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January 4th, 2016

THE VOX Issue no. 21, Term 2016 - 2017



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Here we are at the beginning of a new year, a new life, new goals and resolutions and YAT is still strong and vibrant as ever. I still cannot believe that six months has already passed and only six months are left for this term. All of our meetings were successful and smooth, despite the difficulties we faced sometimes. I took up the role of presidency not knowing what exactly to expect. I have consulted the past presidents of YAT, took their advice and discussed the challenges they faced during their term. However, none of them could predict what can happen during this term. No one can actually tell you what challenges you will come across, what achievements you will be able to accomplish and what decisions you will have to make. The fear of unknown, the fear of failure, the fear of breaking our family, the fear of ruining everything the past executive committee members has worked on and achieved. I had all these challenges and fears in front of me but I took the courage and all the risks because my club believed that I can do it. It was time for me to believe in myself as well and take the leap of faith and do it. Here we are, after six months of leadership, my team and I have gone through so much, have improved so much and actions speak louder than words. I was afraid, true, but I was not alone. I had my team of excom

members, I had the experience of past presidents and the experience of veteran members as well as the unwavering support of our club mentor, DTM Ahmed Rizvi. Now the club is in line of achieving 10 out of 10 DCP points, the membership is on a gradual increase and the members are very satisfied with their progress and thrilled to achieving more. Upon taking a new step in life, a new chapter or make a change, surely there will be doubts and fears but to think about it, if everyone was scared to move forward, we would still be in the Stone Age. Some say it matters not the journey as long as we reach to our destination. I cannot agree with this because the journey is what determines who we are and what we are capable of. In the journey towards a new chapter, we might win sometimes but fail at times, we learn from our failures to win the upcoming challenges while keeping an eye on the destination. At the end of the day, it only takes courage and determination to make the first step of moving forward.





TM Suzan Karaja

TM Sarah Marie Barcelona

Contest Chair

Contest Chair

TM Nada Qamber

Humorous Contest Master

TM Nasreen Qamber

Table Topics Contest Master

DTM Ahmed Rizvi

Evaluation Contest Master


TM Khaled Ismaeel 1st place


TM Ahmed Al Basry 2nd place

TM Khaled Ismaeel 1st place


TM Khaled Ismaeel 1st place

TM Maram Al Aradi 2nd place

TM Nasreen Qamber

International Contest Master

TM Najla Qamber 2nd place


TM Najla Qamber 3rd place

TM James Mumbi 1st place

TM Maram Al Aradi 2nd place


TM James Mumbi International

TM Nada Qamber 3rd Place

TM Khaled Ismaeel Humorous

TM Najla Qamber Evaluations

TM Maram Al Aradi Table Topics

TM Mahmood Al Haiki 3rd place



.. . S AY



MENTOR • Be Friendly! As a mentor, try to get to know your mentee and learn about his/her hobbies and personality. It will help you to click and communicate better in the best possible way and allow your mentee to open up and trust in you!

• Clear Expectations! This is a partnership! Understand the mentee’s goals within the TMI program and set realistic and timely goals to work towards it! Example: some mentees want to do speeches, while some want to lead. Adapt your advice towards it!

• Be Available Give priority to your mentee whenever possible, for them contact you. Your support gives them confidence! So try to have time for that quick chat, or late e-mail, or whatever it may be to help them in their times of TMI needs!

• Don’t forget to check in! Sometimes, your mentee might be too shy or scared to ask you questions so check in every now and then to see if they need help for an upcoming speech, role or just in general! Pick up the phone and communicate with them!

• Be Patient Remember, mentoring is not a race to the finel line. Don’t encourage goals just for the sake of achievements. Both you and your mentee will grow your skills together. Perhaps your mentee does not catch on really well, but you must be patient and work with your mentee and find a way that does.

• Be a positive rolemodel Stay positive and energetic! Be a role model that your mentee can aspire to. If you don’t attend meetings and don’t do roles with energy, how do you expect your mentee to follow? Be the positive atmosphere!

• Be a FRIEND, not A BOSS! A mentee should never feel obligated to take your advice. Mentoring is not a boss and employee relationship. Be a friend, a teacher, and learn from each other!

Be a FRIEND, not a BOSS!



.. . S AY

MENTEE • Be eager to learn! Be willing to take on new challenges, and know challenges will make you more skillful and experienced.

• Be Receptive! Be open to feedback. View it as an oppurtunity to improve yourself. Bear in mind that your mentor especially wants you to become better than before; respect, discuss and learn from your mentor.

• Be Appreciative! Don’t forget to be appreciative of your mentor, speech evaluators and members around you! They are all invested in your growth, so be thankful and do your best to give back!

• NEVER GIVE UP!!! If you have difficulties with roles or coming up with speeches, or even keep failing a speech, remember to stay positive and try and try till you achieve success! Many of our members have faced difficulty in their journey (and some have failed their speeches many times) but they have kept going and going and became exemplary members of the club! Never give up, because we will never give up on you!

