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A COUPLE’S TOASTMASTERS JOURNEY A marriage out of a “ Toastmasters Fairy Tale!


N: I

joined Toastmasters thanks to my professor at my university who told me I was a perfect fit for the Young Adult Toastmasters, after a few meetings...I was hooked and felt like an outlet to conquer my fears.

K: Mine is far less inviting and more so commanding, as Najla had told me to attend a Toastmaster workshop at the univeristy (mind you, a university that I am not a part of ). I snuck in, did a TableTopic and boom, that’s how I got roped into the Young Adult Toastmasters.


Hey! I did not command you, I just asked you politely!


Right...and if I did not attend, would you have been mad at me?

N: ... N:

Alright! Moving forward, since both of us were in the same club and it was still struggling, we had to work hard together with the others to keep it going. I ended up doing many of the excom roles

from Secretary, VPM, VPPR, VPE and even President!


Yeah! We had to help each other a lot and since we were already dating at the time (even before we joined toastmasters), our synergy really helped out our performance in the executive committee and made our overall relationship stronger.


We kept on growing in the Toastmasters community, as a power duo, always one with the other. We grew in terms of communication and leadership and then, well it happened. I’ll leave it to Khaled to explain.


Well, not only did our TM skills grow, so did our romance. So much so, that it was time for us to get married. I obtained the approvals from my family and hers in secret, and planned to propose to her at DTAC Oman 2014, which was held at the beautiful Al Bustan palace. It wasn’t easy, but with the help of friends and Toastmasters, it worked out! Look to the next page for a photo :)

bring smiles to people’s faces!

N: Oh my gosh, that was so embarrasing. But cute and romantic at the same time. Since all the Toastmasters were at the conference hall, the beach at the hotel was empty!

K: and by the way, she did say “yes”! N: Indeed I did! Our families were so happy and we soon got married after. Despite the change in life, our commitment to Toastmasters stayed strong. It gave us a medium, a platform, to meet our friends and reconnect while still growing ourselves.

K: Yeah, our experiences in and out of Toastmasters greatly helped us. Our marriage is also a great inspiration to me, which helped inpsire me to achieve my DTM, as well as compete in DTAC 2016 as a humorous contestant.


Yes, Khaled just loves to use his life stories to entertain people. Unfortunately, most of the good ones involve me... it can be quite embarrasing, but I feel proud at the same time that our experiences


Most people now question what’s next for us, but I’d always like to think that we would always be around to help the Toastmasters community grow since it has given us and our friends so much.

N: Agreed! Till then, stay tuned for... K: Whatever our stories... N: Bring you!

With lots of love, Kal and Naj

His & Her Story Award Submission  
His & Her Story Award Submission