platinum? Grammy's would be awesome for sure! Full album that went Gold, Platinum, would be amazing! I want to make a good living at what do, record music, work with artists, play shows and reach out and connect with people. Connecting with the fans, you get to talk with so many great people and see the culture around you. LOVE IT! Are you working on any new projects? New track in the works with the same producer as I AM READY, Rob Coates, from Nashville, TN and his team at Labelmix called "FROZEN". Rob is a great producer and really cares about the artist. Noah Henson from the band Pillar and the former drummer, Lester Estelle, will be on the track. It's more a rock ballad song but has major potential to

connect with the modern audience. For sure future plans and in the works, a FULL ALBUM! I like being a solo artist and having flexibility to work with different people in the industry and talents. On the show end, I've been blessed to open recently for some national acts like TRAPT, Candelight Red, HURT, Jesse Malin, FUEL. My backing band has been awesome with rockin shows and bringing the full sound to the stage. What do you want your fans to get from listening to your music? Not the typical formal of rock music that's used over and over again in today's market. Old school rock and what's current now. A mix of things. A positive rock image. Something that relates to them. There is I believe some mix as well of the 80's rock and 90's rock style. Having the ability to connect with the artist as well. What motivates you to continue to do music even when times get hard? My passion, drive and will to keep moving forward. I practice, research and work hard. If I wasn't, I'm sure I wouldn't be doing any interview articles. I live and breathe what I do. "I have no plan B in backing down my dreams". LINKS: LOVE music video mbUV1Wwzc ITUNES -mpt=uo%3D4 Amazon rk5 artist

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things like shopping at the mall. VanJess interests include writing songs and entertaining. They have been working hard daily to come out with new material for their fans to hear. Drawing inspiration from favorite artists like Beyonce, Madonna and Mariah Carey, except to see big things from these girls very soon. If VanJess had one big personality what would it be? Ivana: Carefree definitely On your Facebook page it says you guys are unsigned? Is that true? Are you looking to get signed? Or continue to be independent? Jess: Yes we are unsigned. At the moment getting signed is the goal, but we don't mind being independent for now and doing whatever we want to do.

VanJess Don’t Fit the Mold By Michelle Tuyub In the R&B realm two sisters are not attempting to fit into a mold but to make their own. VanJess which stands for Ivana and her younger sister Jessica, are setting the bar high for music today. They can sing, they can rap, play instruments and can even beat box! Although most might expect sibling rivalry between these two it’s actually quite the contrary. 16

VanJess holds an admiration for each other’s talent. Not only are their fans impressed by their talent on YouTube but even the artists who have heard the covers they do of their songs. After a cover of hip hop artist J.Cole’s song, “Work Out,” he tweeted them with a shout out.

How do people usually react when they recognize you when they see you doing every day life stuff like going to the store, mall, etc..?

Although they are currently unsigned their future goals are headed down that path. Defining themselves as carefree, you can find this pair of siblings doing every day

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position were we are ready to, its coming :) What advice do you have for up and coming youth today wanting to do what you girls are doing right now? Jess: To definitely not be afraid of being different and not fit a mold. I think when you are doing something no one is doing it might be hard for people to swallow at first, but once people do get it, it’s always something that sticks around and is successful!

For Updates of VanJess music make sure to visit: Jess: Sometimes we'll get recognized in a random store at the mall and its always funny when you hear them pondering whether or not to come up to you or not, and also some people just come up and say how much they love what we are doing and its always so shocking and humbling to us. Do you girls ever compete on whose voice is better or anything being that you're sisters? Never!! Its funny people think we are competitive because we are sisters but its more admiration than anything :) We learned you guys go to college as well! How do you manage school and music? Is it difficult? And how do you fit in a social life in between those two? Jess: We are actually taking a break from school, which was a huge step, but we are hoping it will pay off.


What was the first thing that you girls did when you found out J.Cole gave you guys such a big shout out? Ivana: We screamed!! Jess was in shock for a couple of minutes then screamed too.