• Be Friendly! As mentee try to know your mentor! It will help you to communicate and cooperate in the best way. Trust in your mentor and exchange feedback so that both you and your mentor will grow!

• Be Innovative! Try to see things from other perspectives

and try to be different and unique (when possible) during your toastmasters journey! Be happy in the way you perform and lead, as Ralph C. Smedley once said: “We learn best in moments of enjoyment”

Thank you for reading! Make sure to come by our next meeting for my famous karak tea!


most of my life living “withI spent severe social anxiety. A case of anxiety that was so bad that I wasn’t able to walk into any type of institution with a lot of people without hyperventilating and crying. My anxiety forced me to stop school from the tender age of nine. At that point, my parents had no idea what to do with me as they never understood a mental condition such as this. I ended up being homeschooled throughout the remainder of my schooling days. When it was time to go to University, I couldn’t do it alone and found out that having a safety net, like a person would help me go through my social anxiety. So, I waited for my younger sister, TM Nada Qamber, to finish from High school and then only would I go. As months flew by, a professor of ours told us that we were perfect to join a club she helped mentor. After the first meeting, Nada, myself, and Sarah Marie joined the Young Adult Toastmasters Club. There started my journey on how to conquer social anxiety. Now if you’re asking why is this big story relevant to Toastmasters, well fellow members, this orgnisation helped me fight social anxiety by putting me in a safe

environment to make mistakes and with people who can each act as my safety net. Then slowly, it took me out of my comfort zone and had me meet new people on a bigger level during area, division and district contests. Toastmasters helped me do every school project and presentation. It helped me win awards at school, get straight ‘A’s’ and helped me deliver my Summa Cumlaude speech as I addressed thousands of students and their families during our University graduation. It helped me approach a person to ask for directions when I’m lost. It helped me make small talk with waiters, ask for the bill and just deliver a small joke to a stranger. It helped me become more confident in myself, and really helped me understand that flaws are things you change if you can, and something you embrace if you can’t. Toastmasters isn’t just about speeches or leadership roles. It’s their ability to change a person’s perspective about themselves, and the world. It also teaches them that it is okay to make mistakes because we always learn from them. Bottom line is Toastmasters was the therapy I needed to conquer my social anxiety when no other medical institution can.


One of the main keys “ of my speech writing in

toastmasters, is in fact, moderation. While most would associate that trait with a case of holding back on the perchauses of something they want but don’t need, this trait is a rather useful thing to consider when in toastmasters. An example of which is the fact that nothing stops a person coming with all the props and outfits needed to create an entire play for a comedic speech.Nothing stops from shoving all attention into one part of an audience that your speech can relate to rather than a minority. All of these are all related to the moderation needed to keep a well balanced speech. Many examples can be placed in the topic of moderation but all are there in order to provide

the need for moderation. Moderation is one of the most important aspects considered when writing a speech, a person has to consider both training as well as their self confidence and moderate them into assuring they are both adequate for presenting... For when self confidence beats preparation, a stutter or a mistake might commence, vice versa would also cause damage to the delivery.

When co nsidered, a p e rso n sho uld mo derate t heir weak nesses wit h t heir st rengt h, finding a co rre c t blend in order to ac hieve success, b o t h in t heir so cia l lives, pro fessio nal live s and last but not least, th e i r toast master lives.



Why did you join toastmasters? To discover myself, and my own path. Each person has

You joined in April, but you chose to be a secretary? What made you do this?

something unique that makes him/her different, but I didn’t

I decided to join the excom to be more involved in

know what was mine. Before I joined toastmasters, I had no

toastmasters. When it comes to listening & organisation

confidence nor sense of self-worth. My mindset was negative

skills, I have them close to none so I thought the secretary

about everything that i only saw limiting obstacles, rather

would be a good start to improve them, and it actually did!

than possibilities of improvement. While I had no passion

change myself. After seeing how my mom was affected with

You were also Contest Chair, how was your experience & what did you learn?

my actions, i thought its time to join toastmasters!

The preparations were done from the start and all that was

or direction, where I wasn’t truly enjoying even the smallest things, it became an empty life. Until I found a reason to

How did you find it so far?

left was following up with the contestants and role players. Though when the contest started, it was nerve wrecking to

At the beginning, I didn’t like speaking in public. So I spent

have it go without any mistakes. Being an MC at the same

most of the time getting to know about the roles and how

time, I felt pressured and just worried about it all. Going

they are done, although it took longer than I intended to take.

through that made me realise that nervousness is always

As I was doing my speeches, I started discovering strength

there, we only need to learn how to control it.

points I didn’t know I had, and weaknesses that I need to pay attention to. It might not have been possible without the

What are your Toastmasters Goals?

support of the members, and the positive environment in

Doing humorous motivational speeches!

the club to help one another.

OFFICER’S UPDATES Sergeant At Arms Abdullah Aljabry Throughout the past few months, The team has been helping out a lot on different tasks that my role as sergeant at arms require me to do which made my role as sergeant at arms so much easier, preparing/wrapping up the venue is not just my responsibility anymore because of how much the team help out with that.

