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Jazz Voice Requirements Participants are required to submit a video audition which must include the following - in this order: 1. 2. 3. 4.

A jazz ballad (first 8 bars a cappella). A medium or up tempo swing tune performed in a jazz style. A tune from the Bebop era (1941-1955). A Bossa Nova (sung in English). o Improvisation (scatting) is strongly encouraged on at least one of the pieces. o Improvisation is not considered an instrumental solo unless being played by participant. o Your music should come from the appropriate repertoire. Use of a Standards Real Book or Standards Fake Book is acceptable. o All audition submissions must be memorized.



Do's (required)

Don'ts (can be disqualified)

Record your audition in the order listed above using a NEW DVD.

Do not submit a VHS, mini-DV, mini cassette or VCD. QuickTime and AVI files will not be accepted for adjudication.

Announce your audition in the following manner:"My YoungArts ID# is 08009999/275." (You will receive your YoungArts ID# once you have completed 2 the registration process). Also include the names and composers of the pieces as well as the DVD track/Chapter # or player counter/Timestamp on the content card inside the DVD case.

Do not state your name or place it in or on the DVD case. Do not make any other comments. Note: your selection cannot go over 2 minutes. Excluding your introduction, total audition cannot exceed 8 minutes.

3 Dress appropriately for your audition. Accompaniment is limited to one piano 4 (preferred) or a pre-recorded format without any vocals except the participants.

Do not use any other type of accompaniment. Page 1 of 2

Use a fixed point of view for your camera with the student auditioning being the main 5 focus. Shoot straight on, leaving the camera in one location.

Do not pan, move the camera, or follow the vocalist. Camera may be no closer than waist up.

Use a good quality microphone and check for good balance and blend. Edits between pieces are allowed. Make sure the level 6 of your piano accompaniment does not overpower the sound of your voice on the tape.

Do not make film edits within a piece. No sound enhancements are allowed.


Submit your audition materials according to the official mailing requirements

Do not send in pre-recorded live performances, such as recitals or concerts.

Recommendations • •

There should be short pauses between selections. Do not assume that our adjudicators will be able to view your audition. As soon as the DVD is recorded, make certain you view it in its entirety on a standard DVD player prior to submitting. Do not view your submission on a laptop or desktop as it could format the disc to play only on a computer.

NOTE: DVDs will not be returned. Participants should make and keep copies of all materials submitted. YoungArts is not responsible for submissions lost or damaged in the mail. Page 2 of 2

Jazz Voice Requirements  

Jazz Voice Requirements