Do you always hang out with each other or do you both have different friends? We hang out together a lot because we have a lot of the same friends, but we also have friends individually so it’s a mix of both! Have you guys seen the two younger sisters Chloe and Halle sing on YouTube and what do you think about them? Yes they are super talented the both of them, we're big fans :) What's next to come for you girls? Ivana: Our original music! A lot of things kept us from putting out our own music for a while, but we are now in the

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album at the moment? Not at present although I am recording a few original tracks. What do you do for fun when you’re not recording music? I like to chill with my friends. Play PlayStation and enjoy playing basketball. Do you have any other dreams other than singing? I would love to produce and write as well as singing as I enjoy being creative. I would also love to be an actor. You have millions of views of on your YouTube channel, thousands of subscribers and lots of comments! Do your friends at school treat you any different knowing that their classmate is getting pretty big in music?

James Anderson God Given Gift By Lisa Wilson

You see all the time in movies of windows shattering from powerful voices of singers yet you wonder if that’s real. Well if you bring James Anderson anywhere near glass windows and ask him to sing you might get to experience that yourself. Thirteen-year-old soul/pop sensation James Anderson has a gift no one can explain but to James he knows exactly where he got it. With only four singing lessons total under his belt James is able to captivate his fans from all over the world. His version of the late Whitey Houston’s “I have nothing,” was viewed over 400,000 times on his YouTube 18

page! Like any teen his age, he of course likes playing on his PlayStation and hanging out with his friends who he says are very supportive of his music. However, if you think he’s like any other teen then you’re mistaken. James has a gift that people train and practice for years to try to obtain and for this teen it comes as natural as tying your shoe. Check out the interview to see what James had to say about his music! When did your musical journey begin? I first sang at my late Grandmother's 65th birthday party and from there sang in church, at weddings and funerals. Are you working on an

My friends do not really treat me any different. They are very supportive and love what I do. They are always enquiring about my music and wanting to know what song I will be uploading next on You Tube. I have a great bunch of friends. Who are some of your favorite artists today? Beyonce, Jessie J, Usher and Justin Bieber Do you take lessons for your singing? No I don't. In total I have only had 4 singing lessons. Why do you enjoy singing? I enjoy singing because it allows me to express myself and when I sing it makes other people happy and I love to see people enjoying and appreciating what I do.

What keeps you striving to go after your dream? In the Bible there is a scripture that says, "Your gift will make room for you” I do believe that God has blessed me with a great gift, which I want to use to bless others. Singing is my passion and with hard work and determination I believe that one day I will live my dream.


Make sure to keep up with James’s Journey on: Twitter: @OfficialJamesA Facebook: Youtube:


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How was it shooting your first single, ‘We Gone?’ Tell us the meaning behind that song?

Kayron Calloway

his views on hip hop today.

Just Be You

What does hip hop music mean to you today?

By Lisa Wilson

Hip hop music to me means culture. It shows growth. Hip For college student Kayron hop music put people from my Calloway, trying to mimic an neighborhood in everyone's artist that’s not himself is not for living room. I didn’t grow up him. Growing up as a next to the Cosby's. So there youngster Kayron credits hip was disconnect there for hop for helping him and others people who grew up similar to not feel ashamed for not being me. It showed it was okay to able to live a perfect life in a accept who you are. It was a lot perfect neighborhood. Seeing of glorifying of the bad things in other hip hop artists talk about the community, which led to the realness in their backyards more stereotypes, but it lead to was something Kayron could comfort more than anything. I connect to from listening to hip argue that without hip-hop, we hop music. wouldn’t have Obama. Now if that’s not growth I don’t know Now Kayron is able to share what is. his experiences with his own fans today that listen and love How do you want to be his music. After wrapping up different than other artists his first music video, “We today? Gone,” which depicts Kayron’s I actually don’t worry about sound being different and not being different with my music. I comparable to other rappers just focus on being me. I feel today, he’s ready to make sure like that is being different he is always just being himself. enough these days. Everybody With a lyrical conscience, is so focused on the template Kayron continues to bring of who they are supposed to be something fresh to his music. that they sound like everybody Check out his interview about else. I’m regular though. 20