Treasurer Ahmed Al Basry Being used to the roles and working of toastmasters, I’ve decided to take up the role of treasurer, while slow at first, a steady pattern began to materialize in which I’ve been able to perform my duties. This is however all thanks to the members of the Ex-com who support me in every way possible from providing second opinions to helping the members deliver their money on time.

Therefore, THANK YOU YAT! As for the inventory status, during the past few months we have created a new design for notes, voting ballots, and comments papers just to make your lives a little bit easier. Other than that the inventory stock is all up to date with our bags filled with all a fantastic TM club (like ours) needs to operate efficiently.

Financial status The status of our club’s financial as of this term is that the decision to up the value of yearly fees, this was done in order to compensate for the fact that the membership fees of TMI (toastmasters international) will be increased in this year, this was done early on in the term in order to avoid confusion. While difficult at first, the role of treasurer is one of great importance, managing the club’s financial status is no simple matter and with the support of my fellow ex-com members I hope that this term will be one of prosperity to the club.


VP Public Relations

Suzan Karaja

Khaled Ismaeel

Being a new toastmaster when I first took the role, it was overwhelming at first with no idea what I was doing. However, by being a member of the Excom, with the support of the other members, especially the previous secretary (Najla!), the process was more organized and structured. The club’s record status, meeting minutes & members progress so far are up to date. As for the TOY points (Toastmaster of the Year) program, I will be calculating each member’s record and announce soon the progress made. By the end of the term, an award will be given to the most active member of the club. Not only that, but there the 2nd and 3rd placers, as Outstanding Toastmaster and Most Improved! The award may not be more important than personal growth, but it’s a reminder of the trial & error the members went through to become better. So, stay tuned for the results!

It has been quite a difficult year but as all things we must put our smiling faces forward and run towards our goals! Hence, we must strive for creative excellence! So as VPPR, we will continue to splash our media where it counts, with our fun captions, our videos (bought a GoPro just for the occasion), and elevator selfies! All I ask again of the members is to continue sharing our posts and keep us social! There are still many suprises in store, so stay tuned! We are still trying shard to come achieve many of the PR awards, and with the help of TM Najla and TM Rula, we shall make the impossible possible! Our Social Media status so far are as follows: • Facebook - 719 Likes • Youtube - 71 subscribers • Instagram - 474 followers Excelsior!

OFFICER’S UPDATES First and foremost I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all YAT members for the support you have given to the VPM office right from inviting guests who once were our prospect members and who ended up joining us this was all possible because of our great effort as a TEAM. Induction Since the term 2016-2017 started we have inducted two members and we are looking forward to induct two more before January 15 in order for us to get the DCP points. This plays a big role in my goal of achieving a number of 30 members before June 2017. Membership Drive The ground work has been done for the Talk up toastmaster award which is scheduled to take place in the first week of

VP Education Jithin Shaji “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education” — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It is with this citation and zeal; the members of Young Adult Toastmasters are heading to achieve their communication and leadership goals. DCP Goals Achieved 4 DCP points, targeting 10 DCP points by May 2017

Half the term has passed while it seems only yesterday that I

VP Membership James Mumbi march, we have been able obtain a venue for the event which will be Westin and le meridian hotel Bahrain City Center, this project has been collaborated between me and Toastmasters Ruqaya with the aim of recruiting 5 new members. The date day and time will be confirmed later as the preparations goes on. Currently the number of club members stands at 21members. Once again thank you for helping hand you have always offered.

District 20 Education Awards Achieved Club Fast Track Communication Award – 4 CCs by 31 st Dec 2016 Planning for: - DCP Achiever Award – 6 DCP points by 5 th Jan 2017 Club contestant training workshop Humorous & Table topics training workshop – 15th Oct 2016 International & Evaluation speech training workshop – 03rd Dec 2016 Education Schedule We have developed a speech schedule for our members to forecast the communication goals and club DCP points.

delivered my first presidential address. I can’t say this has been a


walk in the park, the role requires a lot of follow-up, guidance and

Maram Al Aradi

responsibility. Not to mention: fair strictness, the ability to deal with tense situations, last minute changes, and smart planning. I am happy to report that YAT is a healthy and stable club that has the common challenges any club can face like low attendance sometimes or last minute drop-outs. But the ability of YAT to overcome these cases victoriously has never changed. In addition, our meetings always go smoothly and everyone enjoys their time

throughout the meeting. My team and I are excited as we are to have few new members which will enable us to gain a new award. Hopefully, it all goes well and as planned. Looking forward for the next half of the term... I think we will be able to achieve great things. *fingers crossed*

THE TEAM Vice President Public Relations Team Khaled Ismaeel - VP Public Relations Nada Qamber - Videography & other media Najla Qamber - Newsletter & other media

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TM Haitham Ali Saleh

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TM Adnan Sadiq Radhi

TM Maryam Abdulwahab AlHawaj

TM Maryam Abdulelah Alkhuzaei