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Introduction While you read this you will learn about the Cheyenne tribe. You will learn about what they eat, how they hunted, how they lived and what they wore. These are the facts you will learn.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Clothing

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Essay section 6 Journal entry section 7 Glossary section 8 About Cameron Dever section 9

WHAT THEY WORE The neat things Cheyenne’s wore. Cheyenne’s wore light deer skin and buffalo. Men usually wore light deer skin some men wore long breeches. Women wore long deer skin dresses and deer skin skirts. They wore feathers and each feather stood for a brave deed a man did in the war. These are some things the Cheyenne’s wore.

HOUSES The Cheyenne’s moved a lot so tepees are a good home. Tepees are made out of buffalo skin and 20 to 30 poles. Cheyenne’s live in Earth lodges made out of a dug out hill with wood or tree bark. This is what the Cheyenne’s lived in.

How THEY HUNTED The great way to hunt. The Cheyenne’s hunted with horses. They used baskets to carry their food back to their tribe. They used bow to eat their food. This is how they hunted.

FOOD What do the Cheyenne’s eat? The Cheyenne’s eat buffalo. They eat pumpkins and other vegetables. They eat soup and kidneys, brains and hearts were used for food. These are some things the Cheyenne’s eat.

ESSAY The Cheyenne people were able to adapt to their envirmront because they made their own clothing, they made their own tepees, and they were good at hunting. One reason how the Cheyenne adapted to their environment was they use animal skin for their clothing. They used deer, elk, and buffalo to keep warm. The men wore long breeches to stay warm in the winter. The second reason the Cheyenne’s adapted to their environment was because they made tepees. They are made of buffalo skin. Tepees make a good home because the Cheyenne’s move a lot. A third reason that the Cheyenne’s adapt to their environment was because they are good hunters. When they hunted they rode horses and they carried their food in a basket. The Cheyenne’s hunted deer and buffalo. These are some of the facts I learned.

Dear journal, I am so upset with my parents. They say we have to move again. And we have to leave my pony, Spur. My cousin Cheyenne is upset too. Cheyenne had an idea to run away with our ponies. So we did, when our parents noticed we were gone they talked to the leader. The leader said yes. So they sent some of these men to find us. They did not find us. So we decided to go back. Spur took us home. I’m so lucky that I have him. My parents said we can take Spur.

Glossary Tepees: a cone shape house. Buffalo: a type of animal Bows: a type of weapons they use to hunt Breeches: a type of clothing.

About Cameron Dever Cameron loves horses especially her horse Mr. Riley. Cameron got Riley at her B day party from her Mom and Lyndon. Cameron was so excited to do research on the Cheyenne tribe because the Cheyenne rode horses to hunts.

All about cheynne tribe by cameron dever  
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