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Photography Requirements Photography Participants are Required to: 1) Upload ten images (go to upload requirements to see how to upload). • Five images from one project. • Five images showing the full range of the participant's work and interest. 2) Contact Sheet: A 8.5 x 11 inch file of 24 thumbnails (each one with a max. dimension of 2 inches) of images that supplement the main folio submissions. These images on this sheet should give the jurors some extra indication of the applicant's creative / photographic interests. • •

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Participants are asked to present work that will best exemplify the extent and quality of their accomplishment as well as conveying feelings and creating emotional interest, or work that clearly expresses a visual point of view. The portfolio should demonstrate original thinking, an artistic commitment and a willingness to take creative risks. While it is expected that participants will consult with their teachers in the selection of portfolio material, participants are urged to submit work they feel best represents their creative interests. All forms of photography are accepted in any format including: documentary, color, black and white, non-silver processes, digital, and mixed media. Work need not be done during the current year, but must be original work and can be done in or out of school. Work that suggests visual plagiarism (i.e., a direct copy of another artist's work) will NOT be accepted.

Formatting images • Image Print Size: at least 4 x 6 inches at 300 dpi. • Image File Size: Maximum of 6 x 9 inches at 300 dpi. • Image File Size: Minimum of 500 KB / Maximum 4 MB. • Image File Format: JPEG (JPG) DO NOT (This will disqualify you) • use images created with camera phones • use images designated as “web-ready” • submit slideshows • submit PowerPoint presentations • submit animations • submit movies • submit audio with your pictures • embed your images into Microsoft Word • submit your images on a CD Page 1 of 2  

Technical specifications for images created using a digital camera: • Set Camera for "JPEG" format. • Set Camera for "fine" or "extra fine" resolution, not "web" or "normal". • Use a 2+ megapixel camera that has a high resolution setting. • Image pixel size camera setting: Minimum 1200 x 1800 / Maximum of 1800 x 2700. Technical specifications for scanning photographs: • Scan slides at 100% at a minimum of 1500 dpi. • Scan photographs at 100% at 300 dpi if photo is 4 x 6 inches or larger (8 x 10 photographs use 250 dpi. • Photographs larger than 6 x 9, decrease the dpi by 50 for each additional size scale. (ex. scan photographs at 100%, but at 250 dpi for 8 x 10 or 200 dpi for 9 x 12). • Scan photographs at 100% using at least 600 dpi if photo is smaller than 4 x 6 inches. • The participant is responsible for the quality of the submission and the quality of the images will affect judging. Images that are out of focus, poorly lit, or difficult to see will be disqualified. There are no refunds even if your materials are disqualified.

Minimize use of digital manipulation. A complicated effect using Photoshop will not impress the judges. Please review the uploading requirements carefully. Page 2 of 2  

Photography Requirements  

Photography Requirements