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Dance - Jazz Requirements Participants are required to submit a videotaped audition that must include the following - in this order: • •

2 minutes maximum of technique as follows 2 minutes maximum of solo piece as follows

The presentation of technique and the prepared solo should display the full range of the participant's abilities. Jazz Technique The presentation of jazz technique should include combinations in place and through space at slow and fast tempos that utilize torso isolations and demonstrate rhythmic sophistication and improvisation skills. • • • •

Adagio - controlled extensions in centered and off centered positions, parallel and turned out rotations of the limbs; shaping of the torso; shifting of the body axis. Allegro - demonstrating command of rhythmic complexity and speed; large jumps, legs folded and extended demonstrating elevation. In Place - total body movement at all spatial levels demonstrating rhythm, musical phrasing and body isolations. In Space - combinations demonstrating turns (including pirouettes) and syncopation at slow and fast tempos.

NOTE: Video must include movements-in-place with the camera framing the entire body as well as movement in and through space, demonstrating advanced techniques and accomplishment whenever possible. Although music may be included, this segment should not be choreographed. Jazz Solo A prepared solo of the participant's choosing lasting no more that two minutes. Participants are responsible for obtaining all necessary releases for choreography as well as music, if applicable. Audition Apparel All dancers must wear a color that is in contrast to the background. Costumes are NOT allowed. Rehearsal skirts are NOT allowed. Men and Women • • •

leotard and tights or unitard or pants and fitted top

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Do's (required)

1 Submit a NEW DVD.

Do not submit a VHS, miniDV, mini-cassette or VCD. QuickTime and AVI files will not be accepted for adjudication.

Announce your audition by stating your eight digit YoungArts ID# and the three digit category code. “My YoungArts ID# is 07009999/101.” (You will receive your ID# once you have completed the registration 2 process). You must also include the name of the variation or title of the piece, choreographer, and composer of the pieces as well as the DVD track/Chapter #. Do this only once at the start of your audition for all pieces.

Do not state your name or place it in or on the DVD case. Do not make any other comments.


Use a fixed point of view for your camera. Shoot straight on, leaving the camera in one location.

The dancer must remain in the full frame of the 4 camera, as close as possible, keeping the movement of the camera to a minimum. Use a tripod, if possible. 5

Record your audition in a clearly defined interior space.

6 Cuts between technique segments are acceptable.


Submit your audition materials according to the official mailing requirements.

Do not pan, move the camera or follow the dancer. Do not shoot video into the mirror to get a better angle. Do not record your video outside. Do not edit within the solo. Do not use special effects, dissolves, fades or wipes. Do not send in pre-recorded live performances, such as recitals or concerts.

Include the names and composers of the pieces as 8 well as the DVD track/Chapter # on the content card inside the DVD case.

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Do not assume that our adjudicators will be able to view it. As soon as the DVD is recorded, make certain you view it in its entirety on a standard DVD player prior to submitting. Do not view your submission on a laptop or desktop as it could format the disc to play only on a computer. The camera should be placed sufficiently close to the performer so that positioning and movement of all parts of the body are clearly visible. A brief fullface shot, half-body shot and full-body shot may be included at the end of the video. Please note that the registration fees are non-refundable even in the case of injury. You must also be free of injury to participate in YoungArts Week if you are chosen as a finalist. Make sure the sound and picture are both of good quality. The backdrop should be neutral and free of creases and breaks.

NOTE: DVDs/Videotapes will not be returned. Participants should make and keep copies of all materials submitted. YoungArts is not responsible for materials lost or damaged in the mail. DVDs/Videotapes that cannot be viewed will be disqualified. Page 3 of 3

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Participants are required to submit a videotaped audition that must include the following - in this order:• 2 minutes maximum of technique a...