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April 15th, 2017

THE VOX Issue no. 22, Term 2016 - 2017



Cl u b n o. 1 6 8 2 4 7 6 | Are a 4 6 | D i v i s i o n C | D i s t r i c t 2 0


Graham Greene said that “A story has “ no beginning or end:

ar bitrar ily one chooses that moment of exper ience from which to look back or from which to look ahead ”. Look ing back at that moment of exper ience from which I began as a president and now when the new executive committee was announced, I realized that I have lear nt so much and the process of lear ning never ends. I realized that ever y day there will be a new challenge, which I will not be facing alone as I have myself, my team, my mentor and the club with me. I realized that I want to achieve more before I can officially hand over my role to the incoming president. I realized that I have to look af ter my team and the incoming officers to always suppor t them when in need, guide them when necessar y and encourage them to stand fir m and face the challenges they will be facing. I also realized that it does not matter what and how much you lear n in toastmasters. I f you do not pass that k nowledge and exper ience with your fellow members, your jour ney will never be completed. Dr. R alph C. Smedley said that “ While some of us have entered toastmasters to lear n to make speeches, the benefit is but the beginning of the good which may come to us and the good which we may do for mank ind ”. We of ten use the words of our founder Dr.

Smedley, but do not really wor k by them. This is one of my favor ite quotes of our founder as it signifies all the potential and great possibilities the future holds for us. Toastmasters, we are dedicated to help other and wor k towards our own self- development. Therefore, the more effor t, passion and dedication you







k nowledge and exper ience you will gain and before you k now it or realize it, you will see that you have gotten so far from where you first began. I n the end, my wish to you all is to take advantage of all the oppor tunities that open up to you and take the r isk and the challenge. D o not be afraid to fail, great inventions did not succeed from the first tr y. On top of that, wor k by your favor ite quotes – the positive ones I mean – S ometimes, you have to it takes to achieve what you desire, you just need someone or something to light up your way.

All the best to everyone!


TM Ruqayah Abbas Moral Support

TM Tima Al Attar

BTAC Sargeant at Arms


TM Jithin Shaji Moral Support

TM Nada Qamber

TM Maram Al Aradi


YAT wins the BTAC Social Media Award!

BTAC TT Contest Chair


TM Khaled Ismaeel Humorous Speech

TM Najla Qamber Evaluation

TM James Mumbi International Speech

TM James Mumbi wins 3rd place in the International Speech Contests!


TM Khaled Ismaeel wins 1st Place in the Humorous Speech Contest, representing YAT @ DTAC 2017



.. . S AY



• The Action Team

• The Vision To create more Toastmasters. TM James Mumbi

• The Mission

Finance & Logistics

TM Jithin Shaji Education

To conduct a unique motivational program to transform the ordinary people to professional Toastmasters.

• The Core Values

TM Nada Qamber

Quality Team Spirt Integrity Respect

Public Relations

• The Project A demonstration/workshop of a toastmasters meeting for the hotelier staff of the Westin and Le Merdien Hotel. To focus on the communication and leadership skills and how TMI changed us.

• The Guidance Committee

DTM Ahmed Rizvi

DTM Khurram Salman

DTM Khaled Ismaeel


TM Najla Qamber Registration



.. . S AY and its founder, Ralph C. Smedly for providing such a wonderful platform to develop our communication and leadership skills. Special thanks to TM James for proposing to do this event for his company’s staff. It takes a


great deal of courage and passion to help others improve and hopefully this event will change their lives forever. I would also like to extend

“ Every project has its own issues.

my thanks to Mr. Amit Puri and Mr. Jawahir We

grow and develop with the understanding of

Shantharaj and the Westin and Le Merdien Hotel for giving us this opportunity and hospitality.

these issues, and solving them in different Last but certainly not the least, I would like to


thank the audience for coming to this event and During my HPL, I had some difficulties

making it a successful one.

despite having a great action team, guidance committee, and the perfect plan. They were

If there is only one more thing I learned from

mainly two challenges, but now I can say

this event, is that a leader is nothing without her

I understand them better but need to still

followers. We must serve to lead, and lead

develop them more:

to serve!

• Communication:


clear and straightforward messages.

• Conflicts: Understand how to handle conflicts




pressure. I am thankful the project has been a success but I would like to thank my guidance team and action team, and everyone who has helped me during this project. Our deepest gratitude goes to Toastmasters International

Thank you for reading! Make sure to come by our next meeting for my famous karak tea!


A COUPLE’S TOASTMASTERS JOURNEY A marriage out of a “ Toastmasters Fairy Tale!


N: I

joined Toastmasters thanks to my professor at my university who told me I was a perfect fit for the Young Adult Toastmasters, after a few meetings...I was hooked and felt like an outlet to conquer my fears.

K: Mine is far less inviting and more so commanding, as Najla had told me to attend a Toastmaster workshop at the univeristy (mind you, a university that I am not a part of ). I snuck in, did a TableTopic and boom, that’s how I got roped into the Young Adult Toastmasters.


Hey! I did not command you, I just asked you politely!


Right...and if I did not attend, would you have been mad at me?

N: ... N:

Alright! Moving forward, since both of us were in the same club and it was still struggling, we had to work hard together with the others to keep it going. I ended up doing many of the excom roles

from Secretary, VPM, VPPR, VPE and even President!


Yeah! We had to help each other a lot and since we were already dating at the time (even before we joined toastmasters), our synergy really helped out our performance in the executive committee and made our overall relationship stronger.


We kept on growing in the Toastmasters community, as a power duo, always one with the other. We grew in terms of communication and leadership and then, well it happened. I’ll leave it to Khaled to explain.


Well, not only did our TM skills grow, so did our romance. So much so, that it was time for us to get married. I obtained the approvals from my family and hers in secret, and planned to propose to her at DTAC Oman 2014, which was held at the beautiful Al Bustan palace. It wasn’t easy, but with the help of friends and Toastmasters, it worked out! Look to the next page for a photo :)

bring smiles to people’s faces!

N: Oh my gosh, that was so embarrasing. But cute and romantic at the same time. Since all the Toastmasters were at the conference hall, the beach at the hotel was empty!

K: and by the way, she did say “yes”! N: Indeed I did! Our families were so happy and we soon got married after. Despite the change in life, our commitment to Toastmasters stayed strong. It gave us a medium, a platform, to meet our friends and reconnect while still growing ourselves.

K: Yeah, our experiences in and out of Toastmasters greatly helped us. Our marriage is also a great inspiration to me, which helped inpsire me to achieve my DTM, as well as compete in DTAC 2016 as a humorous contestant.


Yes, Khaled just loves to use his life stories to entertain people. Unfortunately, most of the good ones involve me... it can be quite embarrasing, but I feel proud at the same time that our experiences


Most people now question what’s next for us, but I’d always like to think that we would always be around to help the Toastmasters community grow since it has given us and our friends so much.

N: Agreed! Till then, stay tuned for... K: Whatever our stories... N: Bring you!

With lots of love, Kal and Naj


Why did you join toastmasters?

for the oil and gas industry, but I believe this

I joined toastmasters in order to improve my

will change some day, we need to move to

communication skills. I want to be a better

renewable and sustainable engery sources...

speaker, to communicate my ideas fluently

this shall happen fast and I hope I would play

and efficiently, to get rid of my nervousness on

part of this change.

stage and to become a better person through my upcoming experience .

How did you find it so far?

What do you want to achieve in life and in toastmasters? As a Toastmaster,

I want to complete all

Great! Though I am still facing difficult in

communication projects, as I am sure a better

finding time to prepare for my speeches. I hope

me will come out of that!

this would be what pushes me to manage my time better between work and other activities.

Tell us a bit about you and what do you do? I am a mechanical engineer, working currently as an estimator in Ramsis Engineering. I work


Sergeant At Arms

Ahmed Al Basry

Abdullah Aljabry Since this is going the be my last report as S@A,

With the upcoming end of the term as treasurer it is my duty to

I’d like to thank every member of YAT for making my job a lot

ensure that the current treasury of the club is balanced in order

easier through the past year.

to hand it in to the incoming excom.

Having the meeting begin on time every meeting without a

During the term much has been learnt about the inter-working

second delay was the result of all of YAT coming together and

of the club as well as the fact that this is all possible due to help

being ready when the clock hits 19:30 .This shows how big of a

received from the excom.

family we are. As treasurer I have only this to say: On the other side, the inventory status is healthy and hopefully,

My duties as a treasurer were only fulfilled due to the upstanding

it will always be.

members of the club who have helped me collect their club dues willingly and put their trust in me.

My aim for this period is to make everything ready for the next S@A to have a comfortable and easy start.


VP Public Relations

Suzan Karaja

Khaled Ismaeel

Since we are reaching the end of the term, three

What a year it has been! Alot has transpired and it

members with the top TOY points record will be

has definitely kept me and the entire ex-com team

awarded as:

busy, busy busy!

Toastmaster of the Year

Outstanding Toastmaster

Most Improved

These will be announced in the next few meetings. Aside from that, Club records are up to date for handover to the next Excom.

I have loads to report, but for the sake of your own eyes, I’ll keep it brief and save the rest for the last newsletter of the term. So far, we have applied for as many district PR awards as possible and let’s hope we snag a few! Our Social Media status so far are as follows: •

Facebook - 762 Likes


Instagram - 509 followers


- 75 subscribers

OFFICER’S UPDATES Once again, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all YAT members for the support you have given to the VPM office right from inviting guests who once were our prospect members and who ended up joining us this was all possible because of our

VP Membership James Mumbi

great effort as a TEAM. Membership Drive Since the term 2016-2017 started we have inducted seven

The Toastmasters Demo meeting at the Westin & Le Meridien

members in total, to help keep our club healthy as we had lost

Hotel was a success and now we are moving forward with

some members due to them leaving the country, but nonetheless

our membership drive which is a speech craft program which

we are one member away from completing the required points

will be conducted by yours truly in May! Hopefully it will

from the DCP porgram!

be a success like the demo meeting and hope to add more members to the YAT family!

Currently the number of club members stands at 21members.

VP Education Jithin Shaji “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education” — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

District 20 Education Awards Achieved Club Fast Track Communication Award – 4 CCs by 31 st Dec 2016 DCP Achiever Award – 6 DCP points by 5 th Jan 2017 Education Schedule We have developed a speech schedule for our members to forecast the communication goals and club DCP points for the remaining months and the next term

It is with this citation and zeal; the members of Young Adult Toastmasters are heading to achieve their communication and leadership goals. DCP Goals Achieved 8 DCP points, targeting 10 DCP points by May 2017

Two more meetings with the executive committee and four more regular meetings before the term of 2016-2017 is over. Seems only


yesterday that we started our journey as the new excom and I still

Maram Al Aradi

cannot believe how fast the term went by. We managed to keep a healthy membership despite the low attendance in the first quarter of the year. As for our DCP goals, with the hard work of all excom members as well as the club we are at 8 points out of 10. Our goal has not changed and will hopefully be able to achieve 10 out 10 points this term. I believe that all the members of the excom has learnt so many things serving as officers

and leaders of YAT and shall be taking this experience further in their toastmasters’ journey. The new excom has been selected and announced last regular meeting on 5th April, 2017 and we have already started planning for our installation ceremony. We were also able to achieve few awards in BTAC as well as some will be presented in DTAC 2017 which the entire club is looking forward to it.

THE TEAM Vice President Public Relations Team Khaled Ismaeel - VP Public Relations Nada Qamber - Videography & other media Najla Qamber - Newsletter & other media

Facebook | Youtube: YATbh Instagram: @YoungAdultToastmasters

Rula Karaja - Posters Formatter Compiler Khaled Ismaeel & Najla Qamber Photographers Khaled Ismaeel & Najla Qamber


TM Kiran

TM Zainab Mohd

The Vox #22  

Issue 22 of the Young Adults Toastmasters newsletter, the Vox! Enjoy!

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