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Writing - Creative Non-Fiction Requirements Participants are required to submit writing samples as follows: • • •

Up to, but no more than, three essays. Submission may include memoir autobiographical material, essay or other argument from a personal viewpoint. Essays that resemble term papers, book-reports, or specific class assignments are NOT acceptable, no footnotes and no bibliographies. Do's (required)

Don'ts (can be disqualified)

Submit a portfolio that is typed, Double-spaced using 1 only standard typeface of 12 pt. or larger and only on the front side of the page. Include page numbers.

Do not submit more than 20 pages.

2 Prepare portfolio on 20 - 24 lb. plain white paper.

Do not submit paper with lines, color or any kind of texture.

3 Portfolio must be stapled in the upper left hand corner.

Do not place your portfolio in any type of binder or folder.

Place your YoungArts ID# and category code (08009999/501, for example) on the upper right hand 4 corner of every page of your submission. You will receive your ID# once you have completed the registration process.

Do not place your name nor any awards, publications, etc. anywhere on your submission.


Submit your audition materials according to the official mailing requirements.

NOTE: YoungArts asks for your permission to reprint your work in relationship to the YoungArts process. You are responsible for communicating any copyright information current and/or pending for your submissions. Portfolio materials will not be returned. Participants should make and keep copies of all materials submitted. YoungArts is not responsible for materials lost or damaged in the mail.‐creative‐non‐fiction‐submission   Page 1 of 1 

Creative Non-Fiction Requirements  

Creative Non-Fiction Requirements

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