The shooting of the “We gone” video was ridiculous. We kept it pg13 though. lol. But first I want to thank FweshlyDipped for the video, that’s my camp, thank my producer Deandrea for the beat, and I want to thank all my peoples out there that shared and retweeted my video. I’m very appreciative. But the video was crazy. We were having fun, it was cool ‘cuz’ a lot of people were in it. I wish every video were like that. We had crazier footage but we had to keep it politically correct. Lol. When Deandrea sent me the beat and ask me what I can make it do, I first got a Neptune and old school Pharrell beat. So I had to get on it in a deep lyrical concept. so the whole song is a metaphor. At first it sounds like a party song, having fun, and we gone, like if someone were drunk. But if you listen to it, I really mean ‘we gone’ like nobody can come close to me when it come to rapping. If you listen to the first verse I’m saying look how I get these rappers we so far ahead. How do you feel about West Coast Rap today? Ahh man west coast music is where it’s at. We brought the essence of hip hop now everybody got they own lane. Not trying to bottle up and fit the gang-banging template like I was saying earlier. You got the go up/turn up music like YG and TYGA and the jerkin music.

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fun and meet some people. You never know what it can come to. Of course your knowledge is important but don’t forget about the other important things in school. Last question, what do you want to see different in hip hop today? I just like to see it continue to grow and go back to the music and not marketing the image. Make sure you follow Kayron at:

On the set of “We Gone.”

Twitter: Then you got the people like Odd Future and Hopsin who are the Eminem, funny type of rap. You got Nipsey, who’s like a motivational speaker, he makes you want to get up and go do something. My bro Big Blacowt from the bricks and his bro menace, Young Vin is also a dude you should hear about, my dude TiRon and of course TDE. Kendrick Lamar Ab Soul might be the most lyrical rappers out and Schoolboy Q just got his own complete lane. He is really rapping. Jay Roc does his stuff too, Dom Kennedy and so on. It’s a lot of rappers out here man and everybody is doing their own stuff. How hip hop should be. What can we expect next from you? Expect me to be out here, trying to have the mixtape done. Me and my team are going through and trying to find the next video. I plan to get on some collabs, just trying to get up and get on my stuff. 21

Where does your inspiration of making music come from? My inspiration in my music comes from my everyday life and whatever catches my attention that day. But as far as far as my inspiration it comes from my friends, who are doing their stuff FweshlyDipped, Deandrea, Young Celeb News, we can all work together to build each other. I get happiness seeing my peoples succeed so that’s why I rap so we all can get on.

@coolwithakay @Fweshlydipped…

A lot of artists in the music industry don't necessarily promote going/staying in college. What are your thoughts about pursuing an education? Can you do both music and school? I can go in all day about school .. But ill keep it short and sweet. You can gain socially more in college than actually knowledge remember it’s not what you know but who you know It’s 30,000 people at my school so go out and have

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Seeing the chemistry on the set paints a clear picture that so many ONE WARM NIGHT is the new sizzlin’ hot Web Series dedicated people have been involved in the coming to a screen near success of the making of you! Started as a Script Class Project in the Actor’s this series. Steven Lowe who is the series director Room, one warm night and producer has had no has become the focal point of Web Series shows problems of having the Midas touch on previous to look out for. This dark work he’s done and comedy involves Julie, doesn’t fall short of that who invites all of her with One Warm Night. Yet previous boyfriends to what really helps make reveal a life-changing this series special are the secret. Wondering what that secret is? Well you’re actors and actresses that they’ve chosen for this going to have to watch and see like the rest of us. series. The all-star cast 22

includes: Sean Michael Afable, Justin Lee, Jared Hernandez, Julie Manriquez, Ryan Tsang, Koko Laimana, Anthony Kongphan, Brandon Thomas, Joe Salling, Matt Lunn, Jonathon Wiersma, Yasmeen Yamak, Kory Bennion, Janessa Beth, Laura Meadows, Mac Chapel and a support cast including Amber Jacobs and Patrick Manaloto! Stay Tune for this awesome series which premiers August 15th.


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