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Table of Contents 1-Indroduction………. P.1 2-Facts about crow Indians……..p.2 3-Essay about The Crow Indians……p.3 4-Journal Entry of The Crow Indians……..p.4 5- Glossary……..p.5

Introduction The Crow Indians lived on the plains. They used all of their natural resources to survive in the wilderness. In fact there are 29 tribes in the plains. What you are going to be learning in this book is where they lived, what art they did, their transportation, and their clothing. Hope you enjoy the world of the Crow Indians!

Journal Entry November 3rd 2011 All I ever wanted was a pet dog. But while I am looking out my window I see 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 ten horses surrounding me and my parents tipi. Since I am only nine, the youngest in my tribe I do not know what to do with the horses or what to say to them. My heart is pounding. My friend Sally has a pet dog named Sam. Sam is such a sweet dog and I really want to go over to her house and see them. I went down stairs to ask my mom if I could go to Sally’s house. My mom said yes. So I went over but instead of walking over I crawled over so the horses will not see me. When I arrived, Sally and Sam were waiting for me outside. When we went in we played dolls for an hour, and then played with Sam for the rest of the time. The time flew by so fast I had to crawl back home, because the horses were still there. One Hour Later I arrived home safely. “Mom since the horses are still here, will they come in our tipi and hurt us”? “No because we have a sturdy door and sturdy windows.” While I was eating my soup, I kept spilling it on me because I was too busy looking at the horses. “After dinner can we go get dad and ask him how get the horses out of here”. I asked. When dinner was over their dad came down stairs to talk about getting the horses out of our property. 30 min later “Go shoo! We know you want food but we do not have any horse food. “ said my Dad. Next Morning It was morning and everything was back to normal. Well not as normal, I was playing with my new dog Max!

Facts About the Crow Indians In this section you will find a lot of facts about the Crow Indians!!

Art These plain Indians were most famous for their Art. So here is what they made. They made all of their clothes and houses. They were most famous for their basket weaving, and their bead work which the women do. Most materials were rocks, feathers, cloth, clay, and fabric. Some stuff they used to travel with were rafts, and canoes, which they made. The Men painted Indians hunting. As you can see there are many crafts they did.

Clothing Here are facts about what the Crows wore in everyday life. The woman’s wore dresses made out of, deerskin, bison, and some sheep skin. The Men wore breath clothes like leather leggings. They both were moccasins for shoes. To make their outfits fun they got bird feathers and wrapped then on their clothes. And they both put braids in their hair. Each feather stood for a brave man in the war. There are some facts of what the Indians wore in everyday life.

Transportation Here are facts about how the Crow Indians got from place to place. When they had to go place to place they went on canoes that they made and they rode on horses. They had to hunt on foot, but one day they found wild horses so they sat on them and it was easier to hunt on them instead of on foot. Dogs carried their light belongings and the horses carried their heavy things. They also used rafts to travel through rivers like canoes. Those are some ways the Crow Indians got from place to place with transportation.

Where They Lived Mostly all the Crows lived all around the same area. Read to find out more of where they lived. These Crow Indians can be found near the Mississippi River. Some Crows can also be found around Canada and Mexico. In the winter it could be 40 degrees lower than 0. In The summer 100 degrees. The British pushed them across the Mississippi River and that is how they got to the Plains. As you can see the Plain Indians lived all near the same place.

Essay The Crow Indians were able to adapt to their environment because they made clothes they were skilled hunters and used items from nature to make Art. One reason they adapted to their environment is they made clothes from animal skin. They got the animal skin from when they hunted. In the winter they got buffalo skin to keep warm, and in the summer they wore rabbit skin something no to fluffy. A second reason how the crow Indians adapted to their environment is they were skilled hunters. For example they hunted to get weapons, food and clothes. But they usually just hunted for food. What they hunted was bears, buffalo, and rabbits. A last reason how the Crow adapted to their environment was they used items around them from nature to make art. They found bright feathers on the ground and used wheat to put the feathers together so the other people knew they were coming their way to go hunting. Sometimes when they hunted they took the bones out of the animals and used them to hunt. If people or animals came to hurt them, they would use the weapons against them. They found wood from trees and made jewelry and traded with others. These are some reasons how the Crows adapted to their environment.

Glossary Crow Indians- an Indian tribe that lives in the plains. Degrees- A unit of measurement the measures temperature of your body or the temperature outside. Canoes-A light narrow boat usually has two ends and it is steered with paddles Moccasins- Shoes made out of wheat some like slippers. Materials-pieces of objects that you make something with.

The World of the Crow Indians By Bradleigh Nicole Barcus