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Conversation 1 Sitting in the HPER Building Lobby Girl1: Uh Oh… what happened to you?? Girl2: I had surgery remember?? Girl1: I knew that, are you feelin any better?? Girl2: Ehhh I don’t know, I still have to use the crutches which kind of makes everything else a hassle Girl1: So does it still hurt, its your knee right?? Girl2: Ya its not too bad anymore I just have to take it slow for a little while here… how have you been?? Girl1: I’m good I have a meeting with a group of students here within the next hour so I’ve been getting ready for that. Girl2: Whats the meeting about. Girl1:They just want to run some ideas past me about a project I assigned so it probably wont take too long. Girl2: Those meetings are always fun haha Girl1: hahaa Girl2: Alright well ill let you get back to what you were doing… have a good day we need to catch up sometime. Girl1: Yes we do, I hope your knee continues to get better too.

Girl2: Thank you very much. Cya later. Conversation 2 On the bus Man1: (boards the bus and sees friend) Hey whats up bro Man2: Hey whats up Brad. Man1: Nothin much man… you just get outta class? Man2: Ya… finite math I hate it Man1: Ya man that shit sucks… I almost had to drop it last semester. Man 2: Ya I fuckin hate it Man1: For sure… Do you know where your goin for spring break yet Man2: Umm I was thinkin about going to Ft. Lauderdale but my family has a condo in Naples so I might just do that. Man1: Ya I think im gonna go somewhere in Florida too Im just not sure where. Me and Jaimie are trying to figure something out. Man2: All ive heard so far that people are doin is goin to somewhere in Florida so that’s probably the best place, but I have to get off here man I’ll talk to you later. Man1: Alright bro let me know what you end up doin for spring break.

Brent Young Conversation  